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a) b) c) d) e) f)

The doctor and the nurse The baker

work in the hospital. butcher sells meat.

The pilot and the flight attendant work in a plane. sells bread, and the

Where does the policeman work? He works at the police s The shoe maker makes shoes. Where do the teacher and the students work? They work at g) The astronaut lives in space. h) The waitress and the waiter work in the restaurant.

4.-MATCH THE DEFINITIONS AND THE WORDS,WRITE A NUMBER IN THE BOXES. 1.-They serve drinks or food in a bar, pub or restaurant .2.they prepare and sell meat. 3.-They look after people's teeth 4.-They prepare and cook food. 5.-They cut and style people's hair. 6.-They look after patients . 7.-Look after people's eye sight. 8.-They look after people's health. 9.-They defend and prosecute people. 10.They look after passengers. LAWYER HOSTESS NURSE begosantao WAITER DENTIST DOCTOR HAIRDRESSER CHEF OPTICIAN BUTCHER

Rewrite each sentence with the adverb of frequency (in brackets) in its correct position. ( 30 40)

Have you been to London? (ever)


Peter doesn't get up before seven. (usually)

10. Our

friends must write tests. (often)

11. They

go swimming in the lake. (sometimes)

12. The

weather is bad in November. (always)

13. Peggy

and Frank are late. (usually)

14. I

have met him before. (never)

15. John

watches TV. (seldom)

16. I

was in contact with my sister. (often)

17. She

will love him. (always)

18.She wears a white uniform. She helps sick people. What does she do? a. She is a singer. b. She is a nurse. c. She is a teacher. d. She is a farmer.

8. He works at a restaurant. What does he do? a. He is a doctor. b. He is a actor. c. He is a waiter. d. He is a blank clerk.

Part. Matching the statements in Column A with their corresponding occupations in Column B.

Column A

Column B

He/she manages a restaurant or hotel


1. salesperson 2. supervisor

This person writes and edits newspapers This person paints buildings and houses

3. Translator 4. Manager

He / she plays some instruments He or she fixes cars, buses, etc.


5. Cashier 6. Journalist - Reporter


He or she repairs things at home This person sells cars, clothes, shoes, etc

7. Waitress 8. Repairperson

His / her job is to supervise people He or she takes care of elderly people

9. Waiter 10. Painter 11. Health care

He/she translates from one language to another one


This person uses a cash register at his/her work aide


He services food at the restaurant

12. Musician

She services food at the restaurant


13. Veterinarian 14. Mechanic


This person is a doctor for animals He or she gives haircuts and shaves

15. Barber