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Located in Sta. Cruz Buhi, Cam. Sur. It has a twin waterfalls cascading amidst verdant vegetation.

It could be reached by means of a banca ride from the town proper of Buhi, then a 30 minute trek.

CALAPNITAN CAVE Found in Libmanan, it contains imnumerable stalactites and pillars ranging from massive size to extremely delicate. Thousands of bats are housed in this cave.

MT. IRIGA This distinct volcano has an elevation of about 4,823 feet. It is a very noticeable landmark. The eruption in 1611 had caused the existence of Lake Buhi in the province. SABANG BEACH Located in San Jose, this resort has sandy white beach and shallow clear placid bathing water which is strongly fitted to the climate in the area. LA ROCA ENCANTADA This is an enchanting island within the scenic lake of Buhi. It could be reached by means of a banca ride from the town proper of Buhi. ATULAYAN ISLAND In this cinema-like paradise of an island, you cn easily pull your heart down and complete your collection of rare shells and stones. This is very bountiful in this God-given island. NATO BEACH It is accessible by car. Its beach is long with clear water and gradual seadepthness.


CONSOCEP RESTHOUSE Located in Tigaon, it is at Isarog at an elevation of 1, 800 feet above sea level.

cave are will-sealed human caskets carved out of solid wood believed to be 500 years old that still contain human remains. Each caskets measures 24 inches in length and 12 inches in width.

PURARAN BEACH October to January is the surfing season and the surf is fast and right handed.

TALISAY BEACH Famous for the rocks which serve as natural diving board for swimmers. This is found 13 kilometers southwest of San Fernando in Ticao Island.

LIMESTONE HILLS Believed to have been inhabited by the Kalanay people. These early inhabitants practices jar burials. Excavations yielded human bones.

MATANGTUBIG SPRING A unique spring with three sources. The spring comes out of a rock. Trees and lush vegetation give shade in the area around the spring.

UNDERWATER CAVE CLAVERIA This cave is located within the jurisdiction of Barangay Boca Engao the entrance of which is undersea. During high tide, it will take even an unskilled diver only a few seconds to enter the cave; it is neck-deep djring low tide. Inside the

SAN ISIDRO ISLAND CLAVERIA MASBATE This beach is located in barangay San Isidro extending south to east from the barangay proper with an approximate and aggregate length of four (4) kilometers.The bottom of the sea is clear and sandy extending some one

hundred meters from the shoreline with a gradual depth of 5 to 7 feet during high tide.