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Volume 6 Issue 1 September 2008

Calling all Committees! Upcoming Events

October 5th: Family

Since it’s the beginning of a new year in ASP, here’s
a list of committees to help explain all that goes on Safety Day (Community
within ASP: Service)

Pharmaceutical Care is the committee that is in- October 1: Next Gen-

volved with opportunities for pharmacy students to eral Meeting
participate in a health care setting before becoming
an actual pharmacist. It teaches you the skills and
knowledge to provide better care to your patients in
November 7-9: MRM
the form of information, counseling and overall ser-
vice. The education and abilities needed to succeed
in this committee are already instilled in you, so as a
participant you can adapt to any task that is asked of
you. Pharm Care works with community to provide
health fairs, educational presentations and service to
the underserved populations in and around the
Omaha area. The best part of Pharm Care is that it is
FUN and a great way to network with all levels of
the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions! If
you are interested in helping in any of our commit-
tees do not hesitate to talk to Vince Murphy or any of
the other chairs!

The purpose of Operation Immunization (OI) is to increase community aware-

ness of the importance of obtaining appropriate immunizations and to provide
information about vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases. Our committee
members will be expected to volunteer for at least one OI health fair or flu
clinic, recruit friends and classmates to participate in OI events, help with ad-
vertising, develop community engagement CUes, and many other tasks. At
health fairs and clinics our organization will promote vaccinations, screen pa-
tients, and vaccinate for influenza. It is a great opportunity to get involved with
your community, learn more about your profession, and to have a good time
with your fellow students.

Katy’s Kids exposes kindergarten through sec-

ond grade children to the benefits of medications
when used appropriately. This interactive pro-
gram uses a student pharmacist dressed as a kan-
garoo named Katy to teach students the role of
doctors and pharmacists in safe medication usage
and to drive home the message that not all drugs
are bad. Katy visits several local elementary
schools throughout the year.

The Community Service Committee organizes a

few service opportunities each semester for ASP members to participate in.
These are great opportunities (especially for P1’s) to mingle and meet new
friends. It’s a start in getting involved in the community.

The Heartburn Awareness Challenge participates in health fairs throughout

Omaha to educate the public on risk factors associated with heartburn and life-
style changes that may prevent it from occurring.

The Web Committee’s main purpose is to maintain and develop the web-
site. Additionally, the web committee works with all other committees to help
spread information, and improve communication and interaction with members.

For more committee information, check out the ASP website at


Name: Bill Hamilton

Hometown: I grew up in Coalinga, California
Classes taught at Creighton: Nonprescription Thera-
peutics, Integrating Complementary Medicine,
Parenterals, Academic Rotation
Favorite pharmacy job you’ve had: Community Hospital of the Mon-
terey Peninsula
Favorite memory from pharmacy school: University of California Out-
patient Care Clinic seeing patients with a medical student that in-
cluded being able to follow a family during the wife’s pregnancy
including being present at the delivery
Favorite hobbies outside of pharmacy: Playing Slack-key guitar, build-
ing small boats and sailing, reading, riding my Harley
If you weren’t teaching, what would be your dream job?: Architect

Member of the Month

September’s MOM’s are Natalie Van
Heek and Kathryn Schmid for all of
their hard work kicking off the year
with Operation Immunization.

ASP Student Newsletter written by: Julie Haase, ASP Secretary 2008
Contact Julie at with any questions or to submit articles or events.