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JOB ANALYSIS Job analysis is the process through which we determine the duties, responsibility and skill required to perform a particular job and accordingly hired a person. We know that for the efficiency of the organization it is necessary to hired right person for the right job, so it is important to analyse the job properly. Job analysis provides information regarding job description and job specification and helps in writing the job description and job specification for each job. JOB DESCRIPTION It is a list of jobs duties, reporting relationship, responsibility, working condition, and supervisory responsibility. In order to produce a job description, job analysis is always needed. Job description is a written statement which describes what an employee or worker has to do, how he or she has to do the job and what are the working condition to do that job. Job description section over the following section: Job identification in term of location of the job and departments/ section. Job summary, it includes the functions and activities of job. Job responsibility and duties. Authority of incumbent like decision making.

Standard of performance of job means setting a standard which employees has to achieve. Jobs working condition.

JOB SPECIFICATION It is a list of a job which requires human skills, education, knowledge, ability, experience, achievement and personality so on. The characteristics that are described through a job specification are in three categories: ESSENTIAL ATTRIBUTES: a person must possess SKAs i.e. skills, knowledge, and abilities. DESIRABLE ATTRIBUTES: qualification that a person ought to posses.

CONTRA- INDICATORS: attributes that will become a ladder to successful job performance


JOB NO. 1 BANKING SECTOR JOB SPECIFICATION ROLE: Recruitment executive EXPERIENCE: 1-3 Years LOCATION: Delhi. COMPENSATION: Rupees 1, 25,000- 1, 75,000 EDUCATION: UG- any specialization PG-MBA/PGDM-HR/Industrial Relations INDUSTRY TYPE: banking/financial services/ broking FUNCTIONAL AREAS: HR/IR/ADMINISTRATION

DESIRED CANDIDATE PROFIL: Should have relevant experience in recruiting, good hand at job portals and maintaining MIS. JOB DESCRIPTION: Recruitment- searching CV on portal and conducting interviews, Maintaining MIS for recruitment, joining formalities of new joinees. COMPANY PROFILE Ujjvan financial services Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading microfinance institution with the mission of providing financial services to the economically active poor. CONTACT DETAIL UJJVAN financial services Pvt. Ltd. Executive name Miss. Aditi 78757487508


JOB NO.2 FASHION JOB SPECIFICATION ROLE- Apparel/ garments designer. EXPERIENCE- 3- 5 years. LOCATION: Mumbai COMPENSATION: Rs. 300000- 400000 EDUCATION: UG- Diploma fashion designing/ other designing PG- Post Graduation. INDUSTRY TYPE: textiles/garments/accessories. FUNCTIONAL AREAS: fashion, garments and merchandising DESIRED CANDIDATE PROFILE: A NIFT / Fashion graduate having 3 to 5 years of experience in designing exclusively women western wear.

JOB DESCRIPTION: no export, no combination of designing and merchandising, exclusively designing women western wear, research fashion trends and design & develop style prototype. COMPANY PROFILE Its a leading women western wear garments manufacturer. Under a brand name these garments are available in leading malls/ fashion showrooms all over India. CONTACT DETAIL: Executive name: Ajit Singh Ph. NO. 75876750576



LOCATION: Hyderabad COMPENSATION: Rs. 500000- 700000 EDUCATION: UG- any graduate- any specialization PG- MBA/PGDM- any specialization INDUSTRY TYPE: tyres FUNCTIONAL AREAS: Advertising, marketing, MR and PR. DESIRED CANDIDATE PROFILE: excellent communication and negotiation skills, planning, organizing and coordinating with dealers must be good. JOB DESCRIPTION: Generating sales- dealers network- distributors OE dealers, meeting volume and target. COMPANY PROFILE: our client is germen MNC selling premium tyres. CONTACT DETAILS: CONPANY NAME: AQUARIOUS EXECUTIVE SEARCH FIRM EXECUTIVE NAME: MALINI THAKUR PH. NO. 25662538662

JOB NO. 4 MARKETING SECTOR JOB SPECIFICATION ROLE: product/brand manager EXPERIENCE: 3-8 years LOCATION: Mumbai suburbs EDUCATION: UG- any graduate any specialization, any PG course- any specialization. INDUSTRY TYPE: education/teaching/training. FUNCTIONAL AREAS: marketing, advertising, MR, PR. CANDIDATE PROFILE: understanding customer, effective communication skill and promotional programme


JOB DESCRIPTION: management of APTECH brand, development of brand management processes. COMPANY PROFILE: multimedia and non- IT Training and education, Learning services and testing and certification. CONATCT DETAIL: Executive name: Rakhi Jindal 65765865684

JOB NO.5 PACKAGING ROLE: Packaging development executive/ managers JOB SPECIFICATION EXPERIENCE: 2-3Years. LAOCATION: Delhi COMPENSATION: Rs 100000 150000+ P.f EDUCATION: UG- B.Tech/B.E- Any specialization PG- Any PG course- any specialization INDUSTRY TYPE: FMCG/FOODS/BEVERAGES. FUNCTIONAL AREAS: Packaging. DESIRED CANDIDATE PROFILE: B.Sc./B.Tech in printing technology, 2-3 years of experience in packaging in FMCG industry, packaging techniques planning and designing specification. JOB DESCRIPTION: knowledge of packaging techniques planning and designing specification and guidelines, procurement of raw material, quality standards. COMPANY PROFILE: Well known reputed Ltd. FMCG industry. CONTACT DETAILS: COMPANY NAME: IEHR EXECUTIVE NAME: Jyoti. PH.NO. 7576957857587


JOB NO. 1 BANKING AND FINANCE SECTOR ROLE: Recruitment executive JOB SPECIFICATION EXPERIENCE: 1-3 Years. LOCATION: Delhi COMPENSATION: Rs.1, 50,000- 2, 00,000 EDUCATION: PGDM/M.B.A/UG- H.R/ Industrial relation/personnel management CANDIDATE PROFILE: Good experience in recruiting candidates, making job profile. Must have computer knowledge so as to maintain MIS regarding all the data collected. Must have enlarge global network.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Searching for CV which are good and efficient which meets the needs of the organization and then conducting interview selecting the best one. Planning of the interview must done in such a way that it doesnt cost much to the company. Good hand at maintaining MIS regarding recruitment purpose and the data collected.

COMPANY PROFILE: SAMIDH financial services Ltd. is a finance institution which has the objectives to provide financial services to the citizens of India. Its branches are present in 20 states. CONTACT DETAILS: SAMIDH financial services Ltd. Executive name: Aditi Singh. E-mail id: Ph. No.4878394739 SUGGESTION: As this job profile is relating to the recruitment i.e. human resource management so candidate who is specialize in H.R, Industrial Relation, or in personnel management or in any field relating to H.R can only be recruited as only they know how to make job profile where as people relating to any other specialization like marketing are not expert in making job profile.


JOB NO. 2 MARKETING JOB SPECIFICATION ROLE: Marketing manager. EXPERIENCE: 3 to 5 years. LOCATION: Delhi COMPENSATION: Rs.5, 00,000- 8, 00,000 EDUCATION: PG- MBA/PGDM- Advertising/marketing/public relation/marketing research. INDUSTRY TYPE: FMCG CANDIDATE PROFILE: Excellent negotiation and communication skill, must possess convincing skill while dealing with the dealers, customer and should be good presentable. Must have good analytical skill, high commitment, self responsibility and customer oriented. JOB DESCRIPTION: Creating and generating sales by enlarging dealers network, distributors. Achieving the set target and expanding the market. Efficiently handling the consumer complaints. Acquisition of new customer, dealers and negotiation of new contracts. COMPANY PROFILE: it is one of the leading FMCG Company in India and sells the best quality products. CONTACT DETAILS: COMPANY NAME: Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Company. Executive name: Aditya Gosh Ph. No.68273468347


JOB NO. 3 FASHIONS JOB SPECIFICATION ROLE: Apparel designer EXPERIENCE: 3 to 5 years LOCATION: Mumbai COMPENSATION: Rs.3, 50,000- 4, 50,000 LOCATION: East Mumbai EDUCATION: Post Graduate in fashion designing and other designing or UG- diploma in fashion designing or other designing. INDUSTRY TYPE: garments/textiles/accessories CANDIDATE PROFILE: A candidate must be a NIFT/Fashion graduate having 3 to 5 years of experience. He/ she must have a good hand in designing women western wear and accessories. The candidate must be a fashion stylist so as to match the clothings to peoples personality. He must capable enough to prepare outfit for events or occasion. He/she must be self- motivated and have large social network JOB DESCRIPTION: To design an exclusive women wear and accessories. Research on new trend. COMPANY PROFILE: A leading garments manufacturer which are sold in malls and exclusive boutiques under a brand name over all India.


COMPANY NAME: XYZ Pvt. Ltd. Executive name: Sagar Satija 64863483468

SUGGESTION: If company hired the talented fashion designer then they can export their product i.e. garments and accessories.


JOB NO.4 PRODUCT MARKETING JOB SPECIFICATION ROLE: Brand manager EXPERIENCE: 5- 7 years LOCATION: Delhi EDUCATION: PGDM/MBA- marketing/brand management specialization, UG- marketing specialization INDUSTRY TYPE: TRAINING CANDIDATE PROFILE: to develop effective promotional brand strategy and execute it. To launch new product in the market and understanding consumer needs and wants through market research. JOB DESCRIPTION: Developing brand management process and promotion strategy to make brand excellent and effective. Planning of launching new product or product line. Managing the product quality and its price. COMPANY PROFILE: ABC LTD. is an organisation producing wide range of products and also exporting its product to Srilanka and Bangladesh. CONTACT DETAILS: COMPANY NAME: ABC LTD. EXECUTIVE NAME: Atul Kharakwal PH. NO: 3678906778

SUGGESTION: Only the marketing field of candidate are required as they the perfect knowledge of market structure and how to give brand name to their product.


JOB NO.5 PACKAGING JOB SPECIFICATION ROLE: Packaging development executive EXPERIENCE: 3 -4 years LOCATION: Delhi COMPENSATION: Rs. 1, 50, 000- 2, 00,000 + P.f EDUCATION: UG- marketing/finance, PG in marketing. INDUSTRY TYPE: FMCG/BEVERAGES CANDIDATE PROFILE: At least 3 experience in packaging of FMCG products. Musts be expert in planning, designing, and packing techniques. Must produce better quality product at reasonable price with good and attractive packaging. JOB DESCRIPTION: To plan, design and providing better quality product to the consumer. Packaging must be such that it is convenient to consumer to hold the product and is attractive by look. COMPANY PROFILE: It is a well known FMCG company in India and has its business in 20 states. CONTACT DETAILS: COMPANY NAME: ABC Ltd Company EXECUTIVE NAME: Shahzeb akhtar 3647656947