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Conflict of Interest Commissioner Officer of the Legislative Assembly

The Hon. Patrick A.A. Ryan, Q.C.

Commissaire conflits d'interets aux Fonctionnaire ('Assemblee de legislative l 'hon. PatrickA.A. Ryan, c.r.



Mr. Rick Doucet,MLA LegislativeAssembly P. O. Box 6000 Fredericton, NB E3B 5Hl Dear Member: Re: Atlantic Lobster Sustainabilitv Foundations ExecutiveDirectorship Following our meeting on December2nd2010, attachments. received your letter of. December8thwith

As I understand situation, you have been offered the opportunityby the Atlantic Lobster the Sustainability Foundation to be its paid executive director. The foundation is a non profit organizationsupported privateandpublic funding. by As I understand the leaderof the oppositiondoesnot object. As a memberof the opposition it, andat this point in time, I seeno legislativeimpedimentto your accepting offer in additionto the your legislativeresponsibilities. dangers alwayspresent your job descriptionchanges. The are if In the event that the foundation seeks[mancial or other assistance from the Provinceof New Brunswick, you will haveto declareyour interestat all levels and abstainfrom participatingin any discussions voteson the issues or relating to the foundation.If you do not, you may well be in a conflict of interest. And, aboveall, I cautionyou to be alertto the restrictionsin section9 of theMembers'Co~jlict of InterestAct.
Contracts with the Crown 9(l)No membershall be a party to a contractwith the Crownunderwhich the member receivesa benefit.

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9(2)No membershall have an interestin a partnership private corporation be the or or officer or director of a corporationthat is a party to a contractwith the Crown under which the partnership corporationreceives benefit. or a 9(3)Subsections and(2) do not apply to a contractthat existed (1) beforethe member's election to the Assembly, or before the member's appointmentto the Executive Council if the memberis not electedto the Assembly,but do apply to its renewalor extension. 9(4)Subsection does not apply if the Commissioneris of the opinion that the (2) interest or position of the memberwill not createa conflict betweenthe member's private interestandpublic duty. 9(5)Subsection doesnot apply if the memberhasentrusted or her interestin the (2) his partnership corporationto one or moretrustees a blind trust. or in 9(6)Subsection doesnot prohibit a memberfrom receivingbenefitsunder any Act (1) that provides for retirementbenefitsfundedwholly or in part by the Provinceof New Brunswick. 9(7)Subsection doesnot apply until the first anniversaryof the acquisitionif the (2) member'sinterestin thepartnership corporationwas acquired inheritance. or by


"'~~::::;;~-"7; L
H:n.p~ A.:. Ryan, Q.C.