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Alhamdulillah, praise to the God with His blessings and permissions, I am able to complete this assignment within the time given. On 20th July 2011 my group and I had conduct a forum in front of my classmate. We choose a title to be discuss, and the title is Gangsterism among students in school. In the process of completing this assignment, there are too many things that I have to face and all of them have some effects in my life. First of all, I would like to thank my beloved lecture, Madam Noormah Binti Haji Ismail who has help me completing this assignment or more known as Independent Self Learning (ISL) for subject English Language Proficiency II (ELP) (WAJ 3103). She has help me correct my work in order to make sure this forum can be present successfully and follow all the guidelines that she has give. To complete this assignment, I need to overcome a few problems. The first problem is, this assignment was given in the same week that I have to go to UiTM Shah Alam for Konvensyen Guru-Guru Muda Kebangsaan (KOGUM) and I also have another assignment which have been given by the other lectures. This made me very busy as I need to do many work in a time. To overcome this problem, I constructed a time table to arrange my time perfectly and thus I was able to do all the coursework within the time given. This assignment was given in groups of 5. My group member include my self, Muhammad Amri Bin Azmi, Mohd Shafiq Bin Che Abdul Aziz, Mohd Hidayat Bin Abdullah, Anwar Bin Kamarudin and Mohd Nazrul Shahmi Bin Sallehudin. Before conducting the forum, my group member and I have done a research about the gangsterism activity among teenagers especially student. Then we identify causes, the effect and the way on how to overcome this social problem. I have been entrusted by my group member to present on the effect of the gangsterism among students in school. So I do some research on the effect of the gangsterism activity. I get information from different sources. I get it from internet, books, magazines and others.

After collecting all the information, I start to make a forum text based on the information collected. After done with the text, my group member and I start to practice. It is really hard for me because I need to focus on the forum and I cannot feel nervous because it can ruin our presentation. This assignment possesses some benefits and that are very useful to me as a trainee teacher. Through this coursework, I got a lot of opportunities to read the English articles. These opportunities indirectly build up my skills in English and in the same time widen my knowledge. I also got to know the current issues that being talked about all around the world. Besides that, this coursework had helped me to develop all three important skills in English, which are thinking, speaking and writing. It also help me to improve my public speaking skill and increase my confidence to speak in front of the audience. I also can gain new information from the other group presentation. For example, Musfirah and her members conducted a forum regarding on What are the important thing in peoples life. All of them explain regarding thing that can help us to make our life become easier, such as handphone, wallet, camera and many more. Even though the topic is simple, but the topic is interesting and based on what happen lately in this globalization world. The forum also can easily attract the audience to be with them. I think that all the group presented very well as they have already wellprepared. I hope that this kind of activity can be continued in the next time to ensure that everyone can get benefit through this. As a conclusion, this coursework is considered as a good coursework as it gives important benefits which are required in this modern world. It also help student to be more understand on what they have learn in the class.

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As for society, they will feet insecure and threatened over this matter because they felt that the surrounding is not the safe place anymore due to the violent act of gangster. The behavior of gangster might endanger their life because at some point, gangster can turn out to be a killer and some of them also fight among each other to show their power. In addition, this kind of phenomenon also spread widely in school. Johnson and Johnson (2005) stated that the researchers determined that the alarm about rampant violence in school is not justified, but concern about the frequency with which adolescents victimize each other is, even though the victimizations

are more bothersome than injurious. In addition, it had come to the stage where school compound cannot be considered as a safe place anymore due to the gangsterism activities that take place in school area. MiddletonMoz and Zawadski (2002) argue that our own lack of awareness often causes us to be both deaf and blind to the pain experienced by our nations youth and, as a result, our young people too often become the prisoners of their sadness and depression, seeing little possibility for change and no way. Therefore, it show that our own lack of concern over what had happened make the matter of gangsterism getting worst until the victim of gangsterism are being abuse physically and emotionally. Society is no longer felt peace and harmony in the country which they had resided.