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1. The information of Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) for aeroplane and helicopter can be find in Part M, Section A, Subpart A. 2. Write down the three categories of AML. a) Category A b) Category B c) Category C 3. Part 66 is under the IR Maintenance. 4. What are the privileges of Cat B1? a) Defect rectification b) Replacement of avionic line replaceable units and providing the serviceability of the system c) Maintenance including aircraft structure, powerplant and mechanical and electrical systems 5. How long the validity of the AML Cat B1.1? 5 years. 6. Renewal of Cat B1.2 AML will be made in 66.B.120 (Procedure for the renewal of an aircraft maintenance license validity, by EASA Form 19). 7. Where do you refer the procedure of revocation Cat B1.1 AML by the National Airworthiness Authority? Part-66 Section B Subpart F. 8. List down 4 requirement of the Part-145. a) b) c) d) Facility Requirements Personnel Requirements Equipment, tools and material Production Planning

9. Approval of the Part 145 outside of the EU Member State will be done by EASA. 10. After the completion of heavy maintenance inspection for Boeing 777-200, the CRS will be issued by Category C, Certifying Staff. 11. Who shall release the components after overhaul by Part 145? CAT C staff 12. List down 4 sources of the Maintenance Data. a. Acceptance of components b. Maintenance Data c. Maintenance Organizations Exposition d. Facility Requirements

13. Who is responsible for the airworthiness of the commercial air transport (CAT) aircraft? Air Operator. 14. List down the organization under the IR Maintenance. a) Part 145 Maintenance Organisation Approvals b) Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation Approvals 15. Where do you refer requirement to keep the aircraft in airworthiness condition? Part M Subpart C Continuing Airworthiness Tasks 16. What are the requirements to be considered to attain the maintenance standard? a) performed by qualified personnel b) Independent or double inspection after flight safety sensitive maintenance task. c) Tools and equipment shall be control and calibrated to an official recognized standard. d) All maintenance shall be performed within any environmental limitation specified in maintenance data. e) Maintenance area shall be well organized and clean in respect of dirt and contamination. 17. What are the aircraft permanent records, and how does the organisation keep those records? Keep by paper system or computer system. Aircraft permanent records are record that must be kept permanently not withstanding wether the aircraft is still in service our deceased. The records or reports that mst be kept are mentioned in 66.B.20 paragraph b7 and b8 which are: a) aircraft maintenance license conversion reports. b) examination of credits reports The records must be kept in a safe place to avoid being destroyed and/or damaged due to human negligence or accidental events such are flood and fire. For example a vault. 18. Where do you find the total life of the engine? Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS). 19. States the conditions that placed the components in the unserviceable state. The component that have defect but not reach their certified life limit or contain a repairable defect. a) Reached life limit b) Non-repairable c) Does not meet design specification d) Unacceptable modification e) Cannot be returned to airworthiness condition due to the external condition f) Airworthiness directive cannot be accomplished g) Does not comply with EASA Form 1 20. To prevent unsalvageable components re-entering market, that components shall be dispose by demolish or transferring to training organisation. a) Mutilated b) Destroyed c) Donate to MTO Part 147 Organization for training purpose