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Nursing Department Patient Teaching Assignment Complete the following worksheet for your assigned teaching topic and

submit to Ms. Nienaber, RN

Create a patient scenario: (3-4 sentence that describe your client's situation that necessitates teaching) A young post-mastectomy patient (L side) who is 3 weeks post-op meets with the nurse in order to learn exercises that have been recommended by her physician in order to maintain strength and flexibility to particular joints and muscle groups that have become weak and inflexible as a result of surgery. Her ability to learn is affected by her feelings of loss/grief and disturbed body image. The pt expresses concern that she will not be able to resume her active lifestyle and discusses this with the nurse. The nurse will explain the importance of doing regular post-mastectomy exercises and will then describe and demonstrate exercises that the patient can do herself.

Assessment data indicating a learning need (include all pertinent positive/negative data) The patient states, So now that Ive had my surgery Ill be able to start lifting weights this week. nursing diagnosis (must submit complete statement) Risk for impaired tissue integrity/function related to damage to blood and lymph vessels and tension at surgical incision site. expected outcome (use action verb and time frame in terms of client) Patient will maintain adequate function/mobility of affected side by performing appropriate prescribed post-mastectomy exercises twice daily for the next three weeks. (2 sets of 8 for each exercise) methodology/tools (what equipment, instructional aids, method of communication)

The teaching style by the nurse is hands-on and will require demonstrating specific exercises with available implements and then evaluating the patients understanding through return demonstration. (large exercise ball, towel or wrapping paper roll, string with soft donut attached) content outline (sequence of instruction being provided to client that describes the teaching topic; record on a separate sheet) 1) Patient asks nurse about going back to the gym to work out and what exercises she can do. She is frustrated when the nurse tells her she cannot start lifting heavy weights, but instead must do flexibility and stretching exercises for several weeks before she begins even light weight lifting. 2) Nurse then tells patient why post mastectomy exercises are important to maintaining function and integrity of upper body and the affected side and also why it is important to progress slowly from f&s exercises to progressively challenging exercises. 3) Nurse shows patient 3 exercises (see attached) and then evaluates the patient as she does return demonstration. Nurse instructs patient on proper way to do exercises and also the frequency of reps/sets for each exercise. 3 exercises, 2 x8 reps.

method of evaluation (identify how you would measure how the client achieves the learning outcome) Nurse will watch the patient perform the prescribed exercises to ensure that 1) safety is maintained and 2) exercises are being done properly. Patient will verbalize importance of maintaining

documentation (nursing narrative that includes the s/o data indicating a learning need, the intervention provided and the client's response.