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Help lobby against a Pickering Airport

Thursday, August 11, 2011 8:11 AM

Whether your interest is heritage preservation, protecting vanishing foodlands or saving precious greenspace & habitat -- or best yet, all of the above! -- please join us send the message of NO AIRPORT to Ottawa! Our new MP, Chris Alexander, who today (finally) opens his local constituency office. The number for the new constituency office is 905-426-6808. It will be open for business tomorrow, Thursday, but the grand Opening is tonight from 6-8 at 100 Westney Road South, Unit E101 Ajax, should anyone want to attend and ask him these same questions.Call the local office at 905-231-1579, or Ottawa at 613-9958042. It will only take a minute of your day and mean so much to us!
Ask if he still holds fast to his pre-election stand against an airport in light of his government's recent news release favouring Pickering as a "prime location for an airport". Will he fight to oppose it? REMIND HIM THAT DURING THE ELECTION CAMPAIGN HE SAID HE WAS AGAINST THE AIRPORT. Ask also if he still intends to meet with local residents and groups concerned in this matter, as promised in the news release: to date he has not replied to any correspondence from Land Over Landings or individual residents. The Transport Minister recently visited Waterloo to talk about their airport, but we have yet to hear from our local MP, despite the stunning conclusions of the recently-released Needs Assessment. Remind him that the deadline to stop demolitions of heritage and potentially inhabitable structures is Sept. 15. The office will try to deflect these questions by saying decisions about the airport are years away -- but the demolitions are not!! Even if you don't live in our area, we need the government to know that vanishing farmland is not just a local issue. If you elected a Conservative MP in your area, feel free to call him/her, too! ASK - POLITELY - WHY HE HAS NOT RESPONDED TO ANY PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS, ONLY WITH A FORM LETTER. Please email Michael Fearon so he can keep count of all calls made. Then at our next meeting (August 16) we can plan what to do next. LET'S SWAMP BOTH THESE NUMBERS WITH CALLS, TODAY AND TOMORROW. BE POLITE, BUT INSIST THAT HE RECEIVE YOUR MESSAGE. Many thanks to you all. The more calls he receives the greater our chances of making contact with Our Man in Ottawa. Gabrielle. Please forward this to anyone on your contact list who is concerned about heritage, foodlands and greenspace with our thanks. Land Over Landings Email: Phone: (905) 649-2433