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No 1999 Batch 1 1 Distributed Denial of Service attacks 2 2 Mobile Computing 3 3 JPEG Compression 2000 4 4 Spintronics 5 5 Immunotronics 6 6 Grid Computing 7 7 Code Division Multiple Access 8 8 Quantum Cryptography 9 9 Autonomic Computing 10 10 Biometrics 11 11 Bluetooth 12 12 Six Sigma in Software Industry 13 13 Iridium System 14 14 Tempest And Echelon 15 15 Personal Parallal Super Computer 16 16 Iris Recognition 17 17 Wireless in Local Loop 18 18 MPLS - Multy Protocol Label Switching 19 19 Active Networks 20 20 Organic Display 21 21 Photonic Chips 22 22 Very Small ApretureTerminal - VSAT 23 23 Digital Watermaking 24 24 Optical Finger print to Optical Data 25 25 GPNS (General Parket Radio Service 26 26 Dense Wave length Division Multiplexing 27 27 JINI Technology 28 28 Proxy Server 29 29 Touch Screeen 30 30 Real Time Embede S/W 31 31 Daly Minyti for Web Intellignce 32 32 M - Commerce 33 33 NANO Technology 34 34 SOPRANO 35 35 Streaming Media (Prism Architecture

36 37 38 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

36 Wireless N/W 802-11 Std and Security 37 Fluroscent Multylayer Disk 38 J2 ME 2000 Batch 1 BLU-Ray Disc 2 Nano Technology 3 Graphic Processing Unit 4 Biometrics - Security Technology &Issue 5 Positron Emission Tomography 6 Virtual LAN Technology 7 Tele Immersion 8 Virtual Keyboard 9 Voice - XML 10 Cyber Forensics 11 Freenet 12 Holographic Memmory 13 Optical Computing 14 SOAP 15 Digital Audio & Video Conepression 16 Augnented Reality 17 Smard Cards 18 High Perfomance Cluster Computing 19 Multiterabit Networks 20 Multimedia Home Platform 21 Survivable Networks Systems 22 The Millipede Concept 23 X Scale Technology 24 Extented File Systems Memmory Management in Real Time Systems WithEmphasis on Garbage 25 Collections 26 Halo Networks 27 Compressed Progressive meshes 28 Brain Finger Printing 29 Internet Small Computer Systems Iterface (ISCSI) 30 Stegnography

25 26 27 28 29 30

31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60

31 Linux in Embedded Systems 32 Symbian 33 Adaptive Resonance Theory 34 Special Effects in Movies 35 Itanicent IA - 64 Architecture 36 Virtual Private Networks 37 Computer Electronics Meet Animal Brains 38 Genetric Algorithams 39 Grid Computing 40 NTFS 41 The Serverless Networks File Systems 42 Firewalls 43 Webmining 44 Quantum, Computers 45 Re- configurable Datapath Processor 46 Computer Games Prograamming 47 Hyper Threading Technology 48 Digital Water Making 49 Trojan Horses :A Threat to Network Security 50 Optical Inter Connection Between Chips 51 Raid Technology 52 Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line 53 Direct X - The Technological Over Drive 54 Virtual Reality 55 Voice Over IP 56 Pwerline Internet 57 Home Gateway 58 Firewire - The IEEE 1394 59 Simputers & Diffusion of Information 60 Organic Light Emitting Diode

2002 BATCH
SR02-1 SR02-2 SR02-3 SR02-4 SR02-5 SR02-6 SR02-7 SR02-8 SR02-9 SR02-10 SR02-11 SR02-12 SR02-13 SR02-14 SR02-15 SR02-16 SR02-17 SR02-18 SR02-19 SR02-20 SR02-21 SR02-22 SR02-23 SR02-24 SR02-25 SR02-26 SR02-27 SR02-28 SR02-29 SR02-30 SR02-31 SR02-32 Real Time Linux SETI@home SWARM-BOTS C-PEN Buffer Overflow Attacks Natural Language Processing Pervasive Computing Internet Protocol Storage Area Network CAN Bus Protocol Ultra Wide Band Technology (UWB) RFID Technology Securing the Future of Information Digitisation and Preservation of Documents in C-Format Intelligence Networks Control Middleware Platform Smart Quill Socks Polytronics Blue-Eye Technology Smart Fabrics Viruses and its Control Intruder Detection Systems H.264 Video Codec XML Design Patterns Spatical Data Mining P2P Networks Virtual Retinal Display Arc Gls: A GIS Software Apache Web Server Agent Oriented Programming Latent Semantic Indexing Extreme Programming Universal Networking Language Universal Serial Bus

SR02-33 SR02-34 SR02-35 SR02-36 SR02-37 SR02-38 SR02-39 SR02-40 SR02-41 SR02-42 SR02-43 SR02-44 SR02-45 SR02-46 SR02-47 SR02-48 SR02-49 SR02-50 SR02-51 SR02-52 SR02-53 SR02-54 SR02-55 SR02-56 SR02-57 SR02-58 SR02-59 SR02-60 SR02-61 SR02-62 SR02-63

Magneto Resistive Random Access Memory Centralized Control & Monitoring Systems for Intelligent Buildings Ecos-Embedded Configurable Operating System Border Gateway Protocol Smart Dust Wearable Computers Brain Compuetr Interface (BCI) Spyware Monomagnetics Stream Processsor Cluster Computing HIPERLAN/2 Parasitic Computing File Recovery 64-Bit Computing Chip Depth Cube 3D Diplay Systems Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) GMPLS Voice Morphing Protein Based Memory MIMO Technology E-NOSE Smart FAbrics Bio-Informatics-DNA Sequenting and Analysis Genome Database Palladium Cryptography ZIG BEE Cell Processor Cell Processsor Smart Surveillance Systems Wireless Security Issues Clockless Chips

Sl. No SR-03-1 SR-03-2 SR-03-3 SR-03-4 SR-03-5 SR-03-6 SR-03-7 SR-03-8 SR-03-9 SR-03-10 SR-03-11 SR-03-12 SR-03-13 SR-03-14 SR-03-15 SR-03-16 SR-03-17 SR-03-18 SR-03-19 SR-03-20 SR-03-21 SR-03-22 SR-03-23 SR-03-24 SR-03-25 SR-03-26 SR-03-27 SR-03-28 SR-03-29 SR-03-30 SR-03-31 SR-03-32 SR-03-33

1 Signcryption Ironpython On Net Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) Cyclops - 64 Architecture I - Mode DAKNET Multi core processors BIONICS Biological Programming Model for SelfHeading Space Mouse Intel v Pro TM Technology Buckyballs in NANO Technology Ajax Polymer Memmory EDGE Wearoble Bio - Sensors Optical Mini Disk Kernel Krash Dumping Using Kdump Face Recognition Technology BEOWULF A ParallelWorkstation for Scientific Computing Distributed Data Mining (DDM) Mobile PCI Express Module HUMANOID ROBOT Interactive Voice Respouse System NANO - Robotics Infranet Split Smart Message FRAM SIMICS ANEMONE Space Mose Dimensional Data Modeling WINFS - Windows Vista File System

SR-03-34 SR-03-35 SR-03-36 SR-03-37 SR-03-38 SR-03-39 SR-03-40 SR-03-41 SR-03-42 SR-03-43 SR-03-44 SR-03-45 SR-03-46 SR-03-47 SR-03-48 SR-03-49 SR-03-50 SR-03-51 SR-03-52 SR-03-53 SR-03-54 SR-03-55 SR-03-56 SR-03-57 SR-03-58 SR-03-59 SR-03-60 SR-03-61 SR-03-62 SR-03-63 SR-03-64 SR-03-65 SR-03-66

car Information System For ITS JINI The Anatomy Of Google Broadcast Encryptian Affective Computing Dynamic Spatially Augmented 3 D Painting Haptic Technology Smash Guard Motion Capturing Radix Protector Blind Audio tactite Mapping System NANO Crystal Flash Memmory ESCRITOIRE Service Oriented Architecture High Definition Multimedia interface Turbo Cache Evolvable Hardware E - Paper Hybrid Optical Network Architecture Cooperative Linux Virtual Human Iterface OBFUSCATED CODE Intel Virtualisation Technology IPTV ( Internet Protocol Television Enterprice Resource Planning Quantum Cryptography Java Card Modular Computing POD Casting Crypto Virology Network Attached Storage Digital Video Broadcast - handheld Technology Shaky Approach

Sl No SR 04 1 SR 04 2 SR 04 3 SR 04 4 SR 04 5 SR 04 6 SR 04 7 SR 04 8 SR 04 9 SR 04 10 SR 04 11 SR 04 12 SR 04 13 SR 04 14 SR 04 15 SR 04 16 SR 04 17 SR 04 18 SR 04 19 SR 04 20 SR 04 21 SR 04 22 SR 04 23 SR 04 24 SR 04 25 SR 04 26 SR 04 27 SR 04 28 SR 04 29

2004Batch Plastic Memmory Storage Area Network 10 Giga bit Ethernet M - Commerce Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Network DEEP WEB PIXIE DUST Organic Light Emitting Display Human _ Centered Computing Protien Based Memmory Digital Theater System Transmission Efficient Routing in Wireless Networks Using Link State Information Computer Generated Holography Using Parallel Commodity Hardware Magnetic Ram AGILE Software Devolopment Buisiness Intelligence Hypercubing Firewire:IEEE 1394 Serial Bug Everywhere Displays Projector Extensible Firmware Interface Client Based Spatial Browsing on The WWW CRUSOE Processor Digital Watermaking Web 3D IMOUSE Qtopia :Platform for Embedded Linux based Devices Software As a Service IMAGE SPAM - The New Email Scourge Elockless Chips GNUTELLA

SR 04 30 SR 04 31 SR 04 32 SR 04 33 SR 04 34 SR 04 35 SR 04 36 SR 04 37 SR 04 38 SR 04 39 SR 04 40 SR 04 41 SR 04 42 SR 04 43 SR 04 44 SR 04 45 SR 04 46 SR 04 47 SR 04 48 SR 04 49 SR 04 50 SR 04 51 SR 04 52 SR 04 53 SR 04 54 SR 04 55 SR 04 56 SR 04 57 SR 04 58 SR 04 59 SR 04 60 SR 04 61

OVONIC UNIFIED MEMORY The Blue bag Project Chamelion Chips Voice Stress Analysis Electro Magnetic Bomb Hybrid Silicon Laser Advancements in Smart Dust Technology High Definition Digital Multy Player Disc Delay Tolerant Networks U . M. A Technology Webtop Assisted GPS IP Spoofing Java Card Brain Computer Interface Virtuality - An Insight in to the World of Virtual Realitty Microsoft Surface Powder - Sized RFID Chips Cor DECTWLL Dithering " Techniques for Interated Hash Functions" Call Paper Concept Light Tree Blue Eyes Next - Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB) Wireless Capsule Endoscopy UBIQUITOUS Networking Cell Phone Viruses Web 2.0 Green Computing Passive Optical Networks Near Field Communications Hyper Threrading Technology in Desktop Marking Technique to Isolate Boundary SR 04 62 Router and Attacker SR 04 63 Dynamic Loadable Modules SR 04 64 Ultra Wide Band

2005 BATCH
SR05-01 SR05-02 SR05-03 SR05-04 SR05-05 SIP Paging and Tracking of Wirless LAN Hosts for VOIP Improving Voice Quality of VOIP Streams over Wimax Dense Wave Division Multiplexing Buffer Overflow. Attack and Defenses Fractal Image Compression Identity-Based Key Management in Mobile AD HOC Networks: Techniques &Applications TRIPWIRE Business Intelligence for Enterprises Cross -ayer Packet Scheduling Scheme for Multimedia Broadcasting Via S-DMB Optical Ethernet Graphics Processing Unit Robust Speaker Identification & Verification Advance in Artificial Immune Systems Trackerless Porrents using Distributed Harsh Tables Edge Enhancement using an Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Mobile WIMAX Outsourcing Strategies and Models Implemented by Indian Software Industry Wireless USB CDN-Supported Collaborative Media Streaming Control Compresed-Domain Video Processing for Adaptation Encryption and Authentication Trap Technique towards a Cheap Based Quantum Computing Virtual Classroom Extension for Effective Distance Education Resilient Packet Ring Negaitve Representations of Informations Surface Capture for Performance Based Animation

SR05-06 SR05-07 SR05-08

SR05-09 SR05-10 SR05-11 SR05-12 SR05-13 SR05-14 SR05-15 SR05-16 SR05-17 SR05-18 SR05-19

SR05-20 SR05-21 SR05-22 SR05-23 SR05-24 SR05-25

SR05-26 SR05-27 SR05-28

IPTV over Wimax Virtual Keyboard Evolution of 4G Network: Centric Systems for Military Operations in Urban Terrain. The Role of UAVS Water Cooling Processor Color Space CAD Hybrid Scheduling in Distributed Systems Energy-Aware Flash Memory Management in Virtual Memory System Translting Language with Technologies Help Revocable Locks for Non-Blocking Programming A study about Metadata Wireless Mesh Networks for Public Safety HADOOP Test Set Development for Cache Memory in Modern Microprocessors Freedom Compiler Bridging the Annotation Retreaval Gap in Image Search Extreame Ultraviolet Lithography Swarm Intelligence Resource Aware Distributed Scheduling in Grid System MAP: A Scalable Monitoring System for Dependable 802.11 Wirless Networks Adaptive hasing for IP Address Lookup in Computer Networks WARP Processing FEMTO Cell Beyond TCP: Stream Control Transmission Protocol Fast & Scalable Discovered of idle CPUs in a PZP Network Automatic Mood Transferring Between Color Images Tiger Sharc Processor Xen Virtualisation

SR05-29 SR05-30 SR05-31 SR05-32 SR05-33 SR05-34 SR05-35 SR05-36 SR05-37 SR05-38 SR05-39 SR05-40 SR05-41 SR05-42 SR05-43 SR05-44 SR05-45 SR05-46 SR05-47 SR05-48 SR05-49 SR05-50 SR05-51 SR05-52 SR05-53

SR05-54 SR05-55 SR05-56 SR05-57 SR05-58 SR05-59 SR05-60 SR05-61 SR05-62 SR05-63 SR05-64

Deadlock-Free resource Allocation in Reconfigurable Manufacturing System CLOUD Computing Automatic Resumption of Streaming Sessions over W1-F1 using JADE Signal Processing Challenges for Meural Prostheses Z-Mac: A Hybrid MAC for Wirless Sensor Networks Through Reasoning to Cognitive Machines Measuring Stipple Aesthetics in Hand Drawn and Computer Generated Images Deep Packet Inspection Using String Matching Perpendicular Recording REDTACTION Microsoft Photosynth

2006 Batch
SR06-01 SR06-02 SR06-03 SR06-04 SR06-05 SR06-06 SR06-07 SR06-08 SR06-09 SR06-10 SR06-11 SR06-12 SR06-13 SR06-14 SR06-15 SR06-16 SR06-17 SR06-18 SR06-19 SR06-20 SR06-21 SR06-22 SR06-23 SR06-24 SR06-25 SR06-26 SR06-27 SR06-28 SR06-29 SR06-30 SR06-31 SR06-32 SR06-33 Intel Mehalem Mobile Virtual Reality Intel Atom IMAX Optical Camouflage Quantum Teleportation Dynamic Graph Algorithm Trace Catche Inferno OS Content Delivery Networks EMNETS Exokernal (Aegis) Unified Communication Next Generation Networks Pill Camera Interactive Television Network Coding Authentication & Authorisation Management Using Dynamic Key Based Group Key Management Harvest Data from Sensor Fields Using Mobile Robots Broadband Over Powerline 4 G mobile Communication Project Oxygen Functional Programming in Haskell Clock Synchronisation in Distributed System Rover Technology Hyper V Java Ring Evolution of GUIDO Biomolecular Computation Adding Intelligence to Internet Linux Virtual Server In memory Databases for voice + Data Networks Extranet

SR06-34 SR06-35 SR06-36 SR06-37 SR06-38 SR06-39 SR06-40 SR06-41 SR06-42 SR06-43 SR06-44 SR06-45 SR06-46 SR06-47 SR06-48 SR06-49 SR06-50 SR06-51 SR06-52 SR06-53 SR06-54 SR06-55 SR06-56 SR06-57 SR06-58 SR06-59 SR06-60

Artificial Passenger Fractal Robots Border Security Using Vireless Integrated Network Sensors Semantic Web Intrusion Detection System MOBLIN Cellonic Technology Mobile Agent Security Full Hardware Virtualization USB 3 Multy Core Processors and GPU ( Intel Larrabee Architecture) Live Mesh Multiple Domain Orientation Digital Smell Technology Millepede - A Nano Memory software Virtualization Aspect Oriented Programming Printer + Scanner Forensic Code Conjurer Aeronautical Communications SQL Injection BIT Torent EKA - Indias Latest super computer SPECKNET ELASTIC QUATAS Cake PHP Microsofts Azure Platform Services