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She is the first and foremost wife (first lady of the kingdoms of the world) to Imam Mahdi and keeper of the sacred power of the Mahdi and channel it to him when needed. She herself has her own variety of magic to hers application need. She has folded time (time travel) and see all the things that done by her husband during the 2000 year of reign in the face of the world and she will ensure that that things happen in the real world. She also get naked with the imam Mahdi for 100 years as the Mahdi do. She set up and manage the course and actions for 2000 years and never get bored. She is the highest degree women in heaven. She is the Messiah friends during the study in university and she is degree holder and the first to recognize the Imam Mahdi as the Chief of the World Mujadid through her dreams every night. She'd do anything for Messiah. She also is the wife of the Messiah in heaven. In addition to the imam Mahdi is the two wives that followed him for 2000 year. But both are people sitting on the Throne, not inhabitants of heaven. Fazilah appearance is medium bodied high, brightskinned, curly-haired and pretty simple and aged same with the imam Mahdi. All fairies in paradise have her face appearance. Fazilah face similar to Eve (the wife of the prophet Adam). She doesnt wears scarf but one of Mahdis wife wears scarf. She is a women of insight and patient and never complaining throughout her life with the Messiah. She also did the daily work done by an ordinary woman. Imam Mahdi does not has servants so all the daily work done by the wives.

Her father named Hashim and her mother called Marziah. She also has three siblings. She has a palace as dowry from Messiah. However, a valid marriage in 1998 was not concluded until today (2011) and is still suspended and awaiting preparation and settlement of all issues between the Messiah and the world mujadids and the wedding will be finished in some time yet to be determined. Through this marriage be a new government is formed and the imam Mahdi began the conquest of the world. She is also a person who knew the Mahdi thoroughly and deeply and knows the advantages and disadvantages of imam Mahdi. The three wives are not allowed to pregnant or give birth to a child as a child will become a liability to the Imam Mahdi because his enemies would use these

children to weaken the 1000 years government of the world, that sacrifices must be made by the family of Al Mahdi in order for the success and sustainability of world government. Mahdi have faithful wives and would not betray him and his wives are high degree woman in the hereafter.

People in the future called Fazilah sister and called the Mahdi brother. As all the people in the future speaks malay so in malay language she is called kakak and the Mahdi called as abang. But his companion and followers in the early called them as your majesty.

The mahdi have sex all together with the three wives in one session, that the strength that the Mahdi have and all his wives satisfied with his performances everytime. As in the early ten years of marriage he has thousands (more than 50,000) of wives, so just three wives left is easy to handle.
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