1. Hero How to Recruit: ... Level 16 Weapon Strength: 170 (M) Commentary: Well, regardless of whether or not you like him, it doesn’t matter. You’ll have to use him. Then again, I can’t imagine anybody not liking the Hero. He’s just about as powerful as the really big power-dealing studs, like Viktor and Humphrey. He’s also one of the fastest characters in the game, can equip pretty good armor, and has good magic. His Bright Shield rune will probably make him a massively valuable healer throughout the whole game, and even though the attack spell on it comes sort of late, it’s worth the wait. He gets a second rune slot early, and also gets a forehead rune after a pretty short time, so if you want attack magic on him, it’s convenient. Once the level 4 spell is unsealed, he’ll also have your most powerful attack spell. Easily the best character you’re gonna get normally. Overall: A+ *2. Abizboah How to Recruit: Keep a Listening Crystal until you get to the Tinto Caverns. A ways into the cavern, there’s a really large lake. Find the place that triggers the Crystal, and use it. Abizboah will join you. You have to get Feather, so just live with him instead of Sigfried. Level 16 Weapon Strength: N/A Commentary: Abizboah is the strongest character in the game, pretty easily. As far as the large monsters go, he’s probably your best bet, if you really want to use one, for some reason. His Blue Drop Rune is fairly useful, as it’s essentially a Buddy Attack. Problem is, Abizboah is really slow, and has really poor Tech. You can cure his speed with a Spark Rune, sure, but his aim is gonna be pretty bad no matter what you do. Still, though, he’s a Mack Truck, and if you like characters like that, and can lay some serious waste. Up to you. Overall: B3. Adlai How to Recruit: After you have Shu in your party, head down to South Window. Adlai’s house is in the Northeast part of town, near the Mayor’s house. Go inside, and he’ll ask you to run errands for you. First, get him a Sacrificial Jizo. You can buy one, or just steal one off one of your guys. Bolgan should have one. He’ll want a Wooden Shield next. Buy one at the South Window armor shop. Then he wants a Wind Crystal. Get it at the Runemaster’s also in South Window. He’ll continue this ad infinitum. As soon as the option comes up, lob your item at Adlai instead of giving it to him, and it’ll end the chain. He’ll join. Commentary: You’ll like him for building your elevator, which won’t have much purpose until your castle starts getting vertical. Still, it’s nice. The only way recruiting him could be a problem is if you’re an idiot who can’t distinguish a pattern, so there’s no reason to complain. Overall: N/A (The Elevator is worth a B, though)


Alberto How to Recruit: Get Annallee and Pico first. (See those two below). Then, head back to Tinto. You’ll have to do this fully after the Neclord plot thread. Alberto is working in the Armor shop. You’ve probably seen him before now. If Pico and Annallee are with you, you can recruit him. Commentary: Complements your Stars list, and is part of Annallee’s band. And also the dorkiest-looking member of said ensemble. See Annallee below. Overall: N/A (C for usefulness of songs) 5. Alex How to Recruit: After occupying your castle, go to the Inn in South Window, and on the second floor, Alex and Hilda will be there. Talk to them, and tell them the truth about who you are. Both of them will join you. Commentary: Alex is your castle’s item store owner, and just like in Suikoden 1, and as with all the other shop owners in your store, he sells no rare finds, and can sell anything you’ve seen in an item store. Alex’s store isn’t in the main store row, though. It’s above Leona’s bar, right next to Hilda’s Inn. In case you’re prone to search an FAQ instead of, you know, looking for two minutes. Overall: N/A (C+ for usefulness of his store.) 6. Amada How to Recruit: When trying to recruit Shu in Radat, you’ll have to duel him to close the flood gate. After that scenario, when you’re trying to line up a boat, you’ll have to go back to him again, and duel him again. He’ll then join you. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (M) Commentary: Despite massively high Hit Points, Amada really isn’t all that good. He’s slow, and since he’s a Mid-ranger, you’ll be inclined to put him in the back row anyhow so that you can accommodate Short-rangers. His and Rikimaru’s Manly ATK Unite is fairly useful, for 2x Damage to a column, but column damage is about as useful as, say, playing Chinchirorin. You’ll have two beefy guys on your team if you choose to use it, but I don’t see it as worth it. When you get Amada, unlike when you first get Rikimaru, you’ll probably have better people to choose from. Overall: C 7. Anita How to Recruit: While it is possible to recruit Anita from the Bar in Muse-She’ll be sitting there, not doing much-it’s much better, and less of a hassle, to wait until Banner Village, where she’ll be at the Inn. Flatter her, and do her as many favors as she asks, until the option for her to join pops up, and then ask. You can just talk to her with Valeria in your party, too, if you’re lazy, though I've never done this. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 150 (S) Commentary: Anita’s pretty nice. When you first get her, assuming you do it in Banner, she’ll be quite a few levels higher than you, and thus she’ll be valuable in the upcoming battle against Luca. Her Falcon Rune is also pretty nice, as the -Hit% can be negated with a Thunder Amulet, or just ignored, since I’ve almost never noticed it anyway. She’s probably not as buff as most of your other Short-range attackers, but all in all, she seems worth the exchange. If you’re

using Valeria, especially, their unite attack can be massively devastating. The game deciding not to explain why she and Anita are rivals, however, bugged the hell out of me. And, no, that’s not Anne Heche. Overall: B+ 8. Annallee How to Recruit: After beating Luca (No hurry, you can pretty much get her any time after that), go back to South Window, and visit the Inn. In a scene that’s surprisingly emotional for an optional character, she’ll be thrown out of the Inn for not having money. Before she goes, she’ll offer a song instead, but the Innkeeper will still throw her out. ;_; After that, go to the grassy knoll to the right of the Mayor’s house. She’s out of view on the main path, but run in there, and you’ll see her. If you talk to her, and abstain from being a jerk, she’ll join. Commentary: Annallee is the first of the three members of her band you have to recruit. After that is Pico, and then Alberto. They’ll sing various songs of the game for you as you get them. They hide behind the stage on the 2nd floor of your castle. Incidentally, I’m not sure if this is a bug in my copy of the game, but when Annallee sings her song before joining you, the game’s sound just blanks out. I just try and find some mood music on my MP3 list to make up for it. Anybody mind emailing me if they know what’s up with this? Overall: N/A (C for usefulness and fun of songs) 9. Apple How to Recruit: Apple will meet up with you in Toto, after it burns down. Escort her back to the Mercenary Fort, and she’ll vaguely join up sometime after that. Damned ambiguity. Commentary: Apple seems to have matured from her insane, halfretarded, obsessed Mathiu otaku persona in the previous game, at least, and actually serves a purpose this time through. If you talk to her, you can change the arrangement of your troops for strategy battles-but the game does a good job of this too, so you can, most of the time, just leave this alone, unless you really like the strategy aspect. Overall: N/A (C for usefulness of rearranging army units) 10. Ayda How to Recruit: After getting the Listening Crystals from Badeaux, go to the Forest Village. You’ll see a scene of her guarding an injured Griffin, and after fighting a few other Griffins, she’ll wonder what you’re doing, and if you choose to use a crystal for the Griffin-Feather-She’ll join. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 147 (L) Commentary: Ayda is really just a mediocre character. She’s a decent archer, and she’s pretty fast, but there are so many better long-rangers out there that you’ll forget about her pretty fast. She can unite with Stallion or Kinnison for the Bow Attack, but unless you feel a desperate need to hit everything, and you don’t, it’s not a great attack. Then again, she’s probably the best archer, in my opinion anyhow. That’s not saying much, since 90% of my judgments are rendered aesthetically, thus making this whole FAQ rather moot. Overall: C+ 11. Badeaux How to Recruit: Once you are able to access the Greenhill-

Matilda Forest Path, take Shiro (the wolf) there, and talk to him. He’s very easy to find. He’ll join, and he’ll give you two listening crystals to recruit the L-Sized Monsters. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 165 (S) Commentary: Meh. Badeaux is the kind of character that I really can’t get into. He’s Short-range, so you would expect some power from him, but he’s really kind of weak. He has a unite attack with two monsters, but unless you’re really into using monsters for some reason, he’s just not worth it. And, frankly, he loses massive points for using as cool a weapon as a whip, but making it so stupid. Quistis would waste his sorry butt. Overall: D+ 12. Barbara How to Recruit: You’ll see her when you’re being held prisoner in the Mercenary Fort. She’ll disappear, but then reappear and join automatically when your castle is established. Commentary: Before you have to flee the fort, I recommend giving her all the stuff you won’t need for a while, as you won’t see her until your castle is established, and you can’t carry very much stuff. You can retrieve it or not once she joins for real. Incidentally, unlike Rock in S1, Barbara can only store 60 items - 6 screens full. So you’re gonna have to sell stuff to keep your storehouse usable. Unpleasant, but unavoidable. Overall: N/A (A- for usefulness of her storehouse) 13. Bob How to Recruit: He’s walking around the Kobold District of Two Rivers City. You’ll probably see him quite a few times before you can get him. Once you have 80+ recruits, he’ll join. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 165 (M) Commentary: Well, he’s better than, say, Badeaux (*cough*). His human form is really nothing special, and doesn’t warrant using. His werewolf form is actually pretty decent, but given that it takes a turn to transform into, is overwhelmingly not worth it. Compounded with the fact that he’s tolerable-not great-as a werewolf, I can’t see why anybody would bother, lest a Rastafarian fixation. Overall: C14. Bolgan How to Recruit: He’ll join you along with his sisters in Ryube until you end up in Kyaro, when all three of them will leave. He’ll then join again automatically as you progress the story in Coronet before going over to Kuskus. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 135 (S) Commentary: For a front-liner, he’s, again, pretty boring. He’s decently strong, of course, but not really worth it compared to a lot of the stronger front-liners. He has three unite attacks with varied people, but only the one with his sisters is useful - the other ones all involve hurting either himself or the whole party, so, really, there’s no reason to bother, as the unite with his sisters isn’t that phenomenal anyhow, and you’ll get to see that at the beginning of the game anyway. Is it just me, or does the female role in that one seem rather stupid? Overall: D 15. Camus

not totally.How to Recruit: As part of the story. he can decimate the enemies something awful. massive skill. Overall: B+ 18. you will encounter Elza. you will meet him again in South Window. there’s little reason to bother. Also notable for his utter lack of resemblance to the French Existentialist of the same name. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (L) Commentary: Clive is probably the best long-range attacker you can hope to get. I think I’m forced to abstain. finally. While his HP are kind of low. so he can be somewhat decent. an extremely off-putting personality. Alen and Granseal. a woman in a white cloak. He has a Rage Rune permanently affixed to himself. he’s a decent fighter. who asks you hold some packages. but there are certainly better magicians. and his magic skill is negligible. is decently powerful. And just try to pretend that he’s not screamingly cool. if you’d like). Moreover. but talking to him is useless until you’ve procured yourself a boat. if you decide to put him to that particular use. Try. It’s not at all rare for him to attack 3 or 4 enemies in one attack. a front-liner that’s pretty good. he’ll join you in Rockaxe with Miklotov after they abandon Gorudo. but most importantly. Connell How to Recruit: Connell is hanging around in the Forest Village. Overall: C17. his attack animation takes a very long time-much as I love random battles taking up huge amounts of blank wait time. with a sound set in your inventory. has a decent attack (Eclipsed in long-range power only by Lo Wen). Accept her offer. Overall: B 16. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (M) Commentary: He’s mid-range. He’ll ogle it. Unfortunately. Continue North. Afterward. go and visit him. He has a unite with Sid. Aside from that. and general allaround low stats make him rarely used. and often worth it. has massive. and he’ll join. and reward you with a Sound Set for helping her. If you give him a Double Beat rune. Clive How to Recruit: In an alley on the west side of Muse before the occupation. and isn’t a very good magician. Commentary: Phonologist at Large. Later. or just like the cute boy Knight Twins. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (S) Commentary: Well. Elza will meet you again. combined with low hit points. after recruiting Shu. It doesn’t matter what you say. she will get you in the middle of a gun fight with herself and Clive. After fleeing Greenhill. Chaco How to Recruit: After he pretty much ruins your time in Two Rivers. Well. he’ll finally decide to join up with you when you’re finally leaving. He’s very fast. he’s your guy. and Clive will ask you if you’ve seen her. Connell! Despite his . so it’s rendered kind of useless. he’s a welcome addition to any party. and his unite attack with Miklotov (And also Flik. of Suikoden fame. and then run off. however. If you’re undecided. and it’s not all that good in the first place. but seeing as you’ll have to give up two character slots to use it. Talk to him once you have a boat. and then you can ask him to join. When you go to exit Muse.

and she’s pretty fast. talk to her again. Feather will join at the same time if you use a Listening Crystal while there. Feather doesn’t have the brute strength of Abizboah. There’s something incredibly stupid about taking the middle road with something like gargantuan monsters. when Makai tells him to go with you.for usefulness of what she does) 21. thus seeing less use. Level 16 Weapon Strength: NA (M) Commentary: The Large Monsters are generally not something I would even really bother with in most cases. eh? Her library is the building to the screen left of the main entrances to your castle-I missed this the first time I played for quite a long time. I’m on your side!” or the like if you talk to her subsequently. Commentary: She’s your castle’s librarian. Anyhow. Eilie How to Recruit: See Bolgan above. What do you want me to say? She’s dull. The sound sets are all phenomenally stupid. Fun. Commentary: Damned useless characters. and tell her the truth about your mission. Best suited for exclusive use as a magician. her attack is fairly powerful. involving more squeaks and animal sounds than you can shake a 10-foot pole at. Overall: D 22. but she does actually join. Note that taking Feather along is required to get Ayda. especially if you take a liking to her. Overall: B20. Fitcher How to Recruit: He’ll join your party automatically after Two Rivers. but provides absolutely no real service in . She joins at the same times.for usefulness and tact of sound changes) 19. After she gives you the tour. though she never does get a forehead rune slot. Overall: N/A (C. even as an auxiliary character. That’s a really stupid expression. but less than Abizboah. Feather How to Recruit: See Ayda above. It never shows her joining. and she’ll let you read them. in my opinion. or the magical power of Siegried. which is sufficient freakout material for most of us. While not as adept as her sister. Emilia How to Recruit: When you’re infiltrating Greenhill for the first time. Continue on with the Greenhill mission after that. give her the old books you find.apparently holding a Masters in Linguistics. If you feel a fascination with Monsters. too. You did this correctly if she says “Don’t worry. so just do it. and is frighteningly sexy and Lisa Loeb-ish for a librarian. she’s quite a competent character. Fitcher is fairly influential in the plot. Emilia is the receptionist in the academy proper. but it’s not any stupider than having animals bleat at you when you try to open the menu to get said pole. though. Connell hangs out on your 3rd floor aerie. and choose between Abizboah and Sigfried. Connell isn’t that good. and in the same circumstances. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (L) Commentary: For a Long-range magician. Overall: N/A (D. so long as you confide in her. Feather is fairly strongmore than Siegfried.

His lightning rune will stay on him a long time for bosses. He’s a very adept short-line attacker-fast. by a long shot. Humphrey will pay for your lodgings. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (M) Commentary: Well. the exact opposite. Overall: N/A (D. I can’t seem to carry through with that. Just seethe at him. he’s fairly tolerable. which is close enough. and basically continue this until you hear that Kent has run away. but you can put some fairly nice armor on him. he’ll do it over and over. he’s not the worst you could do. either. He’s one of the few characters to have two level 4 magic slots at any sane level.playing the game. Try though I have to tell myself not to use him on replays through. and just gives the overall impression that this guy should not. and you get a character that most of that almost everybody playing the game will use as a matter of course. terrible human being. no worry. While his HP are a twinge low. Overall: A 24. If you have an open back slot. Not that fun in the game. he’ll not just force himself on you with the story one time. be used. and want an attacker. lost. Humphrey and Futch will join you to go save Kent up north. You’ll learn to hate him rapidly. His being a front-liner makes this even worse. you’ll see a scene of Futch and a boy named Kent outside talking about dragons. since there’s no way to use him without sacrificing anybody who’s really cool. Flik How to Recruit: You’ll meet him after jumping off the cliff with Jowy when escaping Rowd and Luca at the beginning of the game. and fairly high skill rating. Go there. He has baddish HP and defense. But. so that can work itself out. almost the same thing is true of Freedy. and any other magic rune you attach to him will easily make itself worth it. under any circumstances. has pretty low all-around stats (with magic and speed suffering the heaviest blows). Talk to Humphrey some more. Freedy is massively annoying in personality. Talk to him. for a back liner. Overall: C+ . you’ll find Humphrey in the Inn. Rakutei to the north. All his other stats are slightly above average. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 150 (S) Commentary: Much as it’s not possible to dislike Flik. Freed Y (Freedy) How to Recruit: He’ll force himself onto you in South Window. Futch How to Recruit: In the Highway Village. and finish the quest.for his ever-valuable service) 23. he makes up for it by being a massively great Magician. He’ll join you periodically on and off before he automatically becomes a permanent character. Humphrey and Futch will join you for real. and after your conversation. Add all this to a very story-oriented character. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 150 (S) Commentary: Flik is buff. strong. you couldn’t avoid him if you tried. Don’t worry. so. Well. I’m a weak. Kent will hear about a dragon on Mt. he could be worse. Overall: D 25. After beating the Harpy and finding the Dragon.

and he’ll declare himself a great priest. less a massively desperate need for mages. He’s built like a tank (albeit a wooden one). Much later. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 28. Of course. and his magic isn’t even all that fantastic. Level 16 Weapon Strength: N/A (S) Commentary: Gadget is.” but he did. especially one of the 100-attack shortrange mages. against his dignity. take a party with a good strength total to go and see him. You probably won’t use him very much. Gantetsu How to Recruit: You’ll see him standing in South Window as soon as you get there the first time. no one would use them for that. Gabocha How to Recruit: He’s hiding in his house in the Kobold District of Two Rivers. Gadget How to Recruit: See Meg Below. His stats are all-around below average. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 100 (S) Commentary: For a mage. I am among them. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (L) Commentary: Well. and hope for the 1/10 version. since he’ll die right out if you try to use any of his physical “strength. I also just prefer to leave him in the castle to continue his ever-dignified flee from his evil creator. He’ll join. and has pretty good attack power. he’s very weak. he has really nice attack and defense. He’ll be forced to come along. Most people also seem to have a trouble with bringing themselves to use a barrel as a serious combatant. He falls short in some areas. too. He’s still fairly weak. You can win a Dog Whistle to increase the chances of this from the highest league of Rope Climbing. and he’ll happily follow you out. namely. if you can bring yourself to use her. for a barrel. he’s certainly a cute little scamp. I believe it's right after the Two River scenario. there’s a fundamental reason why Luc and Viki don’t have massive attack and defense. anyway. Unfortunately. and beat him in his contest. and will probably get decimated while not doing much real damage.” Overall: D- . If you desperately like Kobolds-A situation I doubt afflicts many-you can use both him and his idol Gengen and their unite attack. You can get them significantly earlier. Overall: C+ <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Jason "Up against the" Waller suggests: I found that you don't have to wait until after the first Greenhill scenario to get Meg and Gadget. Bring Gengen to see him. but his unite with Meg is nice. a pretty good character. Overall: C27. but shows no signs of joining. after you beat Neclord.26. It doesn’t say “Gabocha joined you!.

Genshu and Shin have one together. he’s pretty nice to have. If you really want. he’s a great character anyhow. His stats are fairly average all-around. he’s not a character that should be overlooked. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 150 (S) Commentary: Well. In the beginning of the game. Anyhow. his magic sort of suffers for it. is the most powerful physical attacker in the game. Add to that the fact that he’s actually nicely fast. but he’s quickly eclipsed by. If you’re the kind of person who’s big on unite attacks that hit the whole enemy troupe.29. you can use him and Gabocha. His rune is fairly useless. he’ll join. Georg How to Recruit: After you’ve defeated Neclord. it’ll still be blocked off by soldiers. Genshu How to Recruit: After retaking Greenhill from Yuber’s forces. come on. Such difficult reconnaissance requires immense supervision. He. but his Tech is fairly above average. Aside from that. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 160 (S) Commentary: Georg is really quite an amazing character. and. he isn’t as terrible as I’d like to have him be. Find and talk to him. Gengen How to Recruit: He’ll join at the mercenary fort to help you go get the flour. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 160 (S) Commentary: Genshu is an all-around good swordsman. Once your castle is at 100+-ish recruits. and sharpen someone’s weapon up to level 15. Agreeing would be good. and you have a character easily worth using. you can get the Silver Hammer from one of the apprentices in the Blacksmith’s School. though. for a Kobold. well. But if you feel that need. his outfit just screams ‘BROWN!’ which is really something that should just be said quietly. but you shouldn’t be using him for that anyhow. He’ll end up joining automatically later as your army progresses. but given that Genshu is a pretty nice character. so you may just want to concentrate on attacking with him. as such. Chances are. and also starts at about 10 levels higher than your hero (probably about level 60). and hope for their really good Kobold attack. apparently. and he’ll join you if you promise to see the war through to its end. but Genshu will be standing in a very obvious way really close to where you get off the boat. It’s not the best. and fashion sense that you shouldn’t shake a 10-foot pole at. on a small alcove off to the side of the main path. Georg will be standing in the Drakehill-Tigermouth Mountain Pass. you should probably take a few more pills and hope it goes away. it may be worth it. But. If you have enough recruits and a sharp enough weapon. all the massively better people. especially against bosses. you can ride your boat back to Kuskus. Depending on whether or not you tried to abandon the war with Nanami. Give it to Tessai. Overall: B31. Overall: C 30. if that’s something that interests you. but most people don’t see it as worth it. his magic is as close to nothing as you could hope to get. save possibly Pesmerga. Despite a minimal role in the story. you may have met him-he’ll rescue/encourage you if you do decide to abandon the war. .

Commentary: Gilbert is a troop leader. and has no special abilities innately. you’ve ignored them. Be sure to buy a Celadon Urn form him to use to recruit Lebrante. Trading is worth less than an F. and he’ll tell you that you have to make 50. only showing his face during strategy battles.Overall: 32. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 175 (M) Commentary: Despite some really tacky clothes and sideburns. and. I’m actually not sure of the exact mechanism to get him to join. and some nasty attack and defense. You’ll have to damage and not kill him to get him to join. Overall: B+ 33. but it’s really not worth it. Anyway. if you haven’t already stumbled across one. and. but be sure to save before this battle. is totally stupid with magic. Just use him as you would any somewhat powerful normal assault team. Overall: N/A (C usefulness in battle) 34. after you’ve killed Neclord. you’ll run into him on the Mountain Pass. where you’re defending Muse). when you’re there with Koyu. Overall: N/A (F. Try to find Ancient Texts in Kobold Village. as empty slots fight better than his brethren. I can’t hope to express my hatred toward Gordon in words. You’ll need luck and annoying persistence to keep this from turning into a Catherine’s Wheel of a quest. A- Gijimu How to Recruit: During the Tinto/Neclord scenario. Jerk. He’ll play a part in the story for a while. but nothing special. and buying stuff in trading doesn’t affect the 50. just in case something happens. Gilbert How to Recruit: In your first strategy battle that doesn’t involve the Mercenary Fort (Battle #3. Gordon is the trademaster of Gregminster -visit him in the shop in the Southwest of town. You’ve doubtlessly seen the trading posts in towns around the world. He’s middle range. as you probably have good sense. all around. You’ll wish you’d never seen him during your quest to get him. so you don’t have to worry about freeing up a front-line slot. and. Gilbert will be in the enemy troops. He has a unite attack with his two siblings. but I restrain myself. I like Gijimu a lot. he has a double attack like the hero.) <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> The Honorable Sir Thomas Wilde notes: . of course. Just buy low and sell high. has pretty nice stats. Then. Anyway. slightly separated from them. The only reason to bother with it is to get Gordon. a brutally powerful weapon. he’ll join up with you. every time through. His unit is decent (7/8). and sell them at the Forest Village. Commentary: Trading sucks. so I’ll just leave it at that. Gordon How to Recruit: Gordon gets my vote for what has to be the most annoying character to recruit. I’ve always been impaled on this particular wheel. you’re on your own with that. He tends to miss slightly more often. Then again. A great guy to have around.000 potch by trading alone before he’ll join.000 you have to gain.

Overall: C . she’s for you.000 of the 50. and thus earn around 45. sell them in the Forest Village.” Oh. the rest can be obtained fairly easily when you liberate Rockaxe. Not just average in power. but it’s not a very good one-both of them end up unbalanced. Explore the area around there until you find Hai Yo talking to one of your generic cronies. Add to this the fact that he’s a short-range attacker with defense and HP worse than most back row attackers. go back to your castle. average in everything. If you like Konami’s fairly strange Amazon interpretations. (2 or 3 of them. I found that just getting some Celadon Urns. He's always had at least two Ancient Texts when I've visited him. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 35. you most certainly know how to add atmosphere to a weapon. If push comes to shove. As a warrior. if that sort of thing floats your boat.” and “Steel Blade. and go into the door on the Right. Hai Yo How to Recruit: After the Two Rivers Scenario. Hanna. She has an all-enemy unite with Oulan. Leave him to his Kitchen and fairly boring/useless Mini Game. He’ll ask to join. The Suikoden games seem to enjoy putting useless characters that shouldn’t be allowed to fight in the battle rotation. Hanna will be moping around there. why does Gadget judge his contest? Overall: D36. Hanna How to Recruit: After Toto has been burned down.000 potch you need. She easily seems like one of the most forgettable characters in the game. with stats all-around pretty low.It gets a lot easier if you take advantage of Gordon himself. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 165 (S) Commentary: Blech. Even her weapons are just named “Blade. Nothing more. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Jason "Off the" Waller sugests: As far as Gordon. or by getting Crystal Balls at Crom and selling them in Kobold Village. He has absolutely no strengths. Hai Yo is definitely one of these. where they buy Red Pepper (also available from Gregminster) at truly obscene rates. really. Just talk to her and ask her to join. As a side note. Let him. I don't remember) via the rope climping game and selling them to Gordon made recruiting him a lot easier. has a generic picture and sprite.” “High Blade. she’s… you guessed it…averagely competent. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 150 (S) Commentary: Hanna is a strikingly average character. so you can buy them from him. though. and you have easily one of the worst characters in the game.

he’ll tell you to go into the Unicorn Woods to find Tengaar. I recommend responding with the truth. Not the least influential thing in this is that his character portrait HAS NO PUPILS. Commentary: Just like Alex (see above). as his HP seems slightly lower than average for a front-liner. He works fairly well as a front-liner. talk to them and stay the night. His magic is. looks like he’s rolling his eyes. Overall: N/A (A. You can tell if you’re doing this right. go to Kobold Village. Tengaar is sort of whipping Hix into shape. Well. and visit the Elder’s house. Not much aside from that. It’s up to you. You really think they wouldn’t join together? Commentary: You’ll see a lot of Hilda. You can ask for any amount of money from him. You should get some use out of him if you like playing around with all your characters without stripping your main party. and really isn’t worth it in the long run.) and visit the Elder again. who’s trying to get a license to run a shop. and at worst looks like he’s possessed. You have to get three items to cure her. After you have the Green Bell (Just as commentary. and the next morning.” Anyway. Generally just gets tossed in with the slough of generic knights there already seems to be in this game. Overall: C39. First is the Blue Stone . though.37. he’ll sell you any non-rare find you’ve seen in stores. on the same path you went earlier to get to the boss. Finally. and his lack of defense in that area could get him hurt. and have tons of money lying around. Work your way through the Unicorn . Overall: N/A (B for usefulness of his store) 38. Then. Hilda How to Recruit: See Alex above.you can get it from the item store in South Window. but he fails as an appealing character to me personally. but whatever. you should find Hix and Tengaar bickering at the Lakewest Inn. arguing over taking the “Unicorn’s Test.Go fairly deep into the Two Rivers Sewer. this is a fairly long one. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 160 (S) Commentary: His attack and defense are both pretty danged nice.It’s right at the entrance to the Cave of Wind.” … and only going on a Fetch Quest will “cure” her. Hix and Tengaar will be there.for usefulness of her Inn) 40. you’ll have to get the Green Bell . Just be thankful you have her to use to sate your utter desire never to spend even the smallest amount of money. negligible. Tengaar will be … “sick. only for Armor instead of items. at best. This still creeps me out. she runs your Inn. Go visit Hans on the second floor of the Two Rivers Inn. He. though. After the Two Rivers Scenario. Hauser How to Recruit: He’ll join you automatically after the Neclord scenario. since a Kobold will scurry away near each of the items. you’ll find the Bell. of course. Any choice will result in his joining. Hans How to Recruit: You’ll hear people talking about an arms merchant in Two Rivers. Next is the Red Flower . Tengaar is one of the funniest moments in the game here. but it’ll take longer for him to scrounge it up. Eventually. Hix How to Recruit: Okay.

and he’s certainly not worth the annoyance here. Overall: D42. Sad. but the controller doesn’t seem to have that button. since he can’t stand on equal power ground with people like Humphrey and Valeria. but that actually seems like a detriment to him. for some reason. but since you’d be better advised to just use his girlfriend and ignore him. They tell you that it was all just a fake test (Really?). and after you get thrown out of the bar. Humphrey just doesn’t do anything for me in that area. he tends to move about as fast as one. He’s kind of distressed when you take him back to the castle. he’ll tag along with you. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 150 (S) Commentary: Much like Suikoden 1. you’ll see Tengaar and the Elder (fast one. For a knight character. and fending off the enemies (they’re easy). He’s massively powerful. the real Unicorn appears to the surprise of all. too. My general inclination would be to kick him in the face. and visit the Bar. His unite with the hero is amusing. Huan How to Recruit: He’ll join automatically with a slough of other characters at the official establishment of your castle. Humphrey How to Recruit: See Futch above. and generally just pretending to be a rather disheveled version of you. and they pass the “test. despite being a 1x damage unite. Just then. but why be accurate when you have no real reason to be so? Even if he hits. but he’ll stay anyhow. too. Overall: N/A (C-. but aside from that. He’s too quiet and dull. and has lots of HP. Hoi How to Recruit: After killing Luca Blight.Forest. Well. he plays a fairly major part in one big plot twist in the story. but his wussy little apprentice isn’t. Hoi still has the outfit and the Tonfa. and Hix stands up to it.” Hix and Tengaar then join you. go to Radat. Protect him. His heal ability is pretty useful for war battles. Commentary: He’s a non-fighter. an empty slot fights better than Hoi. he’s fairly fast and accurate. why not give his front line slot to someone better? Overall: C41. but just asks you about your bowels for the rest of the game. and that Tengaar was masterfully fooling you. and you have Hoi. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 160 (S) Commentary: Humphrey is quite the studly knight. Anyhow. built like a tank. Hix doesn’t seem like he’s worth the trouble. Loses points for asking me about my bowels. really. but a well-placed Spark Rune cures that problem. but suffice it to say that it doesn’t matter. His unite with his girlfriend is worth a fair amount of karma. He wasn’t worth it in a fundamental plot quest. it won’t do much of anything. gains it for his role in the story) 43. minus personality and battle ability and anything good. Built like a tank. Despite my cynicism and general approval of such attitudes. He’s poor in every respect save accuracy. Aside from . he is) at a tree. and eventually. He should be telling no end of stories. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 165 (M) Commentary: Imagine the hero. I don’t need to talk about his magic. gathering the treasure.

in Tinto. Commentary: See Alex above. almost guaranteeing an injury when it’s used. and he’ll join up. Way later. he’ll join you on the way out. Personally. Visit Jude with the clay. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 165 (M) Commentary: A fairly decent character. He’ll join normally after Neclord dies. right before you reach the Star Dragon Sword. Commentary: Jude’s sole purpose is to make your Guardian Deity. You can continuously reconstruct your deity. and despite my screaming at the game to keep it from happening. she just serves as a rune vendor. You may remember some kid in the Forest Village bragging about his stupid little stash of clay. She’ll also be your main rune affixer/remover. as she’s the most convenient. he will offer to join you to hunt Neclord. Overall: N/A (D+ for usefulness of the Guardian Deity prizes) 47. and depending on the combination you choose (only the first one counts). I would imagine.) 45. go find this kid after you talk to Jude. if you wish. and you wake up in Crom. and he’ll give you clay. She’ll say “Tee Hee” at you. Fun. he joins automatically after you finish off Neclord. which kind of sucks. That doesn’t really befit the teacher of Runedom at the most prestigious academy in the City-State. After defeating Neclord’s Abomination in North Window. though. And does absolutely nothing else at all. Kahn will leave. He’s generally a fairly buff mage that seems to excel at non-attack magic. as well. once again to hunt Neclord. Anyhow. Her war ability is pretty nice. complaining about not having any clay. you get some sort of token. All the plans you collect throughout the game can be used to make different parts of the deity. Kahn How to Recruit: In the Cave of Wind. so it’s not an essential thing. Too bad it’s a one-time deal. None of it is necessary for anything.) 46. too. Later. Jude How to Recruit: After you liberate Greenhill. go back into the academy. into the Blacksmith classroom. though. Should’ve killed Jess instead of Annabelle. but give him a Water/Flowing Rune to get him as strong as you can. Jess How to Recruit: He sees you supposedly kill Annabelle very early on. he massively distrusts you. Jeane How to Recruit: You’ll probably run into Jeane teaching Rune Crap at Greenhill while you’re there for the first time. but you won’t get any more stuff. Combined with utter other uselessness. I don’t like him at all.that. He starts with his Resurrection Rune. Fairly cheap. after Greenhill. after Tinto is overrun. Well. but he’s probably as good a . Commentary: He gives a +2/0 modifier during strategy battles. Overall: N/A (D for usefulness in war. in Muse. go to the Rune Shop in Two Rivers. he’s easily high in contention for a front-line slot. and you get Jude pretty late. He’s decently strong. and bug her to join you and she will. Overall: N/A (B+ for usefulness of store and usefulness in war. Jude should be in there. Overall: B+ 44.

but she’s still prone to get ripped up pretty easily. making her low HP and defense slightly less of an issue. His unit is a tank (7/12). she is fairly fast. Once you win this battle. At this point. Also. Talk to her. You might want to stack him as massively powerful as you can. you can Get Mondo and Sasuke far earlier than if you choose Valeria. if you like messing with that sort of thing. Commentary: Kiba is a massively great army general. but ninjas can be cool too. really. but she’s also short range. but most people don’t. just as in Suikoden 1. She’s moderately adept at magic. she’ll strip down to something less puritanical. you’ll take Kiba and his son Klaus prisoner. Go up to your item shop. so getting to max will be easier. I can only imagine he would be just as much of a stud there. is not really up to par with anything. go back to the Inn at Kuskus. Keep begging . and from the back line. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 165 (M) Commentary: As you would probably expect. She’s medium-ranged. in my opinion-Her magic could easily stand to be better. Given that her defense and HP are pretty low in general. you don’t lose anything by using him. though I recommend Valeria. and he also has Heavy Armor ability to back himself up. they’re frightfully so for a front-liner. Overall: C+ &&49. Lepant will let you take either Valeria or Kasumi along as Commanderin-Arms of the Gregminster troops. you choose her. and he’ll be accosting Alex. Karen How to Recruit: After killing Luca. Kasumi How to Recruit: When you visit Gregminster as part of the plot. especially if you don’t like weak mages. Kiba How to Recruit: In the battle immediately following the poisoning of King Agares. and you’ll have to play her little mini-game to have her join. You can have both of them join-be SURE to do so. Overall: N/A (A for usefulness in war) 51. She’s fast. and then he’ll run back to South Window yet again.support mage as any. It’s up to you. should you want Kasumi. It’s too bad he has no use in conventional battles. Overall: C 48. he should be around the trading post/Inn area in South Window. Overall: B 50. you’ll be facing Kiba. Killey How to Recruit: After the battle with Luca. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 135 (S) Commentary: Good things and bad things about Kasumi. Given that you don’t really have to choose among army generals. There will be a puritanically-dressed woman that wasn’t there before. but he’s hard to miss-he’s the guy in flaming bright red. can use it fairly well. But she’s too middle-of-the-line for a magic character. if you recruit her. It’s easy. It should be implicit that. Of course. so she can dodge a fair amount of what’s thrown at her. and offer to dance with her. and she’s accurate. It’s up to you. and he’ll run off to your castle. the Dancer-type character. It may be later-I’m not exactly sure. Mention Alex’s fascination with the Sindar to him.

unsurprisingly. and will join you to progress the story. Put it back. L. pretty damned weak. which is pretty nice. and Gijimu if necessary to do this for you. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 165 (M) Commentary: Fairly fast. He’s fast. Chan How to Recruit: With Wakaba in your active party. He won’t be there. you could make him a fairly good support mage. Overall: D 53. though. with only some above average speed speaking anything for him. You’ll see a bird lying. gathering treasures until you get to Tsai’s house. but he’s not really worth it in the end. he’s massively average in the grand scheme of things. He fits with any given archer fetish.C. take the first branch to the left in the forest (away from Bonaparte). go to Crom Village (you can do this as soon as Crom becomes available). but has no use outside of army battles. and he’ll join.him. Or. Overall: N/A (B. and also gives them Cavalry and Evade ability. and they’ll join up. and can also unite with his pet for an attack that works against a column. Koyu will be scrounging around outside the front of your castle. Suffice it to say that he’s not really very good at either. conversely. especially given his weapon strength. Klaus How to Recruit: See Kiba above. but that’s pretty much negated since you have the Hero. Frankly. He attacks twice. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 175 (M) Commentary: Despite a buff weapon strength-the same as his brother-Koyu has none of the power his brother does. can unite with other Bow users for a somewhat decent attack. and then go up along the path. and easily gets some points for style.for his power allocation in War) 54. and. like Ayda. and if you do decide to strengthen him up. so he tends to do a bit more damage than someone of his power. Commentary: He serves as a supplementary strategist in your story. Kinnison and Shiro will confront you on the way out. fast and accurate. fallen from its tree. Koyu How to Recruit: After Jowy betrays your group at Muse (The scene where Culgan tags along with you briefly). He can defend himself pretty well. that just seems like choosing good ol’ bread instead of either a steak or a wedding cake to me. and moderate attack. annoyingly (or a single enemy. which is just pointlessly redundant among the unites). He gives a pretty nice bonus (0/3) to the unit he’s in. with low HP and Defense. Overall: C52. Overall: C55. He’s. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 147 (L) Commentary: Kinnison. so go back. They both get captured and recruited together. though. and you retreat back to your castle. but if you like versatile characters. Unfortunately. he probably could be quite a good warrior. Find . what with all around averageness. he’s pretty good at that. is in fact. Kinnison How to Recruit: Durring Millie’s Subquest (see Millie below). Be honest. given his speed. One of the most useful army characters.

This may just be me. Lo Wen can dish out some surprising damage. No reason to say anything. and she also has fairly good HP for a back row character.and chase him. Overall: N/A (A. she’ll join along with Gijimu. After killing him. and Wakaba will coax him into joining you. If you have the Fury Crystals to spare. his HP are easily among the best in the game. I advise the latter. and find a bar to work behind no matter where you go. easily worth it. though. oddly. Even though it doesn’t really matter. that’s what I usually do. Lo Wen How to Recruit: She’ll have been taken captive by Neclord as part of that particular plot thread. you may do well just to take all of your unidentified items to Lebrante. you’ll need her a lot) 58. Overall: B 56. She’s just cool. as he’s really not worth the trouble. especially with the Wakaba unite. of course. and he’s strikingly powerful. so you’ll see a lot of her. or just wait until the end of the game and get him then. Given the usefulness of appraisals. You can get one from the flying squirrels outside of Radat. and then watch how powerful they can really get. but only if you get him a Celadon Urn. Commentary: What do you expect me to say? You’ll use her to swap your characters. Probably the most powerful long-range attacker you’ll get. Odds are good that at least one of 'em's a Celadon Urn. and he’ll offer to join if you have 60+ members. give one to both him and Wakaba. and has decent (though not thrilling) magic power. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 57. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (L) Commentary: For a long range character. She . it’s still kind of an insult. he’ll go Colonel Klink on you. If you’re not careful. Use him if you want. Overall: N/A (D. Thing is. seems to have more HP. but he seems slower and less powerful than his protégé. if you wait. you can probably just buy one from the Trade Post in Gregminster. Leona How to Recruit: Don’t worry.for his trying to rip me off) <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Señor Thomas Wilde notes: Given all the travel by foot you have to do around Radat. but don’t use him alone. or. she’ll tag along with you. Commentary: He’s your castle’s appraiser. be less good at everything else. though. he’s probably the most expensive appraiser in the game. and. You’ve been warned. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 135 (S) Commentary: He’s a lot like Wakaba (see below). but all in all. All in all. Still. Lebrante How to Recruit: Visit him in the Radat Appraisal shop.

If you need a big magician for exclusive use against a boss (Luca. with good Tech. I suppose you can’t expect to get the same sort of flair from one of those stupid Foxtail things we played with as kids as you do from a gun. He comes equipped with a Pixie Rune so that he can attack from the back row. but regardless. If you’re in an offensive position. though. no matter how much you’d rather she not. and she’s pretty fast. Leknaat will bring him to join you. considering that not only is her weapon there to compensate. and if you’re unsure on magicians. Given to who he is second. so just take it off. she’s your girl. Her weapon is among the buffest in the game come the higher levels. but she has some pretty powerful magic. Lorelai How to Recruit: Much like Suikoden 1. As magicians go. and. just choose to assault Greenhill. Unfortunately. he is insanely fast.seems to be lacking that certain panache that’s in Clive that makes him such a wonderful character. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 175 (M) Commentary: Lorelai is a very good all-around character. She should be wandering around the northwest side of Gregminster. If you know what you’re doing. it should be right before you fight Luca. and use Luc to make the battle incredibly easy. it would be a pain to tolerate. especially if you need or want a non-Clive back row attacker. that’s all he has. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 100 (S) Commentary: Luc is probably the second best pure magician in the game. Marlowe How to Recruit: He’ll join you automatically after you beat Neclord. His HP are pitifully low. Overall: B60. and the enemy isn’t moving. Her attack is only sort of average as is her defense. so she won’t get off the massive multiple shots that he will. he’s a great choice. I suppose even if she did attack as many times as Clive. Luc is who you’re going to be using for most of the game. . however. there’s no room for complaint. if you like powerhouse magicians. and work your runes right. losing out to Mazus. and then go and bug her to join. Her skill is fairly low. and don’t like the weaker ones. and though it doesn’t really matter in practice. whether you want it or not. as benefits a mage. It may actually take a few more than 60. Overall: B59. she’s pretty good. If you put time into her. Luc How to Recruit: Don’t worry. and gets a forehead rune slot fairly early on. too. her attack animation is some 10 times slower than Clive’s. eclipsed in suckiness only by his physical attack and defense. all you need to do is pick at them with Luc to make it cake walk. get 60+ characters in your army. his magic attacks tend to be beyond insanely useful. she can easily become quite a powerful force to be reckoned with. but you’ll get as much damage done if you just leave him I the back row unable to attack. I don’t know the exact number. As an army squad leader. albeit slow. His magic power and magic defense leave no room for complaint. Overall: C+ 61. for example). Still. but that’s not at all bad. so you’ll want to make sure you have the characters before you take the long trek to get her.

He comes with a Thunder Rune. perfect for seriously smashing bosses. wander around South Window. standing around. but has more HP. I'd say he's triggered by a certain number of characters. and will subsequently join once she figures out who you are. preferably recruiting somebody. atmosphere He doesn’t the story. exactly. and Max just ran up to me when I entered South Window. wander around. eminance gris Max How to Recruit: Max is kind of an enigma as to how to recruit. Despite that. My scattershot way isn’t particularly efficient. Eventually. She’ll drag Gadget along with her. run around the exit area. Weave your way around the ice slides. Overall: B64. I ran around the Kuskus/South Window/Radat area recruiting people. travel to the Muse-Greenhill border. Then. If I had to make a guess. While not usable in as many battles. If anybody knows the exact time and method to recruit him. Overall: N/A (F) 62.Commentary: Despite a positive. you’ll appreciate the use you get out of him. he’s the most powerful magician in the game. natch. Worthless. Talk to him. his army squad can deal some serious whooping from a long range. and you’ll eventually reach Mazus. he’ll run up to you and ask to join. He’s slower. Two of his runs are permanently affixed. and could easily be the last character you get. though. and better magic. and happy sort of from Marlowe. so you might not like that aspect particularly much. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 100 (S) Commentary: Well. Meg is an . going out of the gate. After you defeat Luca. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (L) Commentary: Much as she was in the previous game. He’ll join. subsequently screwing up your Stars. Once your castle is built up to maximum-100+ people-go back and talk to Mazus again. Overall: N/A (C. I had something like sixty-four of them. Be careful not to get him or his unit destroyed. once you have rescued Teresa. Commentary: He’s an average/below average general (6/7) with cavalry ability. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 63. and he’ll refuse to join you yet.for his usefulness as a general) <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Thomas "Wild Child" Wilde notes: After Luca went down. back in. even have the advantage Fitcher has of being integral to and apparently sneaking you in places and doing a lot of work. Exactly like Luc. Meg How to Recruit: After the first Greenhill scenario. he’s just like a more buffed up version of Luc. Meg will be trying to bust through. he’s thoroughly and in every way useless. Mazus How to Recruit: As you’re traveling through the Tinto Caverns to bust into Tinto the first time. et cetera. Let him. send me a message. you’ll doubtlessly at least catch a glimpse of Mazus.

and being given free reign to run around and recruit people. lacks the flair. sure.use them together. Less that. be sure to recruit Kinnison and Shiro (see Kinnison above). Millie should be wandering around North Ryube instead of South now.all-around bad sort of character. whereas most everyone else tops out at the Dragon Armor. of course. He’s fairly easy. You CAN use her with Gadget for a fairly useful allenemy attack. and can sit in the back row and deal out some decent rune power. Millie will join. and his other aspects. Miklotov is probably in the top three or so defense characters in the game. Offer to help her find Bonaparte. but you lose a useful character slot if you do. As a general rule. though. she’s not as useful as she should be. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 66. Her pet is oddly appealing. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (L) Commentary: Millie is a massively cute character. and scoff at the fact that Flik is so much better. Miklotov How to Recruit: See Camus above. but they both really join at the same time. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 160 (S) Commentary: He’s basically a physically stronger version of Camus. He. and also for a fairly useful unite attack (made more useful with Flik’s help). Miklotov is quite a good fighter-probably more powerful than Flik. and you’ll be taken into the forest. Follow him. as well as the less-powerful Half and Full Plate. Overall: B<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> The Resplendent in All Glory Thomas Wilde notes: It should probably be mentioned that Miklotov. too. and he’ll fight you. as well as Gijimu (strangely enough). go back to Ryube. You’ll see Bonaparte run away. Less that. She’s a fairly good support mage. but just be careful not to run out of healing ability. though. though. Add to that the fact that her attack is pretty low. While here. really. Millie How to Recruit: After coming back from Kyaro. My advice is the same as for with Camus . or just use neither of them. After that. You can use both of them together for maximum effect. suffer for it. like Tech and magic. You can actually have him tag along with your party a bit earlier than Camus. Overall: D+ 65. and head right instead of left. She’s long-range. but her magic and speed are certainly not competitive in any real sense. she’s radically terrible. go back to the entrance. Her . and add Flik for maximum effect. even Luca wasn't doing a lot of damage to the guy. and you’ll have a character you almost never want to use. Millie will join you for good. even with that. is one of the only characters who can equip the incredibly useful Knight Armor. to the point of it almost being painful. On his own. When you win. and her HP are really just average.

by which I mean ‘useless. incredibly fast. you’ll probably want to invest in using him and Kasumi fairly heavily. Still. by the way). you’ll be accosted and accused of spying. Once you get there. myself included. and put Kasumi in your active party. Their younger counterpart is less necessary. is a front line fighter. and his Mayfly rune is fairly less useful. it’s not hard to find. and Nanami will be there. he’ll quickly fall into disuse. Nanami How to Recruit: When you go back to Kyaro. slower. but don’t worry. and they’ll join you without Kasumi. and less accurate than Kasumi. and tech are all pretty bad. you can use him as a fixture in your party for that plot thread. On the path to Gregminster. decent. it’s not really possible to miss Nanami. His magic is pretty bad. and he’ll sneak his way into your party. If you like Ninjas. especially early on. but that’s really all there is to say for Mukumuku. but you shouldn’t use him for that. Level 15 Weapon Strength: 145 (M) Commentary: Well. Mondo How to Recruit: If you chose Kasumi in Gregminster. and also has more Hp. Bringing yourself to use a flying squirrel as a serious character is probably too much for most people. get some 60+ people in your party. and GET HIM IN KYARO. and her speed is really just sort of average. He.’ Overall: B 68. after climbing the mountain. and the leader of this town-Rokkaku-will tell Mondo and Sasuke to join you. If you do get him in Kyaro (Have I emphasized the point that you REALLY SHOULD GET HIM IN KYARO enough?). you do this same thing. This will trigger the Kyaro scenario. Overall: D+ 67. Mukumuku How to Recruit: The best time to recruit Mukumuku is when you first visit Kyaro. he’ll come out and start following you. defense. There’s somewhat of an indentation where you can go south-don’t worry. Level 16 Weapon Strength: N/A (L) Commentary: He’s decently strong. though. Aside . as it just blasts the front line at the cost of his balance. Kasumi will vouch for you. If you don’t get him here (you REALLY should get him in Kyaro. Aside from that. though. after traveling over the mountain and defeating the mist monster. attempt to go south through the trees when you encounter a fairly long horizontal stretch. albeit generic. but that’s really kind of moot with the lack of damage she does. just run along the south wall. fight alone on the plains near Greenhill. she’s incredibly. and it’s not bad to have an extra person for that. Level 16 Weapon Strength: N/A. too. His unite attack with Kasumi is decent. but is able to hold his own more with brute force. Search the big tree behind your house on the East side of town a few times. but have to wait for 100+ recruits. and eventually. Go out the back of the house. Save yourself the trouble. praying. Her rune with Bonaparte lets her do double damage once. Overall: D69. If you chose Valeria.attack. visit your old house on the west side of town. HP. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 135 (S) Commentary: Stronger.

Nina will play a major part. think that Oulan is far superior to Hanna. anyhow. their unite attack can blast away a whole group of enemies at the cost of balance-that’s your choice. Go to the west/south part of town (with the Inn. After escaping Greenhill with Teresa and Shin. Pesmerga How to Recruit: After your castle has reached maximum size (100+). as would be expected of a front-line attacker. but so are an awful lot of people who aren’t dressed in plaid sailor suits. and will join. Upon actually using her. a great character. Oulan How to Recruit: After the Two Rivers scenario. To get the maximum use out of her. As noted in Hanna above. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 160 (S) Commentary: Pesmerga is a massive. she’s quite powerful. Overall: C71. return to the Cave of Wind. make your party comprise 5 women and your hero. as you expect. Her magic is average. You tell her who you are. She’s be forced on you fairly often. They’ll comment on your having so many beautiful ladies around you. and attack power. give her a Spark Rune. have a pretty funny unite attack with Flik. black-armored fiend. and despite having a double attack.from that. defends surprisingly well against magic. you’ll find that Nina tagged along. a good addition. When you wake up. and is basically just slightly below average in every sense. my first time through. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 135 (S) Commentary: Oulan is a character that not enough people give a fair shake. defense. Overall: A (I don’t care what her stats say. Overall: B72. I imagine. All in all. which gets more and more inappropriate as the plot gets serious. etc). she’s just as strong as she looks. and have her speed bless the entire party. is not going to develop into one of your massive damage-dealers. though. I didn’t either. but most people will use her all the time. and wander your way around until you find a group of ruffians. personally. though. … Anyway. She does. she’s not terribly powerful. for a change. she’s adequate. too. Her rune is far from useless. Ask him to join. if limited in use. she’s an A character) 70. Nina How to Recruit: During the initial Greenhill scenario. Blacksmith. you’ll find Oulan has saved you. and they’ll kick your ass. which is good. Nina is not the massive stud her demeanor puts her off to be. though she’ll surprisingly never force herself in your active group. head off to Kuskus. Despite her obscene fashion sense and character portrait that she stole from Suikoden 1. and she joins. As a support mage. Very compelling story characters tend to do that. hulking. Then. She has very nice HP. She also has a unite attack with the hero. Despite this. though. unless you decide to use a Double Beat rune on either of the two of them. I don’t really think it’s possible to dislike Nanami. . thus making the unite sort of moot. and. Pesmerga will be contemplatively standing there. Work your way through to the endwhere you fought the Star Dragon Sword. That’s up to you. I. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 165 (M) Commentary: As a character.

Raura How to Recruit: On your first visit to Tinto. which tilts the scales in his favor over Georg. but I never use scrolls. poor. Pico How to Recruit: First. you have to sacrifice crystals to make scrolls. and if you have Jeane. and find him again near the Appraisal shop. if you have her. Speed can be fixed with a well-placed Spark Rune. Commentary: Aside from her quite funny navigational sense. Richmond How to Recruit: Richmond will help you when you are recruiting Shu. Problem is. Talk to her. While I actually think that Viktor has more . you’ll have to . After getting Annallee. Overall: N/A (F for usefulness of store) 75. Overall: N/A (A for fun factor) 76. but. why is it a problem? It’s a pity he joins so late. and he’ll join. He’s probably the swankiest of the three. you need her for completion. Commentary: Richmond is quite the amusing character to play around with. dealing around with tawdry love affairs. go back to Radat. Be sure to investigate your odder characters for best results. and will give you a normal coin. After Shu has joined. Show it to Richmond. in my opinion. just seems more like a killing machine than the somewhat fey and old Georg. Take his challenge on a coin toss. Overall: A73. Then. Not much else to say. If you’re reading this. je ne sais quoi. He also. so her store really just gathered dust. or just like one character in specific. As you scale the town. Commentary: Another musician to help you with your group. again.. She’s hard to miss. regardless of anything. and he’ll tag along with you. but he also joins 5 levels higher than your hero. You can mention Annallee. I can’t speak for anybody else. name-challenged Raura is the scroll maker for your castle. for usefulness and fun of songs) 74. If you’re a completionist. you’ll eventually find Raura wandering around. Ridley How to Recruit: During the Two Rivers scenario.Despite his looks. Go to the tavern. and you’ll lose. he can still uncover neat and funny secrets about every member of your army. Ponder how she gets back to your castle without getting massively lost. Pesmerga is pretty much just as good. and find Pico in the Inn. when it’s the best stuff in the game that’s frozen on him.. really. you may hear the townspeople swoon over her. you can let her go to your castle. Still. you won’t need his help on recruiting characters. you have to wait until the liberation of Greenhill. Pretty much all of his equipment is frozen on him. too. and she’s thankfully easy to get. It adds a lot to the game. have Richmond find out neat crap about them. and find a man there who’ll tell you how Richmond cheats. Overall: N/A (C. so you’ll probably be looking at a level 60 character or so when he comes in. you must have Annallee (see above). go back into Greenhill. and does more damage on the whole. as she’s in full Cleopatra regalia. so you’ll have an easy-made and long-lasting killing machine at your disposal. the only thing he lacks at all is speed. so it’s a moot point.

This won’t ruin your game. use her as a mage. but what he lacks isn’t made up for by this. While fast. it just seems to happen. He’ll gorge himself. Ridley will die. and you’ll be in a good place. and watch her excel at what she does. you’ll find him lying around sick when you’re going around to recruit characters for the first time.prove your allegiance to his and the Kobolds’ cause. Pay it. nor is he as fast or accurate as Kasumi. and basically be as powerful as the hero. Once you do (you’ll do this automatically during the story). Overall: N/A (B+ in Wars) 77. if you like column attacks for some weird. His . have insane HP. While she may not seem like a fantastic character in any regards. Commentary: Ridley is a pretty good army general. Nonetheless. Get him a unit with cavalry. Overall: A79. gets a forehead rune slot fairly early on. though. but her strength often belies how much damage she does. Even worse. He’ll be massively powerful. though. Regardless. if you choose to run away with Nanami during the Neclord plot. Rina is probably the best of this type of mage character. as Ridley’s son. but given how late this happens in the game. see Bolgan above. Try both on different runs through the game. she’s very adept at magic. making him able to annihilate a unit in a single attack. and has squarely average speed. and. Boris. He also has Critical. and his HP and attack stay high without fail. low. but it’s fixable. he stays powerful throughout the whole game. and some good defense (10/7). you can run away and kill Ridley off without too much of an impact on the difficulty. and her HP are. He shouldn’t touch magic. and thus not as intrusive as the other two ninjas. Sasuke How to Recruit: Rounding out the Ninjas. he’s not as powerful as Mondo. and he’ll join up. he seems to fall out of use around South Window. I guess he falls out of use as less ogre-like people appear to round out instead of imbalance a party. and you’ll get charged 3000 potch for his food. No reason. Overall: C+ 78. in my games. but that’s not a problem that’s likely to come up for a while. he’s the least adept at magic. of course. Read that sentence again. Rikimaru is pretty much indispensable. believe me. will take his place. see Mondo above. Her attack and defense are pretty low. making his back row slot tenuous at any time he happens to be in your party. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (L) Commentary: Sasuke is the youngest and least experienced of the Ninja trio. He’s slow as an ox. Rikimaru How to Recruit: In Ryube Village. Boris is not as effective a general as Ridley. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 160 (S) Commentary: For the first stretch of the game. Invariably. She doesn’t take damage very well. he’ll join. it shows. with a really nice attack. as well. It will make sense. Offer to take him to the Inn and help him. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (L) Commentary: Rina is the kind of mage most people like the most. His one saving grace lies in the fact that he’s long range. As a side note. He and Amada have a unite. masochistic reason. Rina How to Recruit: Rounding out the Circus Trio.

To be objective. D. They travel together. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 150 (S) Commentary: There isn’t a single person alive who doesn’t violently hate Sheena in numerous. 81. I keep having fantasies about that one chip in the bowl violently goring him. Ask him to join. I’ve even read numerous pre-release Suikoden 2 reports saying that Shilo and Shiro were one and the same. or like his hair. I doubt you’ll be visiting him much to play around. especially with the AI being nastier this go round than it was in Suikoden 1. he’s your man. Anyway. Shiro How to Recruit: See Kinnison above. I’m forced to wonder how one would distinguish Shiro and Shilo in Japanese. but the timeframe on him seems odd. Sheena How to Recruit: You’ll see Sheena whining at Tai Ho when you’re in Coronet to get a boat. even less so in a video game with no one else around. Overall: D+ 80. You might have to keep a healer on his tail (pun blatantly intended) if you want to use him as a regular. Later. and is decent with magic. Shilo is blatantly generic. He’s moderately strong. with all that he really has going for him being long range. Were Sheena more powerful than the Hero. though. and he’s one of the fastest characters in the game. Getting over his repulsive personality would be easier if he wasn’t dressed in a Jennifer Beals sweater with part of his sports bra showing. I still wouldn’t use him. This includes nuns. And they will. You could do worse with him in terms of power.” His attack grows high insanely fast. While using animals in my party isn’t my personal preference. Shiro would be the one to use . talk to him in the Inn.as a personality. If you need a boring character. After the Two Rivers scenario (I’m fairly sure this is when it first opens up. and win 5000 potch from him. the Amish. Odd. and he’ll say you seem different. Shiro is quite superior to his “namesake. but if you use him. almost obscene ways. His main problem lies in the fact that his HP is fairly low. he’s nowhere near as useless as he managed to be in Suikoden 1. Overall: D 82. this is a fairly big problem. and before you head off to Gregminster. as does Luc with physicality. Shilo How to Recruit: Shilo is hanging out in the Bar in Lakewest. Go against your instincts to run away screaming. and proceed to wince in pain as he demands you play Chinchirorin to get him to join. in human and wolf form. For a front line fighter who can’t equip any armor. as status conditions suck. Overall: C+ as a character.). that. and Euglena who normally live out peaceful little pond lives. I don’t see how anybody can like it.Cutie Boy unite with Luc and Futch also isn’t worth it. and will force himself on you. As a fighting character. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (L) Commentary: Chinchirorin is massively annoying. Better to let him whine in the dojo. he’ll appear at your castle after you defeat Kiba. Level 16 Weapon Strength: N/A (S) Commentary: Having only played this game in English. you’ll have to live with Mother Superiors around the world laughing at you.

and ask him to close the gate. Overall: N/A (B+. . Those two crazy swordsmen. He’s a great asset in war (3/0). But you can’t search the river when it’s full. Then. Commentary: This is going to be fairly short compared to how to recruit him. He can also. He throws a coin in the river. saying he’ll join if you find it. Richmond will then tell you that Shu has to make an important trade. but I’m not. I would imagine. You may have run into Sid before. Wait at the bridge. and also adds Critical and Evade. but Richmond threw it back down for you. No reason not to use it if you decide to use Shin. Shu will concede. but he just scares you off. Shin’s Spider Slay rune is also pretty nice. and he’ll say he’ll close the gate. Shu will come in again. and will join you as your chief strategist. Sid How to Recruit: After the Two Rivers scenario. From the first ladder you go down. go to his house. the 3/0 is great in wars) 85. Apple will ask him to join. especially if ever hit directly. that’s enough to discourage me from using him almost at all. so it’s all forced. too. It turns out that Shu palmed the coin. talk to Amada. Overall: C84. Anyhow. Shu is an immense plot element. Personally. and as you leave. and through a somewhat hidden passage. as I have this massive paranoia about never bringing the hero to the front lines. head directly left. but it’s complicated nonetheless. Go to the bar. you find a coin. You might be more patient. Pay him to go spy on Shu. When you go on your mission to recruit him. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 160 (S) Commentary: Shin is like a weaker version of Genshu (see above). Shin How to Recruit: See Nina above. He’s pretty strong-not as strong as Genshu. While strong and accurate. and eventually Shu will come and be mad that you’re continuing to accost him. Then. He has a fairly useful unite attack with Genshu. Take care of him. Be sure to use him well. and then he’ll join. and will be at the port tomorrow night. but he’ll refuse. Overall: C 83. Shu How to Recruit: Recruiting Shu is a major plot point. You spend the night searching. Talk to a guy on the left bank in green. for me. talk to some people. the biggest problem I have with Shin is that his defense seems obscenely low for a swordsman who is supposed to live in the front line. People in the City-State really are stupid. so you’ll have to deal with him. and he’ll offer to close it if you can beat him in a duel. apparently be mistaken for a school child. go back into the sewers.if I wanted to. They join up with you at the same time. but you get him earlier. Go find Richmond near the Appraisal shop. and then head up through the door once out of the passage. Apple will beg him to join. to be met with more refusal. for a 1x use rune. He and Chaco will argue. He won’t. He dies an awful lot. and then go to the inn and talk to the innkeeper. and just as you lose all hope. as evidenced by the Greenhill scenario. He usually works better not on the hero. put Chaco in your active party.

I suppose. and is fairly adept at magic. Overall: D+ 88. Given that there are back line attackers who are better with magic. Level 16 Weapon Strength: N/A Commentary: The weakest of the big Monsters. she’ll join automatically as part of the Neclord plot thread. Sid is really just a generally stronger version of Chaco. Sigfried How to Recruit: After you do the Tengaar/Hix subquest. which is so painfully worthless that you’ll want to get rid of it immediately and sell it. Accept his betrothal. A bit stronger. Wander around the central tree (The exact point is kind of hard to find. so that’s sort of moot. He starts with a Waking rune. If you need to use a winger for some reason. you’re not going to miss him-his outfit doesn’t allow for such things. he -is. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (L) . and to add insult to injury. and with better HP. though. Simone should be standing there. but really. Use her if you have a thing for Vampires. the spells on it don’t even look cool. Sierra How to Recruit: Depending on whether or not you run away from the war with Nanami. Easily not worth it. and takes up two character slots. Either way. Less that. since she’s probably in your party anyhow. and comes with a somewhat decent Darkness Rune. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 135 (S) Commentary: Sierra is a pretty good magician. While still high. his rune is nowhere near fantastic. he and Chaco’s unite is pretty bad. in most ways. too. it can be removed. just so none exist in the game.Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (M) Commentary: Well. Simone How to Recruit: As soon as you can. Overall: C 86. head back to the docks at Radat. and he’ll join. At the item store there. You have to have a “Pure Maiden” in your party for him to join you-it’s easiest to just bring Nanami to him. Really slow. but the painfully glaring thing about her is that she’s a mage-one with only decent attack and pitiful defense-who is also a short ranger. Sierra works out to be the worst of both worlds. and isn’t difficult at all if you choose to fight her. Then again. she’ll join at different points. All her unite attacks are equally useless. Get it as soon as you can. you can go and get Sigfried. and front line attackers who are much more powerful. Then. he’s the one you should use. a Rose Brooch is a rare find. and get Badeaux. his HP. and Attack leave something to be desired for the fact that he takes up two slots. they’re just not good. He’s supposedly making up for this with the fact that he has a rune. Despite his runes sounding like really bad Fantasy Novel arcana. Defense. Overall: C+ *87. so wander around for a bit). She also has a double attack. whether or not you use Sid at all. As noted above. Go back to the end of the Unicorn Forest where you first saw him … he’s the Unicorn … with a listening crystal. Wingers really aren’t very good. go to Banner Village. and eventually Sigfried will come out.just a stronger version of Chaco. On the left bank. Trust me.

and he joins. and he’ll eventually challenge you to a race. Go to Taki’s house on the northwest side of town. he’s fairly average. he can’t be immediately dismissed. Overall: D90. he’s not terribly good. okay Tech. Taki How to Recruit: As soon as you get your boat. and he’ll be there talking to Yam Koo. as you’d expect. she’s a lot nicer. If you like the Bow unite. on the basis of character power alone. and you get 100% run rate. All in all. He also has an all-enemy unite attack with Vincent. 89. Talk to her repeatedly. which is certainly decent. so I can’t comment extensively. I’m sure we all remember Stallion. you need to run or let go from 50 battles. Aside from that. though. too. and he’s a long range character anyhow. less nosalgia. Of course. Overall: B as a Character. though. and spends his idle battle animation sniffing said roses. head off to Lakewest. head back to the furthest East docks in Kuskus. in any capacity. If you haven’t hit that number yet. a decent character. As a back line support mage. Commentary: Taki is really a very sweet grandma character. Add to that the stroke-inducing faux-Italian/French “Rose” theme.Commentary: I know what you’re thinking. Overall: C91. after you beat him at (*shudder*) Chinchirorin. he’s the fastest character in the game. Average strength and HP. which is in no ways a good thing. Simone attacks by lobbing roses at the enemy. especially if you can bring yourself to use the two of them. Same with the unite attack. It’s hard not to wince in pain at Simone and Vincent. Aside from that. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (M) Commentary: As far as spear users go. and his attack is certainly competent. but keep bugging him. even sans let go. Also. Easier said than done. I’m not man enough to use the two of them. after you get your castle. more so with that hideously ugly character portrait. and see how long you stay sane. Beat him. His attack and tech ratings are both pretty high. It probably involves thinking of Milich Oppenheimer. he’s not really worth it at all. His only glaring flaw is his defense. given that spear-specific runes are pretty poor. All in all. D for tolerability. Tai Ho How to Recruit: He’ll initially transport you from Coronet to Kuskus. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 147 (L) Commentary: Rounding out the trio of bow users with incredibly strange ending weapon numbers. and eventually. and you can put him in the back row to avoid damage. He won’t offer to join until around Two Rivers. easily forgettable. and he’ll join. she’ll kindly offer to join you. but you can do better with long range attackers-and preferably find ones that are more adept with magic. his magic is fairly good. Stallion How to Recruit: You’ll see him running around in Radat. he can be used with it. he’ll tell you how many more times you have to. so you get the huge map speed again. just like Milich. To beat him. His True Holy rune is back. and. Later. Beat him AGAIN at that infernal game. he’s among the best. Tai Ho is probably the second best one. and bad everything else (excepting Speed). Other than that. . and while she fills Onil’s requisite role of gossip.

with his really big map. None I’ve seen. A nice character to have around. and what every town contains. Templeton How to Recruit: As soon as you can. for a fairly decent attack. Tengaar can unite with Hix. you can find him mulling around the Library’s main office. You can use that map to get specific information on every location in the game. By comparing. Nonetheless. Commentary: When he joins. but that’s probably it. go to Radat. Follow him to Toto. albeit one that hurts Hix. which can be complemented with Chaco’s Fly ability. so using both of these two will make for some pretty intense magic power. anyhow) Suiko Map. . if you want to use them together. That’s pretty much it. Tengaar seems to have a few more HP than a comparable Rina. and show him your Window Set. Templeton will give you the uberuseful (for a while. Commentary: She’s only usable in strategy battles. back to the initial area of the game. or any +movement unit. anyhow. She has the largest range of any strategy unit. a fairly good character concept was duplicated. Tengaar How to Recruit: See Hix above. and pass through the town. and Templeton will be there. Later. I’m thankful there aren’t any window borders featuring little Hero faces or something. She also has Bombard ability. and have a Window Set in your party’s items. his Suiko Map rocks. just enough to subtly influence and individualize a game. he’ll join. The window settings are subtle enough to be used with tact. and a sweet old man complement to Taki’s sweet old lady. And character portraits. and maybe tell you about high-altitude baking directions. Tenkou’s ability can be used without making you feel like you’re making a mockery of the game. and let him join. Find his house. but it’s not terribly useful. Commentary: Unlike Connell. B+ personality) 92. as the window changes are actually pretty nice) 95. Continue the conversation. Overall: N/A (D for usefulness. and then leave. as it fades in use later in the game) 93.She doesn’t do anything save tell you where you should go. Fortunately. Overall: N/A (B+. and she functions as a pretty damned good archer unit. Looking at Tengaar and then looking at Rina. you’ll see that they have different sprites. and meet him again. Visit your Mercenary Fortress. This time. but with so many usable characters. Tenkou How to Recruit: Go to Crom Village. wondering what’s going on. him. He’ll give you a cursory greeting. Overall: B+ 94. the development team kind of had to double up on a few of them. She’s not going anywhere without Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (L) Commentary: It’s stunning. Overall: N/A (B for usefulness of his map. but she’s likable and sweet. making him an immediate boon. one can’t help but to compare. Teresa How to Recruit: She’ll join automatically with Shin and Nina after you flee Greenhill.

Overall: N/A (B+ as a general) 96. Overall: N/A (A for usefulness. after you have infiltrated into L’Renouille. if only once and in the battle against Luca. and Tessai will be in the Smithy. as a good back liner. Buy a few Fried Tacos. Like Tai Ho. Tsai will decide its time for a non-sequitur little fetch quest. and just stab away with her. and seems to hit criticals more. Then go back to Tetsu. but you can probably keep her away from the heavy action. Go to the item shop. and head northwest to Sajah Village. and then eat them until you become Toasty. for great long range attack. Tetsu How to Recruit: Tetsu lives in a house on the North side of Lakewest. the first time I played Suikoden 2. which can be useful. Tomo will accost Tsai. Tomo How to Recruit: After Ridley is taken captive (or not. Tessai How to Recruit: After you liberate Greenhill.for usefulness of baths) 98. She seems slightly weaker than Tai Ho. whatever. put her in the back row. and join. With Viktor there. Later. and go to the item shop.which is useful for up to 5 squares. Tessai will beg to see the Star Dragon Sword. and he’ll see you appreciate the value of baths. but she’s faster. Tessai will tag along to your castle. Go to Kuskus with Viktor in your active party. and you’ll have level 15 Weapon Capacity. etc) in to the baths alone (by which I mean Hero and these people). He makes your weapons the best they can be [in the Army]. Just the battle where he’s overwhelmed and SUPPOSED to be captured). and then force her way into your group. At their house (see Tsai below). As an annoying side note. and the Gold Hammer is a rare find. While spear-users are not terribly powerful. a nice unit to use. Tetsu was my last character. as I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what to do to get him until I accidentally got toastied from some tacos. talk to the students in the Blacksmith classroom. she’s probably a good person to use. Tomo is buffer than her dad. and is the best spear user. For some reason. Give it to Tessai to get level 16 Weapon Capacity. They’ll mention Tessai (and you can also get the Silver Hammer from one of them). and likes people with a Toasty Complexion. which you can change if you’d like. Go to the Kobold section of Two Rivers. Commentary: Not much to say about him. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (M) Commentary: For some reason. Stupid Tetsu. She’s pretty weak (5/6). Overall: N/A (C. you’ll get a special scene depending on the model of bath. All in all. you can give it to Tessai as soon as you recruit him. . He’s a bath master. exit the castle. Commentary: If you get the Silver Hammer from the student in Greenhill. and after an amusing argument. which is small and isolated. The baths are fully autonomous from the plot-if you bring related characters (Like Flik and Viktor. The two of them have a unite attack to damage the whole front row.) 97. the leader of a huge rebel army decides to accompany him to do this. and will say that he forgot some tools. you’ll use him a lot once you get him. A massively useful character. or not.

what does that matter? Really only has his back row position and his speed to fall back on. He’ll be there. HP are a travesty. he falls short. Later on. what do you expect from an annoying little sycophantic 11 year-old? Weak. visit Tony at the Mayor’s house in Forest Village before going to Greenhill.. really. especially if you have a Fury Rune helping Valeria along. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (M) Commentary: Wow. but the game is addictive as. he takes the seeds you find. the main part of the game. He hangs out in the garden on the west side of your castle on the second floor. First. Anyway. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (L) Commentary: Well. if you use him creatively. and Shiro. is it? Level 16 Weapon Strength: 150 (S) Commentary: Much like Anita above. Overall: D+ as a character. going until you reach Tsai’s hut. you should know what to do. talk to Tony again. if you talk to him. and you return to the Mercenary Fort. he’s easily one of the most massively useful characters in strategy combat. talk to Dr. Commentary: Tony serves two purposes. All the spear users’ names start with “T. Overall: N/A (D+ for vegetable stuff. C+ Tony How to Recruit: Just like Wakaba (see below). Go in the woods behind Ryube. Tuta will join for real. and before Muse is overrun. She’s fairly strong. giving you ingredients for cooking. and plants them. I’ve seen it do upwards of 2000 damage with its special animation. defenseless.. Second. and will tag along. The prizes are useless for the most part.” don’t they? The redundancy is more and more apparent as I trudge on. please. 101. Early on in the game. jus a bit worse than either of them. Valeria’s Falcon Rune seems more effective than Anita’s. he’ll join you with Gengen for your deadly and trying flour expedition. and the mayor will suggest he help you. Not hard. After Greenhill. and more important. nonetheless. his Medicine rune might save a life or two. er. and she can equip a shield. Overall: D&&102. If you’ve already recruited Millie. Tuta How to Recruit: Early in the game. A+ for Whack-A-Mole) 100. He’ll say he’s just too busy to join. Just pass on Tuta. Valeria is probably not the most stunning of all the front line attackers. Just pick Valeria instead. While in normal combat. His Unite with Tomo is described above. and take the left path. A for Fire Spears. easily cutting through any size defense. Fairly fast. Viktor and Flik will ask you to fetch Tsai from his house near Ryube. Tsai How to Recruit: After Toto has been burned down. Tsai is pretty much exactly the same as Tomo and Tai Ho. making for a fairly . Huan in Muse. you can play Whack-A-Mole. Kinnison. but. but so might ending that battle some 4 turns earlier due to his not being there. Valeria How to Recruit: See Kasumi above. as his fire spears will quickly prove to be one of your most used weapons. but she’s one that has sass.Overall: 99.

and she’s still by no means a bad mage. and often make it to my final party. and even if you’ve used him every time prior. so if you want to use the unite or not. To be realistic. she’ll materialize in front of you. She’s the weak link of the chain.well-armored attacker. Still. and he -is. Viktor just plain rocks. He is every major joint of any given insect species in the entire world. But you can leave her for teleporting without much guilt. they both have Falcon Runes. Viktor is the bee’s knees. If you forgo the Fury Rune for a Balance Rune. and enjoy it. and head right back to where you found . and’s. it can be a pain.as a character. and she can be eclipsed in magic power by some of the more normal mages. you probably won’t use her in battle much at all. put Simone in your active party. I don’t think people would avoid using Viktor under any circumstances-he’s the kind of character you use in your party. Overall: A+ 105. Even more than that. Just play with him. magic is hardly his forte. she’s pretty good. vying with Hero. If you’re into insane damage. even if you tell yourself you’re not going to.my favorite character. Then again. So do yourself a favor. Overall: C. and don’t really join until the castle is firmly established. But I haven’t met anybody who doesn’t love her personality. No if’s. she and Anita can unite for a massively devastating unite attack. Viktor seems to dish out harsher damage than anybody else on the field. as it so happens. though. They both basically skirt back and forth. her magic really isn’t as strong. The fly’s elbow. like Rina. save the big three plot characters. Offer her a home. though. 104. and you’ll use her insanely often. and given that it really isn’t really that good. but they’re both really good. at 3x damage. get him a Fury Rune. really. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 100 (S) Commentary: Well. And her spells backfire more than any other character. A+ for teleport usefulness. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 170 (S) Commentary: Seriously. as far as quirky and fun characters go. She has a Blinking Rune permanently affixed to herself. and she’ll go there. too. Overall: A103. and even combine that with a Double Beat Rune. and don’t pretend you’re not going to use him. I prefer Valeria to Anita. He and Flik are probably the major contenders for everyone’s favorite characters in this game. and I bet you can figure out the general premise behind it. Despite characters like Pesmerga and Georg. even. Viki How to Recruit: When you’re wandering through the Forest Path from Greenhill to Matilda. Viki completes the trio of Hyper-Mages that also comprises Luc and Mazus. it’s your choice. While equally weak and wholly incompetent at physical situations as the other two. or conjunctions of any sort. all things considered. Vincent How to Recruit: Once your castle is built up to Maximum. Viktor How to Recruit: See Flik above. As you’d expect. but’s. mainly for nostalgia and also aesthetic sense. but who cares? The man’s a tank. She and the octopuses have a fairly amusing Unite. Viki is probably your single most useful character.

Try it.for fun of his game) 108. Yam Koo How to Recruit: See Tai Ho above. whatever). assuming both of those two are really powerful. does it strike anybody else as odd that a . Just decent. She’ll join up. and then ask you if she can join. northwest of Greenhill. go to Radat. she can soak up damage like a sponge with her HP. This may just be me. and watch their unite attack. Commentary: This time around. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 150 (S) Commentary: Well. It’s really fantastic. but he just lets you play a fishing mini game. go back and talk to her again. Vincent falls slightly below his “dearest friend” in terms of usefulness-he’s a front line fighter. and falls pretty square in the average range of ignored characters. She can dish out fairly heavy damage.C. put Freedy in your party again. and visit this yard again. She has fewer HP than L. Let her.C. He and Simone will have a disturbingly heartfelt reunion. Chat with her for a bit. especially considering how late in the game you get him. but his HP and defense are pretty low for that sort of job.Simone in the first place. which really doesn’t happen. but by no means as addictive as Whack-A-Mole or the like. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 135 (S) Commentary: In my opinion. though. she’s more useful than her teacher. Chan. It’s devastatingly nasty-the only reason I don’t crown it an ultimate attack of sorts is that I prefer to keep my Fury Runes on Viktor and Flik. if you use Wakaba. you could team her up with L. She should be standing near the south entrance. and then go on with the game. Chan. Easily one of the best front line fighters.. As a character. Overall: A107. She’ll whine at Freedy. 106. If you have enough people. Vincent will be standing at the docks.C. Also. Overall: C. washing her laundry. useful for getting ingredients. Wakaba How to Recruit: After the Two Rivers scenario. After you’ve recruited Shu. in this game. and go to the south side of town. and I also hate L. Wakaba’s really pretty nice. he can at least fight. His unite attack with Simone can eliminate a fair number of enemies. Much more of a novelty character. Of course. After fleeing Greenhill. Overall: N/A (D. if you’re into insanity. give them both Fury Runes. and Freedy should act sort of strange. I really can’t say outright if that’s a good thing or not. and say it’s nothing. D for tolerability. or just screwing around. Head into the yard with some unfinished laundry. you don’t have to deal with a really stupid character sprite and portrait. It’s a decent game. and he will nobly offer to join your cause. Yoshino How to Recruit: As soon as Freedy joins your party (forces his way in. and even though her defense is low. of course.as a character. especially if you like martial artist characters. They join together. Yoshino will be there. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 140 (M) Commentary: Really. but seems to make more critical hits and generally be faster and stronger than him. though. go and visit the Forest Village. he doesn’t fight.

I still see him as worse than having one’s gums scraped with rusty. but I rank her slightly above Tsai. All he does is hang around and whine. and talk to him. Yuzu How to Recruit: After completing Two Rivers. His Fire Dragon Rune is okay if you put a Fire Sealer on there too. as he’s not even a major plot character. bloody glass. too. but she does seem better with magic. I don’t know how that’s possible. B+ for cuteness) 110. and Sigfried. as far as characters go. You know. and I’m probably deluded by cute girl syndrome when judging her. in a rather macabre twist. and she’ll take you to the Unicorn Forest. Commentary: Yuzu runs your ranch. somehow. Zamza How to Recruit: As soon as you have Nanami in your party. Yet. even though she’s lower in most other senses. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 135 (S) Commentary: Ugh. so she’s appealing to sensibility. . too. go to the Inn in Toto (before it burns down). Yuzu is a small girl who’s wandering around near the middle of the town. lumping together with the other spear users. But Zamza is much worse. He’ll force his way on your group. and gives them a home. Talk to her. Whichever you choose. where you can pick her sheep up. use them as ingredients for food. but slightly slow.normal housewife is running around with a naginata? I suppose I haven’t washed enough laundry in my time to come upon the demon sheet that requires immediate suppression with a nasty spear. Fairly powerful. You can. and voted for a third party candidate all at once. But if you use Zamza. an okay magician. After you do this.for usefulness of her farm. though I’d easily rather be caught using Yoshino than her husband. far and away the most irritating character in this game. Overall: N/A (C. She takes all the animals you buy or find. && Choose between Kasumi and Valeria. you can find him in South Window. Yoshino is nothing special. mainly just on an aesthetic perusal. a spot only slightly contended for by Sheena. and preferably also the Hix/Tengaar Subquest. Really just a sidebar character. and she’ll say her sheep are missing. she’ll join. You don’t have to get Feather. Easily. you will feel your soul tarnished for all eternity. Anyhow. She’s actually probably the weakest among them. but if you don’t. you can’t get Ayda. you have to choose one of the two. How is he as a character? Tolerable. but are you going to waste slots for THESE two? Overall: D 109. it won’t affect your castle-you can still get all 108 stars. *Among Abizboah. F in every other sense humanly imaginable. She’s a pretty cute character. possibly in the shade. if you miss him. not all of the stars. and put a snide comment or two in your suggestion box. so she’s easy to miss. Or. The two of them have a 2x damage unite that unbalances Yoshino. head to Kobold Village. only to have it eaten by the Beast Rune. and Toto burns down before you recruit him. Just look for the non-generic sprite. Overall: C+ as a character. I forced myself to use Zamza to be impartial and try and use every character in the game. Offer to help. but I felt like I’d just sold my soul. and thus.

but as you’re going there. so he gets a D+. and the clearing below the Forest Village. if you’re lucky. and as you do. Tech. Gremio will block your progress. After that. Speed. take Mukumuku as a sort of base. and usually has all of the other stats suffer for it. . You can wander around with other squirrels and still have the remaining ones join. Play the game like normal. and he’ll offer to distract Gremio by pretending to get into trouble. Go back to the little pond behind the Inn. Do it for completion’s sake. rather than any time after that.== Non-Stars == ** Jowy How to Recruit: Jowy will join automatically and stay with you as part of the plot. Overall: They all get Ds. and he’s also fast. Talk to the little kid who’s obsessed with you. until he leaves. if you wish) to the plains of Greenhill. Mag) better than him.) How to Recruit: Getting McDohl requires the most advance preparation of any character. right after Two Rivers. but Mokumoku is more powerful. Despite that. you’ll be using it nonstop. Ko will scream. Jowy’s unite attack with the Hero is also the single most useful attack in the game. It’s a sad day when Jowy leaves. Greenhill-Forest Path. until you beat Luca. His magic power is tremendous. so he’s not with you for very long. not for any real power. he’ll join up with you for one more battle-be sure to check out their revamped unite and also Jowy’s level 4 spell. you won’t get him back. and until Jowy leaves. and he’ll get level 3 spells as early as the Sindar Ruins. They all join at more or less specific places-The Greenhill-TR Path. Commentary: Okay. You have to start by loading save data from Suikoden 1. and has really nice HP and defense. Much later. Jowy is a massively fantastic character. and wander around and fight enemies until any of the given squirrels join. ** McDohl (Or ()cDohl. and Gremio will run off. Go back to Gremio. Each of these squirrels has one stat (Str. too. He’ll say that someone who looks like General McDohl is staying at the inn. head back to Banner Village. strong. They seem to appear more often during your first excursion to the Greenhill area. Overall: A ** ** ** ** Makumaku Mikumiku Mekumeku Mokumoku How to Recruit: Take just Hero (And Mukumuku. His Black Sword Rune can seriously dish out nasty damage. Too bad this usable character takes enough space to house both it and 4 other better characters. rivaling Viktor and Hero in terms of power. whatever the naming thing decided to do. All in all-all 5-together almost make a usable character. At that point. Talk to Ko once again. but just spends all day fishing. You can also only get his weapon up to level 5 on your own. especially considering you need all 5 of them to do it. Greenhill-Forest Village. Their unite attack really isn’t very useful either. Commentary: Jowy leaves directly after Muse is invaded the first time. data that’s at the very final save point in Gregminster Castle.

and you’ll find another worm. Go back to town. and toned-down version of her husband. of course. fishing. You should be able to with McDohl and a decent healer . as she isn’t one. and head through as normal. you’ll be escorted back to Banner Village. and it’s rather annoying that they made getting her such a detriment. McDohl joins you as you go look for him. ** Chuchara How to Recruit: After you have Abizboah and Ruloidia. but when you do. After this. regardless of anything else. you have to go back to Gregminster to get him again. though. McDohl uses his Soul Eater rune. it will evolve into a poison moth. and recruit McDohl at any time. Level 16 Weapon Strength: 165 (M) Commentary: McDohl is actually probably the true best character in the game. If you decide not to use him. and you’ll see McDohl there. and they’ll be sufficiently freaked by the two mute teens to get the hell out of Dodge. you’ll rescue Ko. Overall: A+ ** Ruloidia How to Recruit: After you get Abizboah. though. Not worth the sacrifice she demands. If you get Ruloidia. especially if you’re nostalgic. though. They’re both massively powerful. It’s up to you if you want to do this he’s easily worth it. and you’ll get to see the Soul Eater and the Bright Shield’s level 4 spells lay waste to the moth. After this quest. Go to get him. This rather quickly makes her totally useless. which is just as nasty as you remember it.in your party. and his level 2 spell is a 500 to all enemies affair. she’s pretty good. McDohl and Hero unite for an attack that’s almost as good as the Buddy Attack. though. What you do now doesn’t matter-if you can kill it. that if he ever leaves your party. there will be a lot of cut scenes. he competes with Hero on almost every level. identical to the last. and they’ll see McDohl.as a character.Hero . Level 16 Weapon Strength: N/A Commentary: Ruloidia is another big monster. if only because of his rune. and also a Flowing Rune to add some healing power. Aside from that. but in execution.Continue on to the Dock. F for screwing up the game. They left Ko back at that big open Boss clearing. and take him to Gregminster for treatment. and you can recruit Ruloidia. you should do his subquest as early as possible. As a character. and nasty magic. go back to the place where you got him with another Listening Crystal. Judgment is also just as nasty as it was before. Overall: B. but she’s also still pretty good. All your Suikoden 1 Characters will give him a cursory “Long time no see” speech blurb. He has massive amounts of magic. He has some nice equipment that you can loot. Take the normal path to Gregminster. You’ll eventually find the bandits who kidnapped Ko. you just can’t get all 108 Stars of Destiny. go ahead. This is the pinnacle of nostalgic characters. go to the . and at the Inn. as both characters are so ludicrously powerful. If you want. The Drawback is. fast. She’s a bit weaker than her husband. with the same Blue Drop Rune. While there. you can travel back to Gregminster. Kill it. it’s really just about the same. and after the situation is cleared up. have high HP and defense. lose to it. Aside from that. she’s just faster. Use it. you’ll find out that Ko’s actually went and gotten into real trouble. They’ll see Hero. Thing is.

Level 16 Weapon Strength: N/A Commentary: Chuchara is a baby octopus. F for the same reason as Ruloidia above. don’t use him or his mother at all. You’ll see Chuchara.com . don’t bother. Aside from that.docks in your castle. Chase him around until you his parents show up. And given that you have to sacrifice the best part of the game to use him. all he has going for him is the fact that he has the best physical defense in the game. Overall: D+ as a character. so he only takes up one attack slot. and he’ll join. Kode-panduan. So unless you need to soak up damage.blogspot. Nothing else about him has any merit at all.

Abizboah Bagaimana Merekrut: Jauhkan Crystal Mendengarkan sampai Anda mendapatkan ke Tinto Caverns. itu lebih mudah. Pahlawan Bagaimana Merekrut: . saya tidak bisa membayangkan orang tidak menyukai Hero. terlepas dari apakah Anda menyukainya. Setelah mantra 4 level membukanya. ada sebuah danau benar-benar besar. Menemukan tempat yang memicu Crystal. Kemudian lagi. dan juga mendapat Rune dahi setelah waktu yang cukup singkat. Secara keseluruhan: A + * 2. dan memiliki sihir yang baik. dapat melengkapi baju besi yang cukup bagus. itu tidak masalah.com 1.Web Gambar Maps Berita Terjemahan Buku Gmail selengkapnya ▼ Coba peramban baru dengan terjemahan otomatis. Anda harus mendapatkan Feather. Cara ke gua. itu pantas ditunggu. Terang-Nya Perisai Rune mungkin akan membuatnya menjadi besar-besaran yang berharga penyembuh sepanjang seluruh permainan. Anda harus menggunakan dia. jadi jika Anda ingin kata ajaib serangan pada dirinya.. jadi hanya tinggal bersamanya bukan . dan meskipun mantra serangan pada datang semacam terlambat. Mudah karakter terbaik Anda akan mendapatkan normal. Dia hanya tentang sekuat benar-benar besar kekuatan-berurusan kancing. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 170 (M) Komentar: Yah. Terjemahan Inggris ke Bahasa Indonesia Kode-panduan. dan menggunakannya. Abizboah akan bergabung dengan Anda. ia juga akan memiliki paling kuat serangan mantra.blogspot. Dia mendapat slot Rune kedua awal.com 1.. seperti Viktor dan Humphrey. Unduh Google Chrome Dari: Ke: Kode-panduan. Dia juga salah satu karakter tercepat dalam permainan.blogspot.

Lalu ia menginginkan Angin Crystal. Sejauh monster besar pergi. Anda dapat menyembuhkan kecepatan dengan Rune Spark. yang tidak akan memiliki tujuan banyak sampai istana Anda mulai mendapatkan vertikal. Anda harus melakukan ini secara penuh setelah thread petak Neclord. meskipun. mendapatkan dia Jizo Sacrificial. Membeli satu di toko armor Jendela Selatan. cukup mudah. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: N / A Komentar: Abizboah adalah karakter terkuat dalam permainan. Jika Pico dan Annallee bersama Anda. Anda dapat merekrut dia. Dapatkan di Runemaster juga di Window Selatan. dan memiliki Tek benar-benar miskin. Namun. dan dapat meletakkan beberapa limbah yang serius. Dia akan ingin Kayu Perisai berikutnya. Adlai adalah rumah di bagian Timur Laut kota. jadi tidak ada alasan untuk mengeluh. dan merupakan bagian dari Annallee itu band. Dia akan bergabung. Dia akan melanjutkan iklan infinitum. untuk beberapa alasan. Sampai Anda. dia mungkin Anda taruhan terbaik. Komentar: Melengkapi daftar Bintang Anda.Sigfried. dan jika Anda suka karakter seperti itu. itu bagus. Secara keseluruhan: B3. Namun. Begitu pilihan muncul. dia seorang Truk Mack. atau hanya mencuri satu dari salah satu orang Anda. Masalahnya. kepala ke Jendela Selatan. jika Anda benar-benar ingin menggunakan salah satu. Keseluruhan: N / A (Lift ini bernilai B. Abizboah adalah benar-benar lambat. dan itu akan mengakhiri rantai. yakin. Adlai Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah Anda Shu di pesta Anda. Nya Biru Jatuhkan Rune cukup berguna. Masuk ke dalam. Komentar: Anda akan menyukainya untuk membangun lift Anda. dekat Walikota rumah. namun tujuannya adalah akan menjadi sangat buruk tidak peduli apa yang Anda lakukan. Bolgan harus memiliki satu. Anda dapat membeli satu. karena itu dasarnya Attack Buddy. (Lihat dua bawah). kembali ke Tinto. Alberto Bagaimana Merekrut: Dapatkan Annallee dan Pico pertama. Alberto bekerja di toko Armor. lob Anda item pada Adlai daripada menyerah kepadanya. meskipun) 4. Kau mungkin melihatnya sebelum sekarang. Lalu. Cara merekrut dia bisa menjadi masalah hanya jika Anda seorang idiot yang tidak dapat membedakan pola. Dan juga anggota dorkiest-cari dari kata . dan dia akan meminta Anda untuk menjalankan tugas untuk Anda. Pertama.

Anda akan memiliki dua orang gemuk dalam tim Anda jika Anda memilih untuk menggunakannya. tidak seperti ketika Anda pertama kali mendapatkan Rikimaru. ketika Anda mencoba untuk berbaris perahu.ensemble. tetapi kerusakan kolom adalah sebagai berguna sebagai. dan memberitahu mereka kebenaran tentang siapa Anda. Setelah itu skenario. Keseluruhan: C 7. Berbicara dengan mereka. Anda hanya dapat . dan karena dia adalah Mid-ranger. bermain Chinchirorin. dan hanya seperti di Suikoden 1. Alex dan Hilda akan berada di sana. dan di lantai dua. tepat di samping Inn Hilda. Datar. meskipun. Amada benar-benar tidak semua yang baik. menunggu sampai Desa Banner. dan sebagai dengan semua pemilik toko lain di Anda toko. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (M) Komentar: Meskipun Hit Points yang sangat tinggi. C + untuk kegunaan tokonya) N / A 6. dan duel lagi. Anda akan memiliki untuk berduel dia untuk menutup pintu gerbang banjir. dan kemudian bertanya. mencari dua menit. Komentar: Alex item penyimpanan istana Anda pemiliknya. tidak melakukan banyak-itu jauh lebih baik. Ketika Anda mendapatkan Amada. Rikimaru itu ATK dan Unite Manly cukup berguna. untuk Kerusakan 2x ke kolom. Dia kemudian akan bergabung dengan Anda. Amada Bagaimana Merekrut: Ketika mencoba untuk merekrut Shu di Radat. Alex Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah menduduki istana Anda. Anda tahu. Keseluruhan: N / A (C untuk kegunaan lagu) 5. dan lakukan sebagai nikmat sebanyak dia bertanya. Anda akan cenderung menempatkan dia di barisan belakang bagaimanapun sehingga Anda dapat menampung Pendek penjaga. Semuanya: (. Anda mungkin akan memiliki lebih orang untuk memilih dari. dia menjual tidak menemukan langka. di mana dia akan berada di Inn. Dalam kasus Anda rentan terhadap pencarian sebuah FAQ bukan. Anita Bagaimana Merekrut: Meskipun dimungkinkan untuk merekrut Anita dari Bar di Muse-dia akan duduk di sana. Lihat Annallee bawah. sampai pilihan baginya untuk bergabung muncul. pergi ke Inn di Jendela selatan. dan dapat menjual apa pun yang Anda pernah melihat dalam sebuah item penyimpanan. Anda harus kembali padanya lagi. Keduanya akan bergabung dengan Anda. Ini di atas bar Leona. tapi saya tidak melihatnya sebagai layak. dan kurang dari kerumitan. Toko Alex tidak di deretan toko utama. mengatakan. Dia lambat.

atau hanya diabaikan. dia akan menawarkan sebuah lagu bukan. Nya Falcon Rune juga cukup bagus. tidak. pergi ke bukit berumput ke kanan rumah Walikota. dia akan diusir dari Inn karena tidak memiliki uang. dan mengunjungi Inn. namun dijalankan di sana. bagaimanapun. dia akan cukup beberapa tingkat lebih tinggi dari Anda. tetapi ketika Annallee menyanyikan lagu sebelum bergabung dengan Anda. Dalam sebuah adegan yang mengejutkan emosional bagi opsional karakter. Pikiran orang email saya jika mereka tahu ada apa dengan ini? Keseluruhan: N / A (C untuk kegunaan dan menyenangkan lagu) . dan menjauhkan diri dari menjadi brengsek. kembali ke Window Selatan. itu bukan Anne Heche. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 150 (S) Komentar: Anita cukup bagus. Komentar: Annallee adalah yang pertama dari tiga anggota-anggota band Anda harus merekrut. . Jika Anda menggunakan Valeria. dan dengan demikian dia akan berharga dalam pertempuran mendatang melawan Luca. jika Anda malas. juga. suara permainan hanya kosong keluar. Dia mungkin tidak buff kebanyakan dari Anda yang lain pendek jarak penyerang. Anda cukup dapat banyak mendapatkan nya setiap waktu setelah itu).berbicara dengannya dengan Valeria dalam partai Anda. disadap neraka keluar dari saya. Annallee Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah mengalahkan Luca (terburu-buru Tidak. dan kemudian Alberto. terutama. Dia keluar dari pandangan di jalan utama. Jika Anda berbicara dengannya. Mereka akan menyanyikan lagu-lagu berbagai permainan untuk Anda sebagai Anda mendapatkan mereka. mereka dapat bersatu serangan besar-besaran menghancurkan. karena saya hampir tidak pernah melihatnya pula. Aku hanya mencoba dan menemukan beberapa musik MP3 suasana di daftar saya untuk make up untuk itu. dan Anda akan melihatnya. dia akan bergabung. ia tampaknya layak pertukaran. Kebetulan. Saya tidak yakin apakah ini adalah bug di salinan permainan. tapi Innkeeper akan masih mengusirnya. Setelah itu adalah Pico. tetapi semua dalam semua. Secara keseluruhan: B + 8. Mereka bersembunyi di balik panggung di lantai 2 kastil Anda. sebagai Hit-% dapat dinegasikan dengan Amulet guntur. _ Setelah itu. meskipun aku belum pernah melakukan ini. Sebelum dia pergi. dengan asumsi Anda melakukannya di Banner. Dan. Ketika Anda pertama kali mendapatkan dia. Permainan memutuskan untuk tidak menjelaskan mengapa ia dan Anita yang saingan.

Kemudian lagi. sebagian besar waktu. dan ia samar-samar akan bergabung beberapa saat setelah itu. dia akan bertanya-tanya apa yang Anda lakukan. sehingga Anda akan mengharapkan beberapa kekuatan dari . dan Anda tidak. Dia sangat mudah untuk menemukan. dan setelah memerangi Griffins beberapa lainnya. Apel Bagaimana Merekrut: Apple akan bertemu dengan Anda di Toto. Ayda Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah mendapatkan Kristal Mendengarkan dari Badeaux. sehingga membuat FAQ ini secara keseluruhan dan bukan diperdebatkan. Itu tidak banyak bicara. setengahterbelakang. Dia pendek jangkauan. hanya meninggalkan ini saja. saya opini bagaimanapun. Dia seorang pemanah yang layak. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 147 (L) Komentar: Ayda benar-benar hanya karakter biasa-biasa saja. tetapi jika Anda merasa perlu putus asa untuk memukul segala sesuatu. Badeaux Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah Anda dapat mengakses GreenhillMatilda Jalan Hutan. Secara keseluruhan: C + 11. mengambil Shiro (serigala) di sana. karena 90% dari penilaian saya diberikan estetis. Ia memiliki serangan bersatu dengan dua monster. . kecuali jika Anda benar-benar seperti aspek strategi. ia mungkin pemanah terbaik.9. itu bukan serangan hebat. sehingga Anda dapat. dan dia akan memberikan dua mendengarkan kristal untuk merekrut L-Sized Monster. tetapi ada yang lebih baik begitu banyak lama-penjaga di luar sana bahwa Anda akan lupa tentang cepat cantik. setelah terbakar. Keseluruhan: N / A (C untuk kegunaan mengatur ulang unit tentara) 10. Dia akan bergabung. tapi kecuali Anda benar-benar dalam menggunakan monster untuk beberapa alasan. Mengawal kembali ke Fort Mercenary. tapi dia benar-benar jenis lemah. dan benar-benar memiliki tujuan kali ini melalui. Dia dapat bersatu dengan Stallion atau Kinnison untuk Serangan Bow. dan dia cukup cepat. dan berbicara dengan dia. Jika Anda berbicara dengannya. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 165 (S) Komentar: Meh. pergi ke Hutan Desa. Badeaux adalah jenis karakter yang saya benar-benar tidak bisa masuk ke dalam. terobsesi Mathiu otaku persona di pertandingan sebelumnya. Damned ambiguitas. Anda dapat mengubah susunan pasukan Anda untuk strategi pertempuran-tapi permainan melakukan pekerjaan yang baik ini juga. setidaknya. dan jika Anda memilih untuk menggunakan kristal untuk Griffin-Feather-dia bergabung. Anda akan melihat adegan menjaganya sebuah Griffin terluka. Komentar: Apple tampaknya telah matang dari gila.

Keseluruhan: N / A (A-untuk kegunaan gudang nya) 13. Barbara Bagaimana Merekrut: Anda akan melihat ketika Anda sedang ditahan di Benteng Mercenary. tapi membuatnya begitu bodoh. Secara keseluruhan: C14. Dia akan menghilang. Quistis akan membuang-buang pantat maaf nya. aku tidak bisa melihat mengapa orang akan repot-repot. tapi tak terhindarkan. dia kehilangan poin besar-besaran untuk menggunakan sebagai senjata keren seperti cambuk. dan tidak menjamin dengan menggunakan. . Nya bentuk manusia serigala sebenarnya cukup baik. Ditambah dengan fakta bahwa dia diterima-tidak besar-sebagai manusia serigala. Dan. terus terang. tidak seperti Rock di S1. Dia akan kemudian bergabung kembali secara otomatis karena Anda maju cerita dalam Coronet sebelum pergi ke Kuskus. Secara keseluruhan: D + 12. Bolgan Bagaimana Merekrut: Dia akan bergabung bersama dengan saudara-saudara perempuannya di Ryube sampai Anda berakhir di Kyaro. Anda dapat mengambil atau tidak setelah ia bergabung untuk nyata. jangan fiksasi Rastafarian. ketika mereka bertiga akan pergi. ia lebih baik daripada. Jadi kau harus menjual barang-barang yang dapat digunakan untuk menjaga gudang Anda. Nya bentuk manusia benar-benar tidak ada yang istimewa. Anda mungkin akan melihat dia beberapa kali sebelum Anda dapat mendapatkan dia. tetapi mengingat bahwa dibutuhkan mengubah untuk mengubah ke dalam. Bob Bagaimana Merekrut: Dia berjalan di sekitar Distrik Kobold Dua Kota sungai. saya merekomendasikan pemberian nya semua hal yang Anda tidak perlu untuk sementara waktu. tetapi kemudian muncul kembali dan bergabung secara otomatis ketika istana didirikan. Badeaux (* batuk *). Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 165 (M) Komentar: Yah. katakanlah.dia hanya tidak layak. Barbara hanya bisa menyimpan 60 item . Komentar: Sebelum Anda harus melarikan diri benteng. Setelah Anda memiliki 80 anggota +. adalah sangat tidak layak. dia akan bergabung. Tidak menyenangkan.6 layar penuh. dan Anda tidak dapat membawa barang-barang yang sangat banyak. Kebetulan. karena Anda tidak akan melihatnya sampai istana Anda didirikan.

dari Suikoden ketenaran. sehingga dia bisa agak layak. Keseluruhan: B 16. begitu. sebagai bersatu dengan saudara-saudara perempuannya yang tidak fenomenal bagaimanapun.yang lain semua melibatkan menyakiti baik dirinya maupun seluruh partai. tidak ada alasan repot. bagaimanapun. Yah. tapi mengingat kau harus menyerah slot dua karakter untuk menggunakannya. tidak sepenuhnya. sebuah front-liner yang cukup bagus. Juga penting untuk tidak mengucapkan nya kemiripan dengan eksistensialis Perancis dengan nama yang sama. dan itu tidak semua yang baik di tempat pertama. dan bukan yang sangat baik penyihir. dia. Selain itu. Camus Bagaimana Merekrut: Sebagai bagian dari cerita. ada sedikit alasan untuk repot-repot. atau apakah peran perempuan dalam satu tampaknya agak bodoh? Keseluruhan: D 15. animasi serangan membutuhkan yang sangat lama-sebanyak . Sayangnya. dan Anda akan bisa melihat bahwa pada awal permainan pula. tetapi hanya satu dengan saudara-saudara perempuannya berguna . tetapi tidak benar-benar layak dibandingkan dengan banyak dari kuat depan liners. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (S) Komentar: Nah. dikombinasikan dengan poin memukul rendah. dan umumnya semuasekitar statistik yang rendah membuatnya jarang digunakan. Dia memiliki bersatu dengan Sid. akhirnya ia akan memutuskan untuk bergabung dengan Anda ketika Anda akhirnya meninggalkan. dan sering sia-sia.Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 135 (S) Komentar: Untuk front liner-. Jika Anda ragu. Dia memiliki Marah Rune permanen ditempelkan pada dirinya sendiri. Chaco Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah cukup banyak reruntuhan waktu Anda di Dua Sungai. akhirnya. sungguh. jika Anda memutuskan untuk menempatkan dia untuk yang menggunakan tertentu. Alen dan Granseal. adalah sopan kuat. tentu saja. Selain itu. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (M) Komentar: Dia mid-range. dia pria Anda. jadi diberikan semacam berguna. dia akan bergabung dengan Anda di Rockaxe dengan Miklotov setelah mereka meninggalkan Gorudo. jika Anda ingin). Dia memiliki tiga serangan bersatu dengan beragam orang. sekali lagi. Apakah hanya saya. tetapi ada pasti penyihir yang lebih baik. cukup membosankan. atau hanya seperti cowok cute Ksatria Kembar. sangat off-menempatkan kepribadian. Dia sopan yang kuat. dia seorang pejuang yang layak. dan ia menyerang bersatu dengan Miklotov (Dan juga Flik.

Set suara semua fenomenal bodoh. Setelah melarikan diri Greenhill. yang melibatkan berderit lebih dan suara binatang dari Anda dapat goyang 10-kaki tiang di. dan Clive akan menanyakan apakah Anda sudah melihatnya. bahkan sebagai karakter pembantu. seorang wanita dengan jubah putih.Saya suka pertempuran acak mengambil sejumlah besar waktu menunggu kosong. Anda akan bertemu lagi di Window Selatan. aku pikir saya terpaksa abstain. tapi berbicara dengannya tidak berguna sampai Anda sudah diperoleh sendiri perahu. Menerima tawaran itu. dia akan mendapatkan Anda di tengah dari perkelahian senjata dengan dirinya sendiri dan Clive. Elza akan bertemu Anda lagi. yang meminta Anda memegang beberapa paket. Itu ekspresi yang benar-benar bodoh. . dan nya keahlian sihir diabaikan. tapi itu tidak ada bodoh daripada memiliki mengembik hewan pada Anda ketika Anda mencoba untuk membuka menu untuk mendapatkan kata tiang. Dia akan melongo. Lanjutkan Utara. Cobalah. Connell Bagaimana Merekrut: Connell yang berkeliaran di Desa Hutan. dan kemudian Anda bisa memintanya untuk bergabung. tetapi yang paling penting. Ketika Anda pergi untuk keluar Muse. Connell tidak baik. Setelah itu. telah besar. Anda akan menemukan Elza. dia dapat memusnahkan sesuatu yang mengerikan musuh. dengan mengeset suara dalam Anda persediaan. dia tambahan menyambut pihak manapun. Sementara HP-nya adalah jenis rendah. Dan hanya mencoba untuk berpura-pura bahwa dia tidak amat keren. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (L) Komentar: Clive mungkin penyerang jarak jauh terbaik Anda bisa berharap untuk mendapatkan. Ini sama sekali tidak langka bagi dia untuk menyerang 3 atau 4 musuh dalam satu serangan. Bicara dengan dia sekali Anda memiliki sebuah perahu. Jika Anda memberinya Mengalahkan Rune ganda. Connell hang out di lantai 3 aerie Anda. dan dia akan bergabung. Connell! Meskipun nya rupanya memegang Magister Linguistik. dan membalas Anda dengan Suara Set untuk membantunya. memiliki serangan yang layak (dipudarkan di jangka panjang listrik hanya oleh Lo Wen). besar keterampilan. Clive Bagaimana Merekrut: Di sebuah gang di sisi barat Muse sebelum pekerjaan. dan kemudian kabur. Komentar: Phonologist pada Besar. Tidak peduli apa yang Anda katakan. pergi dan mengunjunginya. Secara keseluruhan: B + 18. Kemudian. Dia sangat cepat. setelah merekrut Shu. Secara keseluruhan: C17.

Emilia Bagaimana Merekrut: Ketika Anda infiltrasi Greenhill untuk pertama kalinya waktu. Lanjutkan dengan misi Greenhill setelah itu. Eilie Bagaimana Merekrut: Lihat Bolgan atas. Emilia adalah resepsionis di akademi yang tepat. Bulu Bagaimana Merekrut: Lihat Ayda atas. Setelah dia memberikan tur. Menyenangkan. dan pilih antara Abizboah dan Sigfried. Anda melakukan ini dengan benar jika dia mengatakan "Jangan khawatir. dia cukup karakter yang kompeten. dan dalam situasi yang sama. terlalu. sehingga melihat menggunakan kurang. Apa Anda ingin saya katakan? Dia membosankan. Feather cukup kuatlebih dari Siegfried. Bulu akan bergabung pada saat yang sama waktu jika Anda menggunakan Crystal Mendengarkan sementara di sana. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (L) Komentar: Untuk penyihir Long-range. Paling cocok untuk penggunaan eksklusif sebagai seorang penyihir. yang freakout materi yang cukup bagi kebanyakan dari kita. dan yang menakutkan seksi dan Lisa Loeb-ish untuk pustakawan. dan dia akan membiarkan Anda membacanya. jadi lakukan saja. dan dia cukup cepat. dan menceritakan kebenaran tentang misi Anda. Dia bergabung pada waktu yang sama. meskipun dia tidak pernah tidak mendapatkan slot dahi Rune. Bagaimanapun. berbicara dengannya lagi. terutama jika Anda mengambil suka dengan dirinya. tapi dia tidak benar-benar bergabung.Keseluruhan: N / A (D-untuk kegunaan dan bijaksana perubahan suara) 19. Komentar: Dia pustakawan istana Anda. Tidak pernah menunjukkan dirinya bergabung. Jika Anda merasa daya tarik . memberinya buku-buku tua Anda menemukan. Keseluruhan: N / A (C-untuk kegunaan apa tidak) 21. asalkan engkau percaya dalam dirinya. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: NA (M) Komentar: Para Monster yang besar umumnya tidak sesuatu yang saya bahkan akan benar-benar repot-repot dengan dalam kebanyakan kasus. aku di Anda sisi "atau! sejenisnya jika Anda berbicara dengannya kemudian. Secara keseluruhan: B20. Meskipun tidak mahir seperti dirinya adik. Perhatikan bahwa mengambil Feather bersama diperlukan untuk mendapatkan Ayda. eh? Perpustakaan nya adalah bangunan untuk layar sebelah kiri pintu masuk utama ke istana-aku merindukan ini pertama kalinya saya bermain untuk waktu yang cukup lama. serangan nya cukup kuat. tetapi kurang dari Abizboah.

Keseluruhan: N / A (D-selamanya-berharga pelayanannya) 23. Anda tidak bisa menghindarinya jika Anda mencoba. Tambahkan semua ini ke karakter cerita yang sangat berorientasi. Komentar: karakter berguna Damned. Nya petir Rune akan tetap padanya waktu lama bagi atasan. Keseluruhan: Sebuah 24. dan Anda mendapatkan karakter yang sebagian besar bahwa setiap orang hampir bermain game akan digunakan sebagai hal yang biasa. ketika Makai memberitahu dia untuk pergi dengan Anda. Dia akan bergabung Anda secara berkala dan sebelum ia secara otomatis menjadi karakter permanen. dan setiap Rune sihir lainnya Anda memasang untuk dia dengan mudah akan membuat dirinya berharga. yang . Cobalah meskipun aku harus mengatakan pada diri sendiri tidak untuk menggunakannya pada replay melalui. Fitcher Bagaimana Merekrut: Dia akan bergabung dengan partai Anda secara otomatis setelah Dua Sungai. ia membuat untuk itu dengan menjadi Magician besar-besaran yang besar. Bulu tidak memiliki kekuatan brute Abizboah. Nah. tapi sama sekali tidak menyediakan pelayanan yang nyata di bermain game. Ada sesuatu sangat bodoh tentang mengambil jalan tengah dengan sesuatu seperti monster raksasa.dengan Monster. Tidak menyenangkan dalam permainan. sebaliknya. dan cukup tinggi. Hanya mendidih di dia. Flik Bagaimana Merekrut: Anda akan bertemu dengannya setelah melompat dari tebing Jowy melarikan diri dengan saat Rowd dan Luca di awal permainan. baik. manusia yang mengerikan. Sementara HP-nya yang sengatan rendah. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 150 (S) Komentar: Banyak seperti itu tidak mungkin untuk tidak menyukai Flik. atau kekuatan magis Siegried. Dia sangat mahir pendek-line penyerang-cepat Peringkat keterampilan. meskipun. kuat. hampir hal yang sama berlaku Freedy. Fitcher cukup berpengaruh di plot. menurut pendapat saya. Freed Y (Freedy) Bagaimana Merekrut: Dia akan memaksa dirinya ke Anda di Window Selatan. Dia salah satu dari beberapa karakter memiliki dua tingkat 4 slot sihir pada setiap waras tingkat. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 150 (S) Komentar: Flik adalah penggemar. aku tidak bisa melaksanakan dengan itu. Jangan khawatir. Keseluruhan: D 22. Aku menjadi lemah.

Futch Bagaimana Merekrut: Di Desa Highway. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (M) Komentar: Well. Tapi. Humphrey akan membayar untuk penginapan Anda. telah cukup rendah semua-sekitar statistik (dengan sihir dan kecepatan penderitaan terberat pukulan). dia pasti berandal kecil yang lucu. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (L) Komentar: Yah. dan ingin penyerang. dia bisa lebih buruk. Statistik nya semua-sekitar bawah rata-rata. dia cukup lumayan. Nya sebagai sebuah front-kapal membuat ini bahkan lebih buruk. Freedy secara massal mengganggu dalam kepribadian. Setelah mengalahkan Harpy dan menemukan Naga. tapi Anda dapat menaruh beberapa baju besi yang cukup bagus di dia. Secara keseluruhan: C + 26. Humphrey dan Futch akan bergabung dengan Anda untuk nyata. Keseluruhan: D 25.cukup dekat. Jika Anda putus asa seperti Kobolds-Situasi menimpa banyak saya ragu-Anda dapat menggunakan kedua dia dan idolanya Gengen dan mereka menyerang bersatu. dalam keadaan apapun. jangan khawatir. dan setelah percakapan Anda. Bicara padanya. dan mungkin akan mendapatkan hancur sementara tidak melakukan kerusakan nyata banyak. Rakutei ke utara. Bawa Gengen melihatnya. dengan panjang ditembak. Sayangnya. dan pada dasarnya terus ini sampai Anda mendengar bahwa Kent telah melarikan diri." tapi dia. Kent akan mendengar tentang naga di gunung. Anda akan melihat adegan dari Futch dan seorang anak bernama Kent luar berbicara tentang naga. dan hanya memberikan kesan keseluruhan bahwa orang ini tidak boleh. Jika Anda memiliki belakang terbuka slot. dan dia dengan senang hati akan mengikuti Anda keluar. dia akan melakukannya berulang. dan menyelesaikan quest. sehingga dapat pekerjaan itu sendiri keluar. Pergilah ke sana. Bicara dengan Humphrey lagi. digunakan. sehingga. untuk kapal kembali. Gabocha Bagaimana Merekrut: Dia bersembunyi di rumahnya di Distrik Kobold Dua Rivers. karena tidak ada cara untuk menggunakannya tanpa mengorbankan siapa pun yang benar-benar keren. Humphrey dan Futch akan bergabung dengan Anda untuk menyimpan Kent ke utara. Dia telah baddish HP dan pertahanan. dia tidak akan hanya memaksa dirinya pada Anda dengan waktu satu cerita. Semua statistik yang lain adalah sedikit di atas rata-rata. dan . Anda akan menemukan Humphrey dalam Inn. dia bukan yang terburuk yang dapat Anda lakukan. hilang. Anda akan belajar membencinya cepat. Ia tidak mengatakan "Gabocha bergabung dengan Anda. ia sangat lemah.

Anda dapat memenangkan Whistle Anjing untuk meningkatkan peluang ini dari liga tertinggi Climbing Rope. terutama salah satu dari 100-serangan pendek rentang penyihir. dan ia akan menyatakan dirinya hebat imam. Kebanyakan orang juga tampaknya memiliki masalah dengan membawa diri mereka untuk menggunakan per barel sebagai serius kombatan. Dia akan bergabung. Secara keseluruhan: C + <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Jason "Up melawan" Waller menyarankan: Saya menemukan bahwa Anda tidak harus menunggu sampai setelah skenario pertama Greenhill untuk mendapatkan Meg dan Gadget. Dia akan dipaksa untuk datang. dan mengalahkan dia dalam kontes itu. Tentu saja. terhadap martabat nya. tetapi bersatu dengan Meg adalah bagus. Gantetsu Bagaimana Merekrut: Anda akan melihatnya berdiri di Window Selatan segera saat Anda sampai di sana pertama kali. Dia dibangun seperti tangki (meskipun satu kayu). Anda bisa mendapatkan mereka secara signifikan lebih awal. juga. Ia jatuh pendek di beberapa daerah.harapan untuk versi 1 / 10. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: N / A (S) Komentar: Gadget. mengambil sebuah pesta dengan total kekuatan yang baik untuk pergi dan melihatnya. ia telah menyerang sangat bagus dan pertahanan. untuk per barel. ada alasan mendasar mengapa Luc dan Viki tidak memiliki serangan besar-besaran dan . Saya di antara mereka. setelah Anda mengalahkan Neclord. Banyak kemudian. tetapi tidak menunjukkan tanda-tanda bergabung. dan telah cukup baik kekuatan serangan. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 100 (S) Komentar: Untuk mage. Saya juga hanya memilih untuk meninggalkan dia di puri untuk melanjutkan nya selalu bermartabat lari dari yang jahat pencipta. saya percaya itu tepat setelah skenario Sungai Dua. Gadget Bagaimana Merekrut: Lihat Meg bawah. karakter cukup bagus. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 28. Secara keseluruhan: C27. jika Anda bisa membawa diri untuk menggunakannya.

" Secara keseluruhan: D29. ia tidak begitu mengerikan seperti yang saya ingin untuk memiliki dia harus. dan harapan untuk benar-benar baik serangan Kobold mereka. Genshu dan Shin memiliki satu bersama-sama. Ini bukan yang terbaik. Pengintai sulit seperti membutuhkan sangat besar pengawasan. karena ia akan mati langsung jika Anda mencoba menggunakan salah satu dari fisiknya "Kekuatan. Nya Rune cukup berguna. masih akan diblokir off oleh tentara. mungkin worth it. kurang perlu putus asa untuk penyihir besarbesaran. Dia akan berakhir secara otomatis bergabung kemudian sebagai tentara Anda berkembang. Selain itu. yaitu. Jika Anda memiliki cukup merekrut dan senjata yang cukup tajam. Anda mungkin tidak akan menggunakan dia sangat banyak. Tapi jika Anda merasa perlu itu. semua besar-besaran lebih baik orang. dia bukan karakter yang harus diabaikan. meskipun. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 160 (S) Komentar: Genshu adalah pendekar semua-sekitar yang baik. tetapi mengingat bahwa Genshu adalah karakter cukup bagus. tidak ada yang akan menggunakannya untuk itu. dan.pertahanan. Statistik nya cukup rata-rata semua-sekitar. Berikan ke Tessai. Anda dapat naik perahu kembali ke Kuskus. dia cukup baik untuk memiliki. Dalam awal permainan. Kemungkinan. Anda dapat menggunakan dia dan Gabocha. Anda bisa mendapatkan Hammer Perak dari salah satu pekerja magang di Blacksmith Sekolah. Anda mungkin harus mengambil pil lagi dan berharap itu pergi. Gengen Bagaimana Merekrut: Dia akan bergabung di benteng tentara bayaran untuk membantu Anda pergi mendapatkan tepung. pula. rupanya. namun ia Tek cukup atas rata-rata. dan ajaibnya bahkan tidak semua yang fantastis. . Genshu Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah merebut kembali Greenhill dari pasukan Yuber itu. kalau itu sesuatu yang menarik minat Anda. Dia masih cukup lemah. ia akan bergabung. tetapi Genshu akan berdiri dalam cara yang sangat jelas benar-benar dekat dengan mana Anda mendapatkan dari perahu. tetapi kebanyakan orang tidak melihatnya seperti sia-sia. Keseluruhan: C 30. Jika Anda benar-benar ingin. Setelah istana Anda adalah sebesar 100 +-ish merekrut. untuk Kobold. sebagai seperti. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 150 (S) Komentar: Nah. semacam sihir nya menderita untuk itu. tapi dia cepat dikalahkan oleh. Jika Anda jenis orang yang yang besar pada bersatu serangan yang melanda seluruh rombongan musuh. baik. dan mempertajam senjata seseorang sampai level 15.

tentu saja. Dia akan memainkan bagian dalam cerita untuk sementara waktu. ketika Anda berada di sana dengan Koyu. sehingga Anda mungkin hanya ingin berkonsentrasi pada menyerang dengan dia. Ia cenderung kehilangan sedikit lebih sering. dia karakter yang hebat bagaimanapun. sehingga Anda tidak perlu khawatir tentang membebaskan slot garis depan. Ia memiliki serangan bersatu dengan-Nya dua saudara kandung. Anda mungkin telah bertemu dengannya-he'll penyelamatan / mendorong Anda jika Anda memutuskan untuk meninggalkan perang. pakaian nya hanya jeritan 'COKLAT!' yang benar-benar sesuatu yang hanya harus dikatakan tenang. Secara keseluruhan: B + . Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 160 (S) Komentar: Georg benar-benar cukup karakter menakjubkan. Georg akan berdiri di Mountain Pass Drakehill-Tigermouth. Seorang pria besar untuk memiliki sekitar. Tapi. aku seperti Gijimu banyak. pada ceruk kecil ke sisi jalan utama. dan. Anda akan berjalan ke dia di Mountain Pass. adalah penyerang fisik yang paling kuat di permainan. Dia. Georg Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah mengalahkan Neclord. Tambahkan ke fakta bahwa dia sebenarnya baik cepat. dan beberapa serangan jahat dan pertahanan. Gijimu Bagaimana Merekrut: Selama skenario Tinto / Neclord. Bagaimanapun. ia memiliki serangan ganda seperti pahlawan. Kemudian lagi. Tergantung pada apakah atau tidak Anda mencoba untuk meninggalkan perang dengan Nanami.terutama terhadap atasan. Kemudian. dia akan bergabung dengan Anda. mungkin menghemat Pesmerga. tapi itu benar-benar tidak layak. setelah Anda telah membunuh Neclord. dan juga dimulai sekitar 10 tingkat lebih tinggi dari pahlawan Anda (mungkin tentang tingkat 60). seluruh. benar-benar bodoh dengan sihir. dan dia akan bergabung Anda jika Anda berjanji untuk melihat perang melalui sampai akhir. Secara keseluruhan: B31. telah cukup bagus statistik. sihir adalah sebagai dekat dengan apa yang Anda bisa berharap untuk mendapatkan. Cari dan bicara padanya. Menyetujui akan baik. Dia kisaran tengah. Secara keseluruhan: A32. tetapi Anda tidak harus menggunakan untuk itu bagaimanapun. Meskipun minim peran dalam cerita. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 175 (M) Komentar: Meskipun beberapa pakaian yang benar-benar norak dan cambang. seperti slot kosong melawan lebih baik daripada saudara-saudaranya. dan Anda memiliki karakter mudah layak menggunakan. senjata brutal kuat. ayolah. dan selera mode bahwa Anda tidak harus goyang 10-kaki tiang pada. dan.

karena anda mungkin memiliki rasa yang baik. dan dia akan memberitahu Anda bahwa Anda harus membuat 50. Cobalah untuk menemukan Teks Kuno di Desa Kobold. Anda akan berharap kau tidak pernah melihatnya selama pencarian Anda untuk mendapatkan dia. jadi aku hanya akan meninggalkan di itu.33. Cukup gunakan sebagai Anda akan ada tim penyerang agak kuat yang normal. Komentar: Perdagangan menyebalkan. hanya menampilkan wajahnya selama pertempuran strategi. Saya tidak bisa berharap untuk mengekspresikan kebencian saya terhadap Gordon dalam kata-kata. Gilbert Bagaimana Merekrut: Dalam pertempuran strategi pertama Anda yang tidak melibatkan Fort Mercenary (Pertempuran # 3. Anda telah mengabaikan mereka. Unitnya yang layak (7 / 8). Satu-satunya alasan repot-repot dengan itu adalah untuk mendapatkan Gordon. Keseluruhan: N / A (F. Pokoknya. tapi tidak ada khusus.) . setiap kali melalui.000 Anda harus mendapatkan. Aku selalu telah tertusuk pada roda ini khusus. Gordon adalah trademaster dari Gregminster -Mengunjungi dia di toko di barat daya kota. Jerk. Keseluruhan: N / A (C kegunaan dalam pertempuran) 34. Anda akan membutuhkan keberuntungan dan ketekunan menjengkelkan untuk menjaga ini dari berubah menjadi roda Catherine dari sebuah pencarian. dan tidak memiliki kemampuan khusus bawaan. Gordon Bagaimana Merekrut: Gordon mendapat suara saya untuk apa yang harus paling karakter menjengkelkan untuk merekrut. jika Anda belum tersandung di salah satu. Anda harus merusak dan tidak membunuh dia untuk mendapatkan dia untuk bergabung. Hanya membeli rendah dan menjual tinggi. Perdagangan bernilai kurang dari nilai F. Pastikan untuk membeli sebuah Mm Celadon bentuk dia untuk menggunakan untuk merekrut Lebrante. Komentar: Gilbert adalah pemimpin pasukan. tapi aku menahan sendiri. Gilbert akan berada di pasukan musuh. tetapi Pastikan untuk menyimpan sebelum pertempuran ini. hanya jika sesuatu terjadi. kau sendiri dengan itu. dan. dan menjualnya di Desa Hutan. Aku sebenarnya tidak yakin mekanisme yang tepat untuk mendapatkan dia untuk bergabung. Anda sudah tidak diragukan melihat perdagangan posting di kota-kota di seluruh dunia. dan membeli barang dalam perdagangan tidak mempengaruhi 50. Bagaimanapun.000 potch dengan trading sendiri sebelum dia akan bergabung. sedikit terpisah dari mereka. di mana Anda membela Muse).

Biarkan dia. Tambahkan ke fakta bahwa dia seorang penyerang jarak pendek dengan pertahanan dan HP lebih buruk daripada kebanyakan kembali penyerang baris. menjualnya di Desa Hutan. sehingga Anda dapat membeli mereka dari dia. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 165 (S) Komentar: Blech. Biarkan dia Kitchen dan mini cukup membosankan / tidak berguna Permainan. Permainan Suikoden tampaknya menikmati menempatkan berguna karakter yang seharusnya tidak diperbolehkan untuk berperang di pertempuran rotasi. Hai Yo Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah Skenario Sungai Dua. saya tidak ingat) melalui permainan dan tali climping menjual mereka untuk merekrut dia Gordon dibuat jauh lebih mudah. dan dengan demikian mendapatkan sekitar 45. Dia sama sekali tidak kekuatan. dan Anda dengan mudah salah satu karakter terburuk dalam permainan. dan pergi ke pintu di kanan. kembali ke Anda kastil. di mana mereka membeli Red Pepper (Juga tersedia dari Gregminster) dengan harga yang benar-benar cabul. mengapa Gadget hakim kontes nya? . <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 35. Jika push datang untuk mendorong.<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Sir Thomas Wilde Terhormat catatan: Ia mendapat jauh lebih mudah jika Anda mengambil keuntungan dari Gordon sendiri. Sebagai catatan. Jelajahi daerah sekitar sana sampai Anda menemukan Hai Yo berbicara dengan salah satu kroni generik Anda.000 dari 50. sisanya dapat diperoleh cukup mudah saat Anda membebaskan Rockaxe. saya menemukan bahwa hanya mendapatkan beberapa guci Celadon. dengan statistik semua-sekitar cukup rendah. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Jason "Off the" sugests Waller: Sejauh Gordon. Dia akan meminta untuk bergabung. (2 atau 3 dari mereka. Dia selalu memiliki setidaknya dua Teks Kuno ketika saya mengunjunginya. Hai Yo pasti salah satunya.000 potch yang Anda butuhkan. atau dengan mendapatkan Kristal Balls di Crom dan menjualnya di Desa Kobold.

Hans Bagaimana Merekrut: Anda akan mendengar orang berbicara tentang senjata pedagang di Two Rivers. Hanna akan bermuram durja di sekitar sana... tetapi dia gagal sebagai karakter menarik bagi saya pribadi.. Keseluruhan: N / A (B untuk kegunaan tokonya) 38. jika hal semacam itu mengapung perahu Anda. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 150 (S) Komentar: Hanna adalah karakter mencolok rata-rata. Terserah kepada Anda. Bukan hanya rata-rata di kekuasaan. Tidak lebih. Dia memiliki musuh semua bersatu dengan Oulan. Keseluruhan: C 37. yang mencoba untuk mendapatkan lisensi untuk menjalankan toko. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 160 (S) Komentar: serangan-Nya dan pertahanan keduanya cukup danged bagus. hanya untuk Armor bukan item. Anda bisa menebaknya ." "Blade Tinggi. Anda dapat meminta untuk setiap jumlah uang darinya." dan "Steel Blade. Hanna Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah Toto telah dibakar. meskipun. Pergi mengunjungi Hans di lantai kedua dari Inn Sungai Dua. dia akan menjual apapun non-langka menemukan Anda pernah melihat di toko-toko. sekalipun. Dia dengan mudah tampak seperti salah satu karakter paling dilupakan dalam permainan. Anda harus mendapatkan menggunakan beberapa dari dia jika Anda suka bermain-main dengan semua karakter Anda tanpa pengupasan partai utama Anda. dia . Komentar: Sama seperti Alex (lihat di atas). Hanya berbicara dengannya dan memintanya untuk bergabung. rata-rata dalam segala hal. Bahkan senjata itu hanya bernama "Blade. tapi itu akan memakan waktu lebih lama baginya untuk mencuri itu.. Hanna. Anda pasti tahu bagaimana cara menambahkan atmosfer untuk senjata. sungguh. Setiap pilihan akan menghasilkan bergabung dengan-Nya. tapi tidak sangat baik satu-keduanya akhirnya tidak seimbang. Sebagai prajurit." Oh. Bukan Hal yang paling berpengaruh dalam hal ini adalah bahwa potret karakter TELAH TIDAK . dan ton uang tergeletak di sekitar. rata-rata kompeten. dan benar-benar tidak layak dalam jangka panjang. dia bagi Anda. memiliki gambaran generik dan sprite.Secara keseluruhan: D36. Hauser Bagaimana Merekrut: Dia akan bergabung secara otomatis setelah Neclord yang skenario. Jika Anda seperti Konami cukup Amazon interpretasi yang aneh.

dia adalah) di pohon. Hilda Bagaimana Merekrut: Lihat Alex di atas. Anda harus mendapatkan tiga item untuk menyembuhkannya.. "sakit. di jalan yang sama Anda pergi sebelumnya untuk sampai ke bos.Anda bisa mendapatkannya dari toko item dalam Jendela Selatan. pergi ke Kobold Village. ini adalah satu yang cukup panjang.. sebagai HP nya tampaknya sedikit lebih rendah dari rata-rata untuk front liner-. kunjungi Penatua lagi. Anda akan melihat Tengaar dan Penatua (cepat satu. Dan Tengaar itu ahlinya membodohi Anda. Keseluruhan: N / A (A-untuk kegunaan Inn nya) 40. mengumpulkan harta itu. Ini masih ngeri saya keluar. tampak seperti dia memutar matanya." Hix dan Tengaar kemudian bergabung Anda. Unicorn nyata muncul untuk mengejutkan semua.Ini tepat di pintu masuk ke Gua Angin. Tengaar akan . Akhirnya. tentu saja.SISWA.. dan keesokan paginya. Dia bekerja cukup baik sebagai sebuah front-liner. dan hanya terjadi pada Quest Ambil akan "menyembuhkan" nya. Dia. Berbicara dengan mereka dan tinggal malam. karena Kobold akan berlari menjauh dekat masing-masing item. Umumnya hanya akan melemparkan dengan mengelupaskan dari ksatria generik ada sudah tampaknya dalam permainan ini. Hanya bersyukurlah Anda memiliki dia gunakan untuk sate mengucapkan keinginan Anda tidak pernah menghabiskan bahkan jumlah terkecil uang. . Berikutnya adalah Merah Bunga . Anda benar-benar berpikir mereka tidak akan bergabung bersama-sama? Komentar: Anda akan melihat banyak Hilda. Pertama adalah Blue Stone .. Cara kerja Anda melalui Unicorn Hutan. ia berlari Inn Anda. di terbaik.. Anda harus menemukan Hix dan bertengkar Tengaar di Lakewest Inn. Mereka memberitahu Anda bahwa semua itu hanya tes palsu (Sungguh?). berdebat mengambil "Unicorn itu Uji "Pokoknya. dan mengunjungi rumah Elder. Anda akan menemukan Bell." . Hix dan Tengaar akan ada. dan paling buruk terlihat seperti dia kesurupan. meskipun. Hanya kemudian. Anda harus mendapatkan Bell Hijau . Tengaar adalah salah satu paling lucu saat dalam permainan di sini. Secara keseluruhan: C39. Saya sarankan menanggapi dengan kebenaran) dan. Tidak banyak selain dari itu. Hix Bagaimana Merekrut: Oke. Sihirnya. dan kurangnya pertahanan di daerah yang bisa membuatnya terluka. Setelah Dua Skenario sungai. Setelah Anda memiliki Bell Hijau (Sama seperti komentar. Nah. dia akan memberitahu Anda untuk pergi ke Unicorn Woods untuk menemukan Tengaar. dan menangkis musuh (mereka mudah). Anda dapat mengetahui apakah Anda melakukan hal ini tepat. dan mereka lulus "tes.Pergilah cukup jauh ke Two Rivers Sewer. Kemudian. dan Hix berdiri untuk itu. Akhirnya. Tengaar adalah semacam cambuk Hix ke dalam bentuk. dan akhirnya. tetapi apapun. diabaikan.

juga. Nya bersatu dengan pacarnya bernilai cukup karma. Kehilangan poin untuk menanyakan tentang perut saya. Dia miskin dalam segala hal menyelamatkan akurasi. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 165 (M) Komentar: Bayangkan pahlawan. tapi kenapa akurat bila Anda tidak memiliki alasan nyata untuk begitu? Bahkan jika dia memukul. Kemampuan menyembuhkan Nya cukup berguna untuk pertempuran perang. slot kosong perkelahian lebih baik dari Hoi. dan setelah Anda mendapatkan dilempar keluar dari bar. tidak akan melakukan apa-apa. tapi dia akan tetap bagaimanapun. Hoi Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah membunuh Luca Blight. mengapa tidak memberikan garis depan nya slot untuk seseorang yang lebih baik? Secara keseluruhan: C41. Bagaimanapun. dia cukup cepat dan akurat. dan Anda memiliki Hoi. untuk beberapa alasan. benar-benar. dan kunjungi Bar. minus kepribadian dan pertempuran kemampuan dan sesuatu yang baik. . meskipun kerusakan 1x bersatu. keuntungan untuk perannya dalam cerita) 43. pergi ke Radat. My umum kecenderungan akan menendang wajah. tapi selain dari itu. Hix tidak tampak seperti dia layak masalahnya. namun yang benar-benar tampaknya seperti merugikan dia. Sedih. ia memainkan bagian yang cukup besar dalam satu twist plot besar di cerita. tapi hanya meminta Anda tentang perut Anda untuk sisa permainan. karena dia tidak dapat berdiri di tanah kekuasaannya sama dengan orang-orang seperti Humphrey dan Valeria. Huan Bagaimana Merekrut: Dia akan bergabung secara otomatis dengan rawa lainnya karakter pada pembentukan resmi istana Anda. Dia harus mengatakan tidak ada akhir cerita. Dia jenis tertekan ketika Anda membawanya kembali ke kastil. Hoi masih memiliki pakaian dan Tonfa. Untuk ksatria karakter. Bersatu dengan pahlawan yang lucu. Nah. Dia tidak layak dalam pencarian petak mendasar. Keseluruhan: N / A (C-. Melindunginya. namun ia magang wussy sedikit tidak. Komentar: Dia seorang pejuang non-.Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 150 (S) Komentar: Sama seperti Suikoden 1. dan umumnya hanya berpura-pura menjadi versi agak acak-acakan dari Anda. dan dia tentu tidak layak jengkel di sini. tetapi controller tampaknya tidak memiliki tombol itu. dia akan ikut dengan Anda. tapi karena Anda akan lebih baik disarankan untuk hanya menggunakan pacarnya dan mengabaikan dia. Secara keseluruhan: D42. Humphrey Bagaimana Merekrut: Lihat Futch atas.

hampir menjamin cedera ketika digunakan. pergi mencari anak ini setelah Anda berbicara dengan Jude. Dibangun seperti tank. Yudas harus di sana. juga. saya akan membayangkan. Itu tidak benar-benar pantas guru dari Runedom di akademi paling bergengsi di Negara-Kota. dia dengan mudah tinggi dalam pertarungan untuk slot garis depan. Dia akan mengatakan "Hee Tee" pada Anda.) 46. Meskipun saya sinisme dan persetujuan umum dari sikap seperti itu. Komentar: Lihat Alex di atas. dan memiliki banyak HP. Bagaimanapun. Dan tidak benar-benar tidak ada yang lain sama sekali. Terlalu buruk itu satu kali kesepakatan. ia cenderung bergerak secepat satu. Jess Bagaimana Merekrut: Dia melihat Anda seharusnya membunuh Annabelle sangat awal. Secara keseluruhan: B + 44. ke dalam kelas Blacksmith. Cukup murah juga. di Muse. Humphrey hanya tidak melakukan apa pun untuk saya di daerah itu. kembali ke akademi. Semuanya: (. setelah Greenhill. ia bergabung secara otomatis setelah Anda menyelesaikan Neclord. Keseluruhan: N / A (D untuk kegunaan dalam perang Dikombinasikan dengan mengucapkan. karena dia yang paling nyaman. lainnya tidak berguna. Harus sudah membunuh Jess bukan Annabelle. dan meskipun berteriak saya di permainan agar tidak terjadi. ia secara besar-besaran tidak percaya Anda. Jude Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah Anda membebaskan Greenhill. dan bug dia untuk bergabung dengan Anda dan dia akan. pergi ke Rune Shop di Two Rivers. Dia juga akan utama Anda Rune affixer / remover. Selain itu. Kemampuan perangnya cukup bagus. Dia massal kuat. Dia terlalu sepi dan membosankan. B + untuk kegunaan toko dan kegunaan dalam perang) N / A 45. tapi cukup untuk mengatakan bahwa tidak materi.Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 160 (S) Komentar: Humphrey cukup kesatria studly. tapi baik ditempatkan Spark Rune menyembuhkan masalah. Anda mungkin ingat beberapa anak di Desa Hutan membual tentang simpanannya bodoh yang kecil dari tanah liat. Komentar: Dia memberikan pengubah +2 / 0 selama pertempuran strategi. Saya tidak perlu berbicara tentang sihir. Way kemudian. dibangun seperti tank. meskipun. di Tinto. Jeane Bagaimana Merekrut: Anda mungkin akan mengalami Jeane mengajar Rune Omong kosong di Greenhill saat Anda sedang di sana untuk pertama kalinya. dia hanya berfungsi sebagai vendor Rune. Yah. dan ia akan memberi Anda . mengeluh tentang tidak memiliki tanah liat apapun.

Kahn akan pergi.tanah liat. dan dari lini belakang. Keseluruhan: C 48. . Anda mendapatkan semacam token. Komentar: Jude tujuan tunggal adalah untuk membuat The Guardian Anda Dewa. saya tidak menyukainya sama sekali. Penari-jenis karakter. jika Anda inginkan. ia akan bergabung dengan Anda di jalan keluar. meskipun. juga. Dia sopan yang kuat. tapi memberinya Air / Mengalir Rune untuk membuatnya sekuat mungkin. Dia umumnya cukup mage penggemar yang tampaknya untuk unggul di non-serangan sihir. tapi dia mungkin sama bagusnya dukungan mage sebagai apapun. dia akan strip bawah untuk sesuatu yang kurang puritan. Kahn Bagaimana Merekrut: Dalam Gua Angin. Semua rencana Anda mengumpulkan seluruh permainan dapat digunakan untuk membuat bagian yang berbeda dari dewa. Dia akan bergabung normal setelah Neclord meninggal. Setelah mengalahkan Neclord Kekejian di Jendela Utara. seperti di Suikoden 1. Dia cukup mahir dalam sihir. tidak benar-benar sampai dengan nominal dengan apa-apa. Bicaralah padanya. dapat menggunakannya cukup baik. Semua itu diperlukan untuk sesuatu. dan Anda bangun di Crom. sekali lagi untuk berburu Neclord. Pada titik ini. Akan ada seorang wanita berpakaian puritanically-yang sebenarnya tidak ada sebelumnya. Kunjungi Jude dengan tanah liat. kembali ke Inn di Kuskus. namun Anda tidak akan mendapatkan barang-barang lagi. ia akan menawarkan untuk bergabung dengan Anda untuk berburu Neclord. Anda dapat terus merekonstruksi dewa Anda. jadi bukan hal penting. Dia mulai dengan nya Kebangkitan Rune. tapi dia masih rentan untuk mendapatkan merobek cukup mudah. Karen Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah membunuh Luca. Sangat mudah. Tapi dia terlalu tengah-of-the-line untuk karakter ajaib. Menyenangkan. dan Anda mendapatkan Yudas larut. Kemudian. dan menawarkan untuk berdansa dengannya. membuat HP rendah dan pertahanan sedikit kurang dari suatu masalah. Keseluruhan: N / A (D + untuk kegunaan dari hadiah Wali Dewa) 47. tepat sebelum Anda mencapai Pedang Bintang Naga. Dia menengah berkisar. dalam pendapat saya-nya ajaib dengan mudah bisa berdiri untuk menjadi lebih baik. terutama jika Anda tidak menyukai penyihir lemah. yang jenis menyebalkan. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 165 (M) Komentar: Seperti yang mungkin Anda harapkan. Secara pribadi. dan dia akan bergabung. setelah Tinto overrun. dan Anda harus kecilnya bermain mini-game untuk memiliki dia bergabung. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 165 (M) Komentar: Sebuah karakter yang cukup layak. dan tergantung pada kombinasi Anda memilih (hanya yang pertama satu jumlah).

sehingga mendapatkan ke max akan lebih mudah. dan kemudian dia akan lari kembali ke Window Selatan lagi. Jauhkan mengemis . jika Anda suka bermain-main dengan hal semacam itu. Dia cepat. Pergi ke toko item Anda. saya hanya bisa bayangkan dia akan seperti banyak pejantan di sana. Keseluruhan: B 50. dan dia akurat. Terserah Anda. Anda akan mengambil Kiba dan putranya Klaus tahanan. Anda bisa Dapatkan Mondo dan Sasuke jauh lebih awal daripada jika Anda pilih Valeria. Anda akan menghadapi Kiba. Kasumi Bagaimana Merekrut: Ketika Anda mengunjungi Gregminster sebagai bagian dari plot. Komentar: Kiba adalah jenderal militer besar-besaran besar. Ini terlalu buruk ia tidak memiliki digunakan dalam pertempuran konvensional. dia cukup cepat. dan dia akan accosting Alex. Keseluruhan: N / A (A untuk kegunaan dalam perang) 51. Anda dapat memiliki keduanya bergabung-akan PASTI untuk melakukannya. Sebutkan daya tarik Alex dengan Sindar kepadanya. Mengingat bahwa Anda tidak benar-benar harus memilih di antara jenderal. Kiba Bagaimana Merekrut: Dalam pertempuran segera setelah keracunan Agares Raja. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 135 (S) Komentar: Hal-hal baik dan hal buruk tentang Kasumi. meskipun saya merekomendasikan Valeria. harus Anda ingin Kasumi. Ini harus implisit bahwa. Mengingat bahwa pertahanan dan HP cukup rendah pada umumnya. tapi dia juga jarak pendek. Anda tidak kehilangan apa pun dengan menggunakan dia. sungguh. dan ia juga memiliki kemampuan Armor berat untuk kembali dirinya up.Secara keseluruhan: C + & & 49. Killey Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah pertempuran dengan Luca. Juga. Tentu saja. Anda memilihnya. Lepant akan membiarkan Anda mengambil baik atau Kasumi Valeria bersama sebagai Komandandi-Arms pasukan Gregminster. Terserah Anda. tapi dia sulit untuk dilewatkan-dia pria di terbakar cerah merah. dan dia akan lari ke istana Anda. ia akan menjadi sekitar perdagangan pasca / Inn daerah di Window Selatan. Anda mungkin ingin tumpukan besar-besaran sebagai kuat yang Anda bisa. namun kebanyakan orang tidak. Unit-Nya adalah tangki (7 / 12). jika Anda merekrut dia. mereka menakuntukan sehingga untuk front liner-. Mungkin nanti-aku tidak benar-benar yakin. tapi ninja bisa keren juga. sehingga ia dapat menghindari suatu adil jumlah apa yang dilemparkan padanya. Setelah Anda memenangkan ini pertempuran.

Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 147 (L) Komentar: Kinnison. Klaus Bagaimana Merekrut: Lihat Kiba atas. mengejutkan. tapi itu cukup banyak dinegasikan karena Anda memiliki Hero. dan mereka akan bergabung. mengambil cabang pertama di sebelah kiri di hutan (jauh dari Bonaparte). Pasang kembali. Mereka berdua ditangkap dan direkrut bersama-sama. Sayangnya. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 165 (M) Komentar: Cukup cepat. tetapi tidak memiliki penggunaan di luar pertempuran tentara. Bersikaplah jujur. yang hanya sia-sia berlebihan antara mempersatukan). cepat dan akurat. Keseluruhan: D 53. Koyu Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah Jowy mengkhianati kelompok Anda di Muse (The adegan di mana tag Culgan bersama dengan Anda sebentar). Komentar: Dia berfungsi sebagai strategi tambahan dalam Anda cerita. Dia bisa membela diri yang cukup baik. seperti Ayda. Kinnison Bagaimana Merekrut: Selama Subquest Millie (lihat Millie di bawah).dia. mengganggu (atau musuh yang tunggal. jatuh dari pohonnya. Salah satu karakter tentara yang paling berguna. dan juga dapat bersatu dengan hewan peliharaan nya untuk Serangan yang bekerja terhadap kolom. dan moderat serangan. Dia tidak akan berada di sana. meskipun. Anda akan melihat burung tergeletak. dengan hanya beberapa kecepatan rata-rata di atas berbicara apa saja untuknya. Kinnison dan Shiro akan Anda hadapi dalam perjalanan keluar. dan Gijimu jika perlu untuk melakukan ini untuk Anda. yang cukup bagus. dapat bersatu dengan pengguna Bow lainnya untuk sebuah serangan yang agak layak. dia besar-besaran rata-rata dalam skema besar hal. dan juga memberi mereka Kavaleri dan Menyingkiri kemampuan. dan mudah mendapatkan beberapa poin untuk gaya. mengumpulkan harta sampai Anda mendapatkan Tsai rumah. tapi dia tidak benar-benar layak pada akhirnya. dan kemudian naik sepanjang jalan. Koyu akan mengemis di luar depan istana Anda. Dia cocok dengan fetish pemanah yang diberikan. jadi kembali. dan akan bergabung dengan Anda untuk kemajuan cerita. Dia. Dia memberikan cukup bagus bonus (0 / 3) untuk unit dia. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 175 (M) . Keseluruhan: N / A (B-alokasi kekuasaan dalam Perang) 54. sehingga ia cenderung melakukan kerusakan sedikit lebih dari seseorang-nya kekuasaan. dan dia akan bergabung. Secara keseluruhan: C52. Dia serangan dua kali. dan Anda mundur kembali untuk istana Anda. dengan HP rendah dan Pertahanan.

dia cukup baik pada saat itu.Komentar: Meskipun senjata penggemar kekuatan-sama dengan-Nya saudara-Koyu telah tidak ada kekuatan saudaranya tidak. meskipun. atau hanya menunggu sampai akhir permainan dan mendapatkan dia kemudian. pergi ke Crom Desa (Anda dapat melakukan hal ini secepat Crom menjadi tersedia). tapi ia tampaknya lebih lambat dan kurang kuat dari anak didiknya. Komentar: Dia penilai istana Anda. L. Ini mungkin hanya saya. Cari dan mengejarnya. itu masih jenis penghinaan. anehnya. bahwa sepertinya seperti memilih baik ol 'roti bukan baik steak atau kue pengantin dengan saya. apa dengan seluruh averageness. tampaknya memiliki HP lebih banyak. Saya menyarankan yang terakhir. Masalahnya. Semua dalam semua. Gunakan dia jika Anda inginkan. terkutuk cukup lemah. dan dia akan menawarkan untuk bergabung jika Anda memiliki 60 + anggota. tetapi hanya jika Anda mendapatkan dia Mm Celadon. tetapi tidak menggunakan dia sendirian. Cukuplah untuk mengatakan bahwa dia tidak benar-benar sangat baik baik. Lebrante Bagaimana Merekrut: Kunjungi dia di toko Penilaian Radat. jika Anda menunggu. mudah worth it.C. Anda bisa membuat dia cukup baik dukungan mage. kurang baik pada segala sesuatu yang lain. dan kemudian perhatikan bagaimana kuat mereka benar-benar bisa mendapatkan. mengingat kecepatan. tentu saja. Secara keseluruhan: C55. Mengingat . Jika Anda memiliki Kristal Fury untuk cadangan. Chan Bagaimana Merekrut: Dengan Wakaba di pesta aktif Anda. dan. memberikan satu untuk dia dan Wakaba. dan dia mencolok kuat. dia mungkin penilai paling mahal dalam permainan. terutama mengingat-Nya senjata kekuatan. dan jika Anda memutuskan untuk menguatkan dia . Dia cepat. karena ia benar-benar tidak layak masalah. sebaliknya. Meskipun tidak terlalu penting. Anda bisa mendapatkan salah satu dari bajing terbang luar Radat. terutama dengan Wakaba bersatu. pada kenyataannya. dan. tetapi semua dalam semua. Keseluruhan: B 56. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 135 (S) Komentar: Dia banyak seperti Wakaba (lihat di bawah). meskipun. HP-nya mudah yang terbaik di permainan. dan Wakaba akan membujuk dia ke bergabung dengan Anda. Namun. ia mungkin bisa cukup prajurit yang baik. Atau. Anda mungkin bisa hanya membeli satu dari Perdagangan Post di Gregminster. Terus terang. tapi jika Anda suka karakter serbaguna. atau.

jadi dia tidak akan mendapatkan dari beberapa gambar besar yang dia akan. dia akan bergabung bersama dengan Gijimu. . Jika Anda tidak hati-hati. animasi serangan nya adalah sekitar 10 lebih lambat dari Clive kali. Leona Bagaimana Merekrut: Jangan khawatir. dan meskipun tidak terlalu penting dalam prakteknya. Saya kira Anda tidak bisa mengharapkan untuk mendapatkan jenis yang sama bakat dari salah satu hal-hal bodoh Foxtail kami bermain dengan sebagai anak-anak seperti yang Anda lakukan dari pistol. dia akan pergi Kolonel Klink pada Anda. Anda sudah diperingatkan. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (L) Komentar: Untuk karakter jangka panjang. dia akan ikut dengan Anda. Anda akan perlu banyak nya) 58. Setelah membunuhnya. namun. Komentar: Apa yang Anda harapkan dariku? Anda akan menggunakan dia untuk bertukar karakter Anda. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><> 57. sehingga Anda akan melihat banyak nya. Keahliannya cukup rendah. Lo Wen Bagaimana Merekrut: Dia akan telah ditangkap oleh Neclord sebagai bagian dari bahwa benang petak tertentu. Tidak ada alasan untuk mengatakan apa-apa.manfaat penilaian. dan dia juga memiliki HP yang cukup baik untuk barisan belakang karakter. dan telah layak (meskipun tidak mendebarkan) kesaktian. dan menemukan bar untuk bekerja di belakang di mana pun Anda pergi. Dia hanya dingin. itu akan menjadi sakit untuk mentolerir. dia cukup bagus. Keseluruhan: N / A (A. Keseluruhan: N / A (D-untuk-Nya mencoba untuk merobek me off) <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><> Senor Thomas Wilde catatan: Mengingat semua perjalanan dengan berjalan kaki yang harus Anda lakukan sekitar Radat. Namun. Anda mungkin melakukannya dengan baik hanya untuk mengambil semua item yang tidak dikenal untuk Lebrante. Mungkin yang paling kuat jangka panjang penyerang Anda akan mendapatkan. Dia tampaknya kurang bahwa Panache tertentu yang di Clive yang membuat dia seperti karakter yang indah. Kurasa bahkan jika dia menyerang sebanyak Clive. itulah yang biasanya saya lakukan. Kemungkinannya baik bahwa setidaknya satu dari mereka adalah Mm Celadon. Lo Wen dapat hidangan keluar beberapa kerusakan mengejutkan. terutama jika Anda perlu atau ingin barisan belakang non-Clive penyerang.

dan mendapat slot dahi Rune cukup awal. dia gadis Anda. tidak ada ruang untuk mengeluh. dia pilihan bagus. mengingat bahwa tidak hanya senjata di sana untuk mengkompensasi. Secara keseluruhan: B60. dan. serangan sihirnya cenderung berada di luar gila berguna. sehingga hanya mengambil itu off. meskipun. jika Anda suka penyihir pembangkit tenaga listrik. kalah dari Mazus. Ini sebenarnya mungkin mengambil lagi dari 60. dan dia cukup cepat. Dia harus berkeliling sisi barat laut Gregminster. Dia dilengkapi dengan Rune Peri sehingga dia dapat menyerang dari barisan belakang. misalnya). dan musuh tidak bergerak. tidak peduli berapa banyak Anda suka dia tidak. Nya senjata adalah salah satu buffest dalam permainan datang tingkat yang lebih tinggi. Diberikan kepada siapa dia kedua. Sebagai penyihir pergi. tapi itu sama sekali tidak buruk. tetapi Anda akan mendapatkan kerusakan sebanyak dilakukan jika Anda hanya meninggalkan dia saya barisan belakang tidak dapat menyerang. Jika Anda membutuhkan penyihir besar untuk penggunaan eksklusif melawan bos (Luca. ia insanely cepat. sehingga Anda akan ingin memastikan Anda memiliki karakter sebelum Anda mengambil perjalanan panjang untuk mendapatkan nya. semua yang Anda . Jika Anda menempatkan waktu ke dalam dirinya. Serangan nya hanya semacam rata seperti pertahanan. Sayangnya. dan jika Anda yakin tentang penyihir. Nya HP menyedihkan rendah. sebagai manfaat mage. Luc adalah siapa Anda akan menggunakan untuk sebagian besar permainan. dan kemudian pergi dan bug-nya untuk bergabung. juga. Nya ajaib kekuatan dan pertahanan sihir tidak meninggalkan ruang untuk keluhan. itu harus tepat sebelum Anda melawan Luca. dan tidak seperti yang lemah. dia dengan mudah bisa menjadi cukup kekuatan yang harus diperhitungkan. Lorelai Bagaimana Merekrut: Sama seperti Suikoden 1. Sebagai skuad tentara pemimpin. mendapatkan 60 karakter + di tentara Anda. tapi dia memiliki beberapa cukup sihir yang kuat. Leknaat akan membawa dia untuk bergabung dengan Anda.Secara keseluruhan: B59. Jika Anda berada dalam posisi ofensif. dengan Tech yang baik. dan bekerja rune Anda benar. Luc Bagaimana Merekrut: Jangan khawatir. dipudarkan di suckiness hanya dengan fisiknya serangan dan pertahanan. tapi terlepas. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 100 (S) Komentar: Luc mungkin adalah penyihir murni terbaik kedua di permainan. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 175 (M) Komentar: Lorelai yang sangat baik semua-sekitar karakter. saya tidak tahu jumlah pasti. itu semua dia.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><> 63. Dia tidak bahkan memiliki kelebihan dari Fitcher menjadi bagian integral cerita. Berharga. Secara keseluruhan: C + 61. Marlowe Bagaimana Merekrut: Dia akan bergabung secara otomatis setelah Anda mengalahkan Neclord. Jika ada yang tahu waktu yang tepat dan metode untuk merekrut dia. jalankan di sekitar area pintu keluar. meskipun lambat. apakah Anda ingin atau tidak. Aku punya sesuatu seperti enam puluh empat dari mereka. kemudian mengacaukan Bintang Anda. Setelah mengalahkan Luca. berkeliaran. aku akan mengatakan dia dipicu oleh tertentu jumlah karakter. Biarkan dia. pergi keluar dari gerbang. ia secara menyeluruh dan di setiap cara yang tidak berguna. berkeliaran Jendela Selatan. Komentar: Meskipun semacam positif. Max Bagaimana Merekrut: Max adalah jenis teka-teki tentang bagaimana merekrut. dan Max hanya berlari hingga saya ketika saya masuk Selatan Jendela. dia akan lari ke Anda dan meminta untuk bergabung. Mazus . sebaiknya merekrut seseorang. Jika saya harus menebak. Hati-hati jangan sampai dia atau unitnya hancur. Keseluruhan: N / A (C-untuk kegunaan sebagai umum) <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><> Thomas "Wild Child" Wilde catatan: Setelah Luca turun. kembali. dan bahagia suasana dari Marlowe. dan sebagainya. hanya memilih untuk serangan Greenhill. Komentar: Dia rata-rata rata-rata / di bawah umum (6 / 7) dengan kemampuan kavaleri. saya mengirim pesan. dan tampaknya menyelinap Anda di tempat-tempat dan melakukan banyak eminance gris bekerja. Jika Anda tahu apa yang Anda lakukan. Cara scattershot saya tidak sangat efisien. Akhirnya. persis. Keseluruhan: N / A (F) 62. Kemudian. dan menggunakan Luc untuk membuat pertempuran sangat mudah. aku berlari di sekitar Jendela Kuskus / Selatan / Radat merekrut orang-orang daerah.perlu Anda lakukan adalah memilih pada mereka dengan Luc untuk membuat kue berjalan.

dan sihir yang lebih baik. tapi Anda kehilangan slot karakter yang berguna jika Anda lakukan. Persis seperti Luc. dia seperti versi yang lebih digosok dari Luc.Bagaimana Merekrut: Saat Anda bepergian melalui Caverns Tinto untuk payudara ke Tinto pertama kalinya. namun dia sihir dan kecepatan tentu tidak kompetitif dalam arti sebenarnya. dan kemudian akan bergabung begitu dia angka keluar siapa Anda. seperti Tech dan sihir. Dia jangka panjang. perjalanan ke perbatasan Muse-Greenhill. Anda BISA menggunakan dengan Gadget untuk yang cukup berguna semuaserangan musuh. dia adalah penyihir yang paling kuat dalam permainan. Anda benar-benar dapat memiliki dia tag bersama dengan partai Anda sedikit lebih awal dari Camus. Anda tidak diragukan setidaknya akan menangkap sekilas Mazus. tentunya. dan dia akan menolak untuk bergabung dengan Anda belum. dan dengan mudah dapat karakter terakhir yang Anda dapatkan. dan akhirnya Anda akan mencapai Mazus. yakin. Setelah benteng dibangun sampai dengan maksimum 100 + orang-kembali dan berbicara dengan Mazus lagi. Meg akan mencoba untuk menerobos. Meg Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah skenario Greenhill pertama. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (L) Komentar: Meski dia di pertandingan sebelumnya. Dia datang dengan Rune Thunder. Dia lebih lambat. Meg adalah semua-sekitar buruk semacam karakter. sempurna untuk serius menghancurkan bos. berdiri sekitar. Meskipun demikian. Miklotov Bagaimana Merekrut: Lihat Camus di atas. Meskipun tidak dapat digunakan dalam pertempuran seperti yang banyak. sehingga Anda mungkin tidak menyukai aspek yang sangat banyak. dan Anda akan memiliki karakter Anda hampir tidak pernah ingin menggunakan. dan aspek lain. Tambahkan ke fakta bahwa serangan itu cukup rendah. namun memiliki lebih HP. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 160 (S) Komentar: Dia pada dasarnya merupakan versi fisik kuat Camus. Tenunan jalan di es slide. Dia akan tarik Gadget bersamanya. Secara keseluruhan: B64. dan HP nya adalah benar-benar hanya rata-rata. Secara keseluruhan: D + 65. menderita karenanya. Dua berjalan nya secara permanen ditempelkan. meskipun. . skuad pasukannya dapat menangani beberapa rejan serius dari panjang jangkauan. Anda akan menghargai menggunakan Anda keluar dari padanya. Dia akan bergabung. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 100 (S) Komentar: Well. Bicara padanya. tapi mereka berdua benar-benar bergabung pada saat yang sama. setelah Anda telah menyelamatkan Teresa.

kembali ke Ryube. meskipun. dan diberi pemerintahan bebas untuk menjalankan sekitar dan merekrut orang-orang. Anda akan melihat Bonaparte melarikan diri. dan kanan kepala bukannya kiri. meskipun. Sendiri. Mengikutinya. Hewan peliharaan nya aneh menarik juga. adalah salah satu karakter-satunya yang dapat melengkapi sangat bermanfaat Ksatria Armor. dia tidak berguna sebagaimana mestinya. dan mengejek fakta Flik yang jauh lebih baik. Millie akan bergabung dengan Anda untuk selamanya. ke titik itu hampir menyakitkan.Anda dapat menggunakan keduanya bersama-sama untuk efek maksimum. dan Anda akan dibawa ke hutan. dan dapat duduk di barisan belakang dan menangani beberapa . pastikan untuk merekrut Kinnison dan Shiro (lihat Kinnison atas). Saran saya adalah sama seperti untuk dengan Camus . bahkan dengan itu. bahkan Luca tidak melakukan banyak kerusakan orang itu. dan juga untuk sebuah serangan yang cukup berguna bersatu (dibuat lebih berguna dengan bantuan Flik s). Miklotov cukup baik tempur-mungkin lebih kuat dari Flik. Setelah itu. Ketika Anda menang. serta Gijimu (Anehnya). kembali ke pintu masuk.menggunakan mereka bersama-sama. Millie Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah kembali dari Kyaro. Tawarkan membantunya menemukan Bonaparte. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><> 66. Millie akan bergabung. dan dia akan melawan Anda. benar-benar. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (L) Komentar: Millie adalah karakter massal lucu. tidak memiliki bakat. Sebagai aturan umum. Kurang itu. Millie harus berkeliaran di sekitar North Ryube bukannya Selatan sekarang. Dia cukup mudah. Miklotov mungkin dalam tiga atau lebih karakter pertahanan dalam permainan. Sementara di sini. tetapi hanya berhati-hati jangan sampai kehabisan kemampuan penyembuhan. serta Setengah kurang kuat dan Kendali Piring. atau hanya menggunakan tidak satu pun dari mereka. sedangkan kebanyakan orang lain tops di Armor Naga. tentu saja. Secara keseluruhan: B<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><> Para gagah dalam Semua Kemuliaan Thomas mencatat Wilde: Mungkin harus disebutkan bahwa Miklotov. Dia yang cukup mage dukungan yang baik. Dia. dan menambahkan Flik untuk efek yang maksimal.

Namun. terutama sejak dini. mencoba untuk pergi ke selatan melalui pohon-pohon ketika Anda menemukan bentangan horisontal yang cukup panjang. Jika Anda tidak mendapatkan dia di sini (Anda BENAR-BENAR harus mendapatkan dia di Kyaro. dan mereka akan bergabung dengan Anda tanpa Kasumi. Pada jalan ke Gregminster. Anda akan disapa dan dituduh mata-mata. Setelah Anda mendapatkan sana. lambat. dan pemimpin kota ini-Rokkaku-akan memberitahu Mondo dan Sasuke untuk bergabung dengan Anda. dimana Maksudku 'tidak berguna. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 135 (S) Komentar: kuat. oleh . Dia juga. HP. mendapatkan beberapa Orang + 60 di pesta Anda. Ada sedikit dari sebuah lekukan di mana Anda dapat pergi ke selatan-jangan khawatir. dan juga memiliki Hp lagi. pertahanan. Nya ajaib sangat buruk. Jika Anda suka Ninjas. dia radikal mengerikan.Rune yang layak kekuasaan. dan menempatkan Kasumi di pesta aktif Anda. meskipun. dan akhirnya. Rekan mereka yang lebih muda kurang diperlukan. meskipun. adalah pejuang garis depan. dan nya lalat capung Rune cukup kurang berguna. Anda mungkin akan ingin berinvestasi dalam menggunakan dia dan Kasumi cukup berat. tetapi harus menunggu untuk merekrut 100 +. Cari pohon besar di belakang rumah Anda di sisi Timur kota beberapa kali. setelah mendaki gunung. karena hanya ledakan garis depan pada biaya keseimbangan. Rune nya dengan Bonaparte memungkinkan dia melakukan ganda kerusakan sekali. Nya serangan. Mukumuku Bagaimana Merekrut: Waktu terbaik untuk merekrut Mukumuku adalah ketika Anda kunjungan pertama Kyaro. tetapi mampu menyimpan lebih sendiri dengan kekerasan. tidak sulit untuk menemukan. dan kurang akurat dibandingkan Kasumi. dan teknologi semuanya sangat buruk. tetapi Anda tidak harus menggunakan dia untuk itu. tapi itu benar-benar jenis diperdebatkan dengan kurangnya kerusakan dia. Secara keseluruhan: D + 67. yang layak. " Keseluruhan: B 68. setelah perjalanan melewati gunung dan mengalahkan rakasa kabut. Anda melakukan hal yang sama. dan kecepatan nya adalah benar-benar hanya semacam rata-rata. Kurang bahwa. dia akan keluar dan mulai mengikuti Anda. Kasumi akan menjamin untuk Anda. Mondo Bagaimana Merekrut: Jika Anda memilih Kasumi di Gregminster. Jika Anda memilih Valeria. Nya bersatu menyerang dengan Kasumi yang layak. jalankan di sepanjang dinding selatan. meskipun generik.

Nina akan memainkan bagian utama. dan ia akan menyelinap nya jalan ke pesta Anda. Nanami Bagaimana Merekrut: Ketika Anda kembali ke Kyaro. meskipun. Level 15 Senjata Kekuatan: 145 (M) Komentar: Yah. Menyelamatkan diri kesulitan. Sangat menarik cerita karakter cenderung untuk melakukan itu. meskipun ia mengejutkan tidak akan pernah memaksakan diri dalam kelompok aktif Anda. dan walaupun memiliki serangan ganda. Itu terserah Anda. dan akan bergabung. Secara keseluruhan: D69. tapi itu benar-benar semua ada adalah untuk mengatakan untuk Mukumuku. Setelah melarikan diri Greenhill dengan Teresa dan Shin. dia segera akan jatuh tidak digunakan. Dia juga memiliki serangan bersatu dengan pahlawan. berdoa. dan tidak buruk untuk memiliki orang tambahan untuk itu. karakter besar. Membawa diri Anda untuk menggunakan tupai terbang karakter yang serius mungkin terlalu banyak untuk kebanyakan orang. itu tidak benar-benar mungkin untuk kehilangan Nanami. mengunjungi rumah lama Anda di sisi barat kota. sendiri disertakan. Sihirnya rata-rata. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: N / A (L) Komentar: Dia sopan yang kuat. namun kebanyakan orang akan menggunakan sepanjang waktu. Dia terpaksa pada Anda cukup sering. dan memiliki kecepatan nya memberkati seluruh partai. Pergi keluar belakang rumah. Untuk mendapatkan maksimum menggunakan out-nya. Semua dalam semua.cara). yang baik. Anda dapat menggunakannya sebagai fixture dalam partai Anda untuk itu benang plot. dia sangat. sangat cepat. dia tidak terlalu kuat. Anda akan menemukan bahwa Nina ditandai bersama. Nina Bagaimana Merekrut: Selama skenario Greenhill awal. kecuali Anda memutuskan untuk Kocok menggunakan Rune ganda pada salah satu dari mereka berdua. Meskipun demikian. melawan sendirian di dataran dekat Greenhill. Hal ini akan memicu skenario Kyaro. dia A karakter) 70. dan GET DIA DI Kyaro. saya tidak benar-benar berpikir itu mungkin untuk tidak menyukai Nanami. tidak akan berkembang menjadi salah satu dari Anda besar kerusakan-dealer. Jika Anda mendapatkan dia di Kyaro (Apakah aku menekankan titik bahwa anda BENAR-BENAR HARUS GET DIA DI Kyaro cukup?). Selain itu. namun jangan khawatir. dan Nanami akan ada di sana. Keseluruhan: A (Saya tidak peduli apa statistik nya mengatakan. bagaimanapun. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: N / A. Ke samping dari itu. berikan untuknya Spark Rune. meskipun. .

Meskipun fashion sense cabul dan potret karakter yang ia mencuri dari Suikoden 1. meskipun. saya bayangkan.. waktu pertama saya melalui. Pesmerga akan merenung berdiri di sana. Seperti tercantum dalam Hanna di atas. kepala ke Kuskus. dll). Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 160 (S) Komentar: Pesmerga adalah. dan mengembara jalan sekitar Anda sampai Anda menemukan sekelompok bajingan. Dia sangat bagus HP. juga. Pergi ke barat / selatan bagian kota (dengan Blacksmith. Anda akan menemukan Oulan telah menyelamatkan Anda. hitam-lapis baja iblis. menurut pendapat saya. Ketika Anda bangun. Rune nya jauh dari tidak berguna. yang memiringkan timbangan mendukung di atas Georg. dan mereka akan menendang pantat Anda. sehingga membuat semacam bersatu dari diperdebatkan. tambahan yang baik. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 135 (S) Komentar: Oulan adalah karakter yang tidak cukup banyak orang memberikan goyang adil. Secara keseluruhan: C71. Sebagai mage dukungan. tapi begitu juga banyak sekali orang yang tidak mengenakan jas kotak-kotak pelaut. membuat pesta Anda terdiri dari 5 wanita dan pahlawan Anda. pertahanan. dia hanya kuat seperti dia terlihat. Meskipun penampilannya. mereka dapat bersatu serangan ledakan jauh seluruh kelompok musuh pada biaya keseimbangan-itu pilihan Anda. Pokoknya. Aku. seperti yang akan diharapkan dari garis depan penyerang. Mereka akan komentar pada Anda memiliki begitu banyak wanita cantik di sekitar Anda. kembali ke Gua Angin. yang mendapat lebih dan lebih tidak tepat sebagai plot mendapat serius. pribadi. besar raksasa. Pada benar-benar menggunakan. jika terbatas digunakan. membela dengan sangat baik terhadap sihir. dan kekuatan serangan. Aku tidak baik. berpikir bahwa Oulan jauh lebih unggul untuk Hanna. Pesmerga Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah istana Anda telah mencapai ukuran maksimum (100 +). dan ia bergabung. meskipun. Dia. dia cukup kuat. dan. dan pada dasarnya hanya sedikit di bawah rata-rata dalam segala hal. Cara kerja Anda hingga akhirdi mana Anda berjuang Pedang Naga Bintang. seperti yang Anda harapkan. satu-satunya ia kurang di semua kecepatan. Nina bukanlah pejantan besar nya sikap menempatkan liburnya untuk menjadi. Oulan Bagaimana Merekrut: Setelah skenario Sungai Dua. . Anda katakan padanya siapa Anda. dia yang memadai. Secara keseluruhan: B72. untuk perubahan. Inn. Mintalah dia untuk bergabung. memiliki serangan bersatu cukup lucu dengan Flik. Kemudian.Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 165 (M) Komentar: Sebagai karakter. Kecepatan dapat ..

Lalu. kalah. kembali ke Greenhill. dan tidak merusak lebih pada keseluruhan. jadi titik diperdebatkan.tetap dengan baik ditempatkan Spark Rune. dan dia akan ikut dengan Anda. Pico Bagaimana Merekrut: Pertama. juga. berurusan main dengan urusan cinta murahan. dan menemukan Pico di Inn. Cukup banyak semua peralatannya beku pada dia. Pesmerga ini cukup banyak sama baiknya. sehingga Anda mungkin akan melihat karakter 60 tingkat atau jadi ketika dia datang. jadi Anda akan memiliki membunuh mudah dibuat dan tahan lama mesin yang Anda inginkan. Komentar: musisi lain untuk membantu Anda dengan kelompok Anda. 74. ketika itu hal-hal terbaik dalam permainan yang beku pada dia. je ne sais quoi. sekali lagi. Dia juga.. Anda harus memiliki Annallee (lihat di atas). Anda harus menunggu sampai pembebasan Greenhill. tetapi ia juga bergabung dengan 5 tingkat lebih tinggi dari Anda pahlawan. jika Anda memiliki dia.. Setelah mendapatkan Annallee. . Anda dapat menyebutkan Annallee. mengapa masalah? Ini Sayang ia bergabung terlambat. 75. tapi. Sementara saya benar-benar berpikir bahwa Viktor memiliki lebih . Secara keseluruhan: A73. sepertinya lebih mirip membunuh mesin dari Georg agak gaib dan tua. benar-benar.

Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 160 (S) Jendela Selatan.mereka. Secara keseluruhan: C + 78. 77. . lagi. 76.

Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 150 (S) Ini termasuk kekuasaan. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (L) Nya Secara keseluruhan: D + 80. tetapi jika Anda menggunakannya. Anda harus hidup dengan Pembesar Ibu .Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (L) Secara keseluruhan: A79.

Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 160 (S) . sama waktu. Keseluruhan: C 83. Aku dia.81. Keseluruhan: D 82. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: N / A (S) Untuk masalah. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (L) sekitar.

Sementara semua. Secara keseluruhan: C84. dia. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (M) . Kemudian. Anda 85. duel.

Secara keseluruhan: C + Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: N / A juga.permainan. Keseluruhan: C 86. .

Dia Untuk Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 147 (L) Semua Secara keseluruhan: D90.Secara keseluruhan: D + 88. . Pada Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (L) Dari 89.

Ikuti 93. Secara keseluruhan: C91. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (L) . dia.Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (M) Selain itu. Bicara dengan 92.

Secara keseluruhan: B + 94. 96. Para Tidak ada 95. Dengan .

97. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (M) Secara keseluruhan: C + 99. 98. Tony . apapun.

Kedua. Para 100. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (M) 101. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (L) Secara keseluruhan: D- .

didirikan. .Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 150 (S) Secara keseluruhan: A103. Menawarkan Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 100 (S) Untuk 104.

Secara keseluruhan: A + 105.

Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 150 (S) Aku

karakter. 106.


Tentu saja.

Coba Secara keseluruhan: A-


Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 140 (M)

Keseluruhan: D 109.


Nya Tapi




Keseluruhan: Sebuah

setelah itu. Setiap



dan kepala Apa Anda harus Sementara waktu. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: 165 (M) Ini adalah Secara keseluruhan: A + .Kembali Semua Ambil jalan normal untuk Gregminster.

Singkirkan Google Terjemahan untuk:PenelusuranVideoEmailPonselObrolanBisnis Tentang Google TerjemahanMatikan terjemahan instanPrivasiBantuan .blogspot.com Baru! Klik kata di atas untuk melihat terjemahan alternatif. Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: N / A di atas.Level 16 Senjata Kekuatan: N / A Jika Anda mendapatkan satu. Kode-panduan.

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