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Titan Industries is the world's fifth largest and India's leading manufacturer of watches. The company has manufactured more than a 100 million watches till date; and has a customer base of over 80 million. The umbrella brand Titan is one of India's leading watch brands that brought about a paradigm shift in the Indian watch market, offering quartz technology with international styling. The brand Titan is committed to offering its consumers watches that represent the compass of their imagination. Titan's customers are therefore consistently introduced to exciting new collections, which connect, with various facets of their deeprooted yearnings for selfexpression. The new brand philosophy of Titan, encapsulated in the words "Be More", touches this as well as all other aspects of the brand. The Titan brand architecture comprises several collection and subbrands, each of which is a leader in its segment. Notable among them are: Titan Edge The world's slimmest watch which stands for the philosophy of "less is more"; Titan Raga the feminine and sensuous accessory for today's woman, Nebula crafted in solid 18k gold and precious stones. Several other popular collections like Heritage, Aviator, Regalia, Octane & WWF also form a part of the Titan wardrobe. Today, the Titan portfolio has over 60% of the domestic market share in the organised watch market. The company has 247 exclusive showrooms christened World of Titan', making it amongst the largest chains in its category backed by 700 aftersalesservice centers. The company has a worldclass design studio that constantly invents new trends in wrist watches.

The TITAN Story Early 2001, when Indian consumers rated Titan ahead of all other brands as the Most Admired Brand in India across all product categories (the first ever such survey done by Brand Equity), it did not surprise people that a 13 year-old had managed to upstage many older and more wellknown brands: it was expected of Titan to achieve such things, it was so natural. It was also a fitting tribute to a brand, which had not only revolutionised the Indian watch industry, but also brought in world-class benchmarks in product design, quality and retailing into India. Back in the early eighties, the Tata Group had identified the watch category as a potential consumer market for the Tatas to enter. Xerxes Desai, a Tata veteran and the then MD of Tata Press, was chosen to lead that venture. In those days of pre-liberalisation the watch market, like most consumer markets in India, was way behind the rest of the world. The technology in vogue was the reliable, but outdated "Mechanical" technology, which used the unwinding of a mechanical spring to tell time. Not only was the accuracy of time-keeping not good enough, but the bulky mechanical movement did not permit the creation of sleek products. The industry was dominated by the public sector which had brought in watch manufacturing into India, enjoyed tremendous goodwill in the

market, but had not really invested in evolving itself and its consumers: styling still remained basic, choice was limited. The watch shops were narrow, dingy and typically located in the older, traditional markets of the city. You went there only to buy a watch, never to browse, never to simply check out. Visual merchandising was very much at the stage of "decoration" if any, and neither the brands nor the retailers saw it as important. The companies themselves did not have much contact with retailers, preferring to sell through wholesalers, doing well that way. There was hardly any need for consumer contact or research. It was a sellers' market. All this affected the consumers. Watches remained a time-keeping device, so one watch was enough, thank you. Since the quality of the watch was quite good, it lasted quite a while, and the consumers did not change it for 10, 15, 20 years. And when they did change it, they did not pay a high price for the new piece because, what the hell, they were buying another time-keeping device. Xerxes Desai's vision was to dramatically alter this perception of consumers, and make Titan a fashion accessory. He knew that that was the only way that this new brand would explode the market and wrest control from the dominant HMT. So he and his team went about breaking all the rules in the category: Mechanical technology was the norm - Quartz had not really taken off in India. Titan would go against that and build its line based on quartz. Accuracy would become a selling-plank. Styling was basic - This was a constraint imposed by the technology as well the outlook of the manufacturers. Titan decided to make style a table-stake. Choice was limited - You had 200 models to pick from, that was it. Titan decided to inundate consumers with a wide choice in style, functions and price. The initial range was 350 models. Shops were dark, dingy and uninteresting - There was no importance given to presentation, and therefore no attempt made at it. Titan brought in the concept of retailing into the watch market, established a network of fine showrooms which would later become the world's largest network of exclusive watch stores. These stores not only helped Titan to gain leadership substantially, but also irrevocably altered the retail landscape of the watch market through a demonstration effect on the traditional dealers. Advertising was expenditure - Titan saw this as a vital investment. Right from Day 1, Titan invested significantly in advertising and in that process created a set of memorable and effective properties over the years. So Titan, backed by world-class quality created at a world-class plant located just off Bangalore, backed by the Tata name, was launched into the Indian market on the back of these new rules. It created waves right in the early days, mesmerised consumers, demolished competition and rode into the sunset with panache. Today, in early 21st century India, it is taken for granted that a watch is a fashion accessory. Titan dominates the market, with a 60% share of the organised sector market (the total market, including the unorganised sector, is estimated at around 42 million units). Titan's quality record is impressive, its sales and service network is wide and deep, and its network of exclusive showrooms, The World of Titan, is one of the most prestigious and visible retail brands in the country, offering world-class levels of shopping comfort and customer service. What is truly amazing about Titan is the sheer scale of its offering and the consequent choice it offers to multiple segments across taste, age and economic background. Titan saw this approach

as the foundation of its leadership strategy in the early days. Even the early range had distinct offerings for different requirements: formal watches (gold plated cases with fine leather straps) for the executive, dress watches (gold plated cases with ornamental gold plated bracelets) for those with a preference for jewellery, rugged watches (all steel watches with a skew to functionality) for those whose usage demanded a certain durability. Titan has built on this principle over the last 15 years, almost year after year: In 1989, it was Aqura, the trendy range for the youth, colourful, smart and affordable plastic watches for the youth: The other side of Titan for the other side of you. In 1992, it was Raga, the ethnic range, with striking symbolism from ethnic India, for the sophisticated India woman who appreciated such things. In 1993, it was Insignia, very distinctive and international-looking top-end watches, for those seeking exclusivity and status. In 1994, it was psi 2000, rugged, sporty and very masculine watches with serious sports features (200-m mater resistance, high precision chronographs) for those with the penchant for adventure. In 1996, it was Dash, the cute and colourful range for kids. In 1997, it was Sonata, the affordable, good quality range for the budget-conscious. In 1998, it was Fastrack, the cool, trendy, funky range for the young and young-at-heart. In 1999, it was Nebula, the sold gold and diamond-studded range of luxury watches for those affluent people to whom gold is a precious acquisition. In 2001, it was Steel, the smart and contemporary collection for the young 21st century executive. And in 2008, the brand has collections like the Octane, Diva, WWF and Zoop - each of them unique and fascinating. The underpinning of this entire market development and segmentation is Innovation. Titan has kept innovation core to its strategy, realising fully that the only way to sustain the fashion accessory perception is by continuously coming out with collections that make the current ones somewhat dated, thereby creating a certain discomfort in the consumers' mind, which leads to another purchase. This impact has shown up in every one of the collections spoken of earlier. They were fresh and distinctive, unlike what consumers had seen before, and thus created curiosity, walk-ins and sales. A stellar example of Titan's Innovation is Edge, the slimmest watch in the universe. Titan's R & D talent created a wafer-thin quartz movement, a mere 1.15mm thin, over 4 years of development work. The immensely talented Design team collaborated with the Manufacturing group to create Edge, a 3.5-mm watch, a gem of elegance, with water-resistance to boot! Edge was launched in India early 2002 to tremendous market acclaim and sales success. It is a design and technological marvel, which justly received the Best Design Award in the Lifestyle Product Category in the first annual design contest organised by Business World and NID. Titan also chose to invest heavily into showcasing all this innovation to the consumer through advertising. From Day 1, the 'catalogue" advertising of Titan became its trademark as it was used regularly and effectively to merchandise new models. The catalogue ads also helped customers to shop off the page and almost decide which model they wanted to pick. Retailers also became used to seeing customers walking into shops with newspaper "cuttings", asking for the models shown there. This approach continues to this day, with mostly the same effect.

In the early nineties, Titan chose to develop the "Gifting" market. Watches had always been favourite things to gift, and Titan had benefited from that. Titan was convinced that there lay a greater potential in that segment. A set of 3 films were developed in 1991 around 3 relationships, where the gifting of a Titan culminated in a moving personal moment and a strengthening of the bond between the protagonists. These films became a big hit and created a genre of advertising films which lasted a good 8 years. During those years, a series of films involving a variety of characters (father, daughter, teacher, boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, thief!) and with local flavour (for Onam in Kerala, Puja in Bengal) were created and released. These not only helped build a goodsized gift segment for Titan, but also became Titan's Theme Campaign, building strong emotional values for the brand. One of the films in the series, where a man and his younger daughter conspire to give his older daughter a Titan as a surprise gift at her wedding, released around 1994, went on to become the most popular Titan film ever, even voted by the viewers of Zee Television as the second most liked TV commercial on the channel. The most enduring part of the Titan advertising has been the music track. Chosen by Xerxes Desai and the creative head of O & M in 1987 for its class and western vibes, the segment from Mozart's 25th Symphony has arguably become Indian Advertising's most memorable track (incidentally, and perhaps not coincidentally, this was the most liked advertising track in the same Zee TV survey). Starting in 1987 in its pure classical versions, with a single violin playing the melody, this piece has been rendered in countless innovative versions over the years: Indian Classical, Indian Folk, Operatic, Rock, Funk,.And has become such a powerful audio mnemonic for the brand. Another successful customer-facing aspect about Titan has been its stores. Organised retailing did not exist in the late eighties. The concept of exclusive brand stores was almost non-existent. In a pioneering effort that dramatically altered industry standards, the World of Titan was born. Located in the newer parts of a city, with a good frontage and layout, the showroom immediately stood out on the street and attracted walk-ins. Once inside, you were totally impressed with the presentation. You walked along the wall, where recessed "mood windows" showcased specific collections in the appropriate context with the help of visuals, decorative props and word (the place looked almost like an art gallery). You could get a better idea about that collection through such a contextual presentation and could make up your mind which collection was right for your requirement. Then you would walk along to the selling area, where the entire range was displayed in style. Smart and helpful salespeople waited on you there and helped you choose the best piece by giving you information and suggestions. You walked away overwhelmed. This experience now has over 255 branches and has penetrated the width and breadth of India. Helping the brand increase sales, increase price premium, sell the more expensive watches, improve image, keep competition at bay and keep the brand name salient on the high streets of the country. Refurbished with a contemporary look in 2001, this chain has become even more integral to the brand's destiny today. Doing all this in style has earned Titan enormous goodwill and respect. Titan was voted the Most Admired Brand (across categories) in India by consumers, in the first such study by Brand Equity done in 2001. Titan was voted the Most Admired Consumer Durables Marketer by industry professionals, 8 out of 9 times (the ninth time it was No 2), in A & M's annual survey done between 1992 and 1999. Titan was voted the Most Respected Consumer Durables Company in a Business World Survey in 2003. Consumers and professionals alike have resonated equally to Titan's successful efforts in bringing international standards to India. And in

2008, it emerges as the 24th Most Admired Brand in the ET Most Admired Brands survey done annually, it was also the most admired Consumer Durable brand. Titan has also done the seemingly impossible reverse thing: taking Indian quality to international markets. Since starting export operations in a small scale to the Middle East in the early nineties to exploit the resident NRI population, Titan has come a long way. Moving into the European market in the mid-nineties and Asia Pacific in the late nineties, Titan today sells in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, Oman, Philippines and many more countries. The customers are no longer only NRIs. They are the Thais, the Greeks, the Arabs, the Filipinos - through a combination of Contemporary Style, Great Quality and Great Prices, Titan has put together an irresistible proposition for the people of these countries. With over 100 million satisfied consumers and a track record of breaking the rules, Team Titan faces the 21st Century with a mix of passion, excitement and energy.

From other souces titan story Titan Industries is the organization that brought about a paradigm shift in the Indian watch market when it introduced its futuristic quartz technology, complemented by international styling. With India's two most recognized and loved brands Titan and Tanishq to its credit, Titan Industries is the fifth largest integrated watch manufacturer in the world. The success story began in 1984 with a joint venture between the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. Presenting Titan quartz watches that sported an international look, Titan Industries transformed the Indian watch market. After Sonata, a value brand of functionally styled watches at affordable prices, Titan Industries reached out to the youth segment with Fastrack, its third brand, trendy and chic. The company has sold 100 million watches world over and manufactures 12 million watches every year. With a license for premium fashion watches of global brands, Titan Industries repeated its pioneering act and brought international brands into Indian market. Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and f c u k as well as the Swiss made watch Xylys owe their presence in Indian market to Titan Industries. With over 624 retail stores across a carpet area of over 7,70,848 sq. ft. Titan Industries has Indias largest retail network. The company has over 300 exclusive World of Titan' showrooms and over 650 after-sales-service centers TITAN Titan is one of India's leading watch brands that brought about a paradigm shift in the Indian watch market, offering quartz technology with international styling. The Titan portfolio owns over 60% of the domestic market share in the organized watch market. The brand Titan is committed to offering its consumers watches that represent the compass of their imagination. The brand regularly introduces exciting new collections, which connect with

the various facets of deep-rooted human yearnings for self-expression. The new brand philosophy of Titan, encapsulated in the catchphrase Be More, touches this as well as all other aspects of the brand. The Titan brand architecture comprises several collections and sub-brands, each of which is a leader in own space. Notable among them are: Titan Edge - world's slimmest watch based on the philosophy less is more, Titan Raga - feminine and sensuous accessory for today's woman, Nebula - crafted with solid 18k gold and precious stones. Several other popular collections like Heritage, Aviator, Automatic, Regalia, Obaku also form a part of the Titan portfolio. The watch division boasts of over 300 exclusive showrooms christened World of Titan', placing the brand amongst the largest chains in its category backed by over 650 after-sales-service centers. The division has a world-class design studio that constantly invents new trends in wrist watches.

Performance News PRESS RELEASES Select another news category Titan Industries Ltd. Income grows by 46.9% and net profit up by 82.4% in Q3 After an encouraging performance in the first two quarters, Titan Industries Ltd., has come up with yet another record performance during the third quarter of 2010-11. The net profit in Q3 has grown to Rs.137.57 crore from Rs.75.43 crore during the same period last year, recording a growth of 82.4% Fri 28 Jan 2011 | +More Titan Industries Ltd. Net Up 64.6% in Q2 After a record performance in the first quarter of 2010-11, Titan Industries Ltd. has once again come out with extremely encouraging results in Q2. The overall income in the second quarter, July to September 2010, was Rs.1551.22 crores, a growth of 34% over last years income of Rs.1156.41 crores during the same period. Mon 25 Oct 2010 | Corporate +More Titan Industries Ltd. Income grows by 42% and net profit up by 76.5% in Q1

After a sterling performance in its Silver Jubilee year 2009-10, Titan Industries Ltd., has come up with yet another record performance during the first quarter of 2010-11. The profit after tax in Q1 this year has grown to Rs.81.28 crore from Rs.46.04 crore during the same period last year. Tue 27 Jul 2010 | Titan +More Titan Eye Plus launches world class Lens Manufacturing unit ! Mr. Bhaskar Bhat and Mr. Ravi Kant announced Titans foray into lens manufacturing at a press conference in Mumbai on 23rd June 2010. Wed 23 Jun 2010 | Eyeplus +More Fastrack says Genelia's Sweet No More! Fastrack, India's most popular fashion accessories brand, recently signed on Genelia D'souza to be the face of the brand. The fashion brand lends its irreverent character to Genelia bringing out the edgy, sexy side of the previously sweet & bubbly Genelia in the "Sweet No More" Sunglasses Campaign. Mon 10 May 2010 | Fastrack +More Titan crosses billion dollar mark Net profit up 59% In its Silver Jubilee year, Titan Industries Limited has come out with a sterling performance. Sales income for the year 2009-10 was Rs.4703.12 crores, crossing the billion dollar (US) figure and registering a growth of 22.2% over last year. The year started on a sombre note against the backdrop of a slowdown worldwide but the recovery of the Indian economy and strategic steps taken by Titan Industries have helped register a historic performance. Fri 30 Apr 2010 | Titan +More Titan Industries Ltd. - Triples profit after tax in Q3 In the back drop of a recovering economy and positive consumer sentiment, Titan Industries Limited has come up with a record performance, tripling its profit after tax to Rs.78.35 crore, in Q3 this year as against Rs 23.52 crore last year. The net profit in the same quarter last year however was impacted to the tune of Rs.19.44 crore : Rs.12.78 crore due to reduction in the

discount rate for actuarial valuation of Gratuity & Leave Salary and Rs. 6.66 crore towards interest on income tax of earlier years. Fri 29 Jan 2010 | Corporate +More Titan Industries Ltd. Ist Half 2009 Income crosses Rs.2000 Crore and Profit Before Tax to Rs.161 Crore On the back drop of spiraling gold prices, continuing global down turn and signs of slow but steady recovery of Indian economy, Titan Industries registered an income of Rs.1156.41 Crore during the second quarter of 2009 as compared to Rs. 1104.85 Crore during the corresponding period last year, which was an increase of 4.7%. The Companys net profit in the second quarter stood at Rs. 77.60 Crore compared to Rs. 87.82 during the same period last year. Fri 23 Oct 2009 | Corporate +More Titan Industries Q1 Net profit at Rs.46 crore Titan Industries Limited, a joint venture of TIDCO and Tata, has posted a profit after tax of Rs. 46.04 crore for the quarter ended June 2009, reporting a growth of 41% over the same period last year. TITAN has been ranked 10th among 16,000 of the brands studied across 9 cities in the The Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2011. While Titan tops the watches category, Fastrack at 56 tops

TITAN CUSTOMER SERVICE Spread across India, with 786 service contact points across 343 towns, Titan Industries service centre network is committed to deliver a satisfying post-sales experience to all the customers. The Watch Care Centres are attached to the World of Titan and Authorised Service Centers are attached to the Multi-brand outlets, both offer quick and high-quality repairs for all types of watches currently sold by Titan with a six-month service guarantee. At the Titan Watch Care Centres, all repair activities follow a strict and systematic process that is controlled and measured through an ISO audit system. To ensure good quality, faster turnaround time and customer satisfaction, Titan Industries has various schemes in place. A post service follow-up (for major repair activity) is mandatory to complete the cycle of customer satisfaction. Titan's loyalty Signet

program - where customers can redeem their points is part of Titans effort to retain and value its loyal customers. Titan Customer Service also markets spares and accessories, such as batteries, leather and metal bracelets to all outlets that sell Titan, Sonata and Fastrack watches. Staff actively encourage customers to use only original spares in order to ensure quality and satisfaction. Titan Customer Service, with the ISO 9001 & 14001 certification, focuses on the best post-sale experience and complete customer contentment.

Press Releases - 2010 May 12, 2010Titan strengthen its focus in Kids segment Titan strengthen its focus in Kids segment Mumbai, May 12, 2010: In sync with its vision to address the requirements of all customer segments, Titan, the leader in the Indian watch industry, today announced its strategy to strengthen its kids brand, Zoop. Piloted in 6 cities in 2008, Zoop will now be made available in 1200 outlets across 140 cities in India. Zoop offers as many as 70 styles for boys and girls and is very affordably priced from Rs 350 to Rs900/-. Zoop watches are designed keeping the little consumers in mind and taking into account their point of view on what they want in a watch as opposed to an adults view on kids watches. The creative and fun designs of the Zoop watches - are the outcome of an extensive consumer research study that revealed the deep-rooted need in todays children to stand out and command attention. Each watch from Zoop caters to this desire and fits well with the brand proposition of "Be a star". The girls watches are a plethora of candy colors and summer flowers making it a must have style accessory for the young lady. Whereas, the watches for boys are inspired by the nautical colors and sail elements making it an exciting watch. It is also a new facet of brand Titans brand philosophy of "Be More. Talking about the evolution of the Kids brand Zoop, Ms. Shyamala Ramanan, Sr. Marketing Manager, Titan Watches said, "We strongly believe that launching of Zoop has been a significant move for Titan. Brand Titan has already made its place in the heart of all adults and Zoop will help us create recall of our brand amongst kids below the age of 12 years. Every Zoop watch is designed keeping in mind the playfulness, vivid imagination and the cool attitude that todays children exhibit. We have received an overwhelming response from the limited markets we were present in. Now we are expanding our reach to 1200 outlets. She added Speaking about Zoop, Ms Maria Goretti, renowned bollywood actress and celebrity mom said, "I am truly impressed to see the Zoop watches from Titan. As a responsible parent, I feel it is important to inculcate the concept of time telling and time keeping in a fun and exciting way. I would love to buy a Zoop watch for my kid ". Zoop from Titan is created for the new generation kids who go beyond the obvious. It reflects their style, attitude and unique personal identities. Features like dual time, countdown timer, 50-

year calendar, compass, stopwatch alarm, and EL Backlight are present in the digital collection to attract gizmo loving kids. The analog collection portrays floral motifs, disc second hand, luminescent dials and other interesting features. The packaging of these watches is also very attractive and specially designed to appeal to kids. To capture a larger audience, Zoop will soon be airing its TVC, which is the first TVC in the kids watch segment. The brand is taking a 360 degree marketing approach with TVC, print ads, outdoor campaigns and BTL activities The TVC is about a cool 8 year old kid who outsmarts his older brother to retrieve his favorite Zoop watch from him. Each Zoop watch comes with a warranty of one year and the materials used in manufacturing these watches are child friendly and ensure maximum safety.

Press Releases - 2010 Mar 04, 2010Titan announces the launch of a new Retail Store Format Unveil the new horizon, an all-new dazzling brand for today's fashion fiesta!! Mumbai, 4th March 2010: Titan Industries Ltd, India's largest watch manufacturer and retailer announced the launch of its very first Titan Flagship store in the country. The aesthetically designed & spacious Titan flagship store showcases the best of Titan brands along the 'Be More' theme, while offering a range of differentiated services. On this occasion, Mr. Bhaskar Bhat, MD, Titan Industries Ltd also announced the launch of a brand new collection 'Obaku by Titan' seeped in the Scandinavian design tradition. With this new retail format, Titan changes the dynamics of the entire retail experience for the evolved Indian customer. The flagship store is an opportunity for brand Titan to bring alive its theme of 'Be More' where 'every watch is a compass of your imagination'. Spread over a spacious 2,500 sq., this aesthetically designed Flagship Store brings alive the best watches from all of Titan's collections like Edge, Octane, Orion, Automatics, Aviator, Raga Flora, Raga Diva and Nebula. The store has skilled in-store Watch Consultants with thorough knowledge of premium watches. With more than 1,500 watches on display, it provides an incredible choice to the discerning customer. The Flagship store also offers an array of unique services like personalized laser engraving on back cover of the watch, free gift delivery, gift vouchers, extended maintenance guarantee and a full fledged Watch Care Centre. On this exciting occasion, celebrated actress Ms Chitrangada Singh unveiled the 'Obaku' collection from Titan. The new collection is designed by Danish designers, based on the Scandinavian design principles of minimalism and inspired by Zen philosophy. The collection is a unique partnership with Obaku, an international brand rooted in Denmark. Ms Chitrangada Singh commented, "I am in love with Titan's Obaku collection. The concept is so very new and all the watches stand for a perfect synthesis of simplicity and purity committed into bringing out a harmonious calm. I am extremely proud to be part of 'Titan Flagship Store' launch. This store will definitely become a unique shopping destination for all and it is amazing to see a watch store as large as the Flagship Store, where each collection comes alive".

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Bhaskar Bhat, MD, Titan Industries Limited said, "The opening of this flagship store is a landmark moment for us. The need for a premium store for multi-brand watch retailing in India is growing with evolving Indian consumers. Through this flagship store, we have set a new high in watch retailing standards in India. This store is a physical manifestation of the brand's theme of "Be More" and hence we take this opportunity of the store launch to launch the brand new Obaku Collection from Titan for the global Indian customer. " About Obaku Obaku takes its name from a branch of Zen philosophy in Japan which believes in natural simplicity. The Obaku collection is combines the best of both the East and the West, the common principles of minimalism of Scandinavian design and Zen ideology. The collection comprises a palette of soft and soothing colours, with uncluttered looks. Priced between Rs 3500 to Rs 7000, it is available in 21 different styles, for men and women, the collection uses superior quality of materials like Kevlar straps, crystallized mineral glass and lead free environment friendly battery. The collection is available at World of Titan showrooms, select leading multi brand outlets and departmental stores across the top 8 cities in India.

Press Releases - 2010 Jan 08, 2010Titan brings International Fashion Trend with Purple Unveil the new horizon, an all-new dazzling brand for todays fashion fiesta!! Bangalore, January 2010: Staying ahead of the innovation curve once again, Titan Industries demonstrated that it is at the forefront of the Indian wristwatch market, with the launch of its most stylish watch brand, Purple. Infused with style, attitude and charisma, Purple brings the latest international fashion trends in watch segment to India. This new range of more than 50 models in bold fashionable designs is specially suited for the modern woman of style, verve and sophistication who likes to accessorize. Each watch is ultra chic and bears the perfect blend of defining elegance, eloquent interpretation of royalty and evolving taste of modernity. These sensational designs are at par with the latest international fashion trends. Speaking on the launch, Mr. Ajoy Chawla, Sr. VP-Titan watches, said, Titan Purple has been made to make heads turn. The tradition of precision and design brilliance- the hallmark of Titan watches has been reinvented in this new brand with brilliant asymmetric and contemporary forms, making it the most desirable yet affordable fashion accessory of the season." The international contour of these new watches are embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals and are available in multiple dial colors with options in all steel, gold , rose gold and a combination of steel and leather look in straps. Each element of this crystal studded beauty is crafted individually and creates a vibration of harmony to give rise to a mesmerizing impression for those who are wearing it and those who are dazzled by it. Priced between Rs. 2,500/- to Rs. 7,000/-, Titan Purple collection is available in a plethora of finishes, leather colors and bracelets in World of Titan showrooms, leading multi-brand outlets and department stores across the country.