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ENGLISH I First Quarter Test

Direction: Read the questions carefully and choose the best answer. Shade your answer in your answer sheet. 1. Which of the following has the loud sound?





2. Which of the following gives a soft sound?





3. Which looks like the same as the first?





4. Which letter is the same as the first? h A. maaa B. nwaa 5. Which looks different?

C. haaa

D. aaau





6. Find the letter that is different. A. B B. M C. M

D. M

7. Which of these words below has the beginning sound of f ? A. God B. ball C. food D. ham 8. Which words ends in m sound? A. ram B. flag

C. Dress

D. feet

9. Which word begins with b sound? A. dream B. bag C. gum 10. Which is the initial sound of the object?

D. dam

A. p

B. d

C. v

D. j

11. Which is the final sound of the picture?

A. l

B. t

C. g

Shade the letter of the word or phrase that tells about the picture.


A. a net

B. a box

C. in the hut

D. a bee


A. cap on the lap

B. a fat cat C. cat in the box D. a rat


A. a ham

B. a sun

C. jug

D. net


A. cup

B. mud

C. pot D. cop


A. apple

B. egg

C. web

D. wet

Study the pictures below. Which one-step direction should be followed?

A. Clap three times B. Stand C. Walk

17 .


A. Go to sleep. B. Take a bath. C. Turn off the light.

19. Mother says, Close the door. This means__________. A. Run to the door. B. Open the door. C. Look at the door. D. Close the door. 20. Its 7 oclock in the morning. How will you greet your teacher? A. Good morning, teacher. B. Good afternoon, teacher. C. Goodbye, teacher D. Good evening, teacher.

21. School is over. Youre going home. What will you say to your teacher? A. Hello B. Excuse me C. Goodbye D. Good morning 22. Jim accidentally hit Bob with a ball. What will Jim say to Bob? A. Youre welcome B. May I go out C. May I come in 23. Bess wants to borrow Pats sharpener. What will she say? A. May I borrow your sharpener? C. Thank you B. May I go out? D. Excuse me 24. You father is calling you at the door. But your teacher is presenting a new lesson. What will you do? A. Excuse me, Maam. May I go out, my father is calling for me. B. Dont mind father C. Its alright. D. Just go out without asking permission. 25. You received a gift on your birthday. What will you say? A. Thank you C. Excuse me B. Youre welcome D. How are you 26. You shared your baon to your classmate during recess. She said, Thank you. How will you answer her? A. Im Sorry C. Excuse me B. Thank you D. Youre welcome What is the medial sound of each picture?

D. Hello


c ___ r

A. /a/

B. /e/

C. /i/

D. /o/



A. /e/

B. /u/





A. /i/


C. /e/

D. /a/




B. /o/




ENGLISH I Second Quarter Test

I. Direction: Read the questions carefully and shade the letter in your answer sheet.

A. This is a balloon. B. That is a balloon. C. These are balloons. D. Those are balloons. 1.


A. This is a table. B. That is a table. C. These are tables. D. Those are tables.

A. This is a ball. B. These are balls. C. That is a ball. D. Those are balls. 3.

A. This is a flower. B. These are flowers. C. Those are flowers. D. That is a flower. 4.

A. This is my friend. B. That is my friend. C. These are my friends. D. Those are my friends 5.


A. This is my pencil. B. That is my pencil. C. These are my pencils. D. Those are my pencils.

A. This is a bird. B. That is a bird. C. These are birds. D. Those are birds. 7.



A. a

B. an


_____ fish

A. a

B. an


_____ umbrella

A. a

B. an

11. Susan knows Alvin. _____ likes him so much. A. She B. He C. They D. It 12. Dave and Jill go to the same school. _____ are good friends. A. He B. They C. She D. We 13. Anna is my friend. _____ love to play with her. A. We B. I C. They D. She 14. My cat is called Kit-kat. _____ is very fat. A. It B. She C. He

D. They

15. A. cup

These are four _________. B. cups C. glass D. glasses

16. A. egg

This is an _____. B. eggs C. apple D. apple


These are _______. A. car

B. fruits

C. fans

D. caps

18. Which set of words rhyme? A. bat-cat B. bag-cot 19. A. ram dad B. bug sud

C. bell-get C. boy-toy

D. is-are D. cop-ton

What are these groups of pictures or picture all about? A. Country B. School C. Family D. Places


A. cleanliness B. studying C. honesty D. reading 21.


This is Al. What does he do? A. He cleans the house. C. He plays in the room. B. He reads a book. D. He plays basketball. Pat and the Fat Cat Pat has a pet. Her pet is a fat cat. Pat named her pet Kitty. Kitty likes to stay under the table. It also likes to catch rats.

23. Who has a pet? 24. What is her pet?

A. Fat A. dog

B. Pat B. rat

C. Rat C. pig D. cat

D. Kitty

25. Where does her pet like to stay? A. under the chair B. under the tree C. under the table D. under the cabinet

Which of the word below is spelled correctly? 26. A. mother B. moter C. mader 27. A. pader 28. A. cluck 29. A. bedroom 30. A. apple B. father B.clok B. bidrom B. apol C.fater C. clock C. bed room C. aple

D. muther D. futher D. klak D. badroom D. appel


ENGLISH I Third Quarter Test

I. Direction: Read the questions carefully and shade the letter in your answer sheet. This is Mark What does he do? A. Mark washes the dishes. B. Mark cleans the room. C. Mark waters the plants. D. Mark plays basketball. These are Jon and Kent. What do they do? A. They fix their bedroom. B. They water the plants. C. They read a book. D. They play in the ground. This is mother. What does she do? A. Mother prays in the room. B. Mother is running. C. Mother cooks food. D. Mother cleans the room. 3.




A. I am sitting

B. I am sweeping C. I am writing


A. I am cooking

B. I am reading

C. I am swimming


A. I am sewing

B. I am drinking A. is A. is A. is B. are B. are B. are

C. I am running C. am C. am C. am

7. They _____ eating breakfast. 8. I ____ afraid of snakes. 9. You____ my bestfriend.

10. They _____ the television show last night.

A. watch

B. watched

C. watching

11. Terry _______ the windows last week. A. wiped B. wipes C. wipe 12. The building is ___________. A. sad B. happy 13. The sea is __________. A. salty B. polite 14. My sister is __________. A. handsome B. soft

C. tall

C. short

C. pretty

15. A. big

What word describes the ball? B. short C. round

16. A. cold

What word describes the ice? B. sweet C. soft

17. A. hot

What word describes the cake? B. salty C. sweet A. trees A. cow B. face B. hen C. feet C.

18. The eyes is a part of the ________. 19. Eggs come from _____________. flowers

20. A. chick

Mother cat has a baby. It is called __________. B. duckling C. kitten


Mother cow has a baby. It is called_________.

A. calf


C. pony

Read the story below. Shade the letter of the correct answer.

Ben lives in the farm. He and his grandfather plants fruits and vegetables.
22. Who is the main character in the story? A. Ben B. fruits C. farm 23. Where does Ben live? A. in the city B. near the river

C. in the farm

24. What do Ben and his grandfather plant? A. Vegetables B. fruits C. Fruits and Vegetables What word gives similar ideas for the following pictures.


A. mango

B. cup

C. eggplant


A. candy

B. glass

C. bag

Read the story and sequence the events. Write A,B, C, D

It was five oclock in the morning. Hans was awake when the alarm clock rang. He got up and said I will take a bath now. He told his Mom, I am ready to go to school now. _______ 27. Hans took a bath. _______ 28. Hans heard the alarm clock. _______ 29. Hans got up. _______ 30. Hans told his Mom he was ready to go to school.


ENGLISH I Fourth Quarter Test

Direction: Read the questions carefully and shade the letter in your answer sheet.


Bob ______ to school yesterday. A. walk B. walks C. walked

D. walking


Stacey ______ the letter last week. A. write B. wrote C. writes

D. written


Last night a cat ____________ us. A. follow B. follows C. following

D. followed


Yesterday we _____ shopping at Gaisano Mall. A. will go B. go C. went

D. goes

5. Grandpa is ________________ a newspaper. A. reading B. eating C. eating 6. We are _______ jackstone. A. crying

D. cooking

B. dancing C. playing

D. running

7. Mrs. Bax is my teacher. She is ______ us how to read and count. A. playing B. teaching C. dancing D. washing 8. Terry ______ breakfast this morning. A. cook B. cooks

C. cooked

D. cooking

9. I ___________ you work tomorrow. A. watch B. watches C. will watch 10. Tomorrow we________ fruit trees.

D. watched

A. plant

B. plants

C. planted

D. will plant

11. On Saturday, the family __________ to the beach. A. go B. went C. will go 12. Sam _______ a picture next month. A. will paint B. paint C. paints

D. goes

D. painted


A. small fan B. tall grasses C. big leaf D. sweet fruit

14. book A. new book B. tall leaf C. sweet fruit D. beautiful flower


A. hot coffee B. cup of cold water C. cup of flour D. glass of milk

16. I saw a little boy in rugged clothes begging for food. The boy was ________. A. angry B. hungry C. surprise D. happy 17. Mother bought mangoes for her children. The children were _________. A. happy B. sad C. surprise D. afraid 18. Romeo found a twenty-peso bill. He gave it to his teacher. Romeo is ________. A. honest B. proud C. industrious D. obedient 19. All of these toys are mine, said Karen. Karen is __________. A. cruel B. kind C. proud D. selfish 20. The class has a Valentines Day Program. Fe is still in bed. What do you think will happen? A. Fe is happy. C. Fe cannot attend the program. B. Fe attended the program. D. Fe will sing. 21. I heard Blackie barking and barking. He was at the front gate. What do you think will happen next? A. A strange-looking man was about to enter. B. Blackie was happy. C. Blackie wants to eat. D. A friend of Blackie was coming.

22. I was alone in the house. It was very dark outside. Suddenly all the lights went out. What could have happened? A. There was a party. C. There was a parade. B. There was a brownout. D. There was a celebration.

Read the group of words and phrases. What is each part of. Shade the correct answer. 23. 24. 25. 26. roof shoes leaves sampaguita roots rose floor paper door pencil flowers gumamela stem dahlia window books

A. Kinds of flowers B. Parts of the plant C. Kinds of flowers D. Parts of the house

Read the story carefully.

It was Saturday morning. Ben, Alex, Edna and Fe went to the playground. Ben and Alex played ball. Edna and Fe played on seesaw. They all enjoyed playing. Suddenly it rained hard.
27. What day was it when the children played in the playground? A. Monday B. Friday C. Saturday D. Sunday 28. Where did the children go one Saturday morning? A. in the park C. in the market B. in the playground D. in the library 29. What did Ben and Alex play? A. ball B. seesaw

C. guitar

D. chess

30. When it rained hard, what do you thing will like happen? A. The children will continue playing under the rain. B. The children will take a bath in the rain. C. The children will all run to their homes. D. The children will cry very loud.



1. So, John Albert L. 2. Tactacon, Christian 3. Tambal, Dionn Marzel A. 4. Tigbao, Jay-Are M. 5. Tombali, Paolo 6. Torres, Wendell S. 7. Villegas, Levin J. 8. Florig, Ivan B. 9. Daapong, Sante S. 10. Jumawan, Prester D. 11. Abatayo Jr. Reynante E. 12. Macadadaya, Jalil C. 13. Pontejo, Nicos 14. Oblea, Noel III M. 15. Liop, Rygel Mar S. 16. Gabule, Joie J. 17. Nanganlag Jr., Emilio 18. Salem, Christian Recca D. 19. Sabanpan, Warren E. 20. Seville, Aaron Paul C. 21. Ayupan, Anfernny Dwayne R. 22. Adem, Clinton Carl 23. Lucero, Karl Kingsley Z. 24. Dasalla, Archel S. 25. Casingca, Cesar Ryan A. 26. Depio, Reegie 27. Egao, Jhon Paul F. 28. Laspona, Jhon Megs G. 29. Baconguis, Yuri Jim 30. Lapides, Gil Christian S. 31. Plana, Jimboy U 32. Putol, Clint Anthony C.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

Abellanosa, Ymee R. Absin, Viola P. Anduhan, Cherlyn C. Arafol, Gaille Ann Cahanap, Dice jane Cajilla, Genevieve P. Calicdan, Tizziana Alexa D. Canadilla, Jomaila L. Dael, Kriztah Ella G. Dublas, Beverly Jane A. Dumaque, Angela G. Eduria, Iza May A. Gines, Jenlie T. Gonzales, Erika P. Lag-e, Rogiela P. Leop, Kristine Joy D. Murallon, Kiara Cynnara S. Nacnac, Darlyn S. Ocate, Mary Sam May A. Pabayo, Marial May a. Perame, Nina, Marie Presbitero, Kitchel Mae T. Ravidas, Orleah Gene Q. Rebusto, Jennilyn Uy Bano, Feb Sundae