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Employee satisfaction is the terminology used to describe whether employees are happy and contented and fulfilling their desires and needs at work. Many measures purport that employee satisfaction is a factor in employee motivation, employee goal achievement, and positive employee morale in the workplace. Employee satisfaction, while generally a positive in your organization, can also be a downer if mediocre employees stay because they are satisfied with your work environment.

Schneider and Bowen (1985) have found that when employees identify with the norms and values of an organization, they are less inclined to leave and, furthermore, customers are likely to be more satisfied with the service. (Schneider, 1986) Internal marketing therefore involves creating, developing, and maintaining an organizational service culture that will lead to the right service personnel performing in the right way. It tells employees how to respond to new, unforeseen and even awkward situations. Eskildsen and Nussler (2000) suggest that employers are fighting to get talented employees in order to maintain a prosperous business. Mark Parrott (2000) believes that, there is a straight line between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. He believes that todays employees pose a complete new of challenges, especially when businesses are forced to confront one of the tightest labor markets in decades. (Hammer 2000; Marini 2000; Denton 2000) Employees that are satisfied and happy in with their jobs are more dedicated to doing a good job and taking care of customers that sustain the operation.

(Eskildsen & Dahlgaard2000; Kim 2000; Kirby 2000; Lee 2000; Money 2000; Wagner 2000) every person will have his or her own definition of what it means to be satisfied with a job. Studies show that employees who are satisfied with their jobs are more productive, creative and be more likely to be retained by the company. Ed Schmitt (2002) Todays workers have different expectations from the companies they work for and are much less hesitant to leave one job for another if they dont feel those expectations are being met. Job security is less important to todays worker . According to Ian Davidson (2004), employees are the most valuable assets a corporation has. Employees are the catalyst of any organization. Modic (2005) Employees are assets with feet. Theyre the only resource companies have that make a conscious decision to return the next day.


To study and understand the job satisfaction among the employees of NDPL. To study various factors influencing employee satisfaction. To assess the general attitude of employees in NDPL. To offer suggestions and recommendations for improving employee satisfaction in the department.


SOURCES OF DATA Primary Data The primary data are required for this project work was collected through Questionnaires . This method consisted of preparing detailed questions covering the Employee Satisfaction standards in the company. It will be also collected through personal investigation, observation method, information from correspondents, information from superior of organization. Secondary Data Secondary data will be collected through books, newspapers, and journals. SAMPLE SIZE All the items consideration in any field of inquiry consists of a universe of population. In this research few items are selected as sample from the population. Sample size = 40 TOOLS OF ANALYSIS 1.Questionnaire schedule 2. Percentage Analysis 3. Bar Diagram 4. Pie Charts

The study will be beneficial for both organization and employees. This study will be helpful to the organization for identifying the area of dissatisfaction of jobs of employees. Help to identify employees satisfaction towards welfare measure. This study helps in making managerial decision to the company.