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Easy Ten Steps to Using Starfish @ GGC

Step1 Access Starfish (all): The Starfish link is located within the my.GGC portal on the Courses tab in the top left corner. To find all instructor and mentor Starfish resources see the instructions below.

For Instructors

In the my.GGC portal, see the courses tab, Starfish@GGC Resources modules In the my.GGC portal, see the faculty/staff tab, Mentoring subtab, Starfish@GGC Resources modules

For Mentors

Step 2 Create your profile & availability (all): We do not have Office Hours at GGC, but we encourage faculty to set windows of availability, in which students may most easily request times to meet with them. Availability can be set for various types of meetings including: at your office, online in a chat, or via phone consultations. Those windows of availability are marked in Starfish, and the faculty member receives an email (ClawMail) calendar invite where the availability blocks can be added to the calendar as tentative appointments so that students can sign up.

(See the Updating Your Starfish Profile video) Step 3 Starfish sends flag survey email to instructors: Faculty are sent an email by the Starfish system that there is a flag survey available for them. Log into Starfish. On your dashboard you will see a link for all outstanding surveys.

(See the Submitting a Flag Survey video) Step 4 Instructors open & submit flag survey: When faculty click into a courses survey, all their enrolled students are listed with the Flag columns. The Flag columns are: Attendance, Performance, Participation, and No Problem (selected by default). The instructor looks over the course list and selects the appropriate flag for students where there is a concern in that area. Where there is no concern, instructor leaves the default (No Concern). Once all concerns are noted, instructor submits the survey. This must be repeated for each course. Step 5 Starfish sends email notifications: When flags are raised, automated emails are sent by the Starfish system to flagged students and their mentors. Students are told that their instructor in <Your course name> has a concern about the students < Attendance, Performance, or Participation>. Students are directed to contact their instructor.

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Mentors are notified that their Mentee <Students Name and Information> was flagged for < Attendance, Performance, or Participation> in <Course Name-Course Number-Section>, including any instructor notes. Step 6 Instructors monitor flags in Starfish: When flags are raised a Flags I am managing module will appear on your dashboard. Use this module to monitor whether or not the flag has been cleared. You may also use the Recent changes module to view any changes in students flags. Mentor Note: At this point, mentors are being kept in the loop via Starfish. Step 7 Student sets appointment with Instructor/Mentor: When flagged students wish to request an appointment with their instructors, they can see the availability set in Starfish, and can set an appointment there. The instructor receives an email calendar invite, and if they accept the request, it is added to the calendar as busy. If they decline, then the student receives an email asking to reschedule.

(See the Availability, Appointments, and the Student Folder video)

Step 8 Instructor meets with Student: The goal of this process is to encourage faculty and students to meet and work on the areas of concern. Starfish facilitates noting the instructors concern for the student and meeting to assist the student to plan for improvement. This meeting can occur at any of your specified availability locations. Mentor Note: At this point, mentors can close the loop by contacting the student if the flag is not cleared within a WEEKs time or if the student contacts them instead of their instructor.

(See the Closing the Loop video) Please make a note explaining why you are clearing the flag if applicable. Step 9 Instructor/Mentor clears the flag: When the instructor/mentor meets with a student and they are satisfied that the student is planning for progress, or is making progress toward success, the flag may be cleared. Please make a note indicating why the flag was cleared. (See the Clearing Flags in Starfish document) Step 10 Starfish sends email notifications: As when flags are raised, when flags are cleared the student and mentor/instructor receive notice, with any comments the instructor/mentor has added. Next Survey: Process repeats. Survey dates this semester: October 3rd and November 7th.
NOTE: Not flagging a student in an area where there is a previous flag does NOT clear that previous flag. To indicate that the issue has been settled, the previous flag needs to be cleared.

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