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Excalibur AL- 500

Remote Security System

Standard Features: The Excalibur AL-500 features light flash, siren and horn honk output, programmable auxiliary channels and Immobilizer Mode. This unit includes two stylish 4-button transmitters, a mini electronic 6-tone siren, a starter interrupt socket and relay, and an AU-84TM dual zone shock sensor. Two Transmitters Included: Black 4-Button transmitters, with stainless steel trim, with Lock, Unlock, 2nd & 3rd channel small lower buttons. Transmitter Operations: Lock Button - Press and release to arm/lock. Press and hold to activate panic. Unlock Button -Press and release to disarm/unlock. Small .. Button- Press and hold to activate 2nd channel. Small ... Button- Press and hold to activate 3rd channel. How to Code the Transmitters: Turn on the ignition, then press the valet switch 5 times and wait for siren to chirp confirmation of entry into programming mode. Press and release any button on each remote to be coded (one at a time). The system will respond to each with an audible confirmation.

Omega part # #448-03

Note: The Excalibur AL-500CF model has two Carbon Fiber finish transmitters, Omega part # #448-03CF

Programmable Features Feature # Feature #1 Auto Rearm Feature #2 Last Door Arming Feature #3 Doors Lock With Last Door Arming Feature #4 Double Pulse Unlock Feature #5 Immobilizer Mode Feature #6 Siren & Horn or Horn Feature #7 Shock Sensor False Alarm Bypass Feature #8 Dome Light Delay Bypass Feature #9 Ignition Activated Anti Car-Jacking Feature #10 Remote & Door Activated Anti Car-Jacking Feature #11 Dome Light or Window Roll Up Feature #12 3rd Channel Output Feature #13 Ignition Controlled Lock & Unlock
Feature controlled by Jumper on side of alarm brain: Lock Pulse Time
Specifications subject to change 08/07

Default ON ON ON 1 Pulse OFF Siren & Horn OFF OFF OFF OFF Dome Light Momentary ON

Lock ON ON ON 2 Pulses ON Siren & Horn ON ON ON ON Dome Light Momentary ON

Unlock OFF OFF OFF 1 Pulse OFF Horn OFF OFF OFF OFF Window Roll Up Window Roll Up OFF

Jumper In = .8 Second

Jumper Out = 4 Seconds

Turn off the ignition.

Caf/con lista Blanca: Este cable se puede programar (funcin #6), a sonar el claxon en conjunto al cable Caf operar la Sirena, O TOMAR TODAS LA FUNCIONES DE LA SIRENA PARAQUE NO HAGA FALTA INSTALAR SIRENA.

Valet/Override Button

LED Status Indicator

(-) Auxiliary Output Car Horn / Claxon



Green - Verde = (-Lock, -Cierre) Red - Rojo = (+12 Volts) Blue - Azul = (- Unlock, - Apertura)

Pin-Switch (-)

Pin-Switch (+)

Excalibur AL-500

How to Program the Features:

Door Lock Pulse Time Jumper

Pin-Switch (-)

Brown/White - Caf/Blanco = (-Horn Output, Salida claxon -) Black/White - Negro/Blanco = (-Dome-Light , Salida luz de cabina-) Grey - Gris = (-Auxiliary output, Segundo canal auxiliar-) Pink - Rosado = (-3rd channel output, Tercer canal-) Orange - Naranja = (-Starter Kill, Corte -) Blue - Azul = (-Trigger Input, Disparo -) Violet - Violeta = (+Door Input, Puerta +) Green - Verde = (-Door Input, Puerta -) Yellow - Amarillo = (+Accessory, Ignicin +)


Brown - Caf = (+Siren/Horn, +Sirena/Claxon) Red - Rojo = (+12 Volts, +12 Voltios) White - Blanco = (+Flashing Lights, +Luces) Black - Negro = (-Ground, -Tierra)

321 321 321 321 321 321 321 321 321 321

Press the Lock (1 chirp) or Unlock (2 chirps) transmitter button to configure the feature as desired.

Repeat pressing the valet switch to access the next feature, and then again press the Lock or Unlock button to configure the feature.

Press the valet switch 5 times, wait for audible response, and then select the feature by pressing the valet button a number of times equal to the feature number. The siren will chirp once to indicate entry to Features Programming Mode.


321 321 321 321 321 321 321 321 321 321 321

15 Amp

Parking Lights / Luces

0.80 4.0 Sec Sec

Specifications subject to change

Brown/White : This wire can be configured (Programmable feature # 6), to honk the horn in addition to the Brown wire operating the siren, or take over all of the Sirens functions SO THAT NO SIREN IS NECESSARY



Optional Sensor

Trunk Release