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I am Karan Vala, a student of M.B.A. hereby declare that the project work presented in this report is my own work and has been carried out under the supervision of Mr. Siddharth Das of L.J. College of Computer Application Ahmadabad.

This work has not been previously submitted to any other University for any examination.


Place: Ahmadabad

(Karan Vala)

It has been strongly observed that theoretical knowledge alone can not succeed rather its practical use is of immense significance for the survival of human beings. It has been well accepted that small scale industries have huge employment potential and New Industrial Policy- 1991 was a watershed year for India, which witnessed rapid transformation in the industrial development of India. In view of significant role played by industries in the economic growth, Gujarat technological university has incorporated industrial training in MBA course which provides a golden opportunity to the students to understand FELT NEED of an industrial establishment. This project is prepared on VITAGREEN PRODUCTS and includes the about its production department, finance department, personnel department, marketing

department etc. the main thrust of this project is to acquire information of the unit and to pen it down. Practical visit is an essential feature of business studies. The current rapidly changing business demands for dynamic entrepreneurs and personnel. The practical study will enable the students to know about the organization, environment, their problems and complexities.


I am conscious of my gratitude to many people who have extended their help and inspiration during my training.

I am grateful to GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY for putting on industrial training in our syllabus and for giving me an opportunity to visit it. I am very much thankful to Prof. Siddharth Das for providing me a very good guidance during the training period and even after that he has also helped me in preparing this report. I am also thankful to Mr. Lalit Thaker, marketing manager of Vitagreen Products Pvt. Ltd. for providing me an excellent guidance pertaining to my training and I also thankful to concern officers of the Vitagreen products Pvt. Ltd.. I would like to thank all my friends who directly or indirectly extended their moral support and help during the project duration.

Date: Place: Ahmadabad (Karan Vala)





RADHE REAL ESTATE AND INFRASTRUCTURE (Radhe Real Estate & Infrastructure aims at accomplishing zenith standards in real estate, property and infrastructure development with its highly professional approach and technically superior modus operandi.) SUN TRACK ENERGY SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. (Sun track Energy Systems is engaged in the manufacture of Fluidized Bed Direct and Indirect Hot Air Generators.) HI-CAN INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD. (Hi-can Industries Pvt. Ltd. is the new venture of Radhe Group of Energy, deals with the tin packaging to fulfill the packing need of the food industries.)

RADHE RENEWABLE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT PVT. LTD. (Radhe Renewable Energy Development Pvt. Ltd. is the core company of the Radhe Group of Energy whose main line of activity is manufacturing and

marketing of non-conventional & renewable energy equipments, i.e. BIOMASS/COAL GASIFIER & ELECTRO STATIC PRECIPITATOR.)

RADHE ENGINEERING CO. (Radhe Engineering Co. is into manufacturing of Bio-mass Briquette Plant which is used to convert bio-mass into Briquettes / Bio-coal. After intensive development in the machinery in a consist manner the company has installed number of Biomass Briquette Plants Globally.

RADHE GREEN ENERGY PLANTATION PVT. LTD. (Radhe Green Energy Plantation Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly stated-owned enterprise and is put under the administration of Radhe Renewable Energy Development Pvt. Ltd. The company mainly focuses on Energy Plantation providing inexhaustible renewable sources of energy which are essentially local and independent of unreliable and finite sources of fuel.)

VITAGREEN PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. (Vitagreen Products Pvt. Ltd. is a new arm of Radhe Group Of Energy into food industry to manufacture Spices, Masala and Instant Food for bridging the gap of Traditional Indian Taste.)

HI-CON TECHNOCAST PVT. LTD. (Hi-con Technocast Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneering organization with latest technical know-how in Investment Castings. The company is managed by dynamic and highly technically qualified professionals with vast experience in Investment Casting (Lost Wax Process) and metallurgical line of business.)

HI-MAC CASTING PVT. LTD. (Hi-Mac Castings Pvt. Ltd. has spun off as an individual new venture of Radhe Group of Energy in S.G. / C.I. Castings. With the latest automation technology from Japans Koyo makes High Pressure Moulding Line along with fully equipped floor catering the global market.)

SHAILBOND INFOMEDIA PVT. LTD. (Shailbond Info media Pvt. Ltd. under the leadership of renowned artist Mr. Kanu Patel is present across media - Films, Television, Paintings as well as Exhibitions. It is nurturing the talent and doing creative business.)

RADHE EXIM PVT. LTD. (Radhe Exim is a professional firm floated by Radhe Group of Energy as International Trading Division. With an ambition to start an autonomous Import Export Company which provides quality goods to India and Other Countries that serves to basic needs of Society & Industries.)


BOND INTERNATIONAL (I-Bond International came out with

innovative solution for fake note identification of currency which is ultimate and burning need of growing Indian Economy and financial sector.)


77GREEN- A healthy revolution begins Vitagreen is set to bring a health revolution in food industry by integrating the most modern technology and manufacturing practices to make healthy living a lot easier. Years of research and innovation made us introduce the right mix of technology, manpower, raw materials and new product development leading us to the green concept for food industry. We are a team of veteran tycoons from diverse fields motivating young entrepreneurs to bring the change into food industry through creativity and innovation supported with sensory science, knowledge of consumers and culinary arts and food science. Green farming has always been our benchmark, thus providing quality products to

the customers. Our promoters have the vast experience, insight and wisdom, gained from farming, procurement, logistic, finance and commodity markets.

77GREEN is the outcome entrepreneurial guts: the brand name for all the products of Vitagreen Product Pvt. Ltd. 77Green is the flagship company of Radhe Group of Industries.


The spice trade developed throughout the Middle East in around 2000 BC with cinnamon, Indonesian cinnamon and pepper. A recent archaeological discovery suggests that the clove, indigenous to the Indonesian island of Ternate in the Maluku Islands, could have been introduced to the Middle East very early on. Digs found a clove burnt onto the floor of a burned down kitchen in the Mesopotamian site of Terqa, in what is now modern-day Syria, dated to 1700 BC. From time immemorial, India has been considered as the "Spice Bowl of the World". The history of Indian spices is almost as old as the 'human civilization of Spices '. Conquering tribes from Assyrians and Babylonians, Arabians, Romans, Egyptians, the

Chinese to the British and the Portuguese all invaded India with one goal - to take advantage of the rich, natural wealth and for Indian spices. The earliest written record in India on Spices is the venerable Vedas - such as the Rig Veda (around 6000 BC), and the others - Yajurveda, Sama and Atharva. By the year 1000 Arabians had conquered the Indus valley what is now India. They brought the cumin and coriander that mixed with Indian pepper; ginger and turmeric make up the base of so many South Asian dishes. It was this combination of spices that centurys later British sailors spread throughout the world as curry powder. In India, Arabian traders got the rare and exotic spices of the Far East from local spice merchants. India had spent the previous two millennia spreading its culture to the Spice Islands of the east. Arabian traders were able to make good money supplying these spices, even with the high prices paid to the Indian middle men, not only to their countrymen back home, but to Europe as well. These traders of spices paid for the Art and Education for which Arabia became famous in the present day.. In many ways the culture of Arabia loved studying and learning different things.

India, the Queen of Spices, has always attracted the world with her exotic masalas. In fact, the connection goes back many centuries. To the time when travelers like Vasco-de-Gama and Columbus were still exploring the geography of the Earth. Even then, the mystique of Indian spices magnetized them to India and paved the way for a new chapter to be written in the annals of time.

National importance of spices and spice products :India is well known as one of the largest producers, consumers and exporters of spices and spice products. India grows over 50 spices in different parts as composed to 86 spices in the world. India consumers considerable quantities spices and still exports around 218000 to 225000 tons of spices products each year.

What are Spices?

Spices are the aromatic parts of tropical plants traditionally used to flavor food, or the dried seeds or fruit of temperate plants used in the same way. Some of the substances we call spices come from the bark or roots of certain plants, but the majority are berries, seeds, or dried fruits. Some of the most popular spices in New Zealand cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, pepper are native to the Asian tropics. Some of the aromatic seed spices coriander, fennel, fenugreek and mustard, poppy are native to the Mediterranean region. A few spices allspice, chilies, vanilla are native to parts of the Caribbean and Central America.


Indian Spices are very famous worldwide. Indian cooking is incomplete without spices. Indian Spices is known as 'Masala' in India. Spices, herbs and condiments are combined ground together is known as 'Masala'. When water, vinegar, yogurt or other liquids are sometimes added to the ground spices is called as 'wet masala'. It is used as a marinade or sauted in oil before adding the main vegetable or meat so that the delicate flavors of the spices are released in the recipe. India is a land of spices. Indian spices are known for their flavor both in domestic and international market. Export of spices contributes to economy quite significantly. Each state of India has been bestowed with some spices. Some spices like ginger, turmeric, chilies, etc. are used as medicine in India. Major spices like black pepper, cardamoms, chilies, ginger and turmeric are exported from India. India is the largest producer with 2.48 million tones, exporter 0.20 million tones and consumer of spices. Indian spices flavor foods in over 134 countries. Spices export touched Rs.11800 million during the last year. At present production is around 3.2 million tones of different spices valued at approximately 4.2 billion US dollar and India holds a prominent position in world spice production.

World spice production in tons



86% 4% 3% 2% 2% 1% 3% 100%



Name of the unit Brand name Full address

: : :

Vitagreen products pvt. ltd 77GREEN Plot No. G-557, G.I.D.C. (Lodhika) Industrial Estate Kalavad Road, Metoda, P.O. Khirasara Ahmedabad -360 021(Guj.) INDIA Plot No. G-557, G.I.D.C. (Lodhika) Industrial Estate Kalavad Road, Metoda, P.O. Khirasara Ahmedabad -360 021(Guj.) INDIA Dr. Shaileshbhai makadia Mr. Vimal Kalawadia Mr. Nilesh Makadia

Registered office


Mr. Sunil Mittal Mr. Lalit Thaker Contact no Website Mail Bankers : : : : 02827-287693 SBI BOI 2010

Year of establishment:


To manufacture and market international QUALITY PRODUCTS. To offer the real Indian test at affordable prices. To cater to all segments of global and local market.

To make 77Green a GENERIC BRAND in food category.



Production Planning & Control Products Raw Material Production process Plant And Machinery Installed and Utilized Capacity Plant Location Production Process Packing department Product Profile Dispatch Department Store Management

The production department, function of a business in concerned with the creation of a product or service to satisfy consumer needs wants & desire, planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the production function. Production system & sub-system itself is the sub-system of the business enterprise & its environment. Production management is the process of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the activities of the production function is the conversion of raw materials into finished products. Production management is the process of effectively programming, cocoordinating & controlling production. In which the main activity of converting the raw material into semi finished & to the final product is held. Production means creation of utility and entails the procurement and utilization of factors of production, which includes manpower, material, buildings and equipments. Production is fabrication of physical object though use of men, material and equipment.


Production planning and control are inter-related. They are planning and organization of the production process which include guiding, scheduling, inspection and controlling. Planning is the basic necessity to achieve any goal. To send a particular good at a certain place and time, the manager needs to plan for the production. Operation is based on an objective. The plans made are put into action and further the plans are revised with the help of the feedback. In VITAGREEN PRODUCTS, the production is planned according to the demand. If the demand is more the production is carried on a regular basis.

The company has wide range of products and they are divided into various categories as under: SPICES 1. Chili powder 2. Chili kashmiri powder 3. Chili premium powder 4. Turmeric powder 5. Turmeric rajapuri powder 6. Coriander powder 7. Cumin powder 8. Coriander cumin powder 9. Black paper powder 10. White paper powder 11. Ginger powder 12. Ajwain powder 13. Amla powder 14. Cardamom powder

MASALA 1. Shahi pulav masala 2. Chatpata chat masala 3. Pachak jaljira 4. Sambhar masala 5. Garam masala 6. Chhole masala 7. Pav-bhaji masala 8. Tea masala 9. Butter milk masala 10.Milk masala

11.Pani puri masala 12.Rasam masala 13.Dry mango masala 14.Dahi wada masala 15.Rayta masala 16.Samosa masala 17.Fish masala 18.Meat masala 19.Chiken masala 20.Egg curry masala 21.Kabab masala

INSTANT MIX 1. Gulab jamun mix 2. Kheer mix 3. Rabdi mix

4. Basundi mix 5. Soji shira mix 6. Jalebi mix 7. Dahi wada mix 8. Dalwada mix 9. Dhokla mix 10. Khaman mix 11. Idli mix 12. Dosa mox 13. Methigota mix 14. Menduwada mix 15. Pizza mix 16. Handvo mix 17. Upma mix 18. Uttapam mix 19. Mathiya mix 20. Chorafali mix 21. Khichu mix 22. Sambhar mix 23. Farali khidchi mix 24. Farali gulab jamun mix 25. Farali gota mix 26. Farali handvo mix 27. Farali dhokla mix 28. Farali idli mix

WHOLE SPICES 1. Curry leaves 2. Mustard seed 3. Ajwain 4. Fenugreek Seed 5. Cumin 6. Black paper 7. Green cardamom 8. Isabgul 9. Kalonji 10. Pomegranate seed 11. White sesame powder 12. Black sesame powder 13. Basil seed 14. Kasuri methi 15. Coriander 16. Cinnamon 17. Clove 18. Sahi jeera

The name VITAGREEN itself suggests the variety of its products available in the market.

Raw material is the blood of the production. Raw must be a quality. Without a quality raw material, the final products competitiveness will not be up to the mark in the market so the production function is mainly dependent upon raw material only. The company has wide range of products so it has wide range of raw material also. The company purchases its raw material direct from farmers or from marketing yard or from many quality producers.


Plant and machinery are the essentials for any manufacturing company so there must be efficient machinery and a well designed and strategically laid out plant for the consistent and efficient working of the production function. The company has fully automatic machinery and its first time in Gujarat the sunnovation, vitovation and presovation techonology. Utilized capacity is 80% of the total capacity. It is a hygienic plant. Two times they are cleaning their plant in a day. They have one plant. The plant is bacteria-free stringent hygienic standard environment. Thus that is a plus point for the company and the society that it does not affect the atmosphere that much.

Site selection is an important activity that decides the fate of good business. A good location may reduce the cost of production and distribution to a considerable extent. The reduction of cost of production and distribution in elevating either competitive strength or the profit margin of the business. Locating a business involves a large, relatively permanent investment. If the site selection is not proper, all money spent on factory, building, machinery and their installation will go in a waste. While selecting a site, it is necessary to consider technical, commercial and financial aspects.

Factors Affecting Plant Location: Primary Factors: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Supply of raw material Nearness to Market Transport facilities Labor Supply Availability of Power Supply of capital

Secondary Factors: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Facilities Natural factors Political factors Government subsidies and facilities Historical and religious factors Initial start and goodwill Personnel factors

Packing is very essential in this kind of products. It is given a lot of importance in Vita Green.

Packing department of the company is very active. The company serves its product in various quantity packets. These packets of spices are packed in 5rs. Pouch, 100gm. Pouch, 500gm pouch and 1kg.

The packed boxes are then dispatched according to the requirements to the dealers of through the mode of transportation.


Store management is responsible for proper receipt, custody and issue of materials. For this purpose an effective system should be employed which will take care of: a) b) c) d) That material should never be out of stock. That raw material should be in adequate quantity. To protect stores against the damages like theft. To decide economic order of quantity for the purchase of materials.



Introduction Manpower Planning Job Analysis

Recruitment and Selection Training and Development Benefits and Services Personal Records


Personnel department is mainly concerned with human beings within the organization. The main aim of personnel department is to keep smooth relationship between the employer and employees in the organization. The personnel department of Vita green products Pvt. Ltd. is efficient one. There is very healthy and calm environment in the company and all are working as the family members of the same house. The personnel officer is experienced person in the field of various functions. Personnel management is especially concerned with the people employed in the organization. Employees hold a key place in business. No business enterprise can exist and function without efficient and potential employees. They must be welldedicated to their organization. The future of any organization depends on employees. Thus it can be said the success of the unit mainly depends on the personnel functioning of the organization.


The process by which management determined how the organization should rise from its current manpower position to its decided manpower position. Through planning management strives to have the number and the right kind of people, at the right time and place, doing the right thing which results in organizational as well as individual benefits. In Vitagreen, the manpower planning is done according to the situation. The number of people required at given point of time depends upon the amount of work to be done. (1) Anticipating manpower needs. (2) Planning job requirements and job descriptions. (3) Analyzing skills to determine the nature of manpower needed. (4) Selecting the adequate source of recruitment.


Job analysis means to describe the nature of the job. It is a written record of duties and responsibilities attached to a particular job. In the initial period it means giving information and guidance to the employees regarding their job. When an employee is selected for a particular job, he is given complete information regarding the work, which is to be performed by him. The personnel manager does the work of induction of an employee in the unit. In Vitagreen products, the higher authority assigns the work to the top-level management and they in turn assign the work to their subordinates. Employees are responsible to their superiors and job records are also maintained.


1. RECRUITMENT: Recruitment is one of the most important functions of the personnel department. It is the process of reaching for prospective candidates and encouraging them to apply for the job in the organization. There are mainly two sources of recruitment: a) Internal sources: - It means to select the required person from the company itself; it can be possible through promotion, transfer, training etc. b) External sources: - It means to recruit the person from outside the organization through advertisement, employees agencies, other professionals etc. Vitagreen products Pvt. Ltd., is prefer both the sources. For internal source company use promotion, transfer of employee one department to another.

While as external source, company gives the advertisement, it goes to campus interview; the company has also preferred the job consultancy to meet the requirement. 1. SELECTION: The selection process of determining whether an applicant meets the qualification for the specific job and to select the applicant who is suitable at the place. Following are the selection policies used by the Vitagreen products Pvt. Ltd.: a) b) c) d) e) f) Application blank Interviews Psychological test Reference checking Final selection Induction

After going through all the above quoted steps the company gets the best person for the required job.


TRAINING Training is a process by which the aptitude, skills and abilities of employees to perform specific job are increased.

Training program is a systematic program that is designed to insight theories and experience of opportunities. Training increases the knowledge and skill of employees. This company uses the method of training like: I. ON JOB TRAINING: In this type of training method, they give job instruction, job rotation, coaching, and appreciation, versatile and organized training. II.OFF JOB TRAINING: Off job training considers lectures, conference, case studies, role playing, audiovisual and discussion etc. DEVELOPMENT The program for the development of officers becomes important to develop their mental abilities and inherent qualities. The scope of development is divided into three categories: A. Knowledge development B. Skill development C. Attitude development


At VItagreen products pvt. Ltd., the provided benefits can be classified in three categories. 1) Medical Facilities :

The company provides medical facilities at free of cost to its employees. For this purpose it has first aid facility on the spot. And it has also doctor facility at Metoda. The company also takes insurance for its employee. 2) Canteen Facilities :

The unit provides a canteen facility to its employees, which includes food, tea at free of cost. Rest rooms are also provided to the employees. 3) Other Benefits :

They also provide free accommodation, locker, provident fund and cycle to its worker etc. they also provide festival holidays, causal leaves etc.

Vitagreen products pvt. Ltd. maintains a personal record to the employees, which includes the details of the employees. It includes the date of birth, date of appointment, present salary, past experiences etc. this details helps the company in job analysis, promotion, transfer, increase in salary etc.



Introduction Organization Chart Product Planning Market Segmentation Target Market Pricing Policy Channels of Distribution Market Promotion Transportation Marketing Research

Marketing is a comprehensive term and it includes all resources and a set of activities necessary to direct and facilitate the flow of goods and Services from producer to consumer in the process of distribution. ''Marketing is a total system of business, an ongoing process of. [1] Discovering and translating consumer needs and desires into products and services [through planning and producing the planned Products],

[2] Creating demand for these products and services [through promotion and pricing], [3] Serving the consumer demand [through planned physical distribution] with the help of marketing channels, and then, in turn, [4] Expanding the market even in the face of keen competition,'' Marketing is the social and a managerial process by which individual and groups obtain they want by exchanging and offering Products with other, ''Marketing is a creation and delivery of standard of using to the society''




General Mgr (Brand / Promotion / Media) CORPORATE RAJKOT












The product is the most tangible and important component of the ma marketing program. Without a product there is nothing to distribute, nothing to promote and nothing to price. The market a product is like building blocks of a marketing plan. Products are the key to market success. Every organization think about its product that is product planning means when to produce, what to produce, how to produce and where to produce ? This is a one of the most important function of marketing department. Product planning can be defines as .. An activity of deciding the strategy about the products manufactured by the industry. Product planning is related with the introduction and modification of new product and domination of old product. In Vitagreen products, the production planning is done according to the demand and requirement of the product. They are going to come up with new flavors and tastes of their products. The directors and the heads of all the departments plan together regarding new products to be launched. the

They decide on the basis of demand in the market, will they will be able to produce the product and the alternatives are also checked.

Market segmentation is a subdivision of the market as based upon the modem marketing concept, it points out that there is several demand schedules. Each demand schedule represents as separate market consisting of a group of the buyers with similar needs and characteristics of demand. The market segmentation is done on the basis of age, sex, family size, income , education , occupation , social class, lifestyle etc. the conscious search is made to separate buyers into a number of segments of each varying in size, buying power and buying behavior . Limiting factors for market according to composition of population, they are producing their product. ''Market segmentations consist of taking of the total heterogeneous market for a product and dividing it into several sub markets, each of which Tends to b homogeneous in full significant aspects.'' `VITAGREEN has also included market segmentation as a part of their marketing department. In each district and in all leading cities of Gujarat, VITAGREEN has appointed 150 dealers for marketing their product and developing the market for their products in a particular region. Their market is fixed so they think that there is no need of market segmentation they produce item according to all classes. And which is also Good for the society and firm's reputation.

The target market of VITAGREEN PRODUCTS at present is Gujarat, Maharashtra & Rajasthan. The marketing manager and all directors decide regarding the target markets. This decision is taken on the basis of nearness to the market and the distance of the market.

Price decision plays a very crucial role in the development of any industrial because pricing decision is the only factor in marketing mix of firm, which produces revenue. Price is a mechanism of device for translating into quantitative term, the value of product throws the customer at a point of time. In this unit top-level management takes decisions regarding the pricing. There is no specific method but the price is fixed on the basis of following factors: Cost of Production Competitive price in the Market Normal Profit Advertising Cost Distribution Cost Products have different prices in Vitagreen as per the cost of their incurred.

Channels of distribution can be defined as The marketing process is which goods and services are transferred from producer to ultimate consumer. There are two types of distribution ways, direct selling and selling through middlemen. Here middlemen may be dealer, wholesaler, retailer etc. In this system, the manufacturer has to pay some amount of commission to the middlemen. VITAGREEN PRODUCTS has adopted the distribution strategy of selling through middlemen. For this purpose, they have appointed distributors at district level in Gujarat. They are paid specific rate of commission depending upon the amount of sales they do. The distribution channel adopted by this unit is as follows:

Promotion is the process of marketing communication involving information, persuasion and influence. It is defined as .. The coordination and self-initiated efforts to establish channels of information and persuasion to facilitate or faster the sale of goods or services. The communication mix includes five ingredients, which are as follows: Advertising Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by an identified sponsor. In VITAGREEN PRODUCTS, they use the POP method for advertising. They provide Pamphlets and Banners for the Shops, where their products are being sold. They are also used Banner, Paper Ads, T.V. Ads, Sticker, Light Board, Stand, Plastic Mate etc. for advertising. The budget for this purpose is not fixed.

PUBLICITY It is non-personal stimulation of demand for a product, services or a business unit by placing commercially significant news about it in a publication or obtaining favorable presentation of it upon radio, television or stage that is not paid for by the sponsor.

BRANDING The Directors have decided the brand name 77green. They go for it because we think there is 77 ways to select the green. We take it also because our products are as fresh as the green which is always fresh.

ADVERTISING ''Advertisement is a paid from of any non personal presentation of goods, services or idea by an identified sponsor.'' ''Advertisement is message design to promote a product, services, idea, by an identified sponsor.'' ''Advertisement main object is to offer its product to the public and to aware the people about their product.'' In modem business world, advertising is essential for every business. No business can survive without advertisement. Now-a-day; advertisement becomes a part of parcel of the commercial life. The advertising is the best source of increasing the sales of the company but it also give basic essential information customer like how to use the product, also about the introduce of the new product in market, about increase in quality. All these type off information given to the customer through advertisement. VITAGREEN PRODUCTS PVT.LTD., do the following advertisement for its products. Hording Pamphlets Internets

Newspaper etc. Wall painting Board and Poster

As this company has its fixed and also some of them are new to it but it is unique to all. Thus VITAGREENs each and every product is unique and they have some competitors in market. 1. Ramdev Masala 2. Everest 3. MDH

SALES PROMOTION It covers those marketing activities other than advertising; publicity and personal selling that a stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness. Such activities are displays, shows, exhibitions, demonstrations and many other non-routine selling efforts at the point of purchase. Sales promotion tries to compliment the other means of promotion given above.

PACKING Modern packaging can act as a silent ad colorful salesman, performing all the functions of salesmanship in retailing stores. Packing does impulse selling. Packing is also a means of advertising.

In VITAGREEN PRODUCTS air tight packaging is done in plastic bags. The bags are designed in an attractive manner and color. This packaging attracts a lot of customers. According to them packaging is equally important as quality.

As the area is covered by other industries which are situated on highways that is far from city and because of that there is no problem of transportation. The company is also having its own transportation and otherwise they sent their products as the easiest way as to reach to consumer.

Marketing research is the systematic design, collection, analysis and reporting of data and finding a relevant solution to a specific marketing situation faced by the company. Generally it includes determination of marketing characteristics, measurement of market potentials, market share analysis, sales analysis and studies of business trend, short range forecasting, pricing studies and testing of existing products. As far as VITAGREEN PRODUCTS is concerned, it does not undergo the whole of above mentioned marketing activities.


Introduction Financial Planning Capital Structure Management of fixed asset

Finance is the heart of the company. Finance is needed for every activity to be performed. Financial management may be defined as that area or set of administrative function in the organization which relate with arrangement of cash and credit so that the organization may have the means to carry out its objectives as satisfactory as possible. Howard & Opton Financial management is the area of business management devoted to a judicious use of capital and a careful selection and a selection of sources of capital in order to enable a business firm to move in the direction of reaching its goals. J. F. Bradlery The term FINANCE can be defined as the management of the money through an organization where it would be a corporation, school, bank or government agency. John J. Hampton Finance department provides BASS for the company. No company can run without sufficient finance. Finance is the essence of any business, it is known as Life blood of a business.

Financial planning means deciding in advance, the financial activities to be carried out. On to achieve the basic goal of the company, financial planning is top make sure that adequate funds are raised at the minimum cost and that used widely. Financial planning pertains only to the function of finance and includes the determination of the firms financial objectives, financial policies and financial procedures The initial financial planning is prepared keeping in view the following items of expenditure viz cost of fixed assets, amount of working capital, promotional expenses, primary expenses, underwriting commission, cost of patents, goodwill and many others, amounts proceeded for contingency. The problem of any business is not the examination of profit but the achievement of sufficient profit to cover the risk of economic activity and thus to avoid loss. Peter F. Drucker

In VITAGREEN PRODUCTS, the top-level management carries out the financial planning. The directors take the decisions regarding the financial matters of the company.


The term Capital Structure refers to long term sources of funds employed in business enterprise. In broad sense Capital Structure includes all the long term capital resources like loans, bonds, shares issued, reserves etc. Usually capital structure represents permanent financing of the firm. The Company keeps its financial data very confidential so it is not available.


Fixed assets are those assets, which cannot be converted into cash. Thus, the investments in such assets are permanent. Fixed assets are not meant for sales and are used by a business in its normal operations. Fixed assets are important due to following factors:

1. Fixed assets are generally of high court. 2. Risk is involved in fixed assets due to its longer life. 3. Fixed assets are cannot be deposed without substantial loss. 4. Acquisition of fixes assets on credit carries continuous liability on assets. Due to those problems, the financial manager must take the decision regarding the fixed assets.



To understand the buying habit of consumer towards the spices product. To understand that where should company has focused so the demand will go high. One of my objectives is to understand that for which benefit end users are attracting to buy the product. If we take a glance towards the consumer so they mostly attracts from schemes. My one of object was also that to understand that for which benefit consumer attracts more to sell the products. And my last objective is that as per the experience of consumer which is best tool for development of brand.


My rational was to get maximum practical exposure and also to see that how a new brand can get placement in the heart and minds of end users and retailers. I want to know the mindsets of end users and retailers that what actually they are expecting from company so the company can easily develop the brand. I have chosen this topic as the company is at initial level and can get best way for brand development.


The organization can use data as secondary source. Company can know that where they have tried to place their product so they can get maximum benefit. I can get practical exposure and understand that which media is better for the organization so they can develop the brand in proper way and get maximum placement. To know the behavior of the consumer.


The study was carried out by me in the following cities- RAJKOT AND AHMEDABAD with total 100 samples of end users. The study has carried out using the close ended questions. Total days were 10 for the study.


Due to time and money consideration sample size was limited which is 100 in end users. Findings are based on the information provided by the respondents during the study which may be subject to personal bias. Research was carried out in limited cities. People were denying giving the answers. The study is conducted in limited cities.


Primary Data
Questionnaire Observation

Secondary Data
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I have collected the primary data.


As the large numbers of end users are large it was not feasible to conduct the survey so I have restricted myself to 100 respondents in end users.

RESEARCH TOOL: - I have used questionnaire for collecting

information from respondent.

Types of questionnaire: - An unstructured questionnaire was used as

the tool to collect the primary data.

Types of Questions: - All the questions in questionnaire were close



The sample size for the survey is of 100 of consumers.

Charts (line, pie, bar, column)

Data analysis tools

This survey is conducted for the purpose of finding out Consumer buying habit and brand influence of Spices Product by a student of L.J. College of computer application, Ahmadabad and whatever information I shall get should be kept confidential and used for research purpose only.

1) Name :- __________________________________________ 2) Age:3) Gender:____________________ Male Female

4) The Brand you aware of in spices product?



5) While shopping spices, do you consider all the brands or the one you know already? Yes I do Dont
6) Factors you consider while buying spices?

no I



7) In which quantity you purchase the spices?

As per requirement stock

make the

8) Do you consider any local brand at the time of purchase

of spices products? Yes (Name)____________________________ No

9) Do you think that a branded product is superior in quality

than unbranded? Yes No

10) Which factor attracts you more to buy spices product?

Brand Name Advertisement Promotional Scheme _________________________


11) In which quantity you use spices products daily?




12) From where you purchase the spices products?

From the Mall From the Retailer From the Wholesaler

13) Do you think that the price of spices is directly related

with its quality? Yes No

14) Do you know about 77green? If yes then where?

Yes No

_______________________________ (Now remember)

15) Do you like our product if we provide you spice masala & instant mix with 100% pure & natural with same taste all 12 months?



1. The Brand you aware of in spices product?

Survey result: MDH 39 EVEREST 42 BADSHAH 43 RAMDEV 45 77GREEN 36 OTHER 6

2. While shopping spices, do you consider all the

brands or the one you know already?

Survey result:

yes 58

no 42

3. Factors you consider while buying spices?

Survey result: PRICE 25 QUALITY 25 22 BRAND 12 PRICE & QUALITY SCHEME 16

4. In which quantity you purchase the spices?

Survey result: As per requirement 43 Make the stock 57

5. Do you consider any local brand at the time of purchase of spices products?

Survey result:

Yes 34

No 66

6. Do you think that a branded product is superior in quality than unbranded?

Survey result: No 57

Yes 43

7. Which factor attracts you more to buy spices product?

Survey result: Brand Name 45 Advertisement 17 Promotional Scheme 34 Other 4

8. In which quantity you use spices products daily?

Survey result: High 23 Low 25 Medium 52

9. From where you purchase the spices products?

Survey result: From the Mall 26 From the Retailer


From the Wholesaler


10.Do you think that the price of spices is directly related with its quality?

Survey result: No 38

Yes 62

11.Do you know about 77green? If yes then where?

Survey result:

Yes 38

No 62

12. Do you like our product if we provide you spices

masala & instant mix with 100% pure & natural with same taste all 12 months?

Survey result:



No 7

There are many people who are aware many spices products like out of 100 peoples survey 39 select MDH, 42 says about Everest, 36 choose 77green, 43 select Badshah, 45 says Ramdev Masala and only 7 people says about other brand. From the 100 there are 58% people says that they consider the entire brand while shopping the spices products. And 42% people denies about taking consideration of the entire brand. There are many factors that consumer taking into consider while shopping like, 25% people consider about price 25% people consider about quality 22% consider about both (price & quality) 12% consider about brand name While 16% consider about scheme. There are only 43% consumer purchase spices as per requirement and other 57% make the stock of full year. There are only 34% consumer who are consider the local brand while purchase of spices product. There are 45% people attracts towards brand name, 17% attracts towards advertisement, 34% attracts towards scheme and other factors attracts only 4% people. There are 23% consumer who are using spices high in their day to day use, while 52% use medium quantity and 25% who use low quantity of spices in day to day use. 26% people purchase the spices from the mall, 52% purchase from the retailer, And 22% buys spices from the wholesaler, There are 38% people know the brand 77Green. And there are only 7% consumers who do not want to change their current brand to any new or existing brand at any case.

The company should consider about the buying habit of customer because it will help them much to think the area which needs to improve. .

The company should put weight on price and quality of its products because there are most people who think about that. Company must prepare plan to sell its product to various places so it can easily reach to consumer. Company must plan about availability of its product at various places like Mall and the company can make the strong distribution channel. The company should put weight on the higher quantity packet available in market because most people buy the spices in high quantity.

Strength :
Vitagreen has very good and hard working employees. The group is big and also Radhe group has a vast experience of market. Well spread the marketing channel. Vitagreen has got well trained qualified manpower. Vitagreen is having location advantage. Demand of Spices products are increasing day-to-day. Vitagreen provides many facilities to its employees.

Weakness :
Lack of personalize service and direct marketing staff. Lack of marketing channel. Though there are many products in the company so it is difficult to give equal priority to each product.

Oppotunities :
Now-a-days demand of spices products are increase.

The company started in the year 2010 so there is wide scope for the company to enter in the different segment. Company can build up its brand in the market by providing qualitative products to customers.

Threats :
Increasing competition in this business, number of competitors came in recent times. In this industry, there are many unorganized companies which gives tough competition.


The future plans of VITAGREEN PRODUCTS are very big and ambitious. As we know that now they are expanding their markets and their markets have reached out of Gujarat in Maharashtra. This is just not enough for them. They still want to cover the whole of national market with their variety of products. They have a variety of products already being flourished in the market but they still have a lot many products and different flavors of various products, which will enter the market in future. Their first target is to take over in India. Thus, looking at their future plans; we can say that VITAGREEN PRODUCTS is really very ambitious and will not stop unless and until they achieve their goals.


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Name of the Book Marketing Management Finance Management Personnel Management

Name of author Philip Kotler I.M.Pandey Aswathappa