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Global Markets Coaching: Part 3 The Emerging Markets

Global Markets Business Coaching

Delivering Global Business Opportunities........

Global Markets Business Coaching

we enable business owners to succeed in entering new markets

Global Markets Business Coaching

by coaching entrepreneurs, business owners and innovators on how to do business in emerging markets
Global Markets Business Coaching

Our Clients Come to Us to:

Develop Masterypersonally and for their business ambitions Attractnew business, nd new opportunities and employ correct strategy into the emerging markets Learnnew skill sets to accomplish global aspirations Developa robust business plan, test their opportunity & gain a sound market entry strategy Buildcross-cultural awareness and skills and develop their wealth and success strategies
Global Markets Business Coaching

What We Do
The Global Markets Coaching program facilitates business growth and development between developed and emerging countries - for entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders particularly by our unique coaching program. Our focus is on the emerging markets, in particular theBRIC countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and we help companies of all sizestake the rst stepin developing business offshore.
Global Markets Business Coaching

The Future In Business

As the Emerging Markets look to the future, transform and modernize their economy and continue down the path of urbanization, infrastructure development and nation-building, Western companies need to engage on many levels. Where are the opportunities? What are the risks? What is an optimal approach to establishing successful and sustainable businesses in Emerging Markets and where should you start? Companies and entrepreneurs from Western countries need to maximize their opportunities, minimize risks, and learn from past successes. We help you do this!

Global Markets Business Coaching

Gateway to Global Growth

We nd that those who choose to come through our coaching program have never been trained through a four year degree on how to do business in the new emerging markets of the world and in fact, there is no such program. We enable our clients to learn how to do business successfully in their choice market and we coach them instead of doing it for them. Most of our clients go on to repeat their learning in many more emerging markets and add success upon success.

Global Markets Business Coaching

Month 3: Understanding the Emerging Markets of Today

The coaching program covers twelve main topics and seeks to prepare you to be able to launch successfully into your chosen market at the end of 12 months. We work at a furious pace and cover select new topics weekly while working towards this goal. Week 1 - Opportunity Spotting Week 2 - Segmenting Your Potential Market Week 3 - Market Selection:Niche Opportunity Week 4 - Filling the Voids:Business Spotting

Global Markets Business Coaching

Opportunity Spotting in the Emerging Markets

We examine key strategies in this module, that enable you to spot the opportunities in the emerging markets that are compatible with your market offering. There are multitudes of Opportunistic business matches within specic country and markets that offer rich and niche opportunities. While spotting these, you must understand your Ability to Adapt, Your Strengths and Opportunities, Possible Suppliers, Distributors, Partners and your Potential Market Segment, which is looked at in detail in Week 2. Click on the image to get a taster.

Global Markets Business Coaching


Segmenting Your Potential Emerging Market Entry

There are 4 Segments Found Within Any Emerging Market
In segmenting a new market, one must audit the local context and appreciate the importance of the different market segments. One only has to see the different strategies used by the large Western companies and the local domestic players in these contexts. Questions to ask: What are the segments within this market? Which segments do we plan to target? Understanding this segmentation will allow you to tailor your business model and growth strategies for your choice Emerging Market.

Click on the link to get a taster.

Global Markets Business Coaching

Market Selection: Finding Your Niche Opportunity

With this shifting of global business and trade, brings not only job shifting and market displacement but HUGE possible opportunity for your business ambitions! Is there something that you do or sell that would appeal to these high growth markets? There is good economic evidence that states that rms secure the most value when they enter the high growth markets at an early stage. In this module, we seek to enable you to nd the best market at this exact time for your unique offering and service, so that you can maximize your time and investment in order to be able to achieve the highest possible business valuation in your prescribed time frame.

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Global Markets Business Coaching

Filing the Voids: Business Opportunity Spotting

Voids that Exist in the Emerging Markets These voids can be a real frustration and can even severely hinder business, however, they can be very opportunistic for those who can spot them and turn them into a protable enterprise. In this module we help you to spot your choice opportunity by mapping out the different choice markets. We coach you to be able to see the missing pieces that might serve as your perfect opportunity. We help you to match up your capabilities and inherent advantages and to see how they match up to the specic opportunity that youre identifying. Click on the link to get a taster.
Global Markets Business Coaching

The Global Business Coaching Process

Our program is a twelve month program, and you have seen a very brief overview of what takes place in month 3. We have basic overview slides of all 12 months. By the end, you will be ready to launch successfully into your new chosen market and be ready to achieve great protability and success.

Global Markets Business Coaching


Thank You for Your Interest

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Global Markets Business Coaching