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Creating the Purchase Requisition in Oracle

Step 1. Home Page - Select Requisitions on the left hand side of your Oracle Home Page as indicated below:

This process will take some time because three browser windows will open up. If you are logging into Oracle for the first time, you also get a window that will prompt you to grant this session or grant always. If you use the computer often, it is recommended that you grant always.

Step 2. Description on Header - On the header of the window, please type in a description of the purchase. This can be an internal number or information that will help the Approver and Buyer identify the request. (See arrow below)

Step 3. Line Type From the list of values, select one that closely describes the type purchase your line is (see screen shot below). Departmental Users will usually use Regular Order'. If you are not sure which one to select, please contact Purchasing at extension 2161.

Step 4. Category Type These is used to identify the commodity that you are wanting to purchase. A commodity is an article of trade or commerce, esp. a product as distinguished from a service; something of use, advantage, or value.

Category Description - Please note this information when selecting your category. The category description will be the Expenditure Type of the line. This information will be used on Step 14.

Step 5. Line Description Use this field to enter important formation on the product/service you are purchasing. Please be sure to include part number, stock number and/or manufacturer numbers of items you are requesting.

Requisitions for Cellular Service, Copier Rentals, Duplicator Rentals, Pager Service, Typewriter Maintenance and Reimbursement to Employees require that the requisition have pertinent information. Please indicate the following information as an attachment (Note to Buyer See Page 40 for instructions on Attachments) to the line description. Cellular Service and Pager Service The following information is needed: o Name of phone user. o Name and campus phone number of Contact Person. o If requisition is for a service renewal please provide past fiscal year purchase order number. Copier Rentals and Duplicator Rentals The following information is needed: o Location where equipment will be located (Campus Building & Room No.). o Name and campus phone number of Contact Person. o Class and Item number from Term Contract. o If requisition is for a service renewal please provide past fiscal year purchase order number and serial number of equipment. Typewriter Maintenance The following information is needed: o Serial numbers for each machine being covered under the maintenance. o Name and campus phone number of Contact Person.

Reimbursement to Employees for purchase of Goods and/or Services manual form also needed (see website, under Reimbursement Purchase Requisition (RPR)).

Step 6. UOM, Quantity, Price and Need-By As indicated in the screen shot below fill out each field appropriately. The UOM stands for unit of measure. You can click on the list of values button to see all the values on this field.

Step 7.

Organization and Location These fields must be filed out for each line.

Step 8. Supplier - On a requisition, the departmental user does not need to identify a supplier. However, it is important that you give specific information on the product/service you want in order to help Purchasing find a supplier for the

product/service. If the department has a specific supplier in mind, the departmental user will need to populate fields (see screen shot below. When a supplier can not be found in the Supplier list, the user must submit as an attachment (Note to Buyer See Page 40 for instructions on Attachments) with the Supplier information.

Supplier Information needed on Attachment: Name of Supplier Street Address City, State & Zip Code Telephone Number Name of Contact Person Federal ID (if department has information)

Step 9. Source Details (Note to Buyer field) Select the Source Details tab of current window. Use this field to provide general information of the line item. This is area is also used to include the Requisition Preparers name and campus phone number.

Step 10. Click on the Details Tab of the current window and enter information for the following fields: a. Justification This field is used to give the justification for the purchase. b. Note to Receiver Use this field to give campus location where Central Receiving will deliver your product. This does not need to be the location of the person creating the requisition, but the person who will receive the item.

Step 11. Distributions Click on this button so that you can assign the project (account) number, the task number, award number (if applicable), expenditure type, organization and date to the line

Step 12. Project Select the project tab and on the project field type in the project number or use the list of value to find the correct project (see screen shot below).

Step 13. Task Assign 01 for the Task. If you are using a Sponsored Project (Grant Account), you will need to assign an award number in the Award field.

Step 14. Expenditure Type This field will need be filled out with the expenditure description of the category type. This is basically what we called the object code in IA. NOTE: The Org field is automatically populated when you assign the Project. Step 15. Date Fill out with the current date.

Once these fields are populated, you then need to save

the document in Oracle.

Step 16. Check Funding - Once all lines with their project information has been added to the order, you are ready to check funding. This step needs to be completed before it can be sent for Approval to the Project Manager.

The next message appears letting you know that your order has passed funding and is ready to be sent to the Project Manager for Approval.

If you receive a message that Your Budgetary Control action completed with exceptions, click on the Details button for detail information on the warning message.

This next window appears. Receiving these statements indicate that funding is not available for items being purchased on the requisition. A Budget Change will need to be completed and processed before the requisition can be submitted for Approval to the Project Manager.

Step 17. Approval Process Sending the requisition for approval to the project manager. Click on the Approve button (See arrow below).


Step 18. This next window appears. Make sure that Reserve and Submit for Approval is checked off as indicated below.

a. Click Ok to send for approval. This next window appears. This is basically a similar window that appears when you checked funds.

b. Your purchase requisition has been sent to the Project Manager for approval. The Manager receives a notification in Oracle about the pending requisition. Opening up the notification, the manager can approve, reject or route notice to his/her alternate approver. c. Once the purchase requisition is approved by the Project Manager, it is ready for the Purchasing Department to process into a purchase order.