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PWNAGE Bot User guide

In the past i have been using several bot tools in different games and i have to admit that pwnage bot 2.0 is the best tool i ever used. Even though it is still in beta state it is really handy and reliable tool. Because of the fact it is still in beta state there isnt much documentation around this is why I wrote this guide for the community.

Get started with PWNAGE

Before we get too deep into program details we should start with some general things. The most important thing is to figure out a proper area to bot in.

Botting Area
Middleearth is quite large and it is the most important thing to make this bot work proper to pick a nice spot to bot in. Lets have a look on what we really should avoid in the area: Obstacles The most important thing is to avoid obstacles i.e o Cliffs o Large rocks o Bridges o Walls o To be continued Mob groups and linked mobs The bot is really smart but still reacts static so dont bot in areas with large groups of mobs i.e. Orc Camps, Goblin Camps this will agro way to much mobs and will result in sudden death. Further avoid areas with many patrols and linked mobs. Other Players Other players will allways have an eye on you ;) So try to avoid crowded places where ppl do their quests

Tab explanations

Click New to create a profile

Create your profile and name it this will usually be your toons name.

4. Check Mapper Active

1. Enter a cation set name here


2. make shure to adjust level range correct (from - to)

3. Click Add to add a collection set


Skills will show a list of your classes skills if you did the setup correct before Skills are stored in your Pwnagebot folder in a subfolder called Classes

Should look like this depending on the classes you use. All Skill files are called NameofClass.xml If you want to add a class just copy an existing one and rename it to the desired class.

The content of the .xml files here is an example of my champions xml file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <actions> <!-- Start Buff's --> <action name="Fervour" cooldown="1000" hotkey="34" outofcombatbuff="true"> <condition type="Cast Once" /> </action> <!-- Heal --> <action name="Bracing Attack" cooldown="30000" hotkey="9" melee="true"> <condition type="Health" max="90"/> <condition type="Distance" min="0" max="2"/> </action> <action name="Dire Need" cooldown="1800000" hotkey="23" melee="true"> <condition type="Health" max="30"/> </action> <action name="Strength of Morale" cooldown="3600000" hotkey="31" melee="true"> <condition type="Health" max="25"/> </action> (Only an extract) See Forums for explanation about this file best way is probably to copy an existing one from forum to your file. The Bot will run the skills from top to bottom so place the more important ones ontop of the file. If you have i.e. 2 skills ontop with a real small cooldown the bot will spam those 2 verry often and might not perform other skills later on the list. To avoid that just increase cooldown= Value. A proper skills setup is essential to bot efficient!!! So spent some time to figure out the best setup here and please share your effort on the forum !!!


Config is quite obvious in case your toon doesnt attack properly try to adjust Minimum attack distance for my champion 3,0 is just fine.


This opens the Nav Mapper Window

Nav Mapper is the most important button here it will open a new window which shows the recorded map data. Make shure to acticate nav mapper actice under Grind tab otherwise it wont record pathes.

Setup Pathes and locations

This is the result your Nav Mapper Window will show after running the bot successfully. The green path (drawn by me) indicates the initial path I walked having nav mapper active The blue dots are the grind spots I added you can add a grind spot under grind tab (optional: type a name for the grind spot) if you leave name empty it will generate a number for the spot. You need to have at least 2 spots to make the bot working. Now look at the picture above all other paths beside the green lines were discovered by the bot when he attacked mobs during his travels between grind spots. Awesome isnt it ? Look at the area in the top right corner there is a circle I was walking before I started to bot but theres no grind spot so the bot never walked there again ! In the left bottom area the slope there is the rezz point dont forget that as well (just in case).

Location Sets and Grind spots

A Location set is a combination of your recorded paths and the grind spots you added to that location set. So make shure you always have a location set and grind spots with the level range set. Here is an example you might use for a small human toon: Location set called Archet level range 3-5 with the recorded paths next you walk to Bree West exit where the bears and so on are you call it Bree West level range 6-8 with the recorded paths make shure the 2 location sets are connected. after that mark both location sets under grind tab and your toon will bot in location set 1 (Archet) once he reached level 6 he will walk to location set 2 (West Bree) and bot there. Conclusion: Your recorded Paths or Map data is global information for the bot where can I walk and Location sets and Grind spots are local areas where the bot actually fights

Get started finally

Once everything is setup just click start under Overview tab and watch the bot and learn to understand it. Improve your location sets and grind spots until you figured it out properly. I really recommend to leave Nav Mapper active marked under Grind tab to prevent Insufficient Map data error this will stop the bot !!! General Hint: Switch Lotro client to windowed mode (Alt+Enter) and make it of screen height place nav mapper window underneath it to check if mapper works and records the paths properly.