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Seville in My Heart (detail) by Pho, ol, 60 x50. Prat colecton, - a EASY REFERENCE Acrylic: 60 Oil: 12,21, 38, 50,72, 73, Pen and Ink: 21 Pastel: 46, Watercolor: 21 4 Editor's Note 6 Letters 6 What's New at ‘ 8 Quick Sketches Fourth Annual Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational..Art Studio Program to Open on New York City’s Govemors Island...2009 Conference ‘on International Opportunites irs the Arts, Tackling Tough Subjects ru. srePienooseaTy ‘Winning a contest sponsored by American Artist and Savoir Faire catapulted Lisbeth Firmin’s art career, but she soon realized that fature recognition would depend (on challenging herself to work with. ‘more complicated subjects, a 30 38 JANUARY 2009 From Painting En Plein Air to Inventing the Capriccio fy oav0 AER ‘A capriccio is an invented or staged scene with enigmatic meaning and clever reconfigurations of the familiar and unfamiliar. The artists who pioneered this genre centuries ago worked within a tradition that involved transporting the viewer to a place of unimaginable context and composition. With the current renaissance of plein air painting, the time is right for recovering the genre of the capriccio, Keeping Yourself & Viewers Engaged in Your Art Philadelphia artist Joan Becker constantly changes the subject matter and scale of her gouache paintings so that neither she nor her audience becomes bored by repetition. “I use the same materials and techniques because I know them well, but I constantly challenge myself to explore new ideas and formats,” she explains Discovering the Motif: The Paintings of Brad Marshall This New York artist used the image of an arch to endow a recent set of paintings with a sense of unity and focus. 46 Tarbet's Dream Studio 8808 BR Urania Christy Tarbet was tired of not being able to reach things in her crowded studio. Her woodworking husband responded by ‘customizing most of the bottom floor of their house into a dream studio for the pastelist/oil painter. 50 Pino: Italian Artist, American Dream JAMES A. METOALFE The life story of Giuseppe Dangelico—or Pino, as he is known—reads like the pages of a finely detailed screenplay, with tales of both trials and triumph, and a realized American dream that is as universal as it is personal 60 Creative Possibilities Only Available With Acrylics Susan Roth and Darryl Hughto began working with acrylic paints and mediums decades ago because no other painting material allowed them to realize their visions. Roth wanted paint with sculptural possibilities that would express her deep sense of gratitude about life; and Hlughto intended to layer veils of colors, and carve patterns into the resulting surface. Both artists worked with a major paint manufacturer who customized their materials to achieve those results. 70 Exhibitions Giovanni Battista Piranesi: Architecture and the Spaces of Imagination...Spared From the Stor ‘Mastenvorks From The New Orleans Museum of Art..Children in American Art, 74 Business of Art 76 Technical Q+A 78 Bulletin Board 80 Coming in. alead (detail, reversed) by Karn Je, 2007 ‘lon panel, 123, Prat colecton, EASY REFERENCE Alkyd Enamels: 38 Charcoal: 16, 38 Conté: 16 Graphite: 16 Oil: 16,22, 30, 38, 46,54 Watercolor: 16, 62 4 Editor's Note 6 Letters 6 What's New at ‘ 7 Art Mart 8 Quick Sketches Showcase Your State! at States Artists Announces Third Annual USA Fellowships... Call for Entries for Plein Air—Easton.... New Product Unleashes Antistic Potential of iPhone. 16 The Quest That Never Ends ‘Arizona artist Bill Lndquist teaches classes in watercolor, life drawing, and portrait drawing: and he emphasizes that all those creative pursuits depend on strong, drawing skills and a constant effort to improve. 22 Content and Technique ‘5 CUNTON T. HOBART Here's how I compose, draw, and paint still lifes from life to capture the individual personalities of the assembled objects. 30 38 48 Using Rhythm and Movement to Greate Harmonious Landscapes sv san Omen Laura Tynn Lewis designs her landscapes wit the same attention to rhythm and movement that composers use to write rmusic allowing her to create visually harmonious and aesthetically pleasing paintings ‘The Mural is the Message: ‘The Paintings of Garin Baker BY JOHN A PARKS This Hudson Valley artist brings a realist approach and a passion for people to his large-scale murals in public spaces, Paint the Scene, Not the Photograph Atlanta artist Karin Jurick uses her photographs to assemble elements into an original composition that she takes beyond her reference material to produce a vibrant moment captured in oil paint. ‘The Challenge of Painting an Official Portrait Many of the best portrait commissions commemorate the tenure of a government official professor, judge, or club president. As Andrew Lattimore painted former New York State Gov. George E. Pataki, he was reminded that the process of executing an official portrait can be complicated by tradition and politics.