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APPRENTICE PERIOD Narrator: In a far away country there were mysteries yet to be solved. They remain unanswered.

Let us journey to Arab to answer what is going through our minds at this time. (While walking a reporter saw a group of people rushing to call the priest) Claudine (Mother): (calling out) Father! Help us! Please! Yra (Reporter): Whats wrong? What is happening here? Claudine: My sons soul is possessed by a demon! I dont know what to do! (The mother continued to call out the priest then finally the priest came out.) Miguel (Priest): My son! He is in a terrible condition! I know only you can cure him. Miguel: Well then, bring him here. (They brought the Kevin, the son of Claudine, who is continuously resisting and is not at the right state of mind to the priest.) Narrator: The priest then sprinkles Kevin with holy water. Kevin became unconscious but eventually he went back to normal. Claudine: Thank you Father! I promise I will pay you! We owe you a lot. Narrator: The reporter was amazed with what she has seen. She immediately approached the priest. Yra: Father, I have seen that you have healed the boy. How did you do that? Miguel: These peoples soul are being possessed by the evil spirit because they lack faith! All they need to do is to pray. Yra: Thank you Father for your time. So we have concluded that prayer saves us. This is Yra Manio reporting. We will be back next week. Narrator: The reporter and her crew stayed in a nearby inn. The next day Rouche the camera woman got very ill. They prayed but nothing happened. The owner of the inn went in the room to see what is happening.

Abbie (Owner of the inn): She might need to take some of these herbal medicines. This can lower her hotness. You might as well clean her with a damped cloth. Yra: Thank you maam. You are really of great help. Narrator: After a week the reporter and her crew set out to find a good story for their show. Yra: We need a story to make up for last week. We werent able to shoot because our camera woman is sick. Narrator: They walked and walked then finally gave up. Yra sat on a huge stone. Yra: Okay I give up. Let us cancel our show. Narrator: They did not realize that they were in the middle of a war. The reporter looked around. After realizing that she is in the middle of the war the reporter stood up and shouted. Yra: This is the story were looking for! The Crusaders thinking that the reporter is their enemy they threw a stone on her and it hit her head. Liezel (Crew): Help us! We are not your enemies! Please. Kevin (Crusader): Quick! Bring her here. Narrator: So they immediately carried her to the small tent near the sight of war. Kathleen: This should lessen the pain. Maybe tomorrow she will be fine. The next day Yra: Where am I? Why are there so many people with leprosy here? Liezel: You got hit in the head yesterday after realizing we are in the middle of a war. Rouche: Those people with leprosy are being cured by the Crusaders. Yra: Oh! I remember now. Lets interview them.

Narrator: The reporter got the story and it was featured on the television. The viewers were very much satisfied. After their long stay in the place it rained very hard and it resulted to flood. The people in that place were very much prepared for the calamity. Yra: Good thing you prepared for it? Abbie: Based from the past experiences we had. We became aware that we should be prepared for these calamities. And we also remind our fellow towns men to promote cleanliness to avoid further diseases. Narrator: After the flood hovered the place was back to business. Yra: Look! There is a ship coming. Lets see what they are doing here. Narrator: People crowded near the ship as soon as they arrived at the port. They would trade for food, clothes and other materials. There were also poor immigrants who came along. The reporter followed them. Yra: Where are you going sir? Kevin: We will look for a cheap place to stay and that will give us food even just for a small amount. Yra: I see that you have your children with you. They look sick. Kevin: We cant do anything our employer only pays us small amount of money just enough to buy our daily necessities. *When they have found a place to stay they called everyone to meal. Riza: Where is the money that I will use to buy the medicine of our daughter? Kevin: I dont have any money left. Riza: What will we do now? Kevin: I dont know. Narrator: The reporter stayed with them for days and saw how they were suffering. She witnessed the death of one of the children of Kevin and Riza.

*Family Crying. After many years Narrator: There was a couple walking. They were talking about their plans. Miguel: I want to open a hospital. Even just a small one. Rouche: You are such a kind man. Dont worry well do that. Narrator: The couple opened a small hospital and training school in Kaiserwerth, Germany. They also reestablished the Order of the Deaconesses. The couple was very glad of their achievement. Even Florence Nightingale became a student of their school.