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Sample Letter of Inquiry: The Virtual Community Group, Inc.

17 Park Road Rural Town, NH July 1, 1995 Jane Smith, Executive Director Xavier Foundation 555 S. Smith St. Washington, D.C. 22222 Dear Ms. Smith, I am writing to inquire whether the Xavier Foundation would invite a proposal from the Virtual Community Group, Inc., requesting an investment of $50,000 per year over two years to support our Enterprise 2000 initiative. This grant would provide part of the funds needed for us to train at least 1200 low-income entrepreneurs in rural New Hampshire in the computer skills they need to create sustainable businesses as we enter the twenty-first century. Your literature indicates that the Xavier Foundation is searching for innovative ideas to improve the lives of the rural poor; we believe Enterprise 2000 falls well within your area of interest. Information technologies are a promising solution to one of the primary obstacles facing the small rural enterprise: the geographic distances which inhibit networking with other businesses, and which segregate them from a larger marketplace. The Internet and other networks are now making it possible for entrepreneurs even in the most remote locations to communicate and do business on a region-wide, national, or even international basis. Working in conjunction with other organizations, Enterprise 2000 gives program participants technical skills training adapted to individual need; and, in collaboration with organizations which recondition and redistribute used computers, we also assure that they obtain the necessary computer hardware, at low or no cost. We believe that broadly-implemented technical skills programs such as Enterprise 2000 have the potential to transform the lives of many struggling entrepreneurs, and change the economic landscape of impoverished rural communities. Unlike many poverty alleviation initiatives, all of the Virtual Community Group programs are predicated on the assumption that these entrepreneurs already have 90% of what it takes to compete in the marketplace -- intelligence, ambition, initiative, and talent. After two years of experimentation and program development, the Virtual Community Group has fashioned a superb, easily replicable model in Enterprise 2000, and established a high degree of credibility among community groups, policy makers, and funders. With your support, we can make that 10% difference in the lives of these hard-working people and the future of our rural communities. Please feel free to call me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Executive Director

Sample Reply Letter:

January 12, 2000 Dear Applicant, Greetings! Our office has learned that you are interested to emigrate in Canada. We assessed your qualifications from your resume and we are happy to inform you that you can be qualified to live in Canada as Independent Immigrant with your family. Our office, Bright Future Immigration Services (BFIS), was established precisely to render such quality services. We know that immigrating to Canada is very important decision to make. Processing the documents can be confusing and tedious. It is necessary to make sure your application is carefully, completely and properly prepared and submitted. To do so, you must either know what the rules are or have competent and trustworthy assistance from someone who does. Here at BFIS our consultants are well prepared to give you such assistance. BFIS offers the most affordable consultation fee as compared with other consulting firms because considering the demands of people is always our priority. In connection with this, we offers a FLY NOW, PAY LATER PROGRAM (FNPLP) in response to your request. This package includes airfare, employment assistance, documents assistance in Canada and free one month lodging after arriving in Canada. This program is no different from our standard rate plan, which means if your avail our FNPLP you will paying the same amount of consultation fee NO INTEREST! If you truly have the strong desire to live and work in Canada, we suggest you to contact to us Tel. Nos.: 457-7458 loc. 11/12 or visit our office at Unit 2, Tower Bldg., Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City and learn more about our program. Our regular seminar schedule is held daily at 9:00 am. (Monday to Friday). For Saturday we have two sessions: 9:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m. There is a reservation fee of Ph 350.00 and a consultation fee of Ph 300.00 on the day of the seminar. We assure you will not be disappointed in what we have to offer. If you act now, will have your Permanent Resident Visa in just a short span of time. Thank you very much and we will also appreciate if you tell your friends about our services. Sincerely yours, Telits Guevarra Managing Director/Consultant Bright Future Immigration Services

Sample Resignation Letter:

Loren Santiago San Jose St. Balanga City, Bataan June 13, 2008 Ms. Adelina Santos Accounting Manager Dinalupihan, Bataan

Dear Ms. Santos: I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Tax Information Staff for Columbia Agency, effective July 13, 2008. It is a great opportunity working in your company considering the fact that I have no job experience and have no enough knowledge regarding my position and still giving me the chance to work in your company. I enjoyed with your company with great people around me but things wouldnt workout the way I want it to be. That is why Im leaving my post because of some personal reasons. Thank you for the opportunity for the personal advances as well as the knowledge that you provided me during the last two years. Please let me know if I can be of help during the transition. Sincerely, (signed) Loren Santiago

Sample Adjustment Letter: April 25, 2005 Mr. William Filler Ria Linda Subdivision Orani, Bataan Dear Mr. Filler: We are sorry that we sent you the wrong brand of golf ball on your order of April 23. Evidently our shipping clerk confused your shipment with another, for you have been charged with the brand you desired. The six dozen McMurdy golf balls which you ordered were sent to you last evening, express prepaid and they should reach your store in time to your Saturdays trade. If you wish to return the Tru-flite shipment, we will gladly credit your account. The Tru-flite, however, has been one of our leading sellers and is quite popular in all Luzon. It is a domestic ball that has many of the qualities of the higher-priced foreign makes. It also sells for fifty dollars less, and its price has, no doubt, aided in making it quite popular with the golf players. Many professionals prefer it, and we believe that you will experience no difficulty in disposing of the entire lot. We wish that you would give the Tru-flite a trial, for the golf season is still young, and your sales for last year indicate that you will be placing many more orders for golf balls before the season is over. If you care to give these balls a chance to prove themselves, we shall be glad t give you a forward dating of thirty days. Sincerely yours, Marlene Gonzalez Sales Manager

Sample Sales letter:

December 05, 2005 Dear Reader: Did you know that FRH Magazine was also involved in music? This might surprise you, but your favorite magazine actually has CARE FOR YOU, a music especially made for you. We call the album CARE FOR YOU because whenever you need music to calm you, to lift your spirits, or just to enjoy, heres where it will be. Heres music that offers hours and hours of pure listening pleasures music to unwind with at the end of a busy day Heres music for those quieter times when youre with someone special, in a reflective mood, sipping cocktails at twilight, having intimate dinner or entertaining a small group of friends Here are 25 exquisitely melodic songs from the sentimental to the soothing including: Because of You, It Might be You, Save the Last Dance for me, Hello its Me, Stand by Me, Ive Been Loving You Too Long, When I Need You. all superb performances and arrangements that are smoother than youve ever heard before. FRH Magazine recordings are products of precise craftsmanship and the finest materials available. The latest advance in high fidelity sound production has been used in their manufacture. And FRH Magazine offers you this guarantee if, in spite of strict quality control inspections, a defective record or cassette slips through, you only have to return it within a month of receipt and you get an immediate replacement. Think about it: CARE FOR YOU offers you popular music in a romantic vein on 5 stereo records or cassettes 25 bestselling songs, freshly performed by top orchestras and vocal groups! The price is even a bigger, pleasanter surprise: Only $150! This offer, however, cannot last long enough for all FRH Magazine subscribers to avail themselves of because the expiry date is June 15, 2006. Our advice, therefore, is easier followed than forgotten. ACT NOW by filling out the enclosed order card. Sincerely yours, Sara May Santos Sales Manager

Sample Recommendation letter:

November 15, 2001 First Vision Enterprise Subic, Zambales

To Whom It May Concern: Mr. Edgardo Darren is a good friend and associate. During the five years that he has worked under my supervision at San Miguel Corporation, Philippines, he has always exhibited resourcefulness and dynamism expected of a marketing man. Mr. Darren is a very effective salesman who not only handled old accounts well but also succeeded in bringing in more than his share of new customers. Mr. Darren is an honest, hard-working employee who has gained the respect and friendship of all those who worked with him. I am glad that your company has offered him the position of Marketing Supervisor. I am sure he will be most effective in this position.

Sincerely yours,

Rhey Santiago

Order Letter Sample:

August 3, 2004

Mrs. Erlinda Ramos MGT Marketing Abucay, Bataan

Dear Mrs. Ramos: Enclosed is a money order for two hundred dollar ($200) in return for which please send me by parcel post: 1 piece bathing suit, navy blue and white, size 33, No. H61 $60.00 1 pair of white canvas tennis shoes, crepe soles, size 4, C width $40.00 1 Tilden tennis rocket, green and white trim, green strings, wt. 13 oz., handle 4 inches $45.00 1 grey sweater, V-neck, size 28, No. B25 $55.00 Please send these articles within five days Very truly yours,

Mr. Roderick Santos

Sample Letter of Congratulation:

June 25, 2006 Belinda Asher 620 Mayview Ave. Pineville, WV 24874 Dear Belinda: On behalf of everyone here at Deerwood Resorts Ltd., I would like to sincerely congratulate you on your recent graduation from Mountain State University with your M.B.A. (Marketing). I must say that I was not surprised to read of your success in the newspaper. During your first of four summers as an employee at our Lakeland Family Resort I noted how bright you are and how you have a very quick mind for business. Combine those attributes with your relentless work ethic and commitment to quality customer service, and it is obvious that you have a wide-open future ahead of you. I can only hope that your experience working with us contributed in some small way to your success. On behalf of the management and staff at Deerwood Resorts I wish you all the best in your future career and life endeavors, whatever they may be. Yours sincerely,

Bruce Atkinson President and CEO

Sample Application Letter; Unsolicited:

April 2010 MS. PASSANA PONG The Administrative Officer The Royal Thai Embassy in Manila Dear Ms. Pong: Greetings! I am a Communications graduate of the University of the Philippines-Diliman with several years of working experience gained from some of the Philippines reputable private firms, a nongovernmental organization, and government. I am writing to apply for the position of Executive Assistant advertised on on 10 May 2010. This position particularly interests me because it would enable me to make full use of my administrative and organizational skills. I have well-developed written and oral communication skills that can be very useful in carrying out the duties for the above-mentioned position. On top of these competencies, I adhere to a work ethic and can effectively interact with people across all levels of the organizational structure. I believe I can be an asset to your organization. My resume is enclosed with this cover letter. It shows my overall expertise and experience in the field. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my suitability for the position and comply with your other requirements. I can be contacted during working hours at (632) 857-0100 local 1101. Thank you very much. Sincerely,


Sample Application Letter; Solicited:

28 May 2010 MR. ANTHONY LAGMAY c/o The Scholarship Coordinator Executive Director PGA Cars, Inc. Hemet, AZ Dear Mr. Lagmay: I recently learned about your companys Porsche scholarship program for young technicallyoriented individuals aspiring to be part of Porsches worldwide dealership network as Porschecertified mechanics. I belong to the recent batch of graduates of the Don Bosco Technical Institute Manpower Skills Training Center. As you well know, the center has long been providing car companies in the Philippines with mechanics equipped with basic automotive skills combined with passion for work. I dream to be a world-class mechanic someday. I believe I would be an ideal candidate for a scholarship award. I look forward to hearing back from your office to complete the process. In the meantime, I have attached my resume with this letter. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the PGA Cars Scholarship Committee for supporting college-bound students with an opportunity for financial assistance through your scholarship program. Enclosed you will also find my application form, high school transcript, letters of recommendation, and other pertinent information. Thank you for taking time to read this letter of application for scholarship. Sincerely, Christopher Coo Iloilo City