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e requisites: INTRODUCTION This module is designed to provide an overall view of civil engineering construction, from conception to fulfilment. The module aims to inform students of the roles of various construction professionals, how site safety and other legislation is applied in construction and the impact of construction on the environment and sustainability. It will introduce the basic principles of land surveying and provide practical knowledge on the use of level and theodolites. Exposure to relevant issues in the application of geotechnics to general civil engineering construction will also be provided. MODULE TEACHING TEAM The module teaching team comprises; Module leader: Dr H Kew (HK) ( Teaching team: Prof M Limbachiya (ML) ( Dr J Omer (JO) ( Mr G Gover (GG) ( Dr A Davies (AD) ( Ms D Petkova (DP) ( MODULE TIMETABLE The module consists of 4 hours a week of formal lectures and 4 hours of surveying practical sessions. Students are required to put in at least 95 hours of time in private/independent study. ASSESSMENT The learning outcomes will be assessed 100% by in-course assessment (4 individually piece of coursework at 20% each and 1 group work at 20%, which is based on the surveying practical exercise). In-class test will take place at the end of the teaching week. Details on coursework, issue dates and submission deadlines are given in the Lecture Programme below. LECTURE PROGRAMME A break down of how the lectures are covered during the semester including the teaching sessions, lecturer(s), location and topic is given below. CE1145 Civil Engineering Construction 4 15 None

Formal Lectures Thursday morning and afternoon Surveying Practical Sessions refer to rota timetable (available on StudySpace).
DATE DAY, TIME and VENUE Thursday (0900 to 1100 hrs) Thursday (1400 to 1600 hrs) PR TH 9 PR FC 301 Construction Methods and GG/ Management + Report Writing Module Introduction + Civil HK Skills Engineering Materials AD Coursework 1 (set by GG) JO JO JO DP Geotechnical Engineering Site Investigation Geology in Civil Engineering Construction Coursework 2 (set by JO) Introduction to Structures HK HK ML DP Levelling in Construction 1 Levelling in Construction 2 Concrete Construction Simple Structures Traversing + Detailing Coursework 3 (set by HK) Plant + Equipment Sustainable Construction Traffic Management Construction Above Ground 1 Coursework 4 (set by DP) Construction Above Ground 2

30 Sept 10 7 Oct 10 14 Oct 10 21 Oct 10 28 Oct 10 4 Nov 10 11 Nov 10 18 Nov 10 25 Nov 10 2 Dec 10 9 Dec 10 16 Dec 10

Enrichment Activities AD GG GG JO JO GG Common Forms Construction Technology 1 Construction Technology 2 Construction Below Ground 1 Construction Below Ground 2 HK GG HK/ ML HK DP

Basic Measurement + Unit DP Conversion Christmas Vacation EuroCodes + British Standards (BS) Revision 1 (BEng Civil Engineering) In-class test (Online)* (BEng Civil Engineering) (incorporated with Coursework 4) JG 1009 DP

6 Jan 11


Application of Software in Civil Engineering Construction Revision 2 (BSc Civil + BSc Construction Management)

13 Jan 11



In-class test (Online)* GG/ DP/ (BSc Civil Engineering + BSc 20 Jan 11 Construction Management) JO HK (incorporated with Coursework 4) JG 1009 * Please take note that the online in-class test will take place in a computer room (JG1009). Key: PR TH 9 Penryhn Rd Campus, Town House, Lecture Room 9 (Ground Floor) PR FC 301 Penrhyn Rd Campus, Front Corridor, Lecture Room 301 (access through the stairs at the main entrance)

SB Room 25 Penrhyn Rd Campus, Sopwith Building (Soil Lab, Ground Floor) Surveying Practical Sessions: (Structures Lab, Sopwith Building, Penrhyn Road Campus) (refer to rota timetable, which is available on StudySpace)

Civil Engineering Students Wednesday (0930 to 1130 hrs) Construction Management Students Thursday (1100 to 1300 hrs)

Coursework & Surveying Report Submission Deadlines and Feedback: Coursework 1: Coursework 2: Coursework 3: Wednesday, 20th October 2010 Wednesday, 10th November 2010 Wednesday, 1st December 2010

Coursework 4: Wednesday, 12th January 2011 (it is a pre-requisite to submit Coursework 4 before you are allowed to sit for the in-class test in January 2011) Surveying Reports: As advised to individual groups (set by AD)

All coursework submissions must be made to drop-in box at the Engineering Student Office, Ground Floor of Town House. Marked coursework and feedback will be made available at the Student Office, Ground Floor of Town House for your collection (2 to 3 weeks after the submission deadlines). MODULE AIMS Learning outcomes On completion of the module students will be able to: 1. Describe structures associated with Civil Engineering. 2. Recommend a range of construction methods and plant for below and above ground works. 3. Describe principles of land surveying and demonstrate competence in operating basic surveying instruments. 4. Describe site investigation related issues and principles of soil suitability for civil engineering construction, and recognise the impact that Geology has on these topics. 5. Define sustainable construction principles and their role. Assessment strategies

In-course assessment Coursework

In-course assessment Coursework In-course assessment Part of a group practical report

In-course assessment Coursework

In-course assessment Coursework

INDICATIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY 1) Illingsworth, J. R. (2000) Construction Methods and Planning, (2nd ed) E & FN Spon 2) Holroyd, T. M. (2003) Buildability: Successful Construction from Concept to Completion, London, Thomas Telford 3) Stephen, E (2010) Barrys Introduction to Construction of Buildings, (2nd ed), Oxford, Willey-Blackwell 4) Jackson, N. and Dhir, R. K. (1996) Civil Engineering Materials, (5th ed), Basingstoke, Macmillan 5) Chudley, R. (2010) Building Construction Handbook, (8th ed), Oxford, ButterworthHeinemann 6) Neville, A. M. (1995) Properties of Concrete, (4th ed), Harlow, Longman Group 7) Scott, C. R. (1994) An Introduction to Soil Mechanics and Foundations, London, Spon 8) The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, TSO (The Stationery Office), March 2007, ISBN 9780110757896 9) Health and Safety Executive, Managing Health and Safety in Construction: Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, Approved Code of Practice - L144; ISBN 9780717662234 10) Irvine, W. (2006) Surveying for Construction, (5th ed), McGraw-Hill 11) Schofield, W. and Breach, M. (2007) Engineering Surveying, (6th ed) ButterworthHeinemann, London