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Industrial Electronics Electronic Packaging Handbook 13.19 MB Very Large Scale Integration Handbook 31.72 MB

rar Systems Analysis and Design 5.89 MB The Electrical Engineering Handbook 71.02 MB Machinery Handbook 40.11 MB l_Press_.rar Welding of Aluminum and Its Alloy 8.72 MB Electromagnetics Handbook 4.33 MB Handbook of Mold Tool and Die Repair Welding 7.48 MB Handbook of Thermodynamic Data of Co-Polymer Solutions 1.61 MB Fermentation Biochemical Engineering Handbook 30.59 MB Structural Engineering Handbook 28.23 MB Hanbook of Airconditioning and Refrigeration 14.56 MB Agrochemical Pesticide Safety Handbook 25.25 MB American Soc. of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Handbooks 216MB

Chemical Engineer's Handbook 231MB Earthquake Engineering Handbook 134MB Mechanical Engineer's Handbook 118MB Semiconductor Physics and Devices 107MB Pipelines & Risers 7.01 MB Reciprocating Compressors - Operation & Maintenance 25.38 MB Turbo expanders & Process Applications 9.26 MB Fundamentals of Air Pollution 18.18 MB Instrumentation Reference Book 27.51 MB Rules of Thumbs fro Chemical Engineers Compressors - Selection & Sizing 30.52 MB Advanced Control Engineering gineering.rar 2.14 MB Serious Incident Prevention 5.35 MB Petroleum Geology pf the South Caspian Basin 8.04 MB

Handbook of Chemical Processing Equipment 9.50 MB Handbook of Hazardous Chemical Properties 31.30 MB Handbook of Air Pollution Prevention & Control r 8.83 MB Handbook of Water & Wastewater Treatment Technologies gies.rar 11.13 MB Non-Newtonian Flow in the Process Industries .rar 2.27 MB Quantitative Methods in Reservoir Engineering 2.14 MB Modeling of Chemical Kinetics & Reactor Design 11.73 MB Composition & Properties of Drilling & Completion Fluids 32.06 MB Extractive Metallurgy of Copper 5.88 MB Dust Explosions in the Process Industries 14.96 MB Fundamentals & Technology of Combustion 14.75 MB Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation 24.70 MB Hazardous Waste Compliance 1.86 MB An Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis EMATICA.rar 8.29 MB Probabilistic Safety Assessment in the Chemical and Nuclear Industries 41.94 MB Fluidization Dynamics - A Predictive Theory 1.56 MB

Industrial Ventilation Design Guidebook 60.28 MB Advanced Blowout & Well Control 10.86 MB Crystallization Process System 1.95 MB What Went Wrong - Case Histories of Process Plant Disasters 12.58 MB Learning From Accidents 1.15 MB Thermodynamics of Systems Containing Flexible Chain Polymers 13.36 MB Gas Purification h_ed._.rar 27.02 MB Loss Prevention in the Process Industries _.rar 24.73 MB Centrifugal Pumps - Design & Application 32.96 MB Electrostatic Hazards rds.rar 1.58 MB Standard Handbook of Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering _2_vols._.rar 39.12 MB Hazardous Waste Handbook for Health & Safety ar 6.57 MB Chemistry of Petrochemical Processes 4.46 MB Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook 28.24 MB Pressure Vessel Design Manual 9.20 MB Crystallization th_ed._.rar 4.96 MB Nuclear Energy - AN Introduction to the Concepts Systems 6.67 MB Geologic Analysis of Naturally Fractured Reservoir d._.rar 5.53 MB Estimator's Piping Man-Hour Manual 11.34 MB Pipe Drafting & Design 71.81 MB Pipe Line Corrosion & Cathodic Protection 6.57 MB Adhesion Science & Engineering 31.64 MB Computational Flow Modeling for Chemical Reactor Engineering ng.rar 7.53 MB Biomaterials Science - An Introduction to Materials in Medicine e.rar 36.68 MB Environmental Control in Petroleum Engineering 11.17 MB Coulson Richardson's Chemical Engineering Volume 4 ar 1.42 MB Coulson Richardson's Chemical Engineering Volume 2 5th_ed._.rar 12.06 MB Shale Shakers & Drilling Fluid Systems 10.73 MB Fluid Catalytic Cracking Handbook 12.64 MB Chemical Process Safety - Learning from Case Histories 17.14 MB Pumping Station & Design 24.04 MB

Introduction to Colloid & Surface Chemistry 15.82 MB Mathematica by Example 3.12 MB Heat Transfer Handbook .rar 19.49 MB Transport Phenomena _2nd_ed._.rar 18.93 MB Organic Chemistry r 31.60 MB Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics 3.99 MB Mastering Mathematica - Programming Methods & Applications r 3.58 MB Numerical Analysis using MATLAB & Spreadsheets .rar 4.24 MB Handbook of Thermal Engineering 32.87 MB Computer Science with Mathematica 4.59 MB Applied Mathematics & Modeling for Chemical Engineers 20.78 MB Circuit Analysis - Theory & Practice 17.37 MB Corrosion 43.23 MB Chemical Process - Design & Integration 0.31 MB Renewable Energy rd_ed._.rar 18.34 MB Chemical Thermodynamics of Materials - Macro & Micro Aspects 3.70 MB

Solid-Liquid Separation 3.31 MB Pipeline Pigging Technology 18.02 MB Modeling in Transport Phenomena 6.82 MB Handbook of Chemical Reactive Hazards 6.06 MB Techniques for Adaptive Control 3.01 MB Handbook of Cathodic Corrosion Protection r 11.99 MB Chemical Process Equipment - Selection & Design 35.97 MB Environmental Engineering 8.13 MB The MATHEMATICA Book 7.77 MB Industrial Waste Treatment Handbook .. Handbook.rar 5.31 MB

Handbook of Thermodynamic Diagrams namic_Diagrams__4_vols._.rar 82.31 MB Valve Selection Handbook 15.08 MB Mechanical & Materials Related ThermoChemical Process - Principles & Models 1.59 MB Engineering Materials 20.40 MB Metal Foams - A Design Guide 3.81 MB Know & Understand Centrifugal Pumps 5.30 MB Marine Structural Design .rar 8.47 MB Practical Ship Hydronomics dynamics.rar 1.81 MB Engineering Mathematics 3.79 MB Computational Fluid Dynamics 7.31 MB Machinery Component Maintenance & Repair 9.65 MB Major Process Equipment - Maintenance & Repair r 13.56 MB Improving Machinery Reliability 13.91 MB Designing Capable & Reliable Products 17.21 MB Gas Turbine Engineering 9.28 MB Helicopter Dynamics 4.94 MB Metals Reference Book 28.86 MB Light Metals Handbook 1.47 MB Non-Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook .rar 7.12 MB Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook 3.69 MB

Plastics Materials 45.39 MB Carbon Materials for Advanced Technologies 9.38 MB Guide to Ship Repair Estimates 0.94 MB Physical Metallurgy 57.57 MB The Coming Materials Science 9.82 MB Introduction to Space Sciences & Spacecraft Applications ns.rar 3.68 MB Castings - The New Metallurgy of Cast Metals ed._.rar 8.74 MB Biaxial-Multiaxial Fatigue & Fracture 9.15 MB Hazardous Chemicals Handbook 1.89 MB Mechanical Engineer's Data Handbook 10.74 MB Metal Machining - Theory & Applications 2.42 MB A Guide to Collision Avoidance Rules 3.10 MB Plastics Engineering 16.60 MB Ship Stability for Masters & Mates 5.00 MB Fluid Mechanics - Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery .rar 2.67 MB Fiber Fracture 7.58 MB

Carbon Nanotubes 6.13 MB Ship Construction 5th_ed._.rar The Motor Vehicle Handbook of Production Management Methods Advance Vehicle Technology Lightweight Electric Hybrid Vehicle Advanced Gas Turbine Cycles 2.76 MB Aerodynamics for Engineering Students 9.21 MB Seamanship Techniques 20.40 MB Automotive Quality Systems Handbook 2.20 MB ISO 9000 Quality Systems Handbook 2.64 MB ISO 9000 2000 - An A-Z Guide 0.77 MB Engineering Rock Mechanics 16.01 MB Aircraft Design Projects for Engineering Students 1.97 MB Failure Analysis Case Studies 8.43 MB Membranes for Industrial Wastewater Recovery & Re-Use 5.58 MB Engineering Interfaces in Fiber Reinforced Engineering 6.45 MB Introduction to Power Fluid Flow 3.52 MB Fluid Mechanics d_ed._.rar 20.55 MB Introduction to Continuum Mechanics 12.18 MB Project Planning & Control 7.15 MB A Guide to MS Excel 2002 for Scientists & Engineers 5.43 MB Mechanics for Sheet Metal Forming 1.90 MB Mechanical Engineer's Handbook 15.25 MB Aeronautical Engineering 2.00 MB Beginning AutoCAD 2002 2002.rar 10.85 MB Modelling with AutoCAD 2002 oCAD_2002.rar 11.71 MB Marine Auxilliary Machinery 29.69 MB Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students rar 19.57 MB Industrial Control Wiring Guide 1.09 MB Root Cause Failure Analysis _Analysis.rar 10.68 MB

Vibration Fundamentals tals.rar 8.84 MB An Introduction to Predictive Maintenance 2.52 MB Plant Engineering Handbook Handbook.rar 13.85 MB Hydroblasting & Coating Steel Structure 3.29 MB Metal Fatigue - Effects of Small Defects and Nonmetallic Inclusions 6.76 MB The Tribology Handbook 16.60 MB Statistical Process Control 2.20 MB The Material Science of Thin Films 20.35 MB Tyre Mechanics & Vehicle Dynamics 6.64 MB Rules of Thumb for Mechanical Engineers 18.11 MB Basic Ship Theory 7.08 MB The Automotive Chassis - Engineering Principles 12.61 MB Understanding Automotive Electronics 16.51 MB Safety at Work d._.rar 8.76 MB Plastics Engineered Product Design 9.44 MB Robotics - Designing the Mechanisms for Automated Machinery 9.25 MB

Ship Design for Efficiency and Economy 1.37 MB Methods for Monitoring & Diagnosing the Efficiency of Catalytic Converters 5.72 MB Mechanical Engineer's Reference Book 34.59 MB Engineering Tribology 9.27 MB Tribology in Machine Design 5.63 MB The Science & Technology of Carbon Nanotubes 3.36 MB Introduction to Marine Engineering 32.19 MB Electronic Navigation 15.58 MB 3D Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites 4.88 MB Refrigeration & Air-conditioning 3.72 MB Introduction to Naval Architecture 17.29 MB Mechanics & Analysis of Composite Materials 5.57 MB Practical Ship Designs Design.rar 20.10 MB TPM - A route to World Class Performance 9.35 MB Marine Diesel Engines & Gas Turbines ._.rar 12.53 MB Practical Design of Ships & Other Floating Structures 13.47 MB Carbon Alloys - Novel Concepts to Develop Carbon Science & Technology 9.18 MB The Finite Element Method p 15.96 MB The Theory & Design of Air Cushion Craft 43.99 MB

Linux Embedded & Real Time ApplicationsA Electronics & Electrical Related 1.04 MB Power Electronic Control in Electrical Systems 6.23 MB Application of Non_Linear Fibre Optics 3.83 MB Non-Linear Fibre Optics 2.49 MB Industrial Power Engineering & Applications Handbook r 26.18 MB PC Troubleshooting Pocketbook 3.32 MB Embedded Controller Hardware Design 0.91 MB Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessors 2.57 MB Embedded Microprocessor Systems - Real Worlkd Design 11.11 MB Handbook of Medical Imaging Processing & Analysis 19.54 MB

Erbium Dope Fibre AMplifiers - Funda,mentals & Technology 28.60