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FAMOUS RUSSIAN AIRCRAFT M1 | Coe Mikoyan miG-31 {©2006 Yefim Gordon (Original anslation by Sergay & Oty Komissarov ISBN a57202105 Published by Midland Pubishing 4 Waiting Drve, Hinckley, LE10 3EY, Enghand Tel 01855 254 490 Fax 01455 254 495, E-maik Miand Publishing an eprint of lan Alan Pubishing Lis Wortwide cistbution (excapt North America): Mian Counties Publication 4 Wang Divo, Hinckoy, LEt0 3, Engkand Telophone: 01485 254 450, Fax: 01455 283 737 mal wn. midandcountessuperstore com Nonth American trade dsirbston Specialy ross Publishers & Wholesalers Inc 39966 Grand Avenue, North Branch, MN 55056 Tok 651 277 1400 Fax: 651 277 1208 Tel ee telephone 800 895 4585 ‘wv Tris book i iustrated wth photes by Yetim Gorden, Vyachestay Marynuk, Nay Popov, Vitor rushiakow, Sergey Skrynnkov, Sorgey Sorgoyev, EmostKataye,T. Shi, as well _3 fom the archives of ASK MIG, Yeti Gordon, ITAR-TASS, the Voyeninfoim Press Agency, ira i Power Jour andthe Russian Aation Research Tus. Line drawings by Andrey Yurgenson, ‘Oleg Put nakov and Polygon ‘Golour anon by Sergey Yershow Print in England by lan Alan Printing Lid Riverdono Business Park, Molesey Road, Horsham, Surrey, KT12.4RG [At ighis reserved. No part of tis ‘publication may be reproduced, stored in areal syste, ansmited many form orby any means, electron, ‘mechanical or pholo-cepied. recorded crothermn, without the writen prmision ofthe publishers, Contents Introduction . Part 1. TAKING SHAPE Foxbat Becomes Foxhound Part 2. THE KENNEL Foxhound Versions......-- Part 3. MIG-31 IN ACTION Homeland Watchdog....... Part 4. FOXHOUND VERSUS TOMCAT. Part 5. STRUCTURAL DESIGN, SYSTEMS & ARMAMENT ‘The MiG-31 in Detail.......... Line Drawings. Colour Drawings Record Achievements. . Acknowledgem ‘The author wishes to thank the photographers (notably 37 103 139) 157 214 223 ‘Vyacheslav Martyniuk) who provided photographs for this ‘book. Several photos were supplied by the late Sergey Skrynnikov, one of Russia's best aviation photographers, who was tragically killed in an airaft crash in 2003, Special thanks go aiso to Nikolay Popov who furnished a lotof valuable material Finally, credit is due to the transtators (Sergey and Dmitriy Komissarou) who are my partners in many book projects. ‘Without their assistance the book would never have ‘appeared. Ths book relies on unclassified sources (books and ‘magazines published in Russia, the UK and the USA) ‘808 bibliography section at the end of the book