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Author / ReadersTop10 C/C++ eBooks:

1. by H. M. Deitel, P. J. Deitel - Deitel & Associates, Inc. / 1116C How to Program (5th Edition) 2. 1065C++ How to Program 5th Edition 3. by Bjarne Stroustrup / 1020The C Programming Language (3rd Edition) 4. 1008C Complete Reference, 4th Ed 5. by P S Deshpande, O G Kakde / 988C & Data Structures 6. by yashwanth kanetkar / 974[request_ebook] pointers in c 7. by kenneth A Reek / 971[request_ebook] Pointers on C 8. by Peter van der Linden / 935Expert C Programming. Deep C Secrets 9. 932Test Your C Skills 10. 909C Data Structures

Added TimeLatest Added C/C++ eBooks:

1. 2011-07-12[share_ebook] C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design 2. 2011-07-12[share_ebook] Exceptional C plus plus: 47 Engineering Puzzles, Programming Problems, and Solutions [Paperback] 3. 2011-07-12[share_ebook] Beyond the C Standard Library: An Introduction to Boost [Re-up] 4. 2011-07-12[share_ebook] C plus plus Templates: The Complete Guide [re-up] 5. by Michael Dawson / 2011-07-12[share_ebook] Beginning C Through Game Programming, Third Edition 6. by D. Ryan Stephens (Author) Christopher Diggins (Author), Jonathan Turkanis (Author), Jeff Cogswell (Author) / 2011-07-11[share_ebook] C plus plus Cookbook (Cookbooks (O'Reilly)) [reup] 7. by Michael Dawson (Author) / 2011-07-11[share_ebook] Beginning C plus plus Through Game Programming [re-up] 8. by Bjarne Stroustrup (Author) / 2011-07-10[share_ebook] C Programming Language, The (3rd Edition) [Re-up] 9. by Scott Meyers (Author) / 2011-07-10[share_ebook] Effective C : 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs (3rd Edition) [Re-up] 10. by (Author), Richard Helm (Author), Ralph Johnson / 2011-07-10[share_ebook] Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software [Re-up] 11. by Mark Allen Weiss (Author) / 2011-07-10[share_ebook] Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problem Solving With C [Reup] 12. by Danny Kalev (Author) / 2011-07-10[share_ebook] Ansi/Iso C Professional Programmer's Handbook (Que Professional Series) [Reup] 13. by Stephen Prata (Author) / 2011-07-10[share_ebook] C Primer Plus (5th Edition) [Re-up] 14. by Harvey & Paul) Deitel & Deitel (Author) / 2011-07-10[share_ebook] C How to Program (5th Edition) [Reup] 15. by Kenneth L. Calvert, Michael J. Donahoo / 2011-07-09[share_ebook] TCP/IP Sockets in C Bundle: TCP/IP Sockets in C, Second Edition: Practical Guide for Programmers (The Morgan Kaufmann Practical Guides Series) 16. 2011-07-09[share_ebook] C /CLI LI

17. by American National Standards Institute / 2011-07-08[share_ebook] Programming Language C : International Standard ISO/IEC 14882 18. by Charles Wright / 2011-07-08[share_ebook] Visual C 6 For Dummies Quick Reference 19. by Dino Esposito / 2011-07-08[share_ebook] Visual C Windows Shell Programming 20. by Doug Brown, Gregory Satir / 2011-07-08[share_ebook] C the Core Language (Nutshell Handbooks) 21. by Charles Wright, Jamsa Media Group / 2011-07-08[share_ebook] 1001 Microsoft Visual C Programming Tips 22. by Dietmar Herrmann / 2011-07-08[share_ebook] C fur Naturwissenschaftler. Beispielorientierte Einfuhrung 23. by Satya Sai Kolachina / 2011-07-08[share_ebook] C Builder 6 Developers Guide (Wordware Delphi developer's library) 24. by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John M. Vlissides / 2011-0705[share_ebook] Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software 25. by Scott Meyers / 2011-07-05[share_ebook] Effective C : 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Design (2nd Edition) (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing) 26. by Paul Messick / 2011-07-03[share_ebook] Maximum MIDI : Music Applications in C 27. by Stephen C. Dewhurst / 2011-07-03[share_ebook] C Gotchas: Avoiding Common Problems in Coding and Design 28. by Joseph O'Rourke / 2011-07-02[share_ebook] Computational Geometry in C (Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science) 29. by Balagurusamy / 2011-06-28[share_ebook] Object Oriented Programming with C 30. 2011-06-28[share_ebook] Programming in Objective-C (3rd Edition) 31. by Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel / 2011-06-22[share_ebook] C How to Program (3rd Edition) 32. by Scott Meyers / 2011-06-19[share_ebook] Overview of the New C (C 0x) (Presentation Materials) 33. by and Andrei Alexandrescu, Herb Sutter, Scott Meyers / 2011-06-19[share_ebook] C and Beyond 2010 (Presentation Materials) 34. by Scott Meyers / 2011-06-19[share_ebook] Effective C in an Embedded Environment (Presentation Materials) 35. 2011-06-18[share_ebook] Keystone - Visual C 6, 6-level Set on DVD-ROM 36. by Scott Meyers / 2011-06-16[share_ebook] Effective C in an Embedded Environment 37. by Scott Meyers / 2011-06-16[share_ebook] Overview of the New C (C 0x) 38. by Andrei Alexandrescu, Herb Sutter, Scott Meyers / 2011-06-16[share_ebook] C and Beyond 2010 39. by Balagurusamy / 2011-06-16[share_ebook] solutions to excercize programs mini and major projects ( Programming in ANSI C ) 40. by Paul Kimmel / 2011-06-14[share_ebook] LINQ Unleashed: for C#,1 edition

Author / ReadersTop10 Java eBooks: 1. by by Harvey & Paul Deitel / 1030[share_ebook] [request_ebook] Java: How to Program (7th edition) 2. 1010[share_ebook] Head First Java, 2nd edition - O-Reilly 3. by Herbert Schildt / 1000[request_ebook] Java: The Complete Reference, Seventh Edition (Osborne Complete Reference) 4. by Harvey & Paul Deitel / 951[request_ebook] Java: How to Program 7th edition 5. by Richard Monson-Haefel / 948J2EE Web Services 6. by Khalid A. Mughal, Rolf W. Rasmussen / 946Programmer's Guide to Java Certification: A Comprehensive Primer 7. by Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates / 937[request_ebook] Head First Servlets and JSP: Passing the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam (SCWCD) 8. 923Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion 9. by Joel Murach, Andrea Steelman / 915[request_ebook] Murach's Java Servlets and JSP, 2nd Edition 10. by Patrick Naughton, Herbert Schildt / 907Java 2: The Complete Reference, Third Edition

Added TimeLatest Added Java eBooks: 1. by Bruce Eckel / 2011-07-13[share_ebook] Thinking in Java (4th Edition) 2. 2011-07-12[share_ebook] Java How to Program, 7th Edition [Re-up] 3. by Paul J. Perrone, Venkata S.R. "Krishna" R. Chaganti, Tom Schwenk / 2011-0711[share_ebook] J2EE Developer's Handbook (Developer's Library) 4. 2011-07-11[share_ebook] Getting Good with javascript Screencasts 5. by Gary Ellison, Li Gong, Mary Dageforde / 2011-07-10[share_ebook] Inside Java 2 Platform Security: Architecture, API Design, and Implementation 6. by Daniel H. Steinberg, Justin Couch / 2011-07-10[share_ebook] Java 2 Enterprise Edition Bible 7. by James W. Cooper / 2011-07-10[share_ebook] Java Design Patterns: A Tutorial 8. by Cay S. Horstmann / 2011-07-09[share_ebook] Java Concepts for Java 5 and 6 9. by David Gries, Paul Gries / 2011-07-08[share_ebook] Multimedia Introduction to Programming Using Java 10. by Else Lervik, Vegard B. Havdal / 2011-07-08[share_ebook] Java the UML Way 11. by David Hughes / 2011-07-08[share_ebook] Fundamentals of Computer Science using Java 12. by John Savage, Kenneth Barclay / 2011-07-08[share_ebook] Object-Oriented Design with UML and Java 13. by Lewis J. Pinson, Richard Wiener / 2011-07-08[share_ebook] Fundamentals of OOP and Data Structures in Java 14. 2011-07-08[share_ebook] O'Reilly eBooks Mega Pack 15. 2011-07-08[share_ebook] O'Reilly eBooks Mega Pack 16. by Justin Gehtland, Stuart Halloway / 2011-07-08[share_ebook] Rails for Java Developers 17. by Elliotte Rusty Harold / 2011-07-07[share_ebook] Java I/O (O'Reilly Java)

18. 2011-07-07[share_ebook] Developing Android Applications with Java Collection(part1 & 2 / 2010) 19. 2011-07-07[share_ebook] XML and Java: Developing Web Applications, 2nd Edition 20. 2011-07-07[share_ebook] Thinking in Java (4th Edition) 21. 2011-07-07[share_ebook] Spring Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach 22. 2011-07-07[share_ebook] Practical Liferay: Java - based Portal Applications Development 23. 2011-07-07[share_ebook] Modular Java 24. 2011-07-07[share_ebook] JavaFX: Developing Rich Internet Applications 25. 2011-07-07[share_ebook] Essential JavaFX 26. 2011-07-06[share_ebook] Ajax on Java 27. by Robert Sedgewick / 2011-07-06[share_ebook] Algorithms in Java, Part 5: Graph Algorithms (3rd Edition) (Pt.5) 28. by Robert Sedgewick / 2011-07-06[share_ebook] Algorithms in Java, Part 5: Graph Algorithms (3rd Edition) (Pt.5) 29. by Allan Vermeulen, Eldon Metz, Greg Bumgardner, Jim Shur, Scott W. Ambler, Trevor Misfeldt / 2011-07-01[share_ebook] The Elements of Java(TM) Style (SIGS Reference Library) 30. by James Levenick / 2011-06-29[share_ebook] Simply Java: An Introduction to Java Programming 31. by Heiko Bobzin, Keiron McCammon, Michael Vorburger, Sameer Tyagi / 2011-0629[share_ebook] Core Java Data Objects 32. by Charles L. Perkins, Laura Lemay, Michael Morrison / 2011-06-27[share_ebook] Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days: Professional Reference Edition (Sams Teach Yourself) 33. by Richard Monson-Haefel / 2011-06-27[share_ebook] J2EE Web Services 34. by Hong Zhang, Y. Daniel Liang / 2011-06-27[share_ebook] Computer Graphics Using Java 2D and 3D 35. by Robert Brunner / 2011-06-20[share_ebook] JSP: Practical Guide for Programmers 36. by Antero Taivalsaari, Mark VandenBrink, Roger Riggs / 2011-06-18[share_ebook] Programming Wireless Devices with the Java(TM) 2 Platform (Micro Edition) 37. by Michael Kroll, Stefan Haustein / 2011-06-18[share_ebook] Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) Application Development 38. by Adam Bien / 2011-06-16[share_ebook] Real World Java EE Night Hacks 39. by Eben Hewitt / 2011-06-14[share_ebook] Java for ColdFusion Developers 40. by Barry Burd, Doug Lowe / 2011-06-14[share_ebook] Java All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies