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DROPS Crochet cap in Eskimo and scarf in Puddel

" - Different shades of grey render this a raw look. An accessory associated with weekends in early spring or late autumn, outdoor caf rendezvous and long intimate talks " Cap: Size: One size Materials: Eskimo 150 g colour no 14, Charcoal grey Drops crochet hook no. 8 Scarf: Size: Approx 15 x 80 cm Materials: Puddel 100 g colour no. 08 coal Drops pointed needles size 7 mm
Max prices as of 15.04.2009: DROPS ESKIMO - 1.90 GBP per 50 gr skein DROPS ESKIMO MIX - 2.20 GBP per 50 gr skein DROPS ESKIMO PRINT - 2.50 GBP per 50 gr skein DROPS PUDDEL - 4.00 GBP per 50 gr skein

DROPS number 93-22

Remember - the DROPS collection is always Best in Price, up to 25-35% lower than other similar yarn brands. ...AND remember that every time you buy a skein of the original DROPS / GARNSTUDIO yarn, not only you will be guaranteed the best result, but you have also made an important contribution to our designers and our development to make to an even better net place.

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Lets hear your suggestions, the new DROPS collection is on its way!

We are working full speed on the new DROPS winter 2009 collection. Drawing, designing, matching colours and knitting! If any of you, our loyal and inspiring DROPS customers, have any wishes for the coming season, anything you miss or want more of, then send us an email. All your comments will be greatly appreciated and incorporated into our design plans. If were not already working along the lines of your suggestions, we will do our outmost to concentrate our design capacity on fulfilling as many of your wishes as possible. Send your comments to:

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Note: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inch - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. Cap: Crochet Gauge: 8 htr on hook size 8 = 10 cm in width.

NB: Because of different crochet techniques used by the individual, the gauge may vary, so you might have to drop a size up or down in hook size to obtain the correct gauge. Crochet info: Replace the 1st htr on each round with 2 ch. Finish each round with a sl st in the 2nd ch from beg of round. How to bind off crochet st: Crochet together 2 st to 1 st. Crochet 1 htr, but wait with the last pull through leaving 3 loops on your hook. Crochet another htr, but on the last pull through - pull the yarn through all 6 loops = 1 st bound off. Cap: Crochet 4 ch on hook size 8, in Eskimo and form a ring with a sl st. 1st row; Crochet 8 htr in loop - see crochet info above. 2nd row; Crochet 2 htr in each st. From now on only pull the hook through the back part of st to get the special texture =16 htr 3rd row; *1htr in the first st, 2 htr in next st* repeat *-* = 24 htr 4th row; *1htr in the first 2 st, 2 htr in next st* repeat *-* = 32 htr 5th row; *1htr in first 3 st, 2 htr in next st* repeat *-* = 40 htr 6th row; *1htr in first 4 st, 2 htr in next st* repeat *-* = 48 htr 7th. row; *1htr in first 5 st, 2 htr in next st* repeat *-* = 56 htr 8th. row; *1htr in first 6 st, 2 htr in next st* repeat *-* = 64 htr 9 12th row; 1htr in every st = 64 htr 13th row; *Crochet 6 htr, crochet htr no 7 & 8 together (see explanation: How to bind off crochet st.)* repeat from *-* = 56 htr. 14th row; *Crochet 5 htr, crochet htr no 6 & 7 together* repeat from *-* = 48 htr. 15th row; *Crochet 4 htr, crochet htr no 5 & 6 together* repeat from *-* = 40 htr. 16-18th row;1dc in every st = 40 dc The peak: Continue to crochet the peak of the cap in 2 threads of Eskimo on the front 18 st. 1st. row; Crochet 1 htr in every st = 18 htr. 24th row; Turn, crochet 2 ch, crochet the next 2 htr. tog. (see explanation: How to bind off crochet st.) continue in htr, but crochet the last 2 htr together = 16 st. 5th row; Crochet a row of sl sts around the hat and the peak (1 sl st in each st) Decoration stripes: Insert a marking thread either side of the cap in row 16. Crochet 1 sl st in a st near the marking thread, make the sl st 11.5 cm long, crochet another sl st in row 15, make the sl st 11.5 cm long, crochet a sl st in row 14 - and so on . Continue to the other marking thread. Make 2 more stripes. SCARF: Knitting Gauge: 10 sts x 14 rows on needles size 7mm in stocking sts. = 10 x 10 cm. Scarf: Cast on 15 sts using 2 needles size 7 in Puddel (use both needles to make sure the edge will be stretchy). Remove one needle and knit l row from the wrong side. Continue in stocking sts until the scarf measures 79 cm. Knit 1 row from the wrong side and bind off.