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God Has Plans

For Everyone
By Jim Becka

Each Friday and Saturday

night youth and adults
gather in a Humble strip
center to sing, dance, and
share about what God has
done for them.

Teresa Petrushansky, a di- Teresa Petrushansky (below)

minutive mother of four of- Petrushansky the building
ministers and later sings with
ten stands and talks about will offer dance classes and ministry youth (above).
how God has guided her Karate, in addition to Friday
footsteps from a small vil- youth night and Saturday
lage in El Salvador to Hous- adult worship.
ton. She and her husband
Alex, the grandson of Ortho- The ministry receives as-
dox Jews, are the founders sistance from Shalom He-
of Powerhouse International braic Christian Congrega-
Outreach Ministries. tion, where Alex’s father
Mort is a Messianic rabbi.
Their storefront ministry Continued on Page 2
opened two months ago at
1315 First Street, Suite G.
According to Alex WWW.PHIOM.ORG
The families of Alex and
Theresa are from different
parts of the world. The
Petrushansky family left
Russia in the 20th century
and immigrated to Israel and
later came to the United

Teresa was an unwilling

traveler to the United States.
At 17, her family sent her to
the United States to support
the family. The trip took
place during the winter and
her group was stranded in a
South Texas desert. Her light
South American clothing be responsible for Teresa Alex (above left) ministers
provided little comfort dur- and immigration officials al- with Doris and Ryan. Pastor
ing a rare Texas snow. lowed her to leave with the Mike (below) shares during
Ojeda’s. Saturday night meeting.
“It was horrible,” said
Teresa. “I had no money and Later, at a deportation hear- worship Teresa shared her
it was a miracle of God that ing, the judge found that drive in life. “If you trust in
I did not die.” She says her Teresa’s deportation orders the Lord with all your might,
group was arrested by Immi- had been lost and she was He will work out all the de-
gration officers and trans- granted permanent resi- tails.”
ported to Houston. dency in the United States.

“They were all sent back. I “When the Lord has a plan
was the only one not de- for you, He can change all
ported, though I wanted to the circumstances in your
go home,” she said. life,” said Teresa.

She spent several weeks in She attend seminary, be-

the detention center where came a minister and met
she met Victor Ojeda, pas- Alex while preaching at an
tor of Calvary Christian Fel- area church. The changes in
lowship of Kingwood and Teresa’s life had a profound
his wife Elvira. “He would impact on her family. Her
come and preach to all the father, an alcoholic, became
people being held,” said a Christian, as did her
Teresa. mother and sisters.

Elvira eventually agreed to During last Saturday night’s