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Ikan termasuk dalam komoditas hasil

perikanan yang memiliki nilai gizi yang

tinggi, ikan mengandung protein lemak
dan mineral yang sangat penting bagi
tubuh. Kandungan lemak pada ikan
tergolong asam lemak tak jenuh,
sedangkan protein yang terdiri dari
asam amino esensial dan non esensial
yang sangat bermanfaat bagi kesehatan.
Namun ikan cepat sekali mengalami
kerusakan sehingga disebut highly
perishable food. Kerusakan yang sering
terjadi seperti bau, kenampakan,
perubahan citarasa Dan dapat juga
terjadi penyimpangan konsistensi serta
tekstur dari keadaan normal. Penyebab
utama kerusakan hasil perikanan
tersebut antara lain oleh
mikroorganisme. Mikroorganisme adalah
makhluk hidup yang berukuran sangat
kecil tidak dapat dilihat dengan kasat
mata pada bahan mentah maupun matang
Mikroorganisme dapat menyebabkan
kerusakan. jenis-jenis mikroorganisme
yang dapat menyebabkan kerusakan bahan
pangan adalah bakteri, kapang, dan
khamir sebagai contoh salmonella, E
coli, vibrio, Staphylococcu. beberapa
jenis mikroorganisme juga dapat
menyebabkan hasil perikanan rusak atau
busuk. sebagaian contoh ikan segar yang
memiliki kandungan air yang tinggi, Hal
inilah yang menyebabkan ikan mudah
sekali ditumbuhi oleh mikroorganisme.
Berikut beberapa bakteri yang bersifat
merusak antara lain bakteri
Flavobacterium johnsoniae, pseudomonas,
Alcaligenes, microccus, Acromobacter.
ada perbedaan antara ikan segar dan
ikan busuk seperti bau, kenampakan
warna insang dan tekstur daging,
insangnya serta tekstur tubuhnya
Kemudian baunya, sisiknya dan matanya
ikan. Ikan yang segar itu matanya
masih jernih, kalau ikan yang busuk
mata kelihatan pupil menonjol. Ikan
yang segar kalau ditekan mudah kembali
sedangkan ikan yang busuk ditekan tidak
mudah kembali. bagi ikan yang segar
insang berwarna merah darah. Sedangkan
ikan yang busuk warna merah tua
sehingga ada lendirnya kemudian
sisiknya ikan yang segar susah untuk di
ambil, sedangkan ikan yang busuk
sisiknya mudah lepas, diharapkan
dengan mengetahui mikroorganisme
penyebab kerusakan hasil perikanan
dapat ditemukan solusi yang tepat guna
menghambat aktivitas mikroorganisme
pada hasil perikanan sehingga dapat
mengatasi kemunduran mutu dan kualitas
khususnya pada ikan

Is a highly perishable food so when purchasing it you need to ensure that

it's as fresh as possible how fish is harvested transported and handled
all play a tremendous role on the quality of the fish therefore it is
worth the effort to Source out a trustworthy fishmonger it is important to
understand that as soon as fishes caught and removed from the water at
lives in it begins to deteriorate when buying a whole fish there are few
things you can look for it to Insurance fresh first smell the fish
reputable fishmongers will be more than happy to let you do this the fish
would smell faintly of the sea and if nothing else if it smells fishy or
of ammonia this is a sure sign that it is not fresh second look at the
fish the scale should be firmly attached skin should also look bright and
shiny and the flesh should be smooth like this if the fish is battered or
bruised this is an indication of poor handling fresh fish should also look
and feel slippery this clear jelly-like substance is what allows fish to
swim through water with less friction as fish decomposes this protective
coating will wear off and turn a yellowish brown color also if the fins or
tail are dry this is another sign of improper storage third if possible
touch the fish the flesh trade spring back like that as flash ages it
becomes much easier for listicles at the back of the head they should be
bright red or pink in color if they are brown or gray as shown here this
is also a sign that the fish is not fresh fifth look at the eyes the eyes
should be clear hybrid and almost mirror like they should not be droopy or
something like this nor should they be cloudy as these are all signs of
aging finally have your fishmonger remove the organs if left in they will
speed Decay when buying pieces or fillets of fish it can be harder to
determine how fresh the fishes but there are a few things you can look for
first the flesh should be glossy and brighten color pieces of fish
deteriorate more quickly than a fish as the flash is more exposed to Aaron
bacteria any Browning around the edges like this is a sign of older fish
as a

Browning around the edges like this is a sign of older fish as a flash
drives out it also becomes dollar you can clearly see the difference
between these two pieces of salmon which were purchased on the same day
second if you are able to touch the flesh it should spring back like this
mushy flesh is a definite sign of Aging if possible smell the fish this is
obviously difficult with packaged fish so make sure to check the best
before or packed on date for the best results fish be processed packaged
cooked and eaten within the same day last lie when buying fillets or
pieces don't be afraid to be choosy feel free to ask for particular Cuts
or sizes to best suit your cooking needs for example if you don't want the
tail-end don't feel pressure to buy it

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