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AnonPlus Press Conference 08/2/11

Jamie Jo Corne
This is a short summary of the press release for Anonplus given on August 2, 2011 after the US Department of Justice inquired about issuing subpoenas for investigations. Anonplus

Press Conference Statement:

Given by Jamie Jo Corne; Publisher of Presstorm Media and Founder of Anonplus [18:38:14] <~JamieJoCorne> Press Conference Begins now. [18:38:21] <~JamieJoCorne> I would like someone to log this please. [18:38:56] <~JamieJoCorne> The staff at Anonplus have informed me earlier today of an email from one Stacy Garrison of the US Department of Justice. [18:39:24] <~JamieJoCorne> Ms. Garrison was inquiring about the process of issuing a subpoena per the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act [18:39:44] <~JamieJoCorne> She wanted to know who the point of contact would be in the event that they needed to issue a Subpoena for personal information,...etc [18:40:13] <~JamieJoCorne> I have responded to Ms. Garrison by stating [18:40:19] <~JamieJoCorne> we are currently in communication with an Attorney about the issue [18:40:44] <~JamieJoCorne> and that although we understand that Government's need to retain information for investigative purposes, 18:41:09] <~JamieJoCorne> we also are aware of the need for people to remain anonymous with regard to individual sovereignty with the retention of liberty in tow. [18:41:48] <~JamieJoCorne> I stated to her that we would be more than willing to cooperate with the Federal US Government, however, because of the nature of anonymity being the fundamental aspect of Anonplus, [18:42:03] <~JamieJoCorne> the information that they receive may not be useful to their investigations. [18:42:51] <~JamieJoCorne> I have asked that Ms. Garrison allow our admin panel for Anonplus the time to confer with Attorney's with expertise in this matter before engaging into further discussion of the issue [18:43:06] <~JamieJoCorne> and have opened myself up to phone and/or in person discussion with the Federal Government on behalf of Anonplus. [18:43:13] <~JamieJoCorne> in the future, that is.

[18:43:21] <~JamieJoCorne> right now, I have lost my voice due to bronchitis. 18:43:54] <~JamieJoCorne> I will now open the chat up for questions. Please do not flood, be concise, and use single entry questions - not multiple. <~JamieJoCorne> The chat is now unmuted.

[18:44:53] <deepshit> ...soooo what does this mean. they want the names & ips of eeryone who's participated? [18:44:55] <greenie> What has the Justice Dept asked of Anonplus? [18:45:06] <XnsStudios> what they said [18:45:20] <DragonFire1024> and why? Any specific investigation taking place? [18:45:48] <conarelli> whats the advice of your 'attorney'? [18:45:51] <~JamieJoCorne> Deepshit: We have been asked how the process of issuing a subpoena will work if the need arises where the US Federal Government needs to retain information about anonplus users, much like they did in the matter of twitter and wikileaks. [18:46:11] <~JamieJoCorne> Greenie: The US Department of Justice has not asked anything of Anonplus, rather, was inquiring about the process of issuing a subpoena if needed. [18:46:25] <Der_Bluthund> !invite kermit [18:46:36] <~JamieJoCorne> DragonFire1024 There is no current investigations that I have been made aware of at this time. [18:47:00] <~JamieJoCorne> Conarelli I have an appointment to speak to the Attorney tomorrow at 1pm central standard time about this issue. [18:47:02] <greenie> So, then, this matter relates to another DOJ interest? [18:47:24] t4nk889 [] has quit IRC: Quit: ajax IRC Client [18:47:31] asdif0j23tjk [Mibbit@3F090761.68D759FC.562A349.IP] has quit IRC: Quit: ajax IRC Client [18:47:31] <conarelli> let me know what your attorney says.

[18:47:56] <~JamieJoCorne> deepshit Anonplus has not been released for beta yet, as it is still in it's developmental stages. At that time, people will use it either anonymously or otherwise via their own personal choice. [18:48:00] mr_fribble [Mibbit@1C63B76B.4BE17E6D.A071CCAF.IP] has quit IRC: Quit: ajax IRC Client [18:48:14] <Ghostpickles> they want to find out who they need to contact in case they want to subpoena [18:48:41] <~JamieJoCorne> Greenie I am unsure if the US Department of Justice inquired about Anonplus in this way due to another outside investigation. It is my speculation that they are merely curious as to whether or not we will respect current policy. [18:49:03] <greenie> Does Anonplus see the DOJ action as part of an intimidation campaign against development of the new free speech forum? [18:49:05] <~JamieJoCorne> Conarelli I plan on holding yet another press release after attorney's have been informed and discussion has taken place with regard to this inquiry. [18:49:17] <holybones> i'd expect the same they would from someone from 4chan...? [18:49:30] <L0ne> Who would they be able to subpoena? Staff? Users? 18:50:04] <~JamieJoCorne> greenie regardless if they are attempting to intimidate, we will comply with their request for inquiry. We have however noted to them that we see their need for information retention per Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, however, we also see the need to allow people the liberty to choose anonymity. [18:50:09] <Ghostpickles> that would be a matter for anonplus attornies [18:51:02] <vincubus> i think this has been stated before, but anon+ users should ensure there is no info to give at suponea. [18:51:07] <greenie> In light of the DOJ action, does Anonplus intend to continue with development of the forum? [18:51:19] <~JamieJoCorne> holybones at this point, we cannot discuss any legalities until we've consulted with the attorney's. It is my speculation that we will be engaging a repeal or amendment to current legislation to award anonplus immunity from third party information legislation.

18:51:37] <AlbaandOmegle> Here are the facts [18:51:37] frogert [] has quit IRC: Quit: ajax IRC Client [18:51:44] <AlbaandOmegle> We do not own the domain [18:51:56] <AlbaandOmegle> therefore we cannot make any statements [18:52:07] <AlbaandOmegle> this was supposed to be a firewall [18:52:16] <AlbaandOmegle> against them [18:52:22] <AlbaandOmegle> now it's gone [18:52:22] steelhill [] has joined #Pressconference [18:52:26] <~JamieJoCorne> greenie it is our full intention to continue developing Anonplus with or without legal process until such time that we are forced to quit for the sake of the safety of those using our network - and if that time should come, we will take full legal action to resume before the eyes of any court. [18:52:32] <AlbaandOmegle> fro is selling the domain to me [18:52:47] gatsby [] has quit IRC: Quit: ajax IRC Client [18:52:53] <Soule> ... [18:52:56] <AlbaandOmegle> he wants out of the domain [18:53:05] <~JamieJoCorne> understood. [18:53:06] <greenie> Who owns the Anonplus domain? [18:53:14] <~JamieJoCorne> Any more questions? [18:53:15] <AlbaandOmegle> long story [18:53:19] <~JamieJoCorne> Anonplus is not a registered trademark of our project. [18:53:25] <AlbaandOmegle> the domain was in limbo [18:53:31] <~JamieJoCorne> The anonplus domain is being discussed [18:53:32] <AlbaandOmegle> for this reason

[18:53:39] <~JamieJoCorne> and we can answer questions about that in the next press conference [18:53:46] <AlbaandOmegle> but no one seems to want to keep ppl up to date [18:53:47] <greenie> Thank you. [18:54:01] <~JamieJoCorne> There have been some media mangling of the project [18:54:10] <~JamieJoCorne> and we wish to keep everyone informed of the process [18:54:13] mib_3hbkfz [] has joined #Pressconference [18:54:21] <Der_Bluthund> I think that is coz we need a little technical privacy [18:54:27] <greenie> Please explain "media mangling of project"? [18:54:31] <~JamieJoCorne> so we will be holding press conferences periodically (hopefully in the future, more planned) so that everyone can be on the same page. [18:54:48] <Der_Bluthund> most of the media did not get what we were about [18:54:49] <~JamieJoCorne> greenie there was a bit of confusion as to where the project originated at first [18:54:55] <~JamieJoCorne> this has and never will be an "anonymous" project [18:55:00] <AlbaandOmegle> media need to be given crumbs or the vacuum gerbils fuck shit up for hype 18:55:06] <~JamieJoCorne> anonymous being: the group who calls themselves anonymous [18:55:07] <XnsStudios> media has a way of doing that [18:55:12] <mib_3hbkfz> Any documented version of what has been said? [18:55:18] <~JamieJoCorne> they have (among others) helped in the process, but the project is of "the people." [18:55:19] <L0ne> I think calling it anon+ pissed some people off [18:55:22] <~JamieJoCorne> not just anonymous [18:55:36] <mib_3hbkfz> are you a part of [18:55:43] <AlbaandOmegle> no fucking way

[18:55:44] mmmmm [] has joined #Pressconference [18:55:46] DragonFire1024 [Mibbit@FE5445F2.5B2AB5.AF33274A.IP] has quit IRC: Quit: ajax IRC Client [18:55:49] <Der_Bluthund> we are aware of them [18:55:51] <greenie> Would you consider renaming the project, since the "Anon" portion could be seen as possibly confusing to some media outlets? [18:55:52] <AlbaandOmegle> what is the plan is a scam [18:55:55] <~JamieJoCorne> mib_3hbkfz I have someone logging this press conference and will release it via twitter from the @anonplus and @8presstorm8 twitter accounts via link [18:56:03] <AlbaandOmegle> and that's what pissed ppl off [18:56:07] <mib_3hbkfz> Who are you to say so? [18:56:27] <~JamieJoCorne> greenie the name of the project has been discussed although there is uncertainty at this time as to whether or not it will remain "anonplus." [18:56:33] <AlbaandOmegle> i have seen the faggotry of witp [18:56:39] <~JamieJoCorne> mib_3hbkfz are you referring to me? [18:56:41] <conarelli> George Anon Bush [18:56:45] mib_zpizg0 [] has quit IRC: Quit: ajax IRC Client [18:56:48] <~JamieJoCorne> If so, I am the founder of the idea of Anonplus [18:56:48] <AlbaandOmegle> also self-validation crap [18:56:56] <greenie> Again to confirm, Anonplus is NOT an Anonymous project? [18:57:02] <mib_3hbkfz> What does anonplus stand for? [18:57:09] <AlbaandOmegle> not limited to Anon 18:57:21] <XnsStudios> maybe i've missed something but whats with [18:57:22] <AlbaandOmegle> anonimity plus

[18:57:30] <USAnonymous> What have I missed. [18:57:42] <AlbaandOmegle> that website is a meme dilution project [18:57:44] <L0ne> for all their faggotry witp had people in the streets last week spreading the idea of anonymous. just sayin [18:57:57] <~JamieJoCorne> mib_3hbkfz Anonplus is intended to be the first ever completely "anonymous" social network designed for those who wish to retain their privacy and individual sovereignty without fear of government censorship and blackout. [18:58:00] <~JamieJoCorne> It is intended to keep people's voices heard. [18:58:05] <AlbaandOmegle> Anonymous is about taking action not having tea and crumptes [18:58:06] <mib_3hbkfz> have a look for yourself, seems getting bigger by day, they spread the word of that the government has lied to us. [18:58:16] <Ghostpickles> whatis-theplan has nothing to do with us [18:58:19] <~JamieJoCorne> It is intended to uphold integrity within a world where people's voices are so often censored and over regulated. [18:58:29] <vincubus> perhaps what is the plan is not the focus of this session [18:58:29] <conarelli> Surely you can set everything up in St Kitts? [18:58:53] <~JamieJoCorne> greenie you have confirmation that Anonplus is not an "anonymous" (as in the group anonymous) project. It is a project of "we the people" of the world. [18:59:12] <AlbaandOmegle> mib_3hbkfz: the ppl need to act, they don't need more information [18:59:13] <XnsStudios> thank you for the answers though [18:59:24] <mib_3hbkfz> We dont need more social networks either. [18:59:39] <L0ne> lets save witp debate for another day [18:59:41] <~JamieJoCorne> For the record: We are not associated nor support "theplan." 8:59:54] <~JamieJoCorne> We can hold a debate if the people wish for it [19:00:06] <USAnonymous> This conversation is giving me cancer.

[19:00:16] <mib_3hbkfz> Are you guys the actual "hackers" involved within the anonymous hacks? [19:00:18] <~JamieJoCorne> If you are in support of a debate, please email me at [19:00:33] <USAnonymous> I was under the impression that this was to be a "Press Conference" not a focus group. [19:00:38] genlock [Mibbit@9AA4295.94987E37.2EB6A6D6.IP] has left #Pressconference [19:01:04] <USAnonymous> [19:01:09] rumpl5tl5kn [] has joined #Pressconference [19:01:09] <USAnonymous> intresting [19:01:09] <AlbaandOmegle> mib_3hbkfz: go to anonops for haxors [19:01:17] conarelli [] has left #Pressconference [19:01:19] <greenie> Helpful clarifications, thank you JamieJoCorne [19:01:25] <XnsStudios> indeed [19:01:38] <~JamieJoCorne> mib_3bhkfz Some may consider themselves "hackers," but again, there is a defined difference between "hacker" and "criminal." [19:01:56] <~JamieJoCorne> Presstorm staff are investigative journalists [19:02:01] <mib_3hbkfz> Remember I said hacker, and not criminal. [19:02:07] <USAnonymous> This is actually a defined difference between the common association between "hacker" and "cracker". [19:02:14] <~JamieJoCorne> At no time has presstorm or any anonplus staff engaged in illegal hacking on behalf of anonplus. [19:02:19] <AlbaandOmegle> Anons bring down front pages Criminals use botnets [19:02:49] <AlbaandOmegle> Anons are debatably breaking the law

[19:02:53] <L0ne> with prying eyes of DoJ will "anon+" discourage talk of illegal activities [19:03:02] <~JamieJoCorne> I would like to make very clear: Anonplus, Presstorm, and anyone involved in the development of Anonplus are in NO WAY associated with "theplan," nor do we support it. [19:03:14] <mib_3hbkfz> so you have nothing to do with anonymousIRC? [19:03:21] <USAnonymous> "Anons" is too general of a word to associate it with any one thing, including criminal acts. You might as well say "The American people" are war mongers because of the war in Iraq. Not everyone supports it. Same with Anonymous not all Anons support hacking and cracking for press or for profit. [19:03:21] <AlbaandOmegle> we will not discourage shit [19:03:35] hvjhgjdcfgc [Mibbit@440C9936.A27A4407.D8A2438F.IP] has joined #Pressconference [19:03:51] <~JamieJoCorne> L0ne Anonplus is designed for people to remain completely anonymous. I cannot speculate as to whether or not there will be a hinderance to chat of "illegal activities." Time will tell with that front. [19:04:10] <mib_3hbkfz> Bigger word is going around though [19:04:12] <vincubus> min_3, presstorm is a gathering of individuals who have their own lives apart from presstorm participation. [19:04:20] <AlbaandOmegle> mib_3hbkfz: Presstorm has Anons onboard Presstorm is not an arm of Anonops [19:04:39] <~JamieJoCorne> mib_3hbkfz although some people who are helping to develop and/or support Anonplus may be associated with AnonymousIRC, we are not working on behalf or with AnonymousIRC direct with regard to the development or goal of AnonPlus.

[19:04:45] <USAnonymous> The main concern that anyone would be right to have, is how do you support your claims of Anonimity. Where will you be hosting this project, and how will you handle subpoena? [19:05:08] <mib_3hbkfz> I understand this is a different project. 19:05:20] <~JamieJoCorne> USAnonymous That question will be addressed in the next press conference (more than likely tomorrow after our talk with the attorney's)

[19:05:22] <Der_Bluthund> put it this way - any information we do hand over to them, by virtue of the system, would be useless to them [19:05:22] <AlbaandOmegle> pretty soon we will own the domain because the firewall was borked [19:06:00] <L0ne> that's what I figured Der_ [19:06:03] <mib_3hbkfz> Is this against internet censoring? [19:06:10] <Der_Bluthund> VERY much so [19:06:29] <XnsStudios> yep [19:06:43] <USAnonymous> So let me get this straight - the actual focus of this "press conference" is to sip tea, and to conversate about mastubatory aides? [19:06:47] <Der_Bluthund> we view the corporate and government moves to censor the internet with great alarm and disgust [19:06:52] <~JamieJoCorne> mib_ehbkfz Anonplus is being developed to thwart internet censorship. We believe that all people have a natural right to be heard regardless of others agree with what they say or not. [19:06:57] greenie [] has quit IRC: Quit: ajax IRC Client [19:07:01] SunWukong [] has joined #Pressconference [19:07:11] <mib_3hbkfz> I don't understand, then you say you don't support the plan, and now you do. [19:07:18] <AlbaandOmegle> USAnonymous: no it's to explain shit [19:07:33] <AlbaandOmegle> mib_3hbkfz: we are not related to the plan [19:07:34] <vincubus> US Anon, the purpose of this conference is to get the facts out to avoid misunderstanding by the press and other interested parties [19:07:49] <AlbaandOmegle> the plan is a hipster do nothing ritual [19:08:03] <~JamieJoCorne> mib_3hbkfz we have not been involved in "the-plan," at all to date. Although their "plan" might coincide with some of our ideals - we have not directly engaged in even learning about "the-plan," other than seeing it on twitter.

[19:08:21] <USAnonymous> Explination can be handled via public forum, not via IRC. [19:08:49] <~JamieJoCorne> USAnonymous we are currently setting up a public forum for this type of discussion which should be set up by tomorrow. [19:08:55] <mib_3hbkfz> I see, at the end of the day, everyone is here to stop the government from having absolute control, without having the rights to do so. [19:08:56] <Jackal> USAnonymous you missed the PC this is now the questions [19:09:02] Slem [] has joined #Pressconference [19:09:19] <~JamieJoCorne> USAnonymous we were attacked maliciously by a hacking group reported to be "anonymous" about 2 weeks ago which took out of hosting service along with 150 other sites. [19:09:26] <~JamieJoCorne> USAnonymous we are still rebuilding from that attack. 19:09:50] <vincubus> that is a fair assessment mob_3 [19:09:50] <vincubus> mib_3, rather [19:09:54] <~JamieJoCorne> mib_3hbkfz "control" is a relative term. We are simply providing the public with the ability to be heard. [19:10:03] <~JamieJoCorne> without fear of reprisal [19:10:08] <~JamieJoCorne> or censorship [19:10:22] <AlbaandOmegle> mib_3hbkfz: actually that's incorrect we have ppl who want to take industry from govt and give it to the ppl - that's more than stopping [19:10:48] <mib_3hbkfz> Hasn't it been enough though? I see you guys are giving them an alternative, which is good.. but will it still be in control of people who abuse? [19:10:49] <vincubus> mib_3, are you suggesting "we" dont have the right, or the gov hasn't the right? [19:10:51] <AlbaandOmegle> stopping is impossible - you do A or B [19:10:54] <USAnonymous> Honestly - I believe what you're attempting is something that needs to be nurtured; however, I don't believe it will be an outlet for any type of freedom of expression. [19:10:57] <~JamieJoCorne> AlbaandOmegle that is simply an individual choice. Anonplus is not going to be the spring board for anything other than the ability to be heard and congregate to create action if necessary.

[19:11:09] <AlbaandOmegle> JamieJoCorne: correct [19:11:34] <USAnonymous> Jamie, what are your basis - other than informal contact with the cracking group - that they are affiliated with the Anonymous directive? [19:11:42] <~JamieJoCorne> USAnonymous I would support the statement that Anonplus needs to be nurtured and will support that in action once we have it open to the public via beta. [19:11:56] <AlbaandOmegle> mib_3hbkfz: the plan is 5 years late - plenty of groups already came to that conclusion [19:12:06] <L0ne> Will "anon+" require users to take individual steps to be anonymous b4 allowing them on site? (tor, vpn,etc.?) [19:12:12] woef [] has joined #Pressconference [19:12:28] <~JamieJoCorne> USAnonymous The group that attacked us refers to themselves as "Turkish Anonymous Old School boys" and can be found on the Anonops IRC somewhere. [19:12:31] <~JamieJoCorne> We have not engaged in discussion yet with them as to why they attacked us. [19:12:32] <USAnonymous> Any thoughts on a closed beta? [19:12:50] <AlbaandOmegle> JamieJoCorne: they are not on AnonOps [19:12:50] <~JamieJoCorne> USAnonymous there will be a closed beta before a public one yes. [19:13:09] <~JamieJoCorne> USAnonymous if you are interested in being a part of the closed beta, please pm AlbaandOmegle 19:13:13] <Der_Bluthund> ah good then we'll see if I can break it - I am good at breaking stuff [19:13:26] <~JamieJoCorne> AlbaandOmegle, if I need to rectify my comment, please state so and I will rectify it publically. [19:13:36] <Der_Bluthund> if I fail to break it, then it's fairly stable [19:13:38] <USAnonymous> Simply being, although I can only speak for myself, I don't see any member of Anonymous who is instilled with our ideals to maliciously attack any outlet of free speech. It's a possible campaign of missinformation.

[19:14:02] <Soule> that might be calling it a bit soon there usanon [19:14:08] <AlbaandOmegle> USAnonymous: old fags who haven't been in an op in forever [19:14:08] <~JamieJoCorne> USAnonymous those individuals also attacked and left their credentials and link [19:14:09] <Soule> "some people just want to watch the world burn" [19:14:27] <~JamieJoCorne> USAnonymous as you well know, however, Anonymous cannot force another group of anonymous to follow any manifesto. [19:14:28] <USAnonymous> Albaa, possibly. [19:14:34] rumpl5tl5kn [] has left #Pressconference [19:14:54] woef [] has left #Pressconference [19:15:02] <USAnonymous> That is correct, which is why even though the flag of Anonymous is self flown, any one person or group saying they are attacking on behalf of Anonymous is premature. [19:15:10] <~JamieJoCorne> FOR THE RECORD: When I say "Anonymous" I am not speaking for ALL individuals associated with Anonymous. The majority of those whom I have spoken with from Anonymous are legal, credible, and serious about the goal 19:15:46] <Der_Bluthund> you just get one or two that like to do their own thing... [19:15:57] <~JamieJoCorne> ALSO FOR THE RECORD: Presstorm will support a better and more improved public vision of Anonymous by working with those "Anonymous" individuals who support legal, peaceful, change. [19:16:00] <mib_3hbkfz> I don't see what is so special about this particular project. [19:16:16] <Soule> >_> [19:16:18] <Soule> <_< [19:16:19] <Soule> really? [19:16:44] <~JamieJoCorne> mib_3hbkfz there is nothing special about anonplus. It is like most other things: something new and an improvement for the betterment of society as a whole with the people's support (majority)

[19:16:45] <USAnonymous> Jamie, although our goals are i'm sure, fairly similar - i'll play ball for now. [19:16:53] <Der_Bluthund> a social network free from corporate or government cesnorship or closedown and you "see nothing special with this project"? [19:17:06] Slem [] has quit IRC: Quit: ajax IRC Client [19:17:15] <Ghostpickles> welp with the fact that all other social network sites (twitter, G+, facebook) are censoring/blocking content..... [19:17:30] <~JamieJoCorne> USAnonymous I personally support individual choice and individual sovereignty. We will not coerce nor sweet talk people into using Anonplus or reading Presstorm. We support truth. Our motto at Presstorm is: We the people are no longer silent. [19:17:39] Noah [] has joined #Pressconference [19:17:45] <mib_3hbkfz> is Anonplus going to be one website? [19:18:01] <Der_Bluthund> facebook have blocked the intel hub site from being cross posted to facebook, twitter routinely manipulates hash tag trends, etc [19:18:15] <mib_3hbkfz> but to be honest [19:18:16] <~JamieJoCorne> At presstorm we allow opposing viewpoints because "the people" are truth - regardless of the position they hold. Everyone has a natural right to be heard. Anonplus is simply attempting to secure that right. [19:18:22] <XnsStudios> yeah i saw that [19:18:33] <USAnonymous> I have been a longtime reader and supporter of presstorm, I see no reason not to support your project. Nor am I attempting to discredit your ideals. I simply wish to, at the end of the day, say I did all I could. [19:18:34] <~JamieJoCorne> mib_3hbkfz That question will be announced and fully discussed in tomorrow's press conference. [19:18:38] <shank> also when you consider the reports of spamming by Gov't intelligence agencies into corporate social networks the need for an independent one becomes that much more clear 19:19:09] <~JamieJoCorne> shank I will support that sentiment.

[19:19:19] <mib_3hbkfz> All I can say is good luck, but no good news to me. [19:19:21] <Der_Bluthund> ditto what shank said [19:19:39] <vincubus> why say you this mib_3? [19:19:46] <~JamieJoCorne> Is there any other questions before we close this conference for the night? [19:20:00] <~JamieJoCorne> I will allow the room to remain open for discussion through the night. [19:20:22] <USAnonymous> Is there anyone qualified to answer inquiries in your stead? 19:21:02] <~JamieJoCorne> USAnonymous I will be announcing whom has the ability to speak on behalf of Presstorm and Anonplus at tomorrow's press conference. [19:21:02] mib_3hbkfz [] has quit IRC: Quit: ajax IRC Client [19:21:13] <~JamieJoCorne> For now, @youranonnews @8presstorm8 @anonplus @albaandomegle and @higochoa for the time being. 19:21:27] <USAnonymous> Gracias. [19:21:38] <~JamieJoCorne> This press conference is now closed. Please discuss if you wish through the night. We will be tweeting the time for the press conference tomorrow.