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Subject: chemo / radiation oil support Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil) is primarily anti-fungal. It is a radiation protectant.

It prevents post-radiation neuritis for those with tons of Radiation. Melrose, which contains Melaleuca, is often used for this. If using Melrose, saturate the tissue with the oil. Melaleuca alternifolia can be taken in a capsule orally or in a rectal implant. Gary Young From the essential oils desk reference book from Gary Young Recommendations from the Essential Oils Desk reference Book for oils support during radiation treatments 1st recommendations - Sandalwood, hyssop and (Internal only) oregano. Other single oils - Peppermint, Frankincense, Idaho Balsam fir, Blue Cypress. Other blends Longevity. EO Application methods: capsule 00 size 2 times daily. Topical: Dilute 50-50, massage 2-4 drops on affected area 1-2 times daily. Dietary supplementation: Super C, Power meal, ImmuPro, Dried wolfberries, Longevity softgels, Omega Blue softgels, Under Radiation Treatments- Restoring proper flora in bowels. If taking antibiotics or undergoing chemotherapy or radiation take a full dose of a good probiotic Life 5- (powerful probiotic from Young Living) for one full week after Finishing with antibiotic or medical intervention. Taking yogurt before lighter meals also provides friendly bacteria. The need for yogurt is sometimes indicated by intolerance Of dairy products. *() my note - not in text. For patients undergoing radiation saturate the site 10 days prior to treatment with Melaleuca alternifolia and Melaleuca ericifolia. Take 4 double 00 capsules per day, before. during

Radiation and for 30-60 days following the treatments.

Subject: Re: Chemo and Cypress Use lots of cypress oil. It builds blood corpuscles, especially the white cells. Apply it on the skin, breathe it, and take capsules of it. It will accelerate the rebuilding of your immune system after chemo and radiation has destroyed it. The doctors will be amazed at the speed of recovery from chemo/radiation when cypress oil is used like this. Dr. David Stewart PhD ======================= Amber, My mother is currently undergoing chemo and radiation...she's had 5 of 6 treatments so far. She's been drinking on average 6oz per day of Ningxia Red, some days more, mixed in with her water. Her oncologist has been amazed at how well she has done through the treatments. Her blood work consistently rivals that of the healthy population and he has asked her what she is doing. She of course keeps telling him Ningxia Red, and gave him some information and samples. He told her to keep it up, because it is helping her so much. We're hoping he may order a bottle or 3 and try it too before she's all done with her treatments. BTW-the Ningxia Red is really the only thing she is taking consistently with the exception of using an oil occasionally if she's feeling down, but her outlook has been very positive, especially with the juice. Definitely encourage your friend to drink the juice - 6 oz per day. Best wishes, Nancy Gouch, BCRS, FCCI, LSH

Radiation & Chemotherapy Support Completed treatments for Radiation and Chemo (June 23, 1998) with absolutely no side affects what so ever for bladder cancer and T4 tumors (most aggressive kind). Standard treatment for this kind of

tumor is to remove the bladder and prostate. I refused that, and found a protocol on the web of radiation and Chemo combined to treat it. Monday Aug. 10th I went in for minor surgery where they took tissue samples and sent them to the lab to see if there were any cancer cells left. Lab report today came back with no cancer cells left in the bladder. Everything I used was from YLEO and I started 4 weeks before treatments (I didn't get sick and lost no hair) with the following: Mineral Essence, Frankincense, Immupower, Joy and Lemon. Keep in mind I started all this one month before starting chemo and radiation therapy. For the oils, I rubbed them 3 drops each layered neat (undiluted) on my feet (bottom front and inside the ankles to hit all organs as there is no specific urinary bladder point on the foot). I did this twice a day, depending on available time, except for the lemon, which I drank in my water everyday as it is very alkalining even more than lemon juice. The Joy I used each day by rubbing a drop on my finger and thumb, then rubbing it on each ear lobe neat and down the side of my neck over the arteries into the head. Also because I liked the smell, I put a drop on my finger and rubbed it neat on my mustache, so I could smell it for hours, once a day. I also misted it from time to time, no specific time frame. Hope this helps. Ron >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>> I finished chemo this past summer for breast cancer. I had four Adriamycin-Cytoxin (AC) chemo treatments followed by four Taxol treatments. I didn't "discover" essential oils until I was almost finished with chemo, for my last treatment of Taxol. Side effects of Taxol are neuropathy, muscle aches and joint pain (like a REAL bad case of the flu). For my last treatment, I put frankincense oil on the soles of my feet the day before chemo and radiation, and for four or five days after chemo/radiation. I had NO side effects from that Taxol treatment. In fact, I saw a nutritionist for the first time two days after chemo and she couldn't believe I was feeling so good! At any rate, I share this in case it would help anyone else. If it does, I would also appreciate knowing.

Jane Wood, Denver, CO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A friend who had chemotherapy a few years ago experienced neuropathy in her legs and feet as a side effect. She later found info that indicated that IV calcium/magnesium can avoid this side effect. When she asked her doctor why they had not done this, he said that he had just learned about it and from now on patients on certain chemo drugs would be given this protocol to avoid the neuropathy. Good luck and many blessings, Lauri Ross For stomach upset, use the muscle relaxing and nerve relaxing oils: chamomile, lavender, ylang ylang, lemongrass, etc. Oils will also irradicate the cancer cells, follow your nose. Blessings, Doc Wah Cristina I used oils during chemotherapy and radiation. My intention and belief was that they would not have any issues with interaction. And - they didn't. I mentioned it briefly to my oncologist when he spoke about how great my bloodwork continued to be. Yet, when I started explaining - his eyes glazed over, and he mentioned how there were no studies on what affects these alternatives would have on the effectiveness of the chemotherapy, etc. I'm sure there never will be! Basically, he just said to keep doing whatever I was doing to stay healthy. So, it was "don't ask, don't tell" for much of the time. Speaking from the mind/body perspective....if I use the oils with worry about bad interactions - I'm creating an atmosphere ripe for bad interactions. If I think about how I want them to interact, then I'm creating an atmosphere that supports harmony in the body. I used Valor and ImmuPower every morning. Thieves internally most days, too. I took 2- 4oz Ningxia Red Juice daily. This made a huge difference! I was working with another doc that leaned toward the natural and used a general heavy-duty vitamin/mineral supplement, too. I'm sure Young Living has the equivalent now. It was interesting that even during chemo and radiation, I stayed healthy when family members

experienced colds, etc. I'll also add that I used Peace & Calming before each chemo & radiation session. It helped me, and it helped the nurses and the others in the chemo room, too. They loved the smell, (of course!) and some even asked about it and I was able to share info. In the months after I was done with chemo, I took training in hypnotherapy so that I could assist those going through the same experience. I wanted to be able to share something to help with the anxiety that didn't involve drugs. So, I send intentions that you confidently and successfully move _through_ this experience. And - if you speak to others who experience anxiety - perhaps you could suggest hypnosis as an option. And last - one thing that came to me is that I would never (and still don't!) say I "have" or "had" this disease. I always say I "experienced" it. When we "have" something, we make it our own. I choose to own good health only. When we say we are experiencing something - our body/mind feels the "moving through" the situation, instead of making it who we are. And - for me - it feels better not to label myself a cancer survivor. I am a healthy person, period, and do not want to have a word of disease associated with who I am. Words have so much power - it's important to choose the words that represent what we want/intend for ourselves. With Love & Gratitude, Cathy Cathy Daniels, CHt. ====================== Hi Julie, I learned of the oils a couple of weeks after I started radiation and chemo. I was using Frankincense internally and rectally, a blend from Creer labs much like Juvacleanse, Idaho Balsam fir on my lower abdomen and others that Im not remembering right now. I can dig out the complete protocol if you like. I also drank 2 quarts of carrot juice each day with 2 ounces of a concentrated aloe vera mixed in.

Frankincense was and still is my mainstay. I didnt really have any side effects until the last week of treatment, then I had some diahrea. I did get the surgery, only because of a lot of pressure from the wife and other family. I refused post surgical chemo and stayed on most of the oils and Ninxia red. I must add that during the time of doing all that I was doing, I felt better overall than I had in years. I hope this helps. Let me know if youd like more details. Dr Ed CHIROPRACTIC-Correcting subluxations since 1895! Ed Stegman D.C.

Lift their spirits. Valor - feet or wrists, Harmony - single drop over the solar plexus area, (above the belly button), Joy - single drop over the heart, White Angelica - single drop on one palm, rub the other palm to it, brush the head, face, shoulders, chest, body, legs, right over the clothes, as if brushing on an "angelic shield". Doing this in the morning seems enough for most people to maintain balance. Some folks like to repeat it in the afternoon or evening. Bill

For patients undergoing radiation: Saturate the site ten days prior to treatment with Melaleuca alternifolia and Melaleuca ericifolia*. Take four double 00 capsules per day, before and during radiation, and for 30 to 60 days following the treatment. Good luck, Joy If it were me, I'd do a capsule full of Grapefruit (for the D-Limonene -Grapefruit so 92% D- Limonene!), a cap of Frankincense and a 1 ounce rectal implant (following a pure water enema) of Protec

nightly. It will absorb systemically through the colon and offer support. I'd also do NingXia Red, Exodus, AlkaLime and absurd amounts of VitaGreen or Liquid Chlorophyll to help keep blood clean. I would also juice or turn to as raw as possible. It will intensify the Chemo, but also help keep him alkaline Jessica Wild I would second the motion on what Jessica states here. Maybe use Rehemogen as well, as it is a good blood cleanser. If you could obtain apricot kernels, that would help too. They have been proven to kill cancer cells. Keep oiling and oiling. There are many ways to defeat cancer, from what I have read. I've heard several testimonials from people extolling apricot kernels, Esiac tea, flax seed oil and cottage cheese - Budwig Gerson diet and cleansing of colon and especially the liver, which we all know is important. Raw juices and lots of water and wheat grass, artificially lowering the blood sugar down into hypoglycemic levels to starve the cancer cells, (done with physician's supervision) supervision), hyperbaric oxygen, as 02 kills cancer, jumpin as it moves the lymph and pulls 02 into the cells. 1923, Dr. Otto Warburg discovered the reverse connection between 02 and cancer The more oxygen, the less of cancer and the less oxygen, the greater probability of cancer. If it is already present, cancer regresses in the presence of 02 and gains in strength with its lack. Therefore, cutting off circulation to the tumor is wrong, as this decreases oxygen. You want to improve circulation everywhere, including to where the tumor is. An example is cayenne pepper. It is an effective cancer fighter, because it increases circulation, thus delivering more oxygen to the cells. This is what you want. Emotions are the most important of all. Negativity is death. Being positive and upbeat is life. Praying is very effective. People must be supportive and positive and upbeat - no matter what the therapy is. Norman Cousins defeated his cancer watching funny old movies. He laughed his way back to health. See "Anatomy of an Illness". This is one reason why liver cleansing is so important because it helps to release negative emotions, because anger and hatred and grudges are stored there. Letting go of all bitterness and anger is very important. Love defeats cancer. Hate makes it grow. Smiling, loving and forgiving are devastating to cancer cells. The oils help tremendously in releasing

negative emotional patterns. Imaging or imagining your body's immune system routing and destroying the cancer cells has also been shown to be very effective. Jeff Kaplan ========================= I was diagnosed with very aggressive stage two cancer in late 2006. I went through two lumpectomies, 16 chemo treatments, 25 radiations, a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. I was very new to YL at the time, with my sister in laws friend had just become a distributor. They got me on NingXia Red juice, which is key for supporting the brain during chemo and radiation It kept the chemo brain and fatique away. I did at least 4 to 6 ounces a day in water. I was not familiar with the other YL products but I was putting Frankincense, Rosemary and something else on the effected area. I followed the list from the previous edition of the EODR. I wish I had know more on the products when I was going through it, but just being on the NingXia was good enough to help protect my internal organs from damage from the chemo. Suzanne