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McKPR Website RFP

The Organization McKinney & Associates (McKPR) was founded in 1990 with a commitment to social justice that has prevailed for more than 20 years. From the beginning, McKPR passionately and skillfully practiced "public relations with a conscience" for local, national and international organizations involved in public policy and social advocacy. A dedication to client service, an in-depth knowledge of issues and a sophisticated understanding of strategic communications are the hallmarks of McKPR. The client roster also includes government agencies, private foundations, labor unions and media organizations. The approach remains consistent: leverage capacity, contacts and creativity to help clients amplify their voices, reach new audiences and influence outcomes. McKPR works with organizations that are compatible with the firms philosophy of promoting justice, health equity, protecting the environment, advancing participatory democracy and supporting public policy policies that increase opportunities for marginalized communities. This consistency has helped McKPR build a high level of trust with clients, their allies and the target audiences.

The Project McKPR desires to redesign and relaunch its website to adequately reflect the breadth and depth of the firms capacity, creativity and experience. The new website will have three primary business functions: increase brand awareness, connote subject matter expertise and acquire leads. The siteand will need to reach two distinct audiences: socially conscious organizations

1612 K STREET, N.W. SUITE 904, WASHINGTON, D.C. 20006 (202) 833-9771 office (202) 833-9770 fax

(nonprofits, government agencies, private foundations, labor unions, etc.) and industry professionals. The current site has 16 pages, including the homepage; the site map is attached. The revised site needs to have a three- column layout and uniformity of formatting throughout. To reach and engage the target audiences, additional functionality is needed with McKPRs blog on the homepage, with commenting, RSS feed, like and sharinge capabilities. The default view should show is should be the first paragraph, then with an option to click more to go toread the full article. Additional functionality should be include calls to actions, such as download this case study, which would triggers a short form to collect names and email addresses.

The Requirements McKPR is looking for a Wwweb development partner to bring their experience, creativity and expertise to the project. The partnering firm should possess and demonstrate the following: broad portfolio of corporate, product and nonprofit web site development, and demonstratinge improved analytical results ability to build across operating systems, including mobile, and Internet service providers integration of social technology techniques and tools onto web sites, including, but not limited to blogs, widgets and calls to action high level of Wweb security standards provide the client with a site style guide and cascading style sheet and provide references Further, the firm must be able to achieve results on a tight deadline; website launch date is October 22, 2011. Additional response requirements: proposed project timeline and budget company and project lead contact information references

The Responses and Inquiries Written responses to this RFP are due by the close of business on Wednesday August 10, 2011. All questions regarding the RFP and responses should be emailed to