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Meditation has nothing to do with Kundalini. If Kundalini arises that is another thing. Meditation can be explained even without it. When we mention Kundalini, it becomes even more complicated to explain the process of meditation. Meditation can be explained directly. There is no need to worry about chakras. You can begin meditation directly. You will come to know of Kundalini only when the passage or the flow of energy is blocked and chakras will be there. All this is completely non-voluntary.



We do not belong to the dawn of the past, but to the noon of the future Sri Aurobindo Essays on the Gita. Spirituality is an evolution from the seed of ritualism to the flowering of Dhyana meditation; from Animism to Zen. Swami Anand Neelambar This site is designed for those who have graduated from the mere mechanics of religion and philosophical dialectics to the Awareness and Understanding that leads to Meditation. We can call it a post graduate approach to Spirituality. This site is totally unique in its concept of Meditation. There are verily thousands of schools and sites on Meditation. We encourage you to visit as many as you can until you find one in sync with your pulse and resonates with your inner being. Not all can come to Self Realization through the same path. In fact no two aspirants come through the same gate. Each has his unique path to Enlightenment. T his site offers weary travellers on the pathless path to the mystical lake of awareness an opportunity to quell their thirsty for that No-thing that leads to ultimate fulfilment. This site is an Aashiyaan Sanctuary for sincere spiritual seekers. We offer the Rasam of distilled spirituality. What has been called the wine of the mystics by Omar Khayyam. For those not satiated with the waters of ritualism and showman religion, we offer the wine of consciousness and awareness that leads to divine intoxication. This introductory issue highlights our distillation of meditation for the modern mind. We trust that you can fathom the purpose and necessity of such an endeavour at this time in human evolution. The seeds of meditation were planted long ago into the bosom of your being. They germinated under various Masters and Mystics. Some are now coming to fruition. Our role is the like that of the garden where we provide an ambience for the ultimate flowering of your consciousness.

Come share with us this joyous blossoming of Meditation.


MEDITATION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MIND. Meditation is beyond mind. So the first step is to be playful about meditation. When you are playful about mediation no one can destroy it. Not even mind can destroy meditation. When you are serious about meditation it becomes an ego trip. You may start thinking yourself to be a great meditator. You may begin to think yourself holier than others. This is what happens to your so-called saints, puritans, moralists etc. Thus their journey remains a subtle ego game. That is why I want to warn you of this. Be playful about meditation. Chose any technique, and see if it fits you. Be sincere about it but not serious. Meditation is the song of the being. Sing it. Allow it to sink in you. It is the dance of harmony, dance to the pulse of the harmony. Take meditation to be fun and you will be surprised. When you are playful

meditation grows in leaps and bounds.

Remember, there is no goal that you are pursuing. You are just enjoying the sitting. Just enjoying the very act of sitting! No longing for any gain, yogic powers, Siddhis, miracles etc. Masters warn you against these. These are pitfalls along the path. Take life as a cosmic joke. Then you will find you are suddenly relaxed. There is nothing to be tensed or cling. Suddenly a change begins; a transformation. All small things of life begin to have new meaning. Nothing remains small. Everything has the flavor of meditation, oneness. When you attain to meditation you are no more Christian, Hindu or Mohammedans. You are simply the lover of life. Meditation teaches how to rejoice in life. How to be happy in all situations?

This rejoicing, happiness is the door towards god is meditation. Dance your way to god. Sing your way to God.


Up to now you have followed a pattern of life. You have thought in a certain way. You need new glimpses in life. Be alert. Awake and arise. A new horizon awaits you. Do not be a slave to mind. Mind

is memory. A psychological memory! Memory of your wounds! Mind continues to control your past and the future. Just be aware of this. What is the way then? How does mind control you? Mind is very cunning. Mind convinces you of its efficiency. Mind communicates like an economist. One thing always remembers whenever you have two things always chose the new. Choose the harder one. Choose the one that requires more awareness. Between efficacy and awareness always choose awareness. Thus you will create a situation for meditation to be possible. These are just situations without which meditation cannot happen. Move from efficiency to creativity. Efficiency is mechanical. Creativity is your very essence. You are not here to be more and more efficient. You are here to be more alive, more intelligent, and happier.

Creativity is your essence. Always choose to be creative in anything you do. This will unfold in meditation.

Alertness is the very core in meditation. When you are alert all small and insignificant things become sacred. Then whatever you do matters not. Bring your alertness in everything. Life will unfold new meaning. Even your cooking and cleaning will become sacred. It will become worship. Then it is not important what you are doing. Even if you are cleaning the floor or cooking like a robot a mechanical thing that you have to do, then you will miss something. Something beautiful is missing. Thus you waste those moments in cleaning. Cleaning the floor could be a great experience. When thus floor is cleaned you miss something within. When you are luminous with awareness while cleaning the floor then not only the floor will feel a deep cleaning, instead you will also feel a deep inner cleaning. Work, sit, walk or do anything let there be one continuous thread of awareness. Make your life more and more luminous with awareness. Let the flame of awareness be lit each moment. The cumulative effect of all this becomes a source of light.

The cumulative effects of moments of awareness are ENLIGHTENMENT. A LIGHT ONTO YOURSELF


Meditation is a technique to be practiced. It is an effort. However it is not something that mind can achieve. All that falls within the domain of the mind is not meditation. Mind cannot reach meditation. Meditation begins where mind ends. This you have to remember. All that we do in life is done through the mind. So when we turn inwards on the pilgrimage of meditation we think in terms of techniques,

doings etc. This is the experience of whole life. This shows that everything can be achieved through the mind. But not meditation! Meditation is not any achievement. Meditation is you essential nature. You have to recognize this within. You have been carrying it within you. Meditation is your being! It has nothing to do with doings.

Meditation is your intrinsic nature. It is you, your being.


Meditation is a technique to be practiced. It is an effort. However it is not something that mind can achieve. All that falls within the domain of the mind is not meditation. Mind cannot reach the meditation. Meditation begins where mind ends. This you have to remember. All that we do in life is done through the mind. So when we turn inwards on the pilgrimage of meditation we think in terms of techniques, doings etc. This is the experience of whole life. This shows that everything can be achieved through the mind. But not meditation! Meditation is not any achievement. Meditation is you essential nature. You have to recognize this within. You have been carrying it within you. Meditation is your being! It has nothing to do with doings.

Meditation is your intrinsic nature. It is you, your being.


One who was never born never died simply visited this planet between Ramnavmi 1898-Jan 17, 1955



Master is not a person. Never ask who is a master? Instead ask what a master is. Master is a state of inner happening. Master is Awareness. Master is consciousness. The Absolute Consciousness! It is for the sake of erring humanity, that Absolute Consciousness assumes the human form. A master is the Embodiment of Hindu scriptural injunction- AHAM BRAHMASMI- I am ever expanding consciousness. Then how can a maser be born or die. Never ask who is a master? Because master is not a person! Master is not a person. Master is a state of awareness. Then how can you ask who is a master. Sufis say master is Roohani Meraj-- inner state of emptiness or awareness. For this you have to ask what a master is. Masters have used many ways to explain the role of a master. His effort is to wake you from your deep slumber. Master is one who wakes you up. Let me take a Zen koan. One master called his disciple Kokushi called his disciple Hoshin At the voice of the master Hoshin respond Second time again Hoshin responded saying, yes master Third time when Kokushi called, Hoshin He responded, yes master Again Kokushi called Hoshin And Hoshin responded saying, yes

TAOSHOBUDDHA AT THE SHRINE OF NAQSHBANDI SUFI MASTER BRIJ MOHAN LAL Location: Samadhi Mandir, Aishbagh, Tilak Nagar, Lucknow, U.P., India 6

Kokushi said, Hoshin I need to ask your forgiveness for calling you again and again. Sufis and Zen have unique way of explaining subtle matters. Man is in a state of deep slumber. It is not proper to call sleep either. It is unconsciousness. It matters not how many times you call; the sound never crosses the veil of slumber. Man is in his dreams. No noise can really wake him. Master is one who wakes you up from your slumber. Master is one who shatters your dreams; and brings you to a state of total wakefulness. This is difficult. Not only difficult but the disciple thinks master is disturbing his sleep. So there is resentment. That is why Kokushi asks for forgiveness. Certainly the work is difficult. And disciple feels master is constantly disturbing. To receive any help from the master the disciple has to be ready. Sufis say master appears when disciple is ready. You should not even ask what a master is. Remember when the master wakes you, resentment is necessary. Masters effort is to hit your ego and keep you awake so that wakefulness becomes your nature. It seems Hoshin is not a disciple as yet that is why master has to ask for forgiveness. When someone tries to wake you from ordinary sleep you feel the person is your enemy not the friend. Sleep is good. Maybe you are dreaming. And want dream to continue. You want to sleep longer. And this man is constantly disturbing you. Never enquire who the master is; instead you should explore how to be a disciple.

SHRINE: TILAK NAGAR, LUCKNOW, UP. INDIA Inside view of the Shrine of Naqshbandi Sufi Master Brij Mohan Lal (Right Shrine Samadhi: January 17th, 1955); and his consort Sufi Shakuntala Devi (Left Shrine Samadhi: April 12th,1974)

Mind means laziness. That is why you do not like anyone who tries to wake you. You like the one who consoles you, put you to sleep and sing for you. You want consolation not truth. In this world of consolation you will find ninety-nine percent masters who are ready to fulfil your desires. This is simple demand and supply, law of economics. If thousands of people want consolation someone will be ready. Look at yourself. For how long you are going to your place of worship! Praying ardently! Doing yoga asana! Chanting scriptures! Following various priests! What inner change has all this brought to you? Are you getting less angry? Are you more loving? Have you grown in awareness? Omar Khayyam says, What shall you gain O fool by talking about those who are full of bliss? Another yardstick, in the last decade; churches, temples have mushroomed. More and more Yajna and religious activities are taking place on a daily and weekly basis. Has all this made your life any better? Are you really more religious? If it is not so, then certainly your approach is wrong. You have to investigate. Only then a new enquiry can begin. A real master will not console you. Anyone in whose presence your sleep or unconsciousness grows will not help you in any way. Master will shake your basic structure on which you are standing. One of Jesus statements is, People say I brought peace into this world. But no! I say to you I came with a sword. This statement has just put Christians into trouble. On one hand Jesus says, if someone hit you on one side of your cheeks then turn the other side towards him. Now he says he has come with a sword. What kind of sword is this? If you try to understand the message of master literally, as usually happens, you are bound to be in trouble. Jesus sword has nothing to do with the sword you see hanging from the waist of a soldier. Jesus sword is that of a master. It is invisible. It will kill you as you are without any drop of blood. Only then you can be resurrected. It will chisel out the superfluous in you. It will burn your impurities so that gold may shine. You would certainly have heard the name of Italian sculptor Michelangelo. He used to visit a shop quiet often. At the back of this shop there was a huge piece of marble. For years it remained lying uselessly. One day while cleaning the shopkeeper decided to throw that piece of marble. When Michelangelo heard of this, he asked for that piece of marble. The shop owner felt grateful that at least someone wants that piece of marble. So he arranged to get that piece to Michelangelos home. Few years went by, and then one day Michelangelo asked the shop owner to visit his place as he wanted to show him something. The shop owner went to see what Michelangelo wanted to show him. It was a beautiful sculpture of Jesus and Mary. Jesus body when taken down from the cross lies on the lap of Mary. No one can imagine the beauty and splendour of this sculpture Jesus lying with his head resting on Marys lap. Tears began to flow from the eyes of the shop owner. Michelangelo told him it was the same piece of useless marble behind his shop. The shop owner could not believe his eyes. He asked Michelangelo how he did that. Do you know what Michelangelo told him? The sculpture was in the piece of marble. But it was hidden. I could see. To you huge piece of marble was useless. All I did was chisel out the superfluous marble that was hiding the beauty of the sculpture. This reply is that of a master.

Every master has to chisel out the superfluous in you. This is the meaning when Jesus says he has come with a sword. You cannot understand the words of masters in their dictionary meaning. You have to know the art of decoding the message of the masters.

Every master carries a sword. He wants to wake you. Master is your death as you are. And he is your resurrection as well. Such a person will appear to be an enemy. And your sleep is very old. Your sleep is not your ordinary sleep. That sleep contains your greed, lust, anger, attachment, love, hate, jealousy. The roots of these are deeper. Master has to be careful while waking you. He not only wakes you, instead he has to destroy all roots and old structures before something can be poured into you.

Remember when you wake up from your slumber, not only your world will vanish, all that you have known as God in your sleep and dream state will also shatter. What is the significance of all that you have known in a state of unconsciousness? Neither your businesses will remain nor your temples. If your state of unconsciousness is wrong; then all that you have done or known in that state will vanish.
So when a master takes away your sleep he will take away everything that comes out of this. All your understanding of religion, Moksha, scriptures is wrong. In Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna shatters everything, all structures on which Arjunas life was based. He asked him to abandon all religions and ritual and come to him alone. SARVA dharmaan parityaijya, Maam ekam sharanam vraja! Aham twaam sarva paapebhyo, Mokshayishyaami maa shucha!! Abandoning all religions and rituals of body mind and intellect come to me. I shall liberate thee of all sins of thy mortal existence. Only a master can say this. What is the religion of body mind and intellect? Body follows rituals. This is gross. Mind follows Gyana. Krishna tells Arjuna to abandon all dharma through meditation; and come to me alone while in a state of meditation, and stop worries. Then I shall liberate you from all sins. To renounce implies severing all connections with your existing structure and understanding. Only then is there a possibility that you may not fall again into this state of identification with outer envelops of matter around us. This is what happens when you go in the company of a master. If in his company you still remain as you were? If your original religious structure remains; you are in the company of a counterfeit. Krishnas statement explains the role of a master who has the capability to transform you. Religion is blind mans stick. He uses stick to feel. Scriptures happens in state of consciousness beyond human understanding. To understand the message of scriptures your level of consciousness has to undergo transformation. In the company of a master all your religions, religious belief everything will vanish. To be in the company of a master requires great courage. And to stay with a master when he starts using his sword of many dimensions requires even greater courage. People come and run away when their sleep is being hammered. In Bhagavad-Gita you see how many times Arjuna gave arguments to escape from what Krishna was doing. But in front of a master like Krishna all his arguments prove futile. People remain pleased when you do not destroy their structure! Or deepen their slumber! A Hindu is allowed to 9

remain a Hindu! But the moment you start shaking, trouble starts; society does not want its structure to be shattered. Jesus was not crucified unnecessarily. Socrates was not poisoned just like that. Jesus was crucified because he was waking people from their slumber. You are so restless, and troubled that you want a bit of comfort. And when someone wakes you up resentment starts from organized traditions. Jesus was crucified by the organized traditions, not by the criminals. So was Socrates. If you really understand, the entire search of the world is the search of slumber; so that you can forget your agony. Someone finds in wine, others find in music, next one finds in sex. Still more find in meditation or religion. Master will wake you. He will break your structures and states of intoxications. He will take away your bhajans, your mantra, in fact all religions of body, mind and heart. You will have to wake from your slumber. Only then you will know who you are. Or what is your potentiality. With this understanding old will vanish and you are reborn, resurrected. This new state is Moksha. Not a dream seen during sleep. When you wake up from your slumber then whatever is in front of you is God. When you wake up then your state of awareness is your prayer. Prayer is the state of your wakeful awareness. Not that which you utter in deep sleep.

Mind refers to thoughts, conditionings, beliefs etc. When meditation happens and all contents of the mind are dissolve into nothingness mind attains to its total Freedom. This content less inner space is mystically known as NO MIND. When the space is full with thoughts and you are unable to cope with life and living, there comes a state of madness. This is what you see around. Such madness is below mind. And Meditation is beyond mind when total inner space is attained. Bliss overflows out of this happening. I call this as happening because this happens when all efforts are dropped. There is nothing to be done. Only Witnessing is. You are no more mind and duality. You are simply that which is. You are an embodiment of the Hindu Scriptural injunction AHAM BRAHMASMI. Then Life attains a new meaning.


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Your body is the temple. It is a miracle. A mystery of the unknown! Do not neglect it! Respect it! Start working with the body! The harmony body creates may become the door to inner Harmony! All that you experience within manifests through the body! When you are angry within inner state is expressed through your gestures and body movements, and also through the expression on your face. Breathing is the alphabet of the body, and then exercise is the grammar. Just be aware of this. Body is the gross. This has to change alchemically. That is why my so much emphasis is on the gross. And through the breathing you can be easily bridged to Meditation and Life Beyond. Breath is life. Hindus call breath as PRANA or LIFE FORCE. Breath is the bridge between life and death! Between Alpha and Omega! Breathing is one of the most fundamental systems. It needs to be looked after because if you are not breathing properly, you are not fully alive. And if you are not fully alive then almost everywhere you will be holding something. Even in love, you will be holding. You will not be able to communicate wholly. Something will remain incomplete. One who does not breathe properly cannot remain in the present moment. Such a person will constantly dwell either in the past or the unborn future. Remember if you are not living in the present you cannot attain to the flowering of MEDITATION. .to be continued.


Music plays an important role in the development of human consciousness. Music has always been of great significance in the inner realm of meditation, relaxation, and introspection. It is not by chance. Music has a unique way interact with the totality of being. Unlike other forms of artistic expressions music reaches to the most intimate part of the being. To understand you need not a logical mind and its functions... Masters have used music for inner journey, nourishing and healing. Music nourishes silence and celebration. Such celebrative qualities of music are obvious to everyone. What we do not really understand is its capabilities to create silence, to awaken spirituality, and to imbibe subtle energies that point towards the mystery of our existence. Music is an interpretation of inner mystery. In a flowing river, A few rocks have their own Beauty. A river without rocks loses sound. A river with rocks is a singing and dancing river You have to learn to say yes. Yes to the flowing river yes to your totality as you are. And your song and your dance will return to you. In my vision there is no greater world than yes." Osho


Duration 60 minutes Stages five Time: Morning 6 AM-11Am This technique was developed by an enlightened master Osho to create inner cleansing in the meditators. This is an active meditation that creates inner cleansing through catherasis. Present day life is very complex. You live in reflected glory. Your life grows as the image of the others. First you live in the image of your mother. This allows ego to evolve. As you grow your interactions increase in the outer world. The more you grow the more complex your ego becomes. Many beliefs, conditionings, and false behaviour become your way of life. You become the center of the outer world. All connections with the inner world are cut off. You continue to live a life which is suited to the norms of the society and the outer. You are trained to live in a society. You need your centre. Society gives you a false centre which can be manipulated and controlled by the social and moral laws. And you remain totally unaware of this. This has led to a state of neurosis. You remain schizophrenic, divided divided against yourself. You cannot be blissful. Unless you become whole you cannot be freed from your present state of chaos. There are certain Zen and other techniques which can help, but only to a certain extent. These methods can calm you down. You can be peaceful on the surface. But nothing will happen to your inner being. For such a person Osho developed DYNAMIC MEDITATION. This technique of DYNAMIC MEDITATION accepts your present state and then seeks to correct. And thus by accepting it attempts to bring inner harmony, wholeness, bliss, fullness, and thus a celebration. From action it leads to NON-ACTION. Dynamic Meditation is an active meditation as it leads from intense body activity to a state of TOTAL NON DOING. Out of strong necessity for human consciousness this technique evolved. This includes three types of persons: body oriented, heart oriented, and the mind oriented. It starts with intense body activity and slowly leads to a state of TOTAL NON DOING. Start with deep CHAOTIC breathing at the body level. Starting with intense body activity it works through heart. In this process it clears of emotional disturbances. Then working through the mental stress and disturbances it takes you to the 12

stillness or silence of NO-MIND CONSCIOUSNESS. In each being there is anima, and animus. Anima means the feminine or he passive or yin principle. It is passive and inactive> It s the substance of consciousness, not the consciousness itself. It is the very matter without which consciousness cannot exist. Animus is masculine, or yang or the active principle. This represents consciousness. Woman represents the earth element. And the man represents the sky element. Anima in every male or female has to be subjugated. Because it is the form, it is the body. It is the body. It is matter. The spirit is the master. The spirit is master. The spirit has to rise above the body. Not vice- versa. So it does not matter whether you are a woman or a man. In meditation I am concerned with your inner male and female energies. Anima has to follow the animus. Animus can seek and search. In search of truth man has to lead and the woman has to follow. Inside, your animus has to lead and anima has to follow. First have to become river like, only then the two banks will support you. When anima and animus are united that is real marriage! Both melt into one another. Then transcendence can happen. That is why my so much emphasis is on active meditations. In Bhagwad Gita, Krishna teaches Arjuna to engage in actions totally. This is the only way action will lead to a state of non- action. When you put all energies into action something strange happens. Suddenly the doer disappears. The duality of subject and object disappears and action happens on its own accord without any effort. This is non- action. On the surface there actions and at the centre there is no-action. It is like the waves on the surface of the ocean and deep within the womb of the ocean there is utter silence. This is what MEDITATION is all about. You become the ocean of tranquillity. This tranquillity reflects through your face and reflects through your gestures, thinking and behaviour. To lead you from the state of action to inner non-action Osho developed DYNAMIC MEDITATION. Because there is no other way to teach the principle of action and non-action! Be into it totally. Be in frenzy. Let your whole energy be into it and then suddenly you will find something strange happens. This is action without action. Deep within there is silence and on the surface there is action. When you have understood this meditation you have understood the principle of Bhagwad Gita. Meditation evolved out of deep understanding of the principle of action as enumerated in BHAGWAD GET. Krishna takes into account the neurotic state of Arjuna. And thus leads him into TOTAL ACTION with AWARENESS and WITNESSING. This is DYNAMIC MEDITATION. You need to do this meditation fro a period of three weeks to three months. After three weeks you will start settling and your consciousness will move deeper. This meditation is followed by a special music, and proceeds in five stages each separated by a different music. The first stage incorporates life and death. The second stage is that of Negative Mind. The third stage is that of Positive mind. The forth stage leads you to a state of TRANSCENDENTAL Mind or NEUTRAL Mind or the FORTH DIMENSION or NO-MIND. And the last stage is that of Free Flowing Consciousness. to be continued. In the beginning this meditation should be done with guidance.


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WHAT IS initiation?

Initiation is the ultimate in the process of transformation. Why is initiation into meditation or initiation to a master essential? As such as man exists he is asleep. Even in his waking he is a sleep. His sleep is neurotic. He cannot wake up from this sleep. On his own he may wake up but still remain in slumber. Master is needed to wake him up from such neurosis. Initiation is the process for him to remain in contact, not hooked on with the one who is awakened. But this is what actually happens and you become closed to every other enlightened ones. Without this it is almost impossible for you to wake. You are capable of dreaming even when you are awake. Remember Initiation is not a degree or certificate conferred upon you. This is not the end, instead, the beginning of the journey. In most of the cases initiation becomes an obstacle in the process of inward journey. Once someone is initiated he considers that he has attained and he becomes closed to the totality of existence. He considers he is initiated to x so he cannot listen to any one else. Such is the disadvantage of initiation. When it is said that man is asleep, this has to be understood. Man dreams twenty four hours a day. In the night when we are closed to the outer world, we continue to dream. During the day our senses are open. Our senses open in the outer world of duality. It is through the senses that we continue to experience the outer world, but dream continues within. Just close your eyes and you start dreaming again. Dream is continuity inside... You are aware of the outer world. But that awareness is imposed on dreaming mind. Thus continues the dream... In that case we cannot envision reality although we wake up. This is how dreams are imposed on reality. What we actually see is our projections on reality. Everyone is plagued with dreams. A father is full of his unfulfilled dreams. You become an object of projection for your father. Your father will project his dreams on you. Then whatever he understands about you gets mixed up with his own dreams. So projecting ones dreams on some one else is different 14

than loving. When you love some one you do not impose your dreams. And he will appear quite different than when you do not love him. The other becomes quite different when you use the other as screen to project your dreams. When someone loves you, the dream is different. Also that person appears different. On the contrary when you do not love someone, the person is the same, the screen is also the same but the projection differs. In that case you are not using the other as the screen to project your dreams. Things can change again. Once again you can love the other, and then he will appear different. Normally we do not see what is. We go on seeing our own dreams projected on reality. A master is not the same to each one of you. Each one projects something different on the master. In reality he is one as far as he is concerned. If the master himself is dreaming, then he will differ in each moment. It is so because each moment his interpretation will differ. But when the master is awakened then he will remain the same in all circumstances and situations. Buddha said the real test of an enlightened one is that he is always the same. It is just like sea water. Its taste never changes wherever you taste it from. As a person you are projection of ideas, notions, conception and interpretations. Like a projector you go on, projecting things that are nowhere but inside you. The whole becomes a screen. Then you cannot be aware by yourself. This is deep sleep. I have heard, there was a Sufi master Hijira. One day an angle appeared to him in dream and told him to save as much water as possible, because the next day devil will poison all the water. And whoever will drink that water will turn mad... So that night the Sufi collected as much water as he could. And the phenomenon really happened. Next day everyone became mad after drinking water. The whole city became mad. No one knew what had happened. It was only the Sufi who was not mad. But every one thought that the Sufi has become mad. But he knew what has happened... No one believed him. He went on drinking his water and remained sane by himself. However he could not continue for long that way. The entire city was living in an altogether different world. And one day the rumor came that he will be caught and put in the prison. It was said that he has gone mad. Finally one morning they got hold of him. He had two options, accept the treatment for his madness or be prepared to go to the prison. He was not allowed freedom. He was condemned as mad. It was based on the conclusion that he spoke a different language that could not be understood by the masses. The Sufi was at loss. He tried to remind people of their past everyway. But the people had forgotten everything. He was incomprehensible to them. So they surrounded his house and caught him. At this the Sufi asked for some time to cure himself. He went to the well and drank some water. As he drank the water he became one like them. The whole city was happy that the Sufi is cured now. And his madness is no more. You are asleep. But you are never aware of this sleep. When everyone is mad and you are also mad, you can never be aware of this. Initiation is therefore the way to awaken you from this sleep. By initiation is meant that now you have surrendered to someone who is awake. You are the part of the world, its duality, and its madness. Living in this world you are always plagued by dreams. Such feeling 15

can also come from someone who is sleepy. Sleep is not always deep. In the beginning sleep wavers. Sometimes it is deep. Other times it gets shallow. There is a similarity between ordinary sleep and the metaphysical sleep. Ordinary sleep fluctuates between so many planes, and levels. So too metaphysical sleep also fluctuates! At times you are on the borderline. You are very close to being a Buddha. You can then understand something that a Buddha is saying. However, whatever is heard or understood is not exactly the same. But you do get the glimpse of truth. It is like looking at the early morning sunrise from the room through a window. You are not as yet in openness under the vast sky. The master observes this. A person who is on the borderline of this metaphysical sleep needs an initiation. He needs to be within the energy field of an awakened or enlightened master. He can hear something. He can understand something. He can see something as well. Everything around him is like the mist. Yet still he feels something. Thus he approaches an enlightened one, not really knowing the essence of enlightenment. He is ready to surrender. This is the only way to wake up from this metaphysical sleep. Sleep of lives! Only this much this person can do. Surrendering brings the understanding that something other than sleep is now happening. Somehow he feels this. But he cannot know exactly what this is. Whenever an enlightened one passes, those who are on the border line of this metaphysical sleep can recognize that there is something different about this person. A different breeze, a different energy field surrounds this person. He behaves differently. He speaks differently. He lives differently. He walks differently. Something different has happened to him. He looks like one of us, but in reality he is much more. Much more than total human intellect can comprehend! He is the pulse of the unknown. So those who are on the border line can feel this. But they are asleep. Also the borderline sleep is transient. They can fall back into sleep at any time. Before they fall back in sleep or deeper unconsciousness, it is essential for them to surrender to an awakened one. This is initiation. But this is from the side of the one who is to be initiated. He is incapable of doing anything for himself. He knows that if he does not surrender now it will be impossible later on. This moment cannot be lost. Such moment comes once in lives. It is not in anyones hand to be on the borderline. However it happens for so many reasons that are beyond human control. This is the beginning of the process of initiation. On the part of the initiated, this refers to total let go a state of total surrender. It can never be partial. A partial surrender is never surrender. This is like deceiving yourself. In partial surrender you hold something within. And that which is withheld may push you again into deep sleep. And then you have lost the opportunity for lives. Remember that non-surrendered part will prove fatal. Any moment it can go back to sleep! Surrender is always total. For surrender total trust is an essential pre-condition. The moment you surrender totally, change begins to happen. Then you cannot fall back in dreams. When you surrender the entire projecting mind gets shattered. This projecting mind is born out of ego. Also it remains connected to ego. So it cannot exist without ego. Ego is the base of this projecting mind. When you surrender, you have surrendered the cause of your existence up to now. You have given up completely. Initiation means that the person who was sleepy up to now is seeking help to be awakened. He surrenders to one who is awake. It seems simple. But it is not so. When you go to an enlightened one to surrender yourself what you are surrendering is your sleep, your dreams, and your neurosis. Nothing else you need to surrender. Because you are nothing more than your sleep, your dream, and your neurosis! In fact you 16

surrender your sleep, your dreams, your neurosis, and the whole nonsense of the past. From the side of the initiated this is surrender. Surrender of the past! But from the side of the one who initiates you it is a responsibility for the future. It is a responsibility for transcendence, and for the birth of a new man. One who is asleep can never be responsible. Responsibility comes with awakening. This is the fundamental law of life. One who is asleep cannot be responsible even for himself. And the awakened one is responsible even for others. So when you come to an awakened one, he becomes responsible for you. That is why an awakened Krishna, could tell Arjuna, Leave everything. And come to me. Surrender at my feet. Or a Jesus says, I am truth. I am the door. I am the gate. Come and pass through me. I will certainly be a witness on the last day of your judgment. I will answer for you. This is analogy. Everyday is the Day of Judgment. Not only everyday, instead every moment is the Day of Judgment. There is nothing like the last day. These were the words of Jesus that he spoke to his disciples, who could understand Jesus. They were within the energy field of Jesus. And this has brought them to an understanding of the message of Jesus. However, the present day followers of Jesus cannot understand the message. They are only interested in the business, not the transformation. Jesus was, in fact, saying, I will be responsible for you. And I will answer for you in front of the father. I will be there as a witness. Surrender to me, I will be your witness. One, who is not asleep himself, can take the responsibility for you. One can Be responsible for others only when he need not be responsible for himself. He is unburdened. He is no more. He is just the pulse of the unknown. An emptiness that simply echoes the whispers of the unknown! He is the manifestation of the unknown in finite form. So only such a person can really initiate you! Not otherwise! No particular person can initiate anyone. And if that happens, and this is happening every day, it is like blind trying to lead the blind. But in reality both perish. One who is asleep cannot initiate. But the ego cannot help. This attitude is dangerous. The whole initiation, the whole mystery of it, the whole beauty of it, has now become so ugly. And it is because of those who were not entitled to initiate. Only one who is not plagued by ego, who has no dreams within can initiate. Otherwise initiation is a great sin. In old day initiation was not so easy. One has to wait for long time to be initiated. Sometimes this waiting was for the entire life. This was a discipline. And now there is a competition among the pseudo masters to initiate as many as is possible! It has become an ego game. I belong to Sufi family of Enlightened Masters. Sufis would initiate you only when you have waited for a long time. When you stay with a master within his energy field you are being prepared for. You had to wait, without questioning. And when the times comes the master himself will say that the time has come. Sufi masters remained in whatever vocation they could be. If the master is a shoemaker then you continue helping him in the trade for years. And you cannot even question the relevance of shoe making. So you go on helping the master and waiting for years. There is no talk of prayer, or meditation. He will not talk of anything but shoe making. Your waiting is prayer. Your waiting is meditation. Helping the master in shoe making will clean you. I was never told any prayer, or meditation etc. I was a witness to all those who were initiated. My job was to fix the meditation room, take care of the personal needs of the master, take care of the visitors, and answer their queries when the message of the master is not understood. One day 17

when I complained to another master about this, I was told that the elder master has given me everything. All that is has been bestowed on you earlier, and this needs to grow alone. When you are around the master, a simple waiting, this unquestionable waiting prepares the ground for complete surrender. So it was only after a long waiting initiation was possible. My uncle, the present Sufi master, my mother and my father were initiated on the night of Phagwa, the Indian festival of color in the month of March in 1949. My uncle was a young boy who was collecting the firewood and donation that night for the Phagwa fire. My mother was asleep, and was not interested in anything like initiation. And my father knew nothing of initiation, just one month ago he was married. They all resented for initiation. But they were on the border of metaphysical sleep. The three have to be brought by force, so that my Grand father, the Sufi master could initiate. Such is the way of the masters. Now everything is different. No one wants to wait. We are time conscious. Because of this initiation has become difficult. You cannot be initiated. The whole running of the present day mind is because of the fear of death. We are only conscious of the deathour body. There is no consciousness of the deathless. In the past the aspirants were conscious of the deathlessness. There was no hurry. And initiation was easy. In fact everything was easy. If you are in a hurry and the master initiates you, your running or dream state this is a devise. A devise so that you can wait! Masters have used this devise to persuade you into the process. On the contrary when the master asks you to wait then your process of transformation cannot begin. In such case the master will allow you to wait afterwards. Master creates devises and techniques to play with. While you are playing with such techniques you can wait as long as the master wants. And when the master finds you are ready then the second initiation. This second initiation is the first in older days. Now this is the formal initiation. And the second will be the informal one. For the second you need not ask the master. This he gives on his own. Surrender on the part of the disciple and the responsibility on the part of the master is the bridge. And as soon as you are ready to surrender the master appears. Masters have always been in existence. No master can begin the process without Surrender. When you can find someone to whom to surrender that is good. But if you do not find, then the master appears. He comes whenever you are ready, when you are empty within. Then the spiritual force rushes towards you and fills you. So when you feel to surrender do not delay. When the moment comes, just surrender. When you are ready do not hesitate, surrender. It is not important to whom you surrender. You can even surrender to a tree. Because the real thing is surrendering! Surrender to a tree. It will become the master. And whenever there is surrendering, one always appears, who becomes responsible for you. This is what initiation is. Only this much for now (REPRODUCED FROM MEDITATION THE WAY TO SELF REALISATION BY TAOSHOBUDDHA)