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Editorial “Providing students with another chance to advance”, this is the business
of the Evening University Programme at the St. Augustine Campus. The
Office of the Part-time/Evening Representative along with the Evening
University Office, in an attempt to bring yet another opportunity for ad-
vancement, have teamed up to produce ‘The Evening Review”, a maga-
zine containing features, articles and general information, some written by,
while others highlighting the work of, evening students and other signifi-
cant persons. The idea to start-up this magazine was the brain-child of Mr.
Nigel Thomas, Part-time/Evening Representative, Guild of students. This
venture was favourably met by our office, as we both found it to be great
avenue to reach the Evening student body. Our first edition of The Even-
ing Review received great accolades from both the students and members
of Campus community alike, applauding the effort to integrate the Evening
University cohort of students into mainstream Campus life.

Kristy Smith In this our second edition, we hope to continue in that stead. We have
Editor purposefully decided to highlight the excellence that the University of the
West Indies is known for, by featuring persons who have attained and who
are in the process of achieving such excellence. This effort starts with the
young lady who graces our front cover. We felt it imperative to acknowl-
edge Ms. Lisa George-Sharpe, the Evening University’s top student for
the Academic year 2009/2010. The interview that follows, tells of her
confidence and determination to complete her degree with honors. As
she would say, “I knew I had to do it; and I knew I had to do it in three (3)
years”. We are grateful to Ms. George-Sharpe for sharing her story and
hope that it would give the current Evening University group the incentive
to press on. In each issue, we plan to highlight persons who have made
significant contributions institutionally, nationally and regionally. To this
end, we feature the late Trinidadian scholar and economist, Lloyd Best, in
an article written by his wife Sunity Maharaj . As the pages unfold, you
will find more and more interesting articles, including one written by Mrs.
Celena Oxley, which gives you, the reader, a snapshot into the life of an
evening student. In this issue, we also expose the appetizing local dishes
of our fellow Caribbean neighbours, as well as present tips for proper
healthcare, social awareness and provide information on the groups and
clubs that you will find around the Campus. We hope that you find this
issue as equally, if not more engaging, than the first. Best wishes.



An exclusive interview with

Ms. Lisa George-Sharpe

Question and Answer Interview with We wanted to recognize her for this KS: What was your impression of
Ms. Kristy Smith achievement and to find out a little UWI when you first entered?
Saturday 13th May, 2011 more about how she, as an Evening A. Wow, I found that it was big. I
Evening University Office student, managed it all – school, work got lost on many occasions. It was a
and life—while maintaining such different experience from Secondary
I recently interviewed Ms. Lisa excellence. school. There were no restrictions;
George-Sharpe, a twenty six (26) year more freedom to enquire about the
old First Class honors student, formerly academic literature that was being
registered in the Evening University KS: So tell me Lisa, what inspired delivered, the topics were a lot more
(EU) at The University of the West you to come back to school? interesting and the range and ages of
Indies (UWI), St. Augustine Campus. A. Well, after Secondary school I took the students was impressive.
After three (3) years, Ms. Sharpe three (3) years off and then decided
attained an overall Grade Point Average I would apply for a scholarship to KS: Can you say whether there were
(GPA) of 3.82 upon completion of go to University overseas. In fact, I any particular aides that facilitated
her Bachelor of Science degree. She was successful at getting one from a your life as a student?
majored in both Economics and university in South Carolina, but turned A. Well, when I first came in, I attended
Management Studies in the Faculty of it down because I was not familiar with the Faculty’s orientation session at the
Social Sciences. She was also named that state. When I heard about GATE Learning Resource Center (LRC) and
the Best Academic Performer at Level it prompted me to pursue my degree I also visited the Dept. of Economics
3, for the 2009/2010 academic year. locally. and found the staff there very helpful.
Lisa was quite surprised upon learning Thereafter, I read and followed the
about our interest in interviewing her, KS: Okay, but there are a host of Faculty handbook which was straight-
but more so shocked upon hearing other tertiary level institutions across forward particularly for the double
our reason for wanting to do so. Of this country, why UWI? major I was pursuing. I had a clear
course, having graduated last October A. There was no other choice! UWI is understanding of the structure of my
2010, she was aware of her class of the best in Trinidad. programme and though from time to
degree, but up to our point of contact, time I experienced some clashes with
she remained in the dark about the KS: True. I noted your age, 26, that’s my elective options, I got to do most
other achievements that came with her still young, you could have easily of the courses I wanted. If there was a
honors and her status as an Evening attended the Day-time offering. What clash, I would drop one of the courses
student. I could hear the delight in made you decide to pursue your and pick up an alternative option. I
her voice when I informed her that, degree in an Evening mode? didn’t take the chance to do half of one
she was indeed, the top Evening A. I needed to work. Also, I felt that and half of the other.
University student in her graduating I would get bored with just classes in
class (2009/2010). She explained that the day. I would have too much free KS: Did you take part in any extra-
she attended the Faculty’s Evening of time on my hands, and I also needed to circular activities?
Excellence ceremony, but was unaware be challenged. Working and going to A. No. I had no time for that. I came to
that she was the one, of out of the six school provided that. class and left afterwards. I didn’t feel
EU first class honors students, that much like I was a part of the university
copped the top Evening spot. as an evening student, because most



of the events took place during the and post examination strategies you degree? A. I like challenges. I do not like failing
daytime. used? A. (She pauses) It would have to and I burn the midnight oil until I have
A. I studied up to twenty minutes be a course. I got a B in one of my a clear understanding of things. I never
KS: Can you remember which was before the exam and avoided any economics courses, and that was my think about just getting a pass grade.
one of your more interesting classes? peer contact after that. You know, best grade ever. I failed the mid-term. I know exactly the grade I want and
A. Oh definitely! That would have to sometimes you meet other students In fact, I think only one person in the I work and write for it. I know what
be Caribbean Economy with Dennis and the questions they ask put doubt class passed it. But I was determined has to be done and even if it means
Pantin. At first, I didn’t want to do in your mind about how much you to pass the course. I put in a lot of planning out and studying four (4)
the course, but there were no other really know. When I get into the extra work to pass the exam and to subjects the weeks before the exams, I
options available that semester. That room, I relax… oh no, first, I pray and maintain my grade point average do it. The key for me is understanding
class opened my eyes, to a whole then I read the entire paper. I don’t (GPA). I did more work for that ‘B’ everything. I never felt like I wasted
new brand of Economics that I never answer any questions before I read the than for any ‘A’ I ever got! time; I was studying for a purpose. You
knew existed. All I knew was what I entire paper. I choose the questions know, it’s not that it’s easy, but it’s not
read in the assigned textbooks, which that I think I would do my best in and KS: How did you feel about earning something that’s impossible to do. So I
focused on economics in the first world estimate the marks that I could gain first class honors? like to think that I can do it.
countries. That there was Economics from attempting it. If I get stuck on A. I felt the reward of achieving
tailored to the Caribbean, was new a question, I stop and clear my head, first class honors particularly at the KS: Did you make any friends during
to me. I was mostly impressed by but I never just stop writing. I always Faculty’s Evening of Excellence your time at UWI?
his teaching style, he just had all answer all the questions. I also try to ceremony. Receiving the award made A. Yes, a few, mainly in the evening
the information in his head, never sit at the front of the exam room so that it all worth it. group. I found the experience with
really used lecture notes. It was I won’t get distracted. Also, I plan my the evening students more enriching
pretty amazing. The second was essays in my head depending on the because of their seriousness and
Econometrics with Angela Henry, she course. If it’s Math I’d write it down, if KS: Did you attend your graduation maturity.
did not teach from a textbook as well, it’s English and if it’s not complicated, ceremony?
and the course allowed me to apply I could plan it in my head while A. Yes, I did. I was really impressed KS: If given the opportunity, what
economics to our economy through the studying. But most of all, I never leave by the Dean’s orating. He kept the are some of the tips you would pass
different econometrics models. out anything, I always write something. ceremony lively. on to an Evening University student?
A. Be aware of the courses you have
KS: Okay, so the next set of questions KS: With your degree now in hand, to do in your programme. Have a
KS: Have you been able to identify surrounds your full experience: being have you seen any benefits of it in the plan, time management is important.
how you learn best? a student and having to balance workplace? Prioritize your goals. Attend all
A. Definitely not just ‘learning off’ that with your work life and home/ A. Definitely. My education at UWI has tutorials. Create a network, a support
anything at all. That is, I don’t just social life. Tell me about some of the helped me to grow a lot. There were group. Ask questions if you don’t
read and read the information over and challenges you experienced, if any two courses I did that coincidentally, understand something. Do whatever
over, like cramming. I would read the and how you overcame them? were unplanned, but those two courses you have to do to get where you want
information and when I understand A. For me, if I know I have to do are extremely relevant to my current to be. If you fail one course, it’s not
the concept it becomes easy for me something, I will do it. I would go to position. the end of the world. It teaches you
to apply the knowledge. I tried to go work for 7:00 a.m. and leave at 3:00 what needs to be done. Develop your
to all of my classes. I usually study p.m. in traffic coming from the West to KS: Do you have any plans to do own learning and studying style, what
better alone and only after would I attend UWI. Then I have to deal with Post-graduate studies? may work for one person may not work
join a group. I study by reading out parking issues at UWI. If I knew that I A. Well, I’m starting a first degree in for another. You know yourself better
the information aloud, I cannot study was not in the frame of mind to absorb Law in September. And I will pursue than anyone else, therefore you should
quietly (just as loud as I’m speaking the information on a given day I would a Masters degree in Economics in the know what will work for you.
now). I sometimes tape myself while adjust to suit. I had classes practically future.
reading. It’s as though I’m teaching every day because I was pursuing KS: Is there anything else you would
myself. I think that students need to the maximum of four (4) course per KS: Tell me, did you have any like to say in closing?
find out what works for them and semester and three (3) in the Summer. support systems in place during your A. I’d just like to say that I’m thankful
stick to it. This worked for me. I also I was often very tired and could not go degree? to the Evening University Office for
reviewed many past papers. I found on too many outings. But , I guess I A. Yes. My mother lives abroad, so I informing me of this achievement and
that it acted as a guide to answering knew I had to do it and I knew I had to had overseas support. But it was mostly for highlighting it in this manner.
future questions. do it in three (3) years. my boyfriend Dwane. He always made
sure I did what I had to do.
KS: In terms of examinations KS: What was one of your most
techniques, what are some of the pre fulfilling experiences during your KS: What motivates you?



Back to the Future

The Zoo and the grocery store will A child will be Born who will look The last great flood in a bit of natu-
be one and the same. at the remnants of a car and ask, ral irony, wipes out every Caribbe-
“what is that?” That child will be an island but Haiti and so the place
A man will beg you to trade him a told, “that was a mistake.” we refused to see houses us all as
plate of pelau for his Range Rover Haitian refugees.
hen the reality of our Politicians will be eaten on sight, Technology will be irrelevant and Sport, That man will be asked, “Do At the edge of the world there is
situation finally hits warriors will wear their tongues computers will be mined for met- you have anything else?” That man much to discuss, the children hear Rap artists are hunted for their
us it will shatter our around our necks like medal- als. will be asked,” Are you insane?” talk of a brighter future but with bling which is melted down and
jaws and for once we lions, let my necklace talk for That man will be told, “You cannot the ozone layer depleted these used to make arrow heads to hunt
will be justified in saying nothing me (right 50). We will try to fish on the west coast eat a car.” That man will try to eat words have taken on new meaning, rap artists for their bling.
and suddenly realize that pollution his car. the perverse world we’re used to
The homeless will set up street cor- Rich men will first try to buy is a problem. reverses in the future, no more Klu And I pray that I am not around
ner classes to teach survival tactics food with their money, when Soca artistes will be seen as a nui- Klux Klan and lynchin’, with all to read this poem as poets will
to middle and upper class people; that fails they will try to eat their Places like Movie Town, Hyatt sance as people will no longer have that skin cancer and burnin’, white be killed on sight for the look on
money, when that fails they will and The Marriott will have no air- the energy nor possess the strength folks begin to wish for melanin, their faces which will say only one
The new Survivor Man will be a burn it to keep warm, when that conditioning due to power cuts and to jump wine and wave at the same They pray “ Christ make me Black thing...
vagrant. fails they will go men will be rendered useless as popcorn time. as coal and safe from the sun.”
will go mad. pop films and high ceilings become Black is Beautiful and Functional. I told you so.
Bank vaults will be used to store food luxuries we can ill afford. Calypsonians and the bearers of the
fat women will be the most attrac- Farmers will set up Fortresses word will rally the people around Racism is reduced to a joke we tell
tive women on earth and they will no around their lands and will be We will be sorry we cut down the ancestral slogans and give them over bonfires fed by the bodies of
longer be called fat but successful. called kings. mangrove. hope. those to stubborn to integrate.

“The last great flood in a bit of natural irony, wipes out every
Caribbean island but Haiti and so the place we refused to see
houses us all as Haitian refugees. ”




All About Dance

Katrina Ramdath - President Bsc. International Tourism Management Faculty of Social Sciences

“Mirrors of Self-Expression” appropri- lifestyle, dance also builds up pride Dance. The committee, along with the
ately represents the function of the Uni- and self-confidence on a personal dance tutors, is intent on providing a
versity of the West Indies Dance Theatre level, and does not discriminate on comfortable and enjoyable environ-
(UWI Dance Theatre). It is also symbolic age, body-type or personality. Dancing ment for all of the members; a haven
of the passion that flows through the has allowed persons to create an ec- where each person can express them-
veins, minds and bodies of every person centric alter ego whereby they, as the selves through the art of dance, while
that captures moments to dance. dancer, are limitless in taking chances socializing with peers and maintaining
to embrace opportunities, utilizing a healthy lifestyle.
Dancing knows no boundaries. The their bodies as a ‘puppet’, to express
art of dance enables a person to truly their emotions through body lan-
connect their mind with their body, guage. As long you can move, you are Dancing has allowed
through rhythmic timings and bodily capable of dance. The simple essence persons to create an ec-
expressions. It is by this token that the of dance, is being familiar with your centric alter ego whereby
UWI Dance Theatre functions, to give body and knowing how to combine the
persons the opportunity to seek free- movements of a particular dance, with
they, as the dancer, are
dom from their some-what daily work- the rhythmic beats found in different limitless in taking chanc-
ing routines and to release any form of genres of music. es to embrace opportuni-
negative energy through dance. ties, utilizing their bodies
At UWI Dance Theatre there are
While it is a remarkable method of various types of Dance being offered. as a ‘puppet’.
exercise and contributes to a healthy They range from Hip-Hop to Modern



example the Red Cross, Rotary, activist

groups, and religious and Non-Govern-
mental organisations. Even right here on
campus there are activist groups such as
‘Consciousness Raising’, ‘Planters for So-
cial Change’ and ‘U.WE SPEAK’, where
issues are dealt with creatively in order to
by Candace K. Maharaj
instil a sense of social awareness and get
us thinking. There is the Guild of Students,
your body of representation, with the many
committees that fall under its jurisdiction,
which can enable you in a small way to be
part of big change- in a microcosm small
enough for you to actually see the results!

All our actions impact the world we live in

and extend further than just the people we
come into contact with. How do your ac-
tions influence the world around you? How
“Dedicate some of your life to others. Your dedication will not be is the world better for you having been it?

Everyone talks
a sacrifice; it will be an exhilarating experience.”
- Thomas Dooley

hink of socially conscious They were those who felt that some- I have heard it said that love is a verb,
about the way
persons you know. Those
who go out of their way
thing was wrong... or imperfect... or
could be better- and they would step
and I tend to agree. Many people care,
but who cares enough to put in some
things should be
to help others, to fight for
justice, to sacrifice their own com-
up to the plate themselves to try to put
things on the right track. They would
work or take an unpopular stance?
Everyone talks about the way things done, but how
forts so that others can benefit. Who
balance work and family and friends
speak out against wrong and demand
equity. They would patiently put in the
should be done, but how many are
actually doing it? many are actually
doing it?
and somehow still manage to find hard work and toil required to make a
time to give back to society. To give difference in their sphere of influence. And what about you? Do you hurt
hope to those who feel helpless. To when you see others hurting? Do you
right wrongs and make things brighter Some people contend that a socially step in when you see wrong being
somehow. conscious person tends to be empa- committed? Do you wish you could
thetic towards others regardless of ease someone’s pain and help those
“We all participate in weaving the social
To use an example close to home, race, gender, ethnicity, disability, class, in trouble? Do you yearn for a bet-
fabric; we should therefore all participate
I remember being in awe of certain or sexual identity. Not a particularly ter society, country, nation, region,
in patching the fabric when it develops
Guild Councillors at UWI’s Matricula- poignant statement, but in reading it, and world? Do you wish there was an
holes.” **
tion Ceremony because I would hear I realized that this was where it all be- easier way to help and just don’t know
people speak so appreciatively of them gins! By placing yourself in someone how to get involved?
and the work they were doing. Even- else’s shoes Atticus-style and caring
*Author Unknown
tually I got to know them a bit, and enough to want to empathize with The great thing is that most places
**Anne C. Weisberg, Everything a Work-
realized that they were regular people, them and ease their hurt or discom- you go, you will find groups of people
ing Mother Needs to Know, 1994
who believed: “I must do something” fort, in spite of the differences society who are there to serve the interests of
always solves more problems than would have you consider. the people. They usually welcome any
“Something must be done.”’* assistance anyone can give. Take for

MARCH 2011
MARCH 2011
2011 13

sustain and arouse consciousness of tion or racism?

this undeniable fact in this contempo- To become a member
raneous period. This includes bring- A: God not partial, he is God for the
ing to conscious the confluence of Black man, the Chinese man, the In- Becoming a member is a simple pro-
African influences in food, clothing, dian and White man too…all ethnici- cess:
speech patterns, music, arts and even ties under the sun. <words extracted
literature. from the sayings of the of Robert STEP 1: Register with the society by
Nester Marley, which best answers filling out the membership form and
The mission of the Society is not to this question> paying the small fee of $10.00. N.B.
foster negative relations between the this registration fee is for both return-
races but to help generate, mould and Q: “If my hair is straightened will I be ing and new members and is to be
  accept the dual consciousness that ex- looked at in a ‘funny’ way or do I have renewed every academic year.

ists in each person who is either a na- to grow my hair natural or even wear
tive of Africa, a member of the African dashiki’s and wrap skirts to be recog- STEP 2: Purchase one of the society’s
diaspora or someone who shares the nized as a ‘real’ member?” T- shirts or baby tees

African heritage.
A: It was actually an African Ameri- STEP 3: To complete the process be-
can woman that invented the hair come an active member. This includes

Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Arts)… straightening chemical <Black In- checking your emails and the website
encorporated into the Afrikan Soci- ventions Link>. So whether your regularly for updates on the society’s
ety family merging the two distinct hair is straight, curly like a dougla events, contributing to events through
cultures…it symbolizes the power and or plain woolly it doesn’t matter. As financial support, member participa-
unity of the group… for clothes, in today’s society anyone tion or volunteering. Also by giving
can buy an identity as everything is feedback of your opinions to the ex-
he UWI Afrikan Society FREQUENTLY ASKED QUES- fashionable and few things remain ecutive to improve the overall achieve-
is not just for the native TIONS (FAQS) sacred. So “render your hearts and not ment of the society’s goals.
Africans, but, also incor- your garments”, come as who you are,
porates the contributions MISCONCEPTIONS you can grow to be mindful of who Registration can be done during the
and the heritage of the people in the you are. orientation week at UWI St. Augus-
African Diaspora. It focuses not only Sub- title “crossing the sea didn’t Q: Does the society promote Black/ tine Campus at the beginning of every
on West Africa but on all the states of make us foolish” African Supremacy? academic year. Look out for the UWI
the African continent in addition to the Khafra Kambon Afrikan Society booth!!! If after this
diasporic peoples of the Caribbean, the A: The UWI Afrikan Society pro- period you are interested in becoming
U.S. and Latin America, Europe and Q: “Must I be an African native to motes consciousness. We promote a member you can email us at uwiafri-
even Asia. become a member of this group?” the consciousness of African culture
not for the purpose of supremacy but
While the Society places special A: No, the UWI African Society ex- rather for that of equity. We create a Recent Endeavours
emphasis on the challenges faced by tends its membership to all interested space where together we can recount
the African people- the slave trade, persons. Our primary membership lies the holocaust of our ancestors, but
and the system of slavery, overcoming with nationals of Trinidad and Tobago more importantly where we can share Recent production held at LRC, UWI,
racial prejudices and racial segrega- that are of African ethnicity. However, our experiences of being or interacting St. Augustine. It was an Afrikan So-
tion even up to the Black revolution. it is not limited to such individu- with persons of African descent while ciety first!! It was a night of splendor
It also aspires and attempts to revel in als. We do have members from other living in the West Indies. and tranquility…expressed in dance,
the African heritage and acknowledges Caribbean islands as well as African drumming, spoken word and capoeira
past accomplishments and epochs of natives, including persons of other eth- MEMBERSHIP (Brazilian Martial Arts).
African dynastic glory. Africa has been nicities. A diversity that is very much “organize, centralize, come as one”
described as the founders and build- welcomed.
ers of civilizations and empires and it Marcus Garvey
is in this light that we seek to remind, Q: Does the society promote segrega-

MARCH 2011

One of the delights of traveling abroad to any
Caribbean country is that the food and ambience are
refreshingly unique and definitely worth a visit. It
gives you the chance to try a large selection
of unique and different dishes as well
as experiencing a wonderful
dining setting. Come to
the Caribbean and enjoy
its sun, sand, sea
and scrumptious,
succulent dishes…



The beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago is known for having so
many delicious, mouth-watering national dishes. Curried Crab and Callaloo Roasted Breadfruit & Fried Jackfish is the national dish of St. Vincent and
is one of the many national dishes of Trinidad and Tobago. Callaloo is a soup the Grenadines. This dish is often served with Golden Apple Drink which is
that’s spicy and creamy made from dasheen leaves as the main ingredient. marked as its national drink.
This dish is traditionally made with ocean fresh land crabs. In Trinidad and
Tobago, crabs are traditionally cooked whole and the meat is carefully picked
out, removing any bits of shell or cartilage. This sophisticated dish may be
served as a side dish with cou-cou, rice, stew, pie or salad of any kind.


If anyone wants to know more about the history of Haitian cuisine, they
JAMAICA – ACKEE AND SALT FISH should first consider educating themselves in order to appreciate and
understand the background behind Haitians delicious traditional foods. The
Ackee & saltfish is considered to be Jamaica’s national, traditional and national dish on Haiti’s island is Fried Griot (Pork) served as a main entre
signature dish. This dish is very tasty and absolutely delicious. Ackee & and complimented with rice and peas (riz et pois). This delicious, unique,
saltfish is also eaten for breakfast by the locals. Ackee is a fruit (also known amazingly finger licking good cuisine features several varieties of rice and
as the guinep) boiled, drained and simmered in oil along with salted codfish beans, such as the de facto national dish. It is not over seasoned, it is moder-
(saltfish) and seasonings to create the island’s national dish. ately spicy, not mild and not too hot. Haiti national dish Fried Pork (Griot)
with Rice & Beans is definitely worth trying. Haitian dishes really blends
African methods with plenty of flavors from the French palette, to great effect.


Cou-Cou and Flying Fish is the national dish of Barbados. Cou-Cou is made
with a unique blend of yellow cornmeal and okra (ochro) mixed with salt, Cou-Cou and Flying Fish is the national dish of Barbados. Cou-Cou is made
peppers and Bajan hot sauce. Cou-cou is prepared and served as a side dish with a unique blend of yellow cornmeal and okra (ochro) mixed with salt,
along with Fried Flying Fish. Barbadian national dish is prepared by any peppers and Bajan hot sauce. Cou-cou is prepared and served as a side dish
cooking method. The variation of this wonderful dish incorporates special along with Fried Flying Fish. Barbadian national dish is prepared by any
Bajan Seasonings. Cou-Cou may also be served with vegetables, ground cooking method. The variation of this wonderful dish incorporates special
provisions or rice or served a la carte as a main entre. Bajan Seasonings. Cou-Cou may also be served with vegetables, ground
provisions or rice or served a la carte as a main entre.


Try this hearty one-pot meal of Breadfruit Oil Down, it is the national dish
of Grenada. It is a simple, finger licking good dish. which is extremely Pepperpot, the national dish of Guyana, is an Amerindian meat stew which
popular at local “cook-ups”. Grenada’s national dish is made with salted uses cassareep. Cassareep is a preservative made from grated cassava and
meat, (pig tails) along with vegetables, coconut milk and onion, carrot, flavoured with cassareep, Cayenne pepper. This Pepper Pot dish is also
celery, breadfruit, dasheen and other provisions stewed with dumplings. Oil traditionally served at Christmas and other special events. Pepperpot is
Down is full of flavor and spice; it really illustrates the way heat itself adds typically a stewed meat (beef or any meat of choice) served with white rice,
to the flavour of a dish. or black eye, split peas and rice.







Of Hue ….The Untold Story The perception of Art for most people
conforms to a two dimensional pictorial
bridge the widening gap between the
department of Creative and Festival
Arts (DCFA), part-time and evening
pieces sought by students of the DCFA,
saw other students of main campus
surface which is not entirely true, most students and the main campus of the awed, speculating that this was the first
people need to see something tangible University of the West Indies. This ex- time they were seeing work displayed
in order to understand, the artist, the hibition showed, one way how easy in- by the art students of DCFA, some did
curator, the inventor, the theorist, the teraction was fostered through concepts not even know where the department of
scientist etc., are all artist of sort, of visual presentation. An open air DCFA was and to add to further insult
whose thinking outside the box has did not know that the university
often been condemned as crazy. had an art department.
It’s been noted that things we don’t
understand we often condemn, It breaks my heart to know that
so it becomes very interesting the art department has to take a
when an artist twists and turns back seat to campus life on the
a painting concept, sculpture, whole. Everything in life that we
writings, figures, theories or some do fashions art from the way we
kind of art form as to generate walk to the way we talk, dress,
interest of conscious thinking think, feel, every single living
creating an awareness that speaks thing we do including breathing
to those who cannot hear and to conforms to some pattern and
create sensation for those who momentum of art, so how can you
cannot feel. The moment you stop to art exhibition hosted by the Part-time exclude it without first understanding
think or try to analyse a piece of art and Evening Representative, Mr. Nigel its simplest form.
work critically or otherwise you evoke Thomas of the Guild of students, had
conscious thinking of identification and limpid insight of the potential impact
ownership, the artist then has achieved of such an event and understood the
the objective. importance of interaction amongst the
student communities. The displayed art
Shades of Hue was initiated as a
catalyst to create awareness and to

by Chris Thomas
Artiste, Student
Humanities and Education



In essence Shades of Hue mean shades West Indies now housed an enormous has been committed in the direction of
of colour. This concept and the desire student population than when she first creating positive and meaningful rela-
to express this openness of artistic started and went on to commend the tionships among students in all faculties
expression on the part of students have Guild of Students for “Being the front and will continue to the driving force of
allowed the open exhibition concept runners in trying to create student and student’s excellence.
to have a two - fold meaning in its departmental interaction.”
Shades of Hue, a collaborative effort
(a) To represent the DCFA in its many between the Part-time and Evening
art forms through presentation and Representative and the Student Activity
colour. Chairperson have subsequently
triggered a chain reaction of events
(b) To represent the many sub commu- geared at creating student interaction
nities of the campus society. that is proving to be successful among
faculties using the DCFA as a tool of
Dr. Pat Bishop, in her opening remarks interest to foster growth and under-
to inaugurate the proceedings described, standing. The concept that art is life and
Shades of Hue as a “Germ of an idea life is art has now brought a renewed
that created and fostered campus meaning to how it was previously
interaction, and that there should be perceived. The UWI Guild of Students
more meaningful events like this one
all over the campus.” She went on to
say, that “In all her years of teaching
at the university Shades of Hue has
been the first open art exhibition on
campus to her recollection.” She
also stated that the University of the



dairy (but not too much). Cut back A healthy mind is something we
on oil and fats intake. It is good to all want. Having a Healthy Mind
have some of everything instead of a is essential to the healing process.
huge portion of one thing. The more Emotional Healthy living is a core
balanced you make the portions, the component of achieving a healthy
more nutrition you will be getting mind. It is the foundation of your
from different kinds of foods. ability to understand yourself and Our spirit is our essence. Spiritual
relate to others. When you are aware health is as important as physical,
and in control of your emotions, mental and emotional health.
you can think clearly and creatively; Spirituality is a sense of wholeness,
manage stress and challenges; a sense of knowingness, and a sense
communicate well with others; and of something far greater and more
wonderful than what we see in front
“The whole is more than the display trust, empathy, and confidence.
Lose control of your emotions, and of us. To nurture your spiritual being
sum of its parts” you’ll spin into confusion, isolation, - find your own definition of Spiritual
and doubt. By learning to recognize, Health. Make time everyday to feed
manage, and deal with your emotions, your spirit the way you would honour
you’ll enjoy greater happiness and an appointment, and watch how this
health, as well as better relationships. has a positive ripple effect into your
When dealing with emotions it is relationships, work, and all other
important to: aspects of mind and body.

Hydrate - If there’s only one thing Acknowledge - Acknowledge how

you can think about besides how you feel. Don’t lie to yourself. Be
hectic life has become, make it water. honest about how you feel. Don’t
Get as much clean, fresh water in as judge yourself or your feelings
you possibly can. If you don’t love harshly.
the taste of plain water, try squeezing
in some lemon or other citrus for a Vent – it is okay to cry, talk or write
refreshing change of pace. Most of us if you feel sad, mad or bad so be it.
aren’t drinking nearly enough water as Cuss, fuss or scream into a pillow. Get
it is, and stress will deplete your stores those negative emotions out of your
even faster. Keeping hydrated will system. Carrying around negative
go a long way in helping your body emotions is like a cancer that will
maintain inner peace while your world eat away at you. Leaving negative
may be spinning around you. emotions bottled up upsets your
emotional and physical well-being.
aving a healthy lifestyle Have a balanced meal - Fruits You must have a constructive means
isn’t just about eating and vegetables are the foundation
Exercise - Find something active
that you like to do and add it to your of venting your emotions.
and exercising right. It of a healthy diet—they are low in
is important to look day, just like you would add healthy
calories and nutrient dense, which Move On - Okay, so you’ve had your
at the self from a whole (holistic) greens, fruits or salmon. The benefits
means they are packed with vitamins tantrum. You’ve released the negative
perspective and understand the body, of lifelong exercise are abundant and
and minerals; fibre which help with emotions. Now forget about the
mind and spirit connection and the regular exercise may even motivate
a correct bowel movement and clear situation. Do not focus on or replay the
importance of balancing all aspects you to make healthy food choices a
the digestive system; and antioxidants event that upset you. All you have is
of one’s life in order to maintain a habit.
and other nutrients which help protect the present. Now that you experienced
healthy lifestyle. So here are a few against certain types of cancer and the negative of life make a conscious
tips for maintaining a holistic healthy other diseases. It should also include effort to focus on the good in life that
lifestyle... servings of grain, protein, and possibly makes you smile and feel good.





rsity, there
“At the Unive
y average,
are perfectl
duals like
normal indivi
all walks Celena C. O. O
myself, from ey xl
one thing in Faculty of Soci
of life, with al Sciences
desire to be
Public Sector M
common - a
something b Evening Studen

my prime years in a
es? Am I investing

n t
ss t a


all my I fel

s lat e?

to successfully pas years too

g S
to educate myself ten

E v e n in
oic e sa me

ma ke th e ch es , th at th e
cause? Did I ose same colleagu
finding out from th at they, too, had
sense of relief after co mm on fears and issues th

th we re ully
doubts that I grapp
led wi had already successf
ere wa s a lar ge nu mber of them who ha d; th ey ha d
experienced. Th ents than I
th eir deg ree s wi th a lot more commitm re pro fes sio nal
completed rs had several mo
businesses, and othe it, so could I.
children, their own fel t co nfi den t that if they could do
th an me . I
me job for the past iversity. Academic
a had been in the sa beg an my fir st semester at the Un
lif e. I wa s rtgage- In September of 20
09 , I programme was
I was at a plateau
in my proud owner of a mo g out what my degree
bo ug ht my ca r and was also the os e we re advising was a us efu l aid in cla rif yin
next four or five yea
rs. The
twenty years, ha d
n of Trinidad and To
bago. Althou gh th
years he lpi ng me ch art er my course for the us lif e and th e
mi ddl e cla ss cit ize at th irt y-s om eth ing about, and in lcome to the ca mp
a typical, mf or tab le solace in, ony wa s a ple as ant we kno w that
ma y fin d co or so un ds matriculation cerem cil made me
things that individua
at I had never experien
ced the sight s
he ld by th e Un ive rsity’s Student Coun lf.
th welcoming seminar se
of age, it just daw ned on me
uring Caribbean island
s, no r se en new students like my
velled to any neighbo support system for
of New York City, tra I wanted to achieve
and experience there was a student
s mo re th at ted on me.
snow. I realized that
th ere wa tion for me, I was tremendously impac
m mo nth to month was not an op ings and su re to th is myriad of subjects po lit ica l awareness.
in life. “Getting by”
fro ls who settle for th My ex po n sense of socia l and
yo u kno w, on e of those individua co mp ete d with The subject co nte nt inv ok ed a kee
g of my pat tic se rio nsibility.
not a “sett ler ”,
ing bet ter . I ha d always challenged and
on that ntl y, I fo un d th at there was an awakenin ou r go ver nm ent al
th ke a decisi Conseque s quo at
don’t strive for some co nc lus ion that I needed to ma ere co mp ell ed to question the statu ies th ey propose.
to th e en and th , I fel t th e po lic
myself. This led me financial mobility. It
was right th Thus
actions of the polit
icians and
in my everyday
would enable pro fes sio nal and institutions and the ion al ma nag ement practices seen
rsue my degree. rro un din g th e tra dit e po lit ical systems
that I decided to pu Issues su inis tra tiv e efficiency of th
this decision. I had life forced me to qu
ery th e adm and relevant, enabling
I have never regretted s inv olv ed, wh ich were very topical campaign
os t tw o yea rs,
ut people who had
degrees, and the ethical pra ct ice e Smelter plant and
And now, after alm
misconceptions abo nts su ch as th e CLICO fiasco, th r kno wl edg e and
ur ed err on eo us per ric h families me to put inc ide ed yearning fo
always ha rbo
we re eit he r su per rich, came from su
fac t, at s int o co nte xt. Ov erall I found a renew
I thought that they eived! In promise
ell ige nt. Wh at a rude awakening I rec se lf, from
or were extreme ly int ividuals lik e my learning.
th ere are per fec tly average, normal ind so me th ing bet ter. ort system, which
was often
the Universi ty,
on e th ing in co mm on- a desire to be
eis ts , ere wa s defi nit ely the need for a supp un cil . Th e assertive
all walks of life, wi
and youthful grandm
others; ath Finally, th me mb ers of the Student Co e
tu re tee nag ers rri ed offered by the hard
wo rki ng complemented by th
I have encountered
ying together; single
and ma
es ide nt, Hi llan Morean is well as . Th ey
t Catholics all stud and their standard presence of the Gu ild Pr entative, Nig el Th om
agnostics and devou im pro ve th em se lve s
and Pa rt-Time Guild repres ud ent s
poor, all seeking to openness of th e Eve nin g
s of the Universi ty and aid st
individuals; rich and uphold the standard t and comfort
of living. assiduously strive to no sm all tas k. Their efforts suppor
is is on
degree in Public Sect
or wherever necessa ry. Th idance and as tance sis
decided to pursue a sim ple adm inis trative matters to gu
me del ibe rat ion , I ce , I ha d th e ability students fro m aff or faculties.
After so era n of the public servi to problems with st
Management. As a 20
yea r old vet sion benefits. Then Degree programmes
he r po sit ion and still retain my pen me to . I have experienced
to be seconded to a hig or Management allow n the easiest if rides
wo nde r, wo uld a degree in Public Sect By no means ha s my ex per ien ce bee
g deep-seated tru th s and bel ief s th at
I began to to th e low s of ha vin
if the gro up
fulfill this plan? highs of good grades have no regrets, even
in my bei ng blo wn out of the water. I ve lik ed th em to be or
ht course of action I he ld dea r
rewarding as I wo uld ha
my se lf th at th is Degree was the rig to ac hie ve this experiences ma y no t ha ve bee n as
car parks, my UW I experience
Having assu red
se co nd- gu es sing my own abi lit y
to fin d par king in the University
life, I, unfortunately
, st art ed uld have to st y in ud if I take an ho ur I live.
rked in the day and wo ll cherish as long as
goal. As a mature st ud ent , wh o wo
be capable enough to will be one that I wi
ts st art ed slo wl y creeping in. Would I uld I be able
the night, doub
ntl y jug gle my ca reer and classes? Wo
do this? Could I co

It was November 2006 when Professor Gurmohan Studies Unit in the Department of Behavioural
Kochhar, then Deputy Principal of the St. Augustine Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences. From all
Campus responded to a number of unmet needs of indications the Unit seems to be in capable hands.
the campus student community. It was a time when ~Providing Support for All Students~
The University of the West Indies was witnessing The functions/operations of ASDLU are twofold:
an increase in the number of students generally and 1. Providing Academic Support to students of
of students either failing courses or taking longer to The UWI, St. Augustine at all levels of their academic
graduate. There was also an increase in applicants career.
with disabilities and an absence of the necessary 2. Providing and ensuring equal access
services to support these students. (infrastructure/academic/accommodation) to all
Out of the quest to address the needs for accessibility students who enter the University system with a
and equal opportunities, and in keeping with UWI’s disability.
philosophy the Academic Advising/Disabilities Liaison The process of successful delivery of services includes
Unit (AADLU) was born. The team of Mr. Anthony but is not exclusive to:
Del Jackman, Ms. Gabrielle Rousseau and Mrs. • The provision of assistive aids and devices
Jeanette Reyes (who joined shortly after) was specially such as laptops, USB drives, tape recorders, special
selected to carry the mantle and the rest is history. software, etc.
The Unit has since become the first and most important • Academic support services during the course
stop for high quality academic support for the diverse of study including tutoring, educational assessment,
populations of students throughout the University and exposure to study skills and examination
including full-time, part-time and evening students strategies.
and international students, but especially students with • Provision of adequate examination
disabilities. For the academic year 2010-2011, the Unit accommodation, i.e. separate room, extra time, use
can boast of a student registration of approximately of assistive devices, Non-Medical assistance such as
150 students from the St. Augustine Campus, Arthur writers, readers and invigilators.
Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, UWI Open • Provision of advice to Faculty, administrative
Campus and The University of the Southern staff and other key stakeholders (internal and external)
Caribbean. In keeping with its founder’s vow to ensure in support of students.
that no student should be left behind, and that each ASDLU continues to fall within the ambit of Student
student gets support, AADLU has changed its name to Services under the auspices of the Office of the Deputy
ASDLU: Academic Support/Disabilities Liaison Unit. Principal. It will continue to serve as a resource and
The Unit also changed guardianship on April 4th 2011 support for all students at The University of the West
when it welcomed its new Coordinator, Ms. Jacqueline Indies.
Huggins, who formerly worked at the Disability



In this new TnT crime is extremely low to raise prices because it could easily lead take the steps necessary to see it become
because people with full bellies who to a boycott or serious decline in revenue a reality.
don’t have to worry about where their because food is so abundant otherwise.
next meal was coming from, generally I am Sheldon A. Mitchell, the Director of
didn’t commit crime. A ton of money was Don’t you want to live there? I do. CGTT and a student of the UWI in the
saved in law enforcement. Additionally Let us get behind the green train that Faculty of Law. I am an ordinary man
the population was healthier. Having is Citizens for a Greener Trinidad and bent on doing extraordinary things with
access to natural food has its benefits. Tobago (CGTT) and make this happen. other ordinary extraordinary people from
Hence the health care system was under Interestingly CGTT is a pilot for a bigger every walk of life. Let us do this small,
less strain and the government saved concept called CGC which is Citizens for big thing for future generations in TnT
money again. The money they saved was a Greener Caribbean. Let us do this for and beyond. They will look back and
used to improve training, infrastructure, us. Let us do it for our children and our thank us for doing it.
This article is for the people who at it is planted. West Indian cherries which That was the first time that people of
facilities and equipment, ensuring that children’s children. A more powerful,
one time or another believed that they have the highest vitamin ‘C’ content every race and creed and age and of
when somebody actually did get sick they more beautiful, greener future awaits us.
could change the world. This article is of any fruit in the world will be almost every political affiliation realized that
had the best health care available in our We just need to have the courage to open
for the people who still believe that they everywhere. They happen to bear year politicians didn’t have the answers. It
hospitals. Additionally it is a TnT where that door. We at CGTT believe in the
can. This article is for the individuals round as well so it will always be in was the first time that the ordinary man
supermarket, and fast food power of the ordinary man/woman/child
who have not allowed life and people good supply. Even in the Brian Lara decided to stop waiting for somebody
owners and managers to envision a brighter future and to
to rob them of their power to imagine Promenade will you find them along with to save him because he had the strength
are very reluctant
and to dream a better dream for a more tasty citrus, and miniature golden apple, to save himself. The government did
powerful, more beautiful future, not just yet another prolific plant which bears just what the masses wanted, as to do
for the dreamer him/herself but for their year round. Bread fruit will be in spaces otherwise would have meant political
fellow man. Additionally this is an article which are appropriate and accessible all suicide. The population had had enough
designed to give the ordinary man a over the country as well. Now guess who old talk.
glimpse of his own power, should he dare is responsible for these plants, these trees,
to imagine, should he dare to dream. being where I have described. It wasn’t Well guess who takes care of the
any politician or big business interest. In maintenance of the trees that we planted
Imagine abundance. Let me take you general they have interests other than the in this new and different TnT? CEPEP
down a path to a Trinidad and Tobago well being of the populace. I will tell you. and other state organizations with
even more beautiful than the one we In that TnT, it is the ordinary, average expertise in taking care of public spaces
have here today. It is a TnT where citizen who planted those trees there. were the ones. Fallen fruit was collected
capitalism has its place but it doesn’t People in the thousands who showed up by them and it was used to feed livestock
dictate that people with money are the with their Citizens for a Greener Trinidad of all kinds from ducks to pigs to goats
only ones allowed to eat. It is a TnT and Tobago (CGTT) tee shirt who said, and the effect on the price of meat was
where nobody has to struggle to feed phenomenal. The price decreased and the
themselves because in places like Queens “Let politicians do what they do best. Let quality increased. People the world over
Park Savannah and Eddie Hart and them make lacouray in Parliament, but let marveled at this TnT and sought to copy
Aranguez Savannahs and other public us feed ourselves. Let us plant fruit trees our ordinary man strategy. We inspired
recreational spaces everywhere and even in public spaces. We have had enough of the world.
along certain stretches of road there can the ornamentals. There is nothing more
be found every kind of local fruit tree, beautiful than a child, a family, that is
each one well suited to the space where well fed”









One of the main mantras of the Guild of Students has

been trying to develop the ideal formula for student
integration. Given the fact that the St. Augustine
campus is made up of diverse student cohorts, part of
the challenge has been linked to tailoring initiatives
that would meet the holistic needs to the varying com-
munities on campus.

With specific reference to members of the part-time

and evening community, over the academic year 2010/
2011, a brazen attempt was made to re-define how the
Guild Council prepared its academic programme to
meet the overarching needs of the students. Thus, while
emphasis was committed to strengthening part-time
and evening students’ academic learning experience and
accompanying services they received, the Guild Coun-
cil also felt sufficient wasn’t being done to provide an
overall university experience that facilitated their overall
development. Consequently, this provided an opportunity
for the Guild Council to meet social developmental aspect
of part-time and evening students.

Thus, the Office of the Part-time and Evening Representa-

tive, along with the Student Activity Chairperson in col-
laboration with Limited Edition Main Stage presented the
first ever cultural event entitled, Spirits of the Arts, which
was held at the DAAGA auditorium on the 16th October,
2010, with its original conception being design to accommo-
date part-time and evening students.

The cultural concert was conceptually envisioned to provide

a social space so students of the mature and working com-
munity on campus could experience a feeling of inclusivity
and allow their families to share the experience with them.
The concert featured over fourteen different artistes; with
several presentations being live instrument bands and ranging
across several musical genres. Fine art, sculpture, dance, music,
poetry and video marked an evening of elegance and quality
production all designed to provide a new and transformed social

As the Guild Council moves forward providing in providing

student service over the next academic year, it will continue to
meet the needs of the student populace and create cultural spaces
for liberating the spirits of the arts.