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is a 60-year old male who lives alone in his own house in San Cristobal, Calamba City. He was born on December 26, 1950 in Germany. He is a German and a Roman Catholic. He finished secondary education and now a self employed man. He speaks and understands German and English and a little bit Tagalog. Data provided by the client. REASON FOR SEEKING HEALTH CARE PROVIDER Client states The main reason that I am here today is because of my painful toe. (pointing to his 2nd toe of his left foot) Its aching, its very painful. HISTORY OF PRESENT HEALTH CONCERN Client states that pain started two weeks ago prior to his confinement. He said it was 2nd week of June when he felt sudden pain on his 2nd toe of his left foot. I could feel something is inside my toe. Its very painful. The pain would start at ten in the evening and would end at five in the morning. I would run inside my room in pain. I cannot do anything about it, I dont have pain reliever. He adds I cannot do anything about the pain. It keeps coming back. Its my problem. Thats why I decided to go here (JPR Hospital). The Kapitan helps me to go here. He gave a score of 10 to the pain he felt using pain scale where 10 indicates the most painful. He verbalizes that pain was not associated with other condition such as fever. PAST HEALTH HISTORY Client did not have any problems at birth and during his childhood. Client experienced an accident year 1990. According to him, he had a left arm fracture during a weightlifting exercise. He had his first hospitalization at Berlin where he underwent an open reduction internal fixation. Year 2000, clients smallest toe finger on his left foot was removed at Calamba Medical Center due to necrosis. Years after his big toe followed. It was removed due to necrosis, too at Philippine General Hospital on September of 2010. Client denies food, drug and environmental allergies.

FAMILY HISTORY Client states that there is no history of Buergers disease in the family. He is the only one to be diagnosed with the said disease. His father died due to stroke whereas his mother is still alive and has arthritis. LIFESTYLE AND HEALTH PRACTICES TYPICAL DAY A typical day for the client is to wake up six in the morning. He drinks coffee then runs around the house. He then prepares and eats his breakfast. Client spends hours surfing the net during his free time. Client states, Im using internet because I want to know whats going on in my country (referring to Germany). He stays inside his home most of the time. He does light housekeeping like cleaning the house, cooking his meal and washing the dishes. After his lunch at noon, he usually takes nap for more than an hour. Then he goes window shopping at SM Calamba if he wanted. Sometimes he drives around Calamba and Sto. Tomas and does sightseeing. He goes home and cooks dinner. He seldom watches Tagalog tv programs but would watch 24 Oras and Bantatay if he is not surfing the net. He goes to bed eleven in the evening. Nutrition Habits Client states he loves to cook. He bakes cake, also. He is the one preparing and cooking his meal everyday. His breakfast is usually composed of bread with any kind of cheese. He drinks coffee, too. Lunch for him is composed of pasta with tomato sauce and potatoes. Clients typical dinner includes waffle and powdered mango juice. When asked about Filipino food client states I tasted adobo, sinigang.. But balot, chicken feet..No, I cant take it. Client prefers French and Thai food. He drinks three glasses of water everyday. He sometimes drinks alcohol which he knows as tagay with his neighbours and friends. Medication/Substance Use Client doesnt take any form of medication and vitamins.

Client smokes for about 40 years. He started smoking when he was 18 years old. Client states I smoke with my friends during party, when I go out with them. From then on, it became my habit, I smoke everyday. I smoke whenever I have problems. I can consume a pack of Fortune everyday. Client stops smoking recently when he started experiencing the pain on his 2 toe. Client verbalizes, Its too late. I have this because of smoking.

Activity Level/ Exercise Client performs light housekeeping like cooking and washing the dishes everyday. He doesnt have any difficulty performing household chores. He does exercise like running around his place every morning for some hours. Sleep Pattern and Elimination Habit Client wakes up six in the morning and goes to bed eleven in the evening. He spends six hours sleeping. He surfs the net before going to sleep and denies difficulty falling asleep. He only stays awake late in the evening when pain occurs on his 2 nd toe of his left foot. Client defecates everyday and describes his stool as brown in color and semi solid. He doesnt experience difficulty defecating. Self-Concept and Body Image Client describes himself as a normal person. He is a happy person. Cooking makes him happy. He enjoys going out before and loves to travel. Client states Im happy if there is no pain. If this is over, no more problem. Self-Care Responsibilities Client knows that smoking brought him to his condition. But he did not refrain from smoking until recently. Pain on his left foot makes him to seek doctors help especially if he cant tolerate it. What bothers him sometimes is the laboratory exams hes undergoing. My laboratory is expensive. Family and Social Relationships

Client has been married to a Filipina. They met at San Fernando, Pampanga when he first came to the Philippines year 1980 during his holiday vacation. They wrote to each other after and year 1982 he went back to the Philippines and they got married. They spent years together in Germany after. They would just visit the country once a year. It was okay before until his wife decided to leave him year 1995 and went back to the Philippines. She needs to take care of her grandchildren. She has children with her first husband. Shes here in the Philippines and Im in German.. I went here year 2000 to see her. But I have problem with her. She doesnt have time for me. You see, shes not paying me a visit. My relationship with her is like Im swimming, Im going up then Im going down. I dont like it. So we better separate. Client has been separated for eight years. Client is the youngest in the family. His father is already deceased while his mother is still living in Germany. He has one sister who is living in Germany with her own family. He communicates with them through internet sometimes because they are busy. He states that his family cant come to visit him because Germany is too far from the Philippines. Client has friends in the neighbourhood. He talks with them once in a while. They are the ones who helped him be confined in the hospital. He is thankful that DSWD and the local government are helping him in buying his medicine. Education and Work Client finished highschool in Germany. Then he entered military school for six months. He worked in an autoelectric company for 30 years where he describes it as a hardwork. When client came to the Philippines, he was able to put up a small boarding house as a source of his income. Stress Level and Coping Styles Client admits that hes smoking when he is problematic. He states that smoking relieves his stress. Client states that he must accept his condition because he cant do anything about it. I must accept it, tomorrow after the doctor cut it no problem (referring to pain) anymore. I want him to cut my toe. Its better than cutting my

whole leg. I know I can still walk after but if he would cut my whole leg it would be very difficult for me. Environmental Hazards Client states that he lives in a safe place in their barangay. Client prefers living in the Philippines because its cheaper here than in Germany. Developmental Level Ego Integrity vs. Despair The client accepted the life that he has now, even if his wife leave her alone and don't have any care for him especially in his condition, he is a strong person, he easily accepted those consequences that he might encounter like in his lifestyle particularly smoking, he already accepted that his toes got loss because of an operation, he don't have any regrets his life, despite of being alone still he can makes as smile?(paayos)tska ung sa dswd d q alm kung pano sa2vhn:)