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Name Cost D Crit Rng Wt Tpe One-Handed Ranged Weapons Pistol 250 gp 2d4 x3 50 ft. 3 lbs.

P Blunderbuss pistol 500gp 3d4 19-20/x2 5 ft. 5 lbs. B+P Two-Handed Ranged Weapons Musket, short 500gp 2d6 x3 100 ft. 8 lbs. P Musket, long 700 gp 2d6 x3 150 ft. 10 lbs. P Blunderbuss 500 gp 3d6 19-20/x2 15 ft. 8 lbs. B+P Explosive Weapons Big Bomb 200gp 2d8 x2 5ft 1lb. B Bomb 100 gp 2d6 x2 5 ft. 1 lb. B Medium Bomb 75gp 2d4 x2 5ft lb. B Small Bomb 50gp 2d3 x2 5ft. lb. B Splash = Big: 2d6 Bomb: 2d4 Med: 2d3 Sml: 2d2 Smoke bomb 35 gp Smoke x2 10 ft. 1 lb. Weak versions are used for low level games, reduce the damage output by 1 dice type (D6-D4) and call it an old pistol or battered pistol. Down the price significantly. Proficiency: Firearms and bayonets are martial weapons. Reload: All Wheelock weapons hold one shot and have differing reload times. Pistols take one full round action to reload and muskets and any blunderbuss take two full round actions to load. Reloading takes two hands and provokes attacks of opportunity. A double-barreled weapon has two shots, one can be fired in one turn and the other the turn after without having to reload. Reloading a two barreled weapon takes up a swift action on top of the normal. Inaccurate: All non-rifled firearms have an inherent -1 to hit penalty. Damage and Size: Due to the nature of firearms, only one damage category is taken for each weapon. Pistols are small, short muskets are medium and long muskets are large for the purpose of working out weapon sizes. Exploding Dice: Whenever you deal damage with a firearm and roll maximum on any damage die, reroll that die and add that roll to the total as well. If you roll maximum on rerolls, continue to reroll, adding to the damage each time. Misfire: Whenever you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll made with a firearm, your firearm might misfire. Immediately roll 1d20. On a 1, the firearm is broken and the powder explodes out the breech, dealing the weapons damage to you; on a 27, the firearm is broken; on a 818, the firearm misfires and is fouled; and on a 1920, it simply misfires. A fouled firearm requires 2 full rounds to clear before it can be reloaded.

Melee: Pistols may be used as saps and muskets as clubs in melee combat, but they are reasonably fragile and whenever you roll a natural 1 on the attack roll the weapon is broken. Pistols have a hardness of 10 and 10 hit points; long weapons have a hardness of 10 and 20 hit points. Two Weapon Firing: Works the same as firing a hand crossbow in each hand but can only be done with pistols and does not count them as being light weapons. WEAPON DESCRIPTIONS Pistol: a single shot wheellock pistol. Blunderbuss Pistol: Also known as a dragon, this is a large pistol with a bell-shaped barrel. A blunderbuss pistols damage suffers a -2 penalty per range increment beyond the first. Musket, short: A wheellock musket with a short barrel suitable for use in close quarters. Also known as an arquebus. Musket, long: A wheellock musket with a 4 foot long barrel. The long musket must be braced on something or else suffer a -2 penalty to hit. Many such muskets come with a inherent pintle mount so that they can be braced while standing; it requires a move action to set up the pintle. Blunderbuss: This is a heavy musket with a bell-shaped barrel, also referred to as a musketoon. A blunderbuss damage suffers a -2 penalty per range increment beyond the first. Bomb: A bomb, also known as a grenade, is thrown as a splash weapon. It requires one full round action to prepare and light. Once thrown, it explodes and does damage to everyone in a 5 radius from the target or target square. Smoke bomb: A smoke bomb is thrown as a splash weapon, and puts out a 10 radius cloud of smoke. It requires one full round action to prepare and light. The smoke dissipates normally. Ammunition: Round lead bullets are sold in bags of 20, weighing 2 pounds, for 5 gp. As guns of this era are often not in standard calibers, the shot normally require modification by the gun owner before use. Many gun owners will simply cast their own shot using Craft (gunsmith).

Gunpowder: Black powder is sold for 40 gp per pound. It is usually carried in a gourd, horn, or metal flask to keep it dry. In volume, it is supplied in 30-pound kegs (40 pounds total weight). Creating gunpowder from scratch requires a DC 25 Craft (alchemy) check. A thrown bomb takes about half a pound of powder; you can get 40 muzzleloader shots out of a pound. For cannon, you need an amount of gunpowder equal to the weight of the ball. Craft (gunsmith) double-barreled +5 Item Craft Skill Pistol Gunsmith Blunderbuss Pistol Gunsmith Short Musket Gunsmith Long Musket Gunsmith Blunderbuss Gunsmith Big Gunsmith Bomb Med Sml Smoke Gunsmith Shot Gunsmith

Craft DC 15 20 15 18 20 22 20 18 15 15 15

FEATS Rapid Reload (guns) Prerequisites: As core rulebook, BAB +1 The rapid reload feat takes reloading a firearm down by one action; two full round action to one, one full round action to a move action as appropriate but not any more. This is a separate feat to Rapid Reload. Many-Shot Prerequisites: As core rulebook. This feat allows you to fire both barrels on a double-barreled weapon at the same time. Brace of Pistols Prerequisites: Quick Draw, BAB +5. This feat allows you to holster and draw one or two pistols at the same time as a swift action. You do this by declaring you are using Brace of Pistols at the start of your turn, you then draw your pistol/pistols, do your turn as normal then holster them at the end of your turn. Gun Slinging Prerequisites: Dex 15, (BAB +5). This feat allows you to fire two pistols using the bonuses from the Two-Weapon Fighting feat. If you take this feat a second time, you count pistols as light weapons for the purposes of two weapon fighting. MAY be combined with Many-Shot

Bayonet Fighting Prerequisites: BAB +2 This feat allows you to fire your musket as you make your bayonet attack. The weapon must be loaded with at least one barrel and MAY be used in conjunction with Many-Shot. As you make your bayonet attack (either piercing or slashing) you pull the trigger of your musket, firing your musket point-blank into your opponent. This allows you to do a musket-bayonet attack doing normal bayonet damage but with NO strength bonus (as your hands are in an inefficient position) and musket damage. The musket damage must succeed a flat-footed DC check (as the blade helps bypass the armour). This musket-bayonet attack is made at a -4 modifier. BAYONETS Bayonets cost 5gp more for the fitting. All rules for these weapons apply to the blades only and the entire weapon (bayonet and musket) counts as a spear for any other purposes other than damage, type, critical, cost, proficiency. Bayonets can only be attached or built into to muskets. To build one in increases the DC craft check by 2 and to attach one takes a full round action. Bayonets can be attached in the same way to pistols but makes them a medium weapon and counts them as one-handed for two-weapon fighting.