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MULTIPLA B745-SY3 - B765-SY3

13-axis High Performance in Bar Machining

Triple Y-Axis


Not only is the Eurotech

faster than the compeon,
its technology allows us
to truly run Lights-out and

Max Size

Max Size

1.77/2.0" 8"
2.56/2.75" 10"

10 Opt Main - 8 Opt Sub

thats worth even more...

Je Roth - Owner
Chasco Machine & Manufacturing.

Technology - Runs Faster Sleeps Less

Complete parts in one-op...eliminate handling, xturing, inspections, wasted time and oor space!

Once we compared, it was clear from how Eurotech designed, built and
packaged the machine with all the hardware and soware they were the
most serious about throughput and had a much faster cycle me.
- Dave Fricke, Millennium

The B745Y3-B765Y3 range of tripleturret dual-spindle machining centers -- the ultimate for bar machining
and auto loaded components. The
main performance benets oered:



TOOL LOAD MONITORING - This system monitors the loading of the most
heavily used tools: e.g. 1st OP. cutting
tools, roughing tools, drills or U-drills. It
ensures safe automatic machining with
limited operator presence.

Reduction of cycle times

Great rigidity to allow machining
of tough materials
Load up to 192 cutting tools for
machining of complex parts
and reduce set-up times
Ergonomics for quick and easy access for retooling operations
Up to 72 live tools for milling
EUROPEs #1 selling multi-axis
turn/mill center

The superior design delivers

extremely ecient, fast and
accurate production of complex
parts using live tools, C-axis
and Y-axis.

The Eurotech Speed Secret

Eurotech machines are designed
from the ground up to be fast
and automated with:
Gap elimination: Eurotechs logic
software Indexing on the y
Elimination of dwell times Incredible
pick-o speeds Zero wait for C-axis
engagement on live tool machines
Built-in, no add-on automation
CNC controls loaded with options

Double-spindle turning centers featuring three turrets and three Y-axes:

high productivity in machining complex parts from bar.
We compared Eurotech to all the other top brands and with all the features
Eurotech delivers it was no comparison; Eurotech far surpasses any machine out
there. We now have 4 Eurotechs.
- Chris Provini - Festo
- 30-degree slant cast-iron bed
- Cartridge spindles and air purge
on both main and sub-spindle
- 12-station servo-turrets with 96
tool capacity - EGS Tooling
- Sub-spindle with C-axis & brake
- Polygon Turning

- Rigid tapping on main and sub

- Sub-spindle, ejector, air blow
and conrmation
- Eurotech EASY CYCLES

- Extra Memory
- Coolant system featuring 7-bar
pumps and lters
- Air conditioned electrical cabinet
- Tool probing system
- Bar-feeder interface
- SBS tool load monitoring system
- Eurotech GAP ELIMINATION software
- Fanuc 31i-T Series control
- Color Graphics Screen with 10.4
Color LCD
- Full Keypad with Custom Touch Keys
- Macro A & Macro B
- RS232/PCMCIA Interface/Ethernet
- Programmable parts gantry and
conveyor system for the main and
sub spindle, capable of catching
remnants and reverse dropping
them o the parts conveyor

- Disc Brake on Main and

- G54-G59/G80-G89
- Programmable Chip Conveyor
- High Pressure Coolant with
Filtration System
- Tool Life Management
- G10 Programmable Input
- Live Tooling Package Standard
- Standard Tooling Package
- Scale Feedback on all three
X-axis slides and on both
main and sub-spindle C-axes
- B-Axis Stress Control on Subspindle
- Unexpected Disturbance
Detection (Air bag)
- Eurotechs Servo Turret Set-up
- Live Tools from 2,000 to 60,000
RPM available
- Virtually Zero Chip-to-Chip Tool
Change Time
- Programmable nished parts

Aer shopping the competors I am extremely happy

with my decision to purchase the Eurotech.
We are amazed at the speed and accuracy it provides.
The customer service before, during and aer the
purchase has been extraordinary!
- Wade Weiss, Frank Weiss Racing Components

Specications contained herein are approximate and subject to change without notice
ver. EUR-11-31-09

We are amazed at how fast the machine is! Not only do

we love our Eurotechs but the customer service is posively
top-ight and second to none.
- Larry Ostendorf, GLD

RU N S FA ST E R , S L E E P S L E S S !

tele: 352.799.5223
1150 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
fax: 352.799.4662

Brooksville, Florida 34601 email: