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TRANE is the well known and most reputed HVAC manufacturer whose equipments are installed and successfully operating in the most prestigious buildings in the world. Strengths of the TRANE chillers are versatility, ease of installation, control precision, reliability, energy efficiency, and operational costeffectiveness. Those Three TRANE Liquid chillers Installed in the Hemas Hospital are of Series RTM RTHD Helical Rotary whose capacities are 150 Ton of Refrigerant per each where HFC 134a is used as refrigerant. This new RTHD chiller has designed to deliver proven Series R performance, plus all the benefits of an advanced heat transfer design and a low speed, direct-drive compressor.

MESAN is world renowned manufacturer for Cooling Towers. Three MSN 125 LS towers whose cooling capacity 125 m3/h (heat rejection 726.4 kW) per each tower are fiber reinforced plastic square, Counter flow Low noise type with stainless steel hardware & accessories.

AIR HANDLING UNIT- common area

Ceiling concealed double skin, ducted type TRANE AHU I. II. III. Business office: cooling capacity 35kW @1650 l/s, ESP 150Pa (on coil 24.88CDB/18.34CWB - off coil 12CDB/11.73CWB), Cafeteria: cooling capacity 42kW @1950 l/s, ESP 150Pa (on coil 24.88CDB/18.34CWB - off coil 12CDB/11.73CWB), Physiotherapy: cooling capacity 28kW@ 1350 l/s. ESP 50Pa (on coil 24.88CDB/18.34CWB - off coil 12CDB/11.73CWB),

Vertical, floor mounted, double skin, ducted type TRANE AHU I. II. III. IV. O.P.D. waiting area 2 Units of cooling capacity 60kW @ 2810 l/s ESP 250 pa (on coil 24.88CDB/ 18.34CWB - off coil 12CDB/11.73CWB), Lift Lobby: cooling capacity 35kW @ 1650 l/s ESP 150 pa (on coil 24.88CDB/18.34CWB - off coil 12CDB/ 11.73CWB), Day Beds: cooling capacity 28kW @ 1300 l/s ESP 150 pa (on coil 24.88CDB/18.34CWB - off coil 12CDB/11.73CWB), Training Room: cooling capacity 28/kW @ 1300 l/s ESP 150 pa (on coil 24.88CDB/18.34CWB - off coil 12CDB/11.73CWB)

AIR HANDLING UNIT Operation Theater and Intensive Care Units

Floor mounted, vertical ducted type, double skin, sterile grade (i.e. corrosion free) TRANE AHU, which have Filtrane low velocity primary filter and Camfill secondary bag filters I. II. Labor & Delivery Centre: cooling capacity 70kW, 2560 l/s @ ESP 250 pa (on coil 24.88CDB/18.34CWB - off coil 12CDB/11.73CWB), Nursery ICU (18 kW, 1750 l/s @ ESP 250 pa)

Horizontal type, Laminar Flow, disposable HEPA filter module with differential pressure Magnehelic manometer complete TRANE AHU with UL listed adjustable frequency drive (Altivar 31 is a simple, compact, flexible and open access product from schneider electric) and installed temperature control with digital display & the AHU fan speed controls located inside the theatre wall console I. II. III. Operating Theatre: 3 Units of wall mounted weather proof 25% fresh air, Cooling Capacity 38kW @1300 l/s, ESP 600 Pa (on coil 26.2CDB/20.1CWB - off coil 12CDB/11.73CWB) Infectious Operations Theater: 100% Fresh air in taking, Cooling Capacity 37kW@ 500 l/s, ESP 600Pa (on coil 33CDB/28CWB - off coil 12CDB/11.73CWB) O.R. Dept & Recovery Area A. 50kW@ 2300l/s, ESP 400 Pa (on coil 24.88CDB/18.34CWB - off coil 12CDB/11.73CWB) B. 70kW@ 3300 l/s, ESP 400 Pa. (on coil 24.88CDB/18.34CWB - off coil 12CDB/11.73CWB) Surgical ICU Ambulatory Surgery Centre

IV. V.

Each Air Handling Unit consist of chilled water supply Gate / Return commissioning valves, 2 way Modulating, spring return motorized valve, controller & sensor


TRANE Ceiling concealed ducted type chilled water fan coil units are responsible for 224 kW of cooling load in the Hospital premises. Those are powered by permanent split capacitor type motor for low noise and maximum efficiency together with fan speed controller, thermostat, and return air plenum with filter. Mean while another 144 kW of cooling capacity is obtained from TRANE free blow type ceiling concealed fan coil units.

Single stage centrifugal pumps (impeller is made of bronze) powered by 3 phase AC motor.  Chilled water pumping: 3 identical pumps are used whose capacity is 90m3/h at 60 meters water gauge  Condenser water pumping: 3 identical pumps are used whose capacity is 112m3/h at 16 meters water gauge

Chilled water Piping
1000 uPVC Type pipe is used for 25mm -110mm Diameter chilled water distribution line while carbon steel pipe (BI Schedule 40 Seamless) is used for 125mm and 250mm piping.

Condenser Water piping

Carbon steel pipe (BI Schedule 40 Seamless) is used for 150mm and 250mm piping of condenser water supply and return line

AEROFLEX closed cell EPDM elastomeric thermal insulation thicknesses are selected so that preventing condensation


Butterfly valves: ECONOSTO Cast Iron Wafer type, semi-lugged EPDM lined Pin less design rated for 16 bars at 110C Double regulating valves: ECONOSTO bronze made, variable orifice type low pressure loss balancing valve facilitates one valve for 5 functions (i.e. presetting, measuring, isolating, filling and draining) and it is maintenance free. Y type strainer: ECONOSTO cast iron epoxy coated strainer have strong stainless steel wire mesh screen/ element insert and have minimum pressure drop through due to streamlined flow design. The holes on the wire mesh are of 0.8mm. Expansion Joints: ECONOSTO Single Sphere rubber expansion joint which absorbs vibration, noise and shock are made of carbon steel floating flange and are Electro Galvanized


Insulated GI Ducting is used for Operation Theaters while PU-Pre insulated air ducting (suitability for hospitals has specially certified as its non-septic and no any microbiological growth inside the duct) is used for the rest of the system.

Building Management System TDS Control for Condensing water Variable Speed Drive Thermostat Valve