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urrently, two opposite positions exist in the world around Humanities and, specifically, around

Philosophy. One obeys to mercantilist interests that, following neoliberalisms globalized vision, rejects everything which does not benefit the technocracy movement of our society. Among this background, the Organization for the Cooperation and the Economic Development (the OECD) has tried to eliminate and even distort Humanities and Philosophys purpose and place inside the studying curricula. On the other hand, the second position calls to restate Philosophys place among the present critical times; Philosophy as a necessary foundation for our human being conditions support and protection and for the construction of a better world. The former is the sense given by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO) calls raised in several international forums and throughout different activities; among them, the basis of a study published in 2007 under the title Philosophy, a school of freedom - Teaching Philosophy and Learning to Philosophize: Status and Prospects. On account of, along with UNESCOs sponsorship, on September 2009 in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic hosted the High Level Regional Meeting on the Teaching of Philosophy in Latin American and the Caribbean. This meeting highlighted the fact that philosophy teaching stimulates open-mindedness, civil responsibility, understanding and tolerance; reason why Philosophy teaching should be maintained or expanded where it exists, introduced where it does not yet exist. As well as it has happened world-wide, during 2008 the government of Mexico (without any critical reflection nor consulting the, therefore, affected philosophical, intellectual, scientific or general community), decided to introduce the OECDs vision; eliminating Philosophy from the countrys studying curricula. As a result, the Philosophical Observatory of Mexico was created in 2009: defending Philosophy teaching as an essential part of every human life. Moreover, the Philosophical Observatory of Morelos, established in 2010, works in an independent way yet in collaboration with the mother cell: the Philosophical Observatory of Mexico. It is worth saying that both organizations maintain academic bonds with various national and international institutions, receiving wide endorsement from them. The Philosophical Observatory of Morelos feels deeply committed with its cause: defending Philosophy teaching as an essential part of every human life; and the World Philosophy Day represents the fair contribution to stop the continuous globalized dehumanization by creating critical conscience among other humans. Thus, along with several institutions and organizations call, we are pleased to invite you to participate in the before mentioned celebration and its contests. Supporting Philosophy, as a school of freedom!