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A transcription service is a business that converts live or recorded speech into written or electronic text document.

But the most common form of transcription is that of a spoken-language into text. Proceedings of a court hearing such as a criminal trial by a court reporter or a physician s recorded voice notes called me dical transcriptions are the best examples for the same. Transcription services are generally provided for business, legal , medical and academic purposes. Some such services can send their staff to the events, speeches or seminars to do an on-the-spot shorthand transcription. While , some accept recorded speech on a cassette, CD, VHS or as sound files via inter net. Different organizations have different ways of charging. Some cha rge per line, some per word, some per minute and some per hour. This trend varie s from company to company and industry to industry. Transcription is one of the largest growing legitimate jobs in the US. Earlier, this job was considered very difficult as they needed people with advanced skills in shorthand to write down the speech as they heard it. Besides, those people had to physically be present at the locations where the service wa s required. But the introduction of tape cassettes and portable recorders in the late 1970s offered new opportunities and made the work easier. An mp3 based Dictaphone makes it possible to record sound. Those so und files can then be uploaded on computers and be transferred online. Thus, tra nscriptionists have a whole new widened horizon to look at. They can work from h ome at their own convenience and their work has become more accurate as the file s can be replayed, rewinded and forwarded as per their needs. The only concern i s the deadline being met. It keeps getting better as the technology goes on evolving. The sou nd files can be filtered, equalized and have their tempo adjusted to suit the tr anscriptionist when the clarity is poor. As a result of it all, the standard tim e for transcribing in the industry has molten down to merely an hour for a fifte en minutes long audio. There are basically two types of transcription: a) dictation typing of correspondence and b) reports and interview transcription. Dictation typing h as one speaker where an interview has two or more speakers. Now whether you need conference transcription or general transcripti on, legal transcription or business transcription, academic transcription or sec retarial dictation, data transcription or interview transcription, medical trans cription or military transcription, webinar transcription or all of them, 10 cen ts a line is your one-stop shop. Name it and we have all under the same roof. Wi th our experience, more than 95% of accuracy, expertise, quality and time-bound approach, we take the right care of the professional appearance of your work. Ou r price? Our name suggests it all and we deliver it within 24 hours or less depe nding on the length of the audio. We serve to your security concerns with proper file encryption, passwords and usernames, non-disclosure agreements and control led access to IP addresses. Contact us and experience the ultimate transcription services.