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The composition will have 4 parts: Introduction (brief, breve) Advantages (for) /Ventajas (a favor, los pros) Disadvantages (against) / Inconvenientes (en contra) Conclusion (brief, breve)

2) We will write short sentences and we will try to use vocabulary and verbs that we already know. Escribiremos frases cortas e intentaremos usar vocabulario y verbos que ya sabemos. 3) Usaremos al menos 5 conectores diferentes. We will use at least 5 different linking words: first of all (primero de todo), although (aunque), moreover (adems), on the contrary (por el contrario), for instance (por ejemplo), in conclusion (en conclusion), to sum up (para resumir) 4) We will pay attention to the verb tenses (s, -ed, irregular verbs, -ing) and to the spelling. Prestaremos mucha atencin a los tiempos verbales y la ortografa. Lets practise! / Vamos a practicar!: First of all / Firstly (Primero de todo, en primer lugar) ----- Introduccin In addition (adems) / Moreover (adems) / Furthermore (adems) So (as, de esta manera) / As a result (como resultado) / Therefore (por lo tanto) However (sin embargo) / On the other hand (por otro lado) / In contrast (por el contrario) In conclusion / To sum up (para resumir) /On the whole (en general) Living in the country is something that people form the city often dream about. (1) ___________ in reality, it has both its advantages and disadvantages. Living in the country has certainly many advantages. (2) ______________ you can enjoy peace and quiet. (3) ________________ people tend to be friendlier and more open. A further advantage is that there is less traffic, so it is safer for children. (4)______________, living outside the city has disadvantages too. (5) ____________, because there are fewer people, you are likely to have fewer friends. (6) ______________, entertainment is difficult to find, particularly in the evening. (7) _________________, the fact that there are fewer shops and services means that it is harder to find work.

(8) _____________, it can be seen that the country is more suitable for some people than others. LINKING WORDS
ADDING - AADIR CONTRASTING CONTRASTAR *but However, Although despite In spite of Nevertheless, On the contrary, on the one hand on the other hand, whereas while but while In contrast, Neither...nor EXPRESSING CAUSE/REASON- CAUSA because as since This is why because of Due to Owing to For this reason, EXPRESSING EFFECT / RESULT *so so....that such a...that Therefore Thus Consequently, As a result, too...for/to not enough...for/to

*and as well as besides Moreover, Furthermore, What is more, In addition, not only .... but also another point is that relative clauses who where that ,which whose to whom when what why

NARRATION First (of all) At first At the beginning In the beginning then next Before After After that afterwards When While during Soon prior to GIVING EXAMPLES for example, for instance, For one thing, this includes such as e.g.. (for example) immediately Once Suddenly As soon as No sooner....than Hardly...when Finally Eventually At the end In the end At last To begin with, until

EXPRESSING PURPOSE to so as to in order that so that for (Non-specific) EXPRESSING OPINION I would say that In my opinion, I think (that) I believe (that) Personally Apparently, From my point of view


All in all overall generally In conclusion, on the whole

EMPHASIS especially particularly Naturally, exactly because above all

i.e. (that is)

in the main To sum up,

Whatever Whenever