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Acergy Eagle

Type: Construction / Flexlay & Diving Classification: + 1A1 SF DSV.III EO DYNPOS.AUTR

The Acergy Eagle is a construction / flexlay and diving vessel designed to undertake field development and construction activities. It also features a 16-man twin bell saturation diving system.
Length 138m x breadth 20m Main crane 250t 16-man twin bell saturation diving system 90t top tension flexible lay system 1,200t below deck storage carousel Accommodation for 114 persons 2 x workclass ROVs


General Description Type Classification Flag Year Built Principal Dimensions Length Overall (m) Breadth (m) Operating Draft (m) Gross Tonnage (t) Transit Speed (knots) Endurance (days) DP System DP Classification

Construction / Flexlay & Diving + 1A1 SF DSV.III EO DYNPOS. AUTR Liberian 1997

Cranes Main Crane Capacity (t) Manufacturer Operating Water Depth (m) Location Auxiliary Crane Capacity (t) Location

250t (harbour lift) Kenz 370m (dependant) Port side main deck 155 Starboard side forward

138.44m 19.50m 6.50m 9556t 12.5 knots 95 days

Moonpool Moonpool (No.) Dimensions (m) Pipelaying System Flexible Lay: Max Tension (t) Tensioners (No. and type) Tensioner Length (m) Carousel (No.) Carousel Diameter (m) Carousel Capacity (t) Reels

2 3m x 3.7m

Class (Det Norske Veritas registry) +1A1 DSV III SF DYNPOS-AUTR E0

Power and Propulsion Main Engines Number Type Power (hp) Generators Number Type Power (kW) Thrusters Number Type Power (hp) Location Main Deck Clear Deck Area (m) Deck Strength (t/m) Capacities Fuel Oil (m) Fresh Water (m) Ballast Water (m) Accommodation Berths (No.) Cabins (No.) Helideck Type Max Weight (t)

4 2430kW Wartsila Vasa type 6R32E four-stroke medium speed engines (720 rpm) 11200kW 4 Motors Alsthom, type S 3 HX 71040 / 3220kVA /6000V 11230kW 6 3 x azimuth , 3 x tunnel 2000kW, 1500kW 3 x aft, 3 x forward Operating Water Depth (m) A&R Capacity (t) Dive System Men (No.) Bells (No.) Depth Rating (m) Dive System Comments

Vertical Lay System 90t 1 IMECA 6m 1 15.44m 1200t Facility exists, but none permanently on board (subject to vessel stability) Back deck can accommodate at least 2 installation reels (dolly base or hub drive) - as per stability checks and deck layout 3000m (dependent on AHC) 125t single fall

Forward - 975m, aft - 398m Forward - 5T/m, aft - 10t/m ROV System ROVs (No. and type) Operating Depth Rating (m) Mooring Installations Chain Locker Description

16 1 x aft, 1 x forward 300m Integrated saturation dive system with deployment through 2 moonpools Total of 78 additional 64 cylinder quads can be stored in the various holds beneath deck (in addition to built-in storage capacity) pending use of the holds for other equipment

1644m 570m 2448m

2 x SCV 3000m

114 59

D value: 22.2 12.0t

Capacity (t) Capacity (m)

Hold 4 has 6 segregated compartments accessible from hatch on the main deck Chain gypsy needed to load and install chain from Hold 4 1200t Shark jaws integrated just forward of stern roller 1000m
Subsea 7, 2011. Information correct at time of going to press.

January 2011

Acergy Eagle