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Three cattlemen are handling an unruly calf (Bos taurus).

All three have ropes around the calfs neck. One man is directly in front of the calf, exerting a force of 120. N. A second man is at a right angle to the calf on its right, pulling with a force of 110. N. The third man is on the calfs left and ahead of it at a 30.0 angle from the rope of the first man, pulling with a force of 116 N. If the calf does not move, what forces is it exerting?
226.4 N at 256.72 ( 226 N at 256.7 )

30. A 6.67 102 kg leopard frog (Rana pipiens) jumps into the air with an acceleration of 0.300 m/s2 straight up. What is the net force on the frog as it jumps?

frog 0.02001 N up ( 2.00 10 N up) F


31. Three men are trying to push a 3.08 103 kg car up an icy hill. The owner pushes with a force of 430. N straight up the hill. Each of the other men pushes on a rear corner of the car with a force of 708 N at an angle of 45.0 from the direction the driver is pushing. The other forces on the car can be represented by a force of 800. N straight downhill. What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the car and in which direction?
0.2049 m/s ( 0.205 m/s )

32. A 25.0 kg bicycle is traveling at a speed of 10.0 m/s. a. If the bike comes to rest in 2.0 s, what is the magnitude of its acceleration?
= 5.0 m/s2

b. What net force is needed to provide this acceleration?

125 N ( 130 N) F
10.0 m 10. m

c. How far will the bike travel in the 2.0 s? 33. The earths mass is mE = 5.97 1024 kg. An object of mass mo falls from a height of 100. m, where it was at rest. a. How long does the object fall?
4.515 s 4.52

e. What is the value of mo if the earth moves 1.00 1015 cm toward the object during the objects fall toward the earth?

m 5.970 10 kg 5.97 10 kg

34. The earth exerts a force of 1.00 N on an object in free fall. What is the objects mass?
m 0.1019 kg ( 0.102 kg)

35. What is the weight of a 5 g mass in newtons? (Assume that the mass is at rest at the surface of the earth.)
FW 0.049 N ( 0.05 N)

36. A mass m1 has an acceleration a1 when it is acted upon by a force of magnitude F. If a second mass, m2 = 3m1, is acted upon by the same force F, what is its acceleration compared to a1? 37. A mass of 2.50 kg hangs from a string. a. What force does the mass exert on the string?
Fw 24.52 N ( 24.5 N) down

b. What force does the string exert on the mass?

Fs 24.52 N ( 24.5 N) up

38. A hunting bow imparts an acceleration of 5300. m/s2 to a 29.3 g arrow at an angle of 15.0 to the horizontal. What is the horizontal component of the force exerted by the bow on the arrow?
Fx 149.9 N ( 150. N)

39. A raindrops terminal velocity (the velocity at which the falling drop stops accelerating due to air resistance) is v = 1.0 m/s. If the force of air resistance can be modeled by the equation Fr = bv, and b = 4.9 103 kg/s, what is the raindrops mass?

0.499 g ( 0.50 g)

40. You are test driving a brand new 1350 kg BMW sports car. You find that the car accelerates from 0 to 96.0 km/h in 5.8 s along a level stretch of interstate (speed limit 60 mph). Assuming that the acceleration is constant, solve the following problems. a. Calculate the magnitude of the net force that produces the acceleration.
F 6190 N 6200 N

b. Calculate the distance the car covers during the period of acceleration.
77.4 m ( 77 m)

c. If the road is inclined at an angle of 7.0 to the horizontal but the car can still attain 96 km/h in 5.8 s, is the magnitude of the net force the same as in part a? How does it compare? Explain.

41. A 1.50 103 kg car is pulling a 600. kg trailer. Leaving a traffic stop, the car accelerates at 0.200 m/s2. a. What is the magnitude of the total force on the trailer?

tr = 120. N F c = 300. N F

b. What is the magnitude of the total force on the car? c. What is the magnitude of the total force on the system consisting of both car and trailer?

total = 420. N F

42. A soccer ball of mass 0.380 kg bounces off the head of the sweeper. The incoming speed is 14.0 m/s and the outgoing speed is 17.0 m/s in the opposite direction. The ball is in contact with the players head for 0.080 s. a. Determine the magnitude of the balls average acceleration during the moment of the play.
387.5 m/s( 388 m/s)

b. What is the magnitude of the force provided by the players head to cause this acceleration?

147.2 N ( 147 N)