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2010 Victoria Junior College H1 Mathematics 8864 Preliminary Exam Section A: Pure Mathematics [35 Marks] 1 At the beginning

of 1920, the number of a certain species of elephant was estimated at 2000. The population decreased so that after a period of n years, the population p was 2000e 0.03n . Find (i) (ii) 2
the population at the beginning of 1950, the year in which the population would decrease to 960. [2] [3]

Calculate the range of values of the constant p for which px 2 + 24 x < 20 4 p for all real values of x. [6]


Differentiate e x with respect to x. Hence, find



dx .



Without the use of a calculator, find the area of the region bounded by the curve 2 y = xe x , the y -axis and the line y = ex . [4]

It is given that f ( x) = ( x 2 + 2)(7 x) .

(i) (ii)

Use a non-calculator method to find the exact x-coordinates of the stationary points of the curve y = f ( x) and determine their nature. [4] Sketch the graph of y = f ( x) . Hence, state the range of values ( x 2 + 2)(7 x) + k = 0 has only 1 real root. of the constant


which [4]

The diagram below shows a container OABECD shaped like a prism which is such that the cross-section is a quarter of a circle with radius r cm.

O r cm A B

h cm D


It is given that OC = h cm and the volume of the prism is 50 cm3 .

(i) (ii)

Express h in terms of r. Show that the total surface area, S cm 2 of the prism is given by


1 400 + 100 S = r2 + 2 r



The container is expanding in such a way that when r = , the rate of increase of the surface area is 100 cm 2s 1 . Find the rate of change of r at this instant. [4]

2010 Victoria Junior College H1 Mathematics 8864 Preliminary Exam Section B: Statistics [60 marks] 6
The final World Cup 2010 match kicked off at 2.30 am on Monday, 12 July, Singapore time. Spain won against Netherlands with a score of 1 0 after extra time. The match ended at about 5.00 am. Tak Kew needed to find out how many people stayed up to watch that match. He interviewed a total of 50 people at Bedok Bus Interchange from 6 am to 7 am on 12 July, adhering to the conditions set by his teacher:

(a) (b)

80% males and 20% females, 70% working adults and 30% students.

He found out that 20% of his respondents watched that match.

(i) (ii)

Name the sampling method that Tak Kew used. Give one advantage of using this sampling method.

[1] [1]

A media company did a comprehensive survey a week later and reported a result significantly different from Tak Kews.


State, giving a reason, whether the media companys result on the percentage of respondents watching that match was likely to be higher or lower than Tak Kews. [2] 1 . 3 [4]

The events A and B are such that P( A B ') = 0.5 , P ( A ' B ) = 0.3 and P ( A | B ) = Find P(B).

Wu Don produces hand-made noodles for sale. She packs them in packets with a mean weight of 1 kg and a standard deviation of 400 g. Find the probability that a random sample of 50 packets will have a mean weight exceeding 1.1 kg. [2] It costs Wu Don $2 to make 1 kg of noodles. Find the probability that a random sample of 100 packets will cost Wu Don between $150 and $210. [3]

[Turn over

Low Tee, a trainee at a baking school, was asked to slice several loaves of bread to a thickness of 12 mm. A random sample of 50 slices were chosen and measured, giving the following result: Thickness (in mm) 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Number of slices 1 2 4 12 20 10 1

(i) (ii)

Find the unbiased estimates of the population mean and variance of the thickness of the bread Low Tee sliced. [3] Test, at the 5% significance level, whether the mean thickness of Low Tees bread slices was significantly different from the expected thickness, stating clearly the null and alternative hypotheses. [4] State whether the Central Limit Theorem was used in the above test. [1]

(iii) 10

In each batch of manufactured articles, 10% of the articles are found to be defective. A quality inspection is carried out by checking samples of 20 articles selected at random.

(i) (ii) (iii)

Find the probability that in a sample of 20, the 20th article is the second defective article. [2] Find the least value of n such that the probability of having at most n defective articles in the sample of 20 is greater than 0.9. [3] It is proposed that another sample of size k is to be taken for inspection. How large should k be if the manufacturer wants the probability of having at least 1 defective in a sample of k to be less than 0.6? [3]


The coach of the college soccer team invites prospective new players for a series of three trial games. At the end of each trial game, the performance of each player is assessed as pass or fail. Players who achieve a pass in all three trial games will join the main team. Players who achieve a pass in any two games will join the reserves. Players who fail in any two games are asked to leave and this may happen after two games. The probability of passing the first game is 0.7. Players who pass any game have a probability of 0.6 of passing the next game. Players who fail any game have a probability of 0.5 of passing the next game.


Find the probability that a randomly selected player

(a) (b)

joins the main team, joins the reserve team.

[1] [2] [2]

Hence, find the probability that a player is asked to leave.

(ii) (iii)

If a randomly selected player fails the first game, find the probability that the player is asked to leave. [3] A player fails the first game. State, giving a reason, if you would advise him to stay on for the next game or leave. [1]


The common test scores, x and on-line quiz scores, y of 8 students are given in the table below. Student x y A 30 56 B 42 64 C 46 79 D 58 80 E 64 50 F 72 90 G 79 95 H 86 88


Draw a scatter diagram for the data and identify a point that appears incorrect. [2]

Omitting the incorrect point,

(ii) (iii)

Calculate the product moment correlation coefficient for the remaining seven points and comment on its value. [3] Estimate the value of

(a) (b)

y when x = 90, x when y = 60. [4] [2]

Comment on the validity of your answers found in (iii).


The time from the point of purchase till the first major repair of Brand A television sets follow a normal distribution with mean 15 months and standard deviation 4 months. The warranty period for this brand of television sets is 12 months.

(i) (ii)

Find the probability that a Brand A television set will need its first major repair during the warranty period. [2] A shop owner sold 100 Brand A television sets. By using a suitable approximation, find the probability that at most 15 of the television sets need the first major repair during the warranty period. [3] The manufacturer decides to set a new warranty period. Find, in months, the longest possible warranty period so that not more than 10% of Brand A television sets will need the first major repair during the new warranty period. [3] The time from the point of purchase till the first major repair of Brand B television sets follow an independent normal distribution with mean 24 months and standard deviation 6 months. A customer buys one from each brand of television set on the same day. Find the probability that the two television sets need to be sent for the first major repair within 6 months of each other. [3]