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You should report to Apollo MHC counter at 8.00am. on total fasting ( Not even Tea / Coffee ) You need to drink 3 glasses of water at 7.00am. (This is required for ultra sound preparation). Bring stool sample in the container. Reports of tests like Pap smear (for ladies only), will be available after 24 hours, except on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. For tests done on these 3 days reports are ready after 48 hours. The entire check-up will take approximately 4-5 hours. You will be provided with a complimentary breakfast / lunch depending on the time you finish the test. For any extra consultation / investigations you need to take appointment with consultants directly at a later date. All extra consultations and investigations will be charged extra as per the Hospital tariff. Computerized health Scan for PATH CLAPSCAN which takes approximately 45 minutes.

APOLLO MASTER HEALTH CHECK The Apollo Master Health Checks Up is the most comprehensive check up package offered by Apollo Hospitals. It is designed to study the efficiency of every vital organ in the human body. The program not only identifies disease process at an early stage but also pin points the potential areas of risk, avoiding future health problems. If the person is in perfect health it servers as reassurance and gives a detailed medical profile. LIST OF INVESTIGATIONS: HAEMOGRAM * * * * * * * * Hemoglobin P.C.V R.B.C MCHC MCV MCH Total W.B.C Differential Count E.S.R Peripheral Smear BIOCHEMICAL PARAMETERS * * * * G.T.T Calcium Creatinine Serum Bilirubin

LIPID PROFILE * * * * Total Cholesterol HDL Cholesterol LDL Cholesterol Triglycerides

LIVER FUNCTION TESTS * * * * Total Protein Albumen Globulin A/G Ratio *SGPT *SGOT *GGTP

GENERAL TESTS * * * * * * Hbs Ag. Test for AIDS Blood Grouping - RH typing Complete Urine Analysis Faces Examination Physical Examination & Review by consultant physician

* x-ray (Chest) * E C G (Resting) * Ultrasound Scanning

* PATHCLAPSCAN (The Positive and Total Health Computerized Lifestyle Assessment and Prescription Scan) is a unique non-invasive diagnostic and prescriptive health scan developed by Apollo Hospitals. This scan analyses daily lifestyle for Stress, Cardiac risk, Cancer risk, Psychosomatic and Medical risk factors. Evaluates parameters like Medical, Body condition, Fitness levels, Nutrition status, Stress levels, Dependency status etc., and provides individualized computerized corrective prescription to achieve POSITIVE AND TOTAL HEALTH. ADDITIONALLY FOR WOMEN * Pap Smear * Examination by Gynecologist