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List of Major Indian Software and Services Companies

Company A G Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mumbai A P Technosis Ltd, Noida Aalayance Ecom Services Pvt Ltd, Bangalore ABO Software Private Limited, New Delhi Accel Software Solutions Limited, Chennai Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Contact Address Website:, Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website:, Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: acumensoftware@rediffmail.c om Website: Email: Website: Email: Specialization ERP, IT enabled services, web enablement, application development Software development (Java, VB, ASP), Offshore services, Consultancy Enterprise Application Integration, Object Technologies, Public Key Infrastructure, Software development and testing Electronic Commerce, Electronic Data Interchange, Telecomm-unication X.25, Frame Relay, Object Oriented Programming Software Development, IT Training, IT Enabled Services, E-Biz Solutions Project deliver, Custom application development, Application management & conversion, Creation of client-specific facilities Protocol development, CTI development, CRM systems, operational support systems for telecom service providers Database Creation, Software Development, CAD - AM/FM Services, E-Commerce Solutions Offshore development, Staff Augumentation, Project Consulting, Systems Integration School computer training, Hardware maintenance, Hardware selling (An Authorised Dealer / Distributor / Reseller of HCL, Vintron, Seagate, TVSE, Microtek) Mutual funds, pension funds, insurance, portfolio management Internet desktop Business solutions for manufacturing sectors, Business Intelligence solutions Product Development (WAP), ECommerce Projects, Onsite / Offshore Projects, Consultancy E-commmerce & web technologies, banking, GIS/GPS - Fleet Management,

Access Networks India Pvt Ltd, Trichy Ace Software Exports Ltd, Rajkot Aces Global Systems Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai ACES Infotech Pvt Limited, Calcutta

Acsys Software (India) Pvt Ltd, Chennai Acumen Software Technologies Ltnd, Hyderabad Adam Comsof Ltd, Mumbai ADCC Research & Computing Centre

Ltd, Nagpur

Aditi Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

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Adobe Systems India Pvt Ltd, Noida Adroit Computer Technique Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

UtilityManagement, CTI - Telebanking, Wireless(SMS) Banking, Mortgage, Finance in client server and web based environment E-service product- Talisma for handling customer e-mail in a team environment, E-commerce consultancy and development, Outsourced support services Specialisation: Web and Desktop Publishing Software Application Software Development and Turnkey Consultancy, Transaction Oriented Web-Based Solutions, ERP solution for SME - Manufacturing and Non-manufacturing Organisations, Business Process RE -Engineering and Feasibility Studies Building Automation, Control systems, Embedded Software, E-commerce Distributed Computing Environment, Embedded Software, Internet Enabled Services Network Management, Internet Management Specialization Infrastructure Internet agents, Client -server, webbsed application, health insurance claims Embedded systems (internal and applications), System Software (internal and applications) , Web programming, Software product and packages On-site services

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Advanced Micronic Devices Ltd, Bangalore Advent Software Limited, Pune AdventNet Development Company Centre (India ) Pvt Ltd, Chennai Affinity Software, Bangalore Aftek Infosys Ltd, Mumbai

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Agarwal Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad Agere Systems India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Aithent Technologies Pvt Ltd., Gurgaon Ajuba Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Akshay Software

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Telecom Semiconductors, Opto electronics, Wireless communication& Networking Systems Packaged Software, Turnkey Projects, Healthcare Industry, Finance sector Customer Interaction, Transaction Processing, Data Analysis Internet / Intranet / E-commerce,

Technologies Ltd., Mumbai Alcatel India Limited., Gurgaon Algorithms Software Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai All e Technologies, Noida Allsoft Technologies Ltd, Secunderabad ALSTOM Systems Limited, Noida


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Client / Server Technology, ERP Practices, Legacy Systems Maintenance, Euro Currency Conversions End-to-end Network Management, Next Generation IN services Software Development & Consultancy CRM, Entreprise Information systems, Internet Business Solutions Client-server application development, Stock broking, E-business, Cobol Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) for Power and Industrial Processes, Terminal Automation System for Oil / Gas sector, Product development for Real Time application Data Management and Information Analysis & Control Desktop and Portable Bios, PCMCIA Solutions and Systems Management Software, Device Drivers for various Operating Systems, GUI, Internet/Intranet, Java, JDBC Java based software development, software testing, software quality consulting, training on software quality Internet Telephony, Mobile Internet, Network Analysis, Network Processor Strategic Technologies, Offsite development, Onsite programming, ECommerce Solutions Banking and Finance,Insurance Services, Telecommunications, Transportation, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution New Media, Web Technologies & Open Systems, Embedded Systems & Signal Processing, AEI & Expert Systems Client-server application, internet, intranet, e-commerc Telephone Call Metering Systems, Real Time Specialization Software Development, Embedded Software Designs, Computer Telephony Software eBusiness solutions, multimedia

American Express (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi American Megatrends (India) Pvt. Ltd, Chennai AmitySoft Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai Amoeba Telecom Ltd, Coimbatore Ampersand Software Applications Ltd., Bangalore Amsoft Information Services (I) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Amsoft Systems Pvt Ltd, New Delhi AMSYS Infotech Pvt Ltd, Noida Anjaleem Enterprises Pvt. Company Ltd., Vadodara Annet

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Communications Pvt Ltd, Mumbai An-Net Infotech Limited, New Delhi Annik Systems Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

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applicatiions, client-server application development, webenabling solutions E-Commerce Services, Net-enabled Services, Embedded Software, System Re-engineering Offshore software development, web based applications, VB, ASP, SQL Server, Microsoft Technologies, COM+, .NET, OLAP, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Advanced Reporting solutions Real Estate Development, Management of Clubs, Development of Infrastructure for IT parks, Development of Hospitality Industry E-commerce, EAI, financial systems, telemedicine Software solutions in Financial Services area Specialisation: Payment Solutions, Offshore development solutions,B2B/B2C solutions, Enterprise application integartion (EAI) Software Consultancy, Maintenance, Software Training Insurance RDBMS / Datawarehousing / Datamining, Software Maintenance and Migration, E-Commerce / EDI, Software Product Development VLSI CAD, RDBMS applications - Client/ Server System, Networking, Software development for PalmOS Knowledge Management & EGovernance, Enterprise Consulting Implementation and Customisation solutions.,Migration of Legacy applications to Web-enabled solutions, High-end IT Training Web Techniques, Software Maintenance / Migration, Software Product Development, E-commerce / EDI Internet Technologies, Client-server Technologies, Embedded software, Wireless Technologies Business Consulting, Assurance and

Ansal Housing & Construction Ltd, New Delhi Antares Systems Pvt Ltd, Bangalore ANZ Information Technology Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Apar Technologies Ltd, Mumbai Apex Computer & Engineering Services, Goa Apex Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Applied Software Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad Apt Software Avenues Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta Aptech Limited., Mumbai

ARB Software India (P) Ltd., Calcutta Aress Software & Education Technologies (P) Ltd., Nasik Arthur Andersen

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India Private Limited, New Delhi Arthur D. Little India Consultancy, Mumbai Arya Communications & Electronics Services Ltd., Mumbai Aryabhatta Solutions Ltd., Hyderabad Email: ammet.parikh@in.arthuranders Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: t.rajendra@aryabhattasolutions .com Website: Email: Contact Address Website: Email: sandeep.grover@asltechnologi Website: Email:

Business Advisory, Corporate Finance, Tax, Regulatory and Business Advisory Strategy, E-commerce, incubation Onsite/ Offshore Services, Systems Integration Wireless LBSS/SP, GIS, WAP Solutions, ASP

Ashtech Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Company ASL Technologies Ltd., New Delhi

Back Office Products / Customization, E-commerce Specialization Interner & e-commerce, WAP for mcommerce, Database management, Client-server, Technical Support, Networking Location: ERP, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, End User Support, E-commerce, Internet Technologies, Onsite and offshore Software Consultancy and Development Telecommunications Billing and Customer Care System, Call Centre Applications, Web-Based Applications, Operation Research Solutions IT Education & Training, HR Services (Consultancy), IT Enabled services & Training (MT & Call centre), Web designing & development Software Consultancy, Maintenance, Software Training ERP Solution - SAP, Baan, MFG / Pro, Business Application Solutions Software Engineering, Technical Automation, Business Continuity - Euro Millenium. CAD/CAM/CAE (AEC, MCAD, GIS), Multimedia Communication - Microwave Products, Radio Communication Systems Network Access Products, SATCOM Products, Software - ERP Solutions, Internet Solutions E-commerce, Web

ASM Technologies Limited, Bangalore

Astral Tele*Foundation Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Atari Informatics Ltd., New Delhi Atika Computer Education Services, Goa Atos Origin India Private Limited, Mumbai Autodesk India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Avantel Softech Ltd., Hyderabad

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Aver Software Technologies Ltd., Mumbai Aviation Software Development Consultancy India Ltd., Chennai AVL India Software Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon AXA Business Services Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Axes Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Axiom Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

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enabled databases, Euro Specialisation: Image Editing Software, Graphic Software, Machine Operating System, Ripping Software Specialisation: Aviation Software

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Client-server/business App, Internet based application, realtime systems/embedded, software reengineering Insurance Back office, Finance & accounting, CRM, Call Centre Telecom software development Application of Dynamic Simulation, EBusiness Services includes EServices,E-Training, Training to operators in operating simulated plants, Project Management and Software Services Website hosting, Wesite designing, Ecommerce (B2C), Portal Management & development XML, Databases, Net Infrastructure Medical Transcription Enterprise Systems, Real Time Projects, Y2K, Professional Services, Content Creation, Engineering Services, Product Development, Smart Card, Aircraft Specialization Logistics Internet Technologies, Client Server Applications Legacy system Migration Services, Euro Compliance Services, Distribution Product development Internet & E - Commerce Solutions, Datawarehousing & data mining, Enterprise Resource Planning, Telecom / WAP Technology Consulting & Architecture, Client Server & Distributed

AXS Online (P) Ltd, Bangalore Aztec Software & Technologies(P) Ltd., Bangalore Aztek Systems Pvt Ltd, Bhubaneswar BAeHAL Software Limited, Bangalore

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Company Bamboo Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad Bangalore Softsell Ltd, Bangalore

Contact Address Website: Email: Website: Email: sragothaman@bangaloresoftsel Website: Email: m Website: Email:

Bangalore Software Services Ltd, Bangalore Barry-Wehmiller International

Resources Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Baypackets Technologies Pvt Ltd, Noida Bells Softech Limited, Bangalore Emailsanjeev.chawla@baypack Website: Email:

Beni Softwares Pvt Ltd, Jalandhar Bentley Systems India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Bersoft Infotech Pvt Ltd, Haryana Bhari Information Technology Systems Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Bharti Infotrac Ltd., New Delhi Bharti Telesoft Ltd., New Delhi Bhilwara Infotech Limited, Noida Binary Semantics Limited, Gurgaon

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Bindview India Private Limited, Pune Birla Technologies Ltd, Mumbai

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Applications Development & Maintenance, B2B Portal Design, EBusiness, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Integration between the AS/400 and the Web, CAD to ERP integration Telecommunication Software & Solutions, Internet, Software Product Development Real time control system and embedded systems, Networking and Internet, Storage Technology, Application Development & Software Services ERP Software development, Ecommerce, Application Software development, Consulting and projects Web-Enabled Engineering, Engineering Back office automation, Infrastructure Engineering, Application Development & deployment for projects Client Server / MS 98/ Windows, Manufacturing-Inventry Control, Education-School Monitary System, Field Force Monitering System Customised Software Development, Euro, Banking Solutions,IBM Mainframe Solutions, E-commerce + Internet Applications Back office operations (Transaction, Finance & Accounting), Contact centre, IT Help desk Onsite/Offshore services, IT Enabled Services, Internet & ECommerce,Networking, Telecom Offshore, Onsite Software Development, Consultancy, Internet, E-Commerce, Call Centre, IT Enabled Services Turnkey Software Solutions and Consulting Services, Offshore Software Services, Onsite Consulting Services, Knowledge Databases and Scientific Research Software, Manufacturing and Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, Software Distribution Directory Services, Administration & Co-Management of heterogeneous networks , Migration Manufacturing, Banking, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare

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Birlasoft Limited, Noida Blue Chip Computer Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Company Mumbai Blue Star Infotech Ltd, Mumbai

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BMC Software India Pvt. Ltd., Pune Boston Education & Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Botree Software International Ltd, Chennai BPB Publications, New Delhi BPL Innovision Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore BPL Telecom Ltd. Bangalore

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Specialisation: Client Server-based applications,Y2K Projects, EC/EDI Products & Services, Software Maintenance Services Customised Software Development, MRP/ERP solutions, Implementation Services, Software Specialization Packages HP 3000/9000 MPE/-ix systems, Client/Network systems including Internet/Web Technologies,Baan Implementation and consulting, Medical Imaging process and embedded systems Enterprise systems management, Enterprise Data management, Storage Management, Service Provider Solutions Web Applications, Java Technologies, Internet Integration / Enablement Services, Client/Server Applications Health care & Hospital management, ERP for Textile industry, Supply chain Management, Custom Software development Computer books, CD ROMs and Software Telecom-switching/Protocol/In/CTI, Internet/Mobile internet technologies, Technical support services, GIS Billing and Customer Care Solutions for Telecom Services (Cellular, Paging and CSP/ISP), Computer - Telephony Integration Products and Solutions, Systems Integration, Internet / Intranet Applications, Enterprise Solutions Consulting, Web-based services, online chat, Intelligent reports Data Conversion, Medical Transcription, GIS Services, Software Development ,System Integeration, Product Development, ERP packages, Management Consultancy Global Data Transmission, Managed Data Services, Global Call Centre Communication Services IT Events, Software outsourcing Business Accounting

Brigade Corporation India Pvt Ltd, Chennai BSEL Information Systems Limited, Mumbai BT (Worldwide) Ltd., New Delhi BTN Infotech India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Busy Infotech Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi

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CA Computer Associates India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Cadence Design Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Noida Caldera International Inc, New Delhi California Software Co. Ltd., Chennai Cambridge Technology Partners, Bangalore Canbank Computer Services Ltd., Bangalore Canon India Pvt Ltd., New Delhi Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email:

Sales, marketing and technical support, Software solutions, Packaged software EDA Tools, EDA Consulting Services Systems software, Networking operating system, Web enabling & integration, Internet, e-business, ecommerce platform e- Business Solutions, Windows based Systems, B2B Trading PlatformProduct, Product Re- Engineering Services E-business solutions, Customer Loyalty Solutions, Management Consulting, Systems Integrations Software Products for banking & Financial Sectors, Turnkey Solutions for Banking & Financial Services, Consultancy, Education & Training in areas overlapping IT and Banking Embedded software for printers, scanners and other office equipments, Document management software, Device drivers, Image processing Specialization Specialisation: Package Enabled Reengineering (SAP, BAAN, JD Edwards), IT Strategy and Program Management, Shared Services (Management, Process & Operations), Business Strategy Specialisation: Portal development, software development & solutions, Ecommerce, Printing & publishing Specialisation: Cash Management Software Development, Consultancy and Off-shore services Software Development, Infotech Consultancy, Management of Infotech Venture Capital Offshore software development, Client server computing, Business process engineering solutions, Software package development IBM AS400 & Mainframe, E-Commerce Solutions, Embedded Systems, Convergent Technologies Complete spatial software solutions based on GIS for vertical industries like Telecom (Basic & Cellular), Retail &

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Company Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Consulting India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Care & Cure International Ltd, New Delhi Cashtech Solutions India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai CA-TCG Software, Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta CCE Software, Bangalore CDS International Ltd, Bangalore CE Info Systems Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

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Celcius Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Calcutta

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Cellnext Solutions Ltd, New Delhi Celstream Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C DAC), Pune Centre for Development of Telematics, New Delhi Cerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd, Bangalore CG Maersk Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Pvt Ltd, Bangalore CG-Smith Software Limited, Bangalore

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Distribution, Police etc., Digitising services for digital maps at 1:50,000/25,000/1,000 scales being topo sheets, Satellite imageries Web- based Bengali fonts, English to Bengali and Bengali to English transliteration software, Online Bengali word- processor, E-commerce aimed at NRI Wireless ASP, Software development Provide Software Development Services to Customers in New media & next generations Communication High performance computing solutions, Modelling & simulation, Advanced R&D in language processing, e-Governance solutions including solutions for infrastructure sector Telecom software development, Unix and Real Time operating systems, Software engineering tools Systems Software, Blue Tooth & Wireless Technology, E- Commerce application, Database & Datamining Mainframe Design and Development, Lotus Notes, Client-Server Design and Development, Back Office Operations, Dataprocessing / Data conversions, Medical Transcription Banking, Insurance, Financial Sectors, Manufacturing, Retail, Consumer goods, System, Integration Telecommunication, E-commerce Real Time Embedded Safety Critical Software, Client Server Applications, Internet Applications, Special Domain Expertise in Automotive, Telecommunications, Data Communications and Financial Applications Client / Server Development, ERP Solutions, E-commerce, Consulting Service Specialization CAD/GIS, Medical Transcription, Internet & E-commerce, Client-server technology

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CG-VAK Software & Exports Ltd., Coimbatore Company Chakkilam Infotech Ltd, Hyderabad

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Chandigarh Infotech Centre Ltd., Chandigarh Changepond Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai Chenab Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Cherrysoft Technologies Ltd, Chennai Churchill India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Website: Email:

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Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi CISTEMS (Software) Ltd., Jaipur Citrix Software Ltd, Bangalore CLC Technologies Ltd, New Delhi Clover Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune CMC Limited, New Delhi

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IT Solutions, Computer Education & Traning & IT Enabled Services, Customised Software Services, Claims Processing, Cheques Processing, Prepress services & IT turnkey projects development for e-business & mobile commerce solutions, Expertise in XML & WML on Java Beans Web-based applications, E-commerce applications, Export management systems, Encryption Software Web-solutions, Client-server application, Enterprise resources planning, Embedded systems software Application Development and Maintenance, Systems Integration, Conversion and Migration, Specialised and Customised IT solutions, Management of Very Large Data Bases, Performance Tuning, Hardware Sizing & Configuration Networking Equipment for Internet Turnkey development of custom designed business information system, System migration & porting , Y2K Solutions , Web Designing, Server based computing software Software for Apparel Industry, IT Enabled Services, Offshore customise using SQL server/access &crystal as tools E-commerce application development, Oracle support services, Linux support & services, application in Oracle Hardware maintenance equipment supply & Environmental Engineering, Applications in Ports & Cargo Automation, Insurance, Imaging & SCADA , Banking, Stock Exchanges & Fingerprint Automation, Education & Training and Computer Networking Services Multimedia Based Solution Development, Development of eLearning modules, Multimedia based e- Commerce platforms & Digital Marketing Tools such as Interactive CD Rom presentations, Web based /Off line presentations, Dynamic websites

Cogito Technologies Ltd, Noida

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Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Cognosys Software Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Compudyne Winfosystems Limited, Bangalore

Website: Email: Website: Email: vaibhav.dayal@cognosyscorp.c om Website: Email:

Insurance, Healthcare, Media, Financial Services Travel Technologies

Compulink Systems Pvt Ltd, Company Pune Computech International Limited, Calcutta Computer Clinic India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Computer Sciences Corporation India Pvt Ltd, Indore Congruent Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

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3D Character Modeling, Animation, Application Development, Reengineering, Migration, Maintenance, Web Site Development, Portals, E-services, Web sourcing, Graphic Design, Corporate Presentation, Virtual Walkthrough, ,CAD/CAM/CAE, etc Client -Server Applications Development, Internet / Specialization Intranet Applications Development, Work-flow Application Development, Ecommerce Application Customised Application Software Development, Geographical Information System, Development of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Package School Education & Training, Maintenance provider, Marketing Computer Solutions, Onsite Services General Insurance, Life Insurance Web applications development using Java/J2EE framework & Microsoft middleware tools. Expertise in WebLogic, Websphere and iPlanet, B2B applications using XML, Wirelesss applications using WAP Healthcare Products, Data Warehousing Services, Financial Sector Products Embedded S/W & RT System, Network Management System, CTI, Hospital Management System GIS & CAD based studies, MIS solutions, Web-based solutions, Customised software development On-site & off-shore software development, Software maintenance, testing, enhancements & replatforming,p; off-shore software development, Software maintenance, testing, enhancements &

Consindia Private Limited, Mumbai Consolidated Futuristic Solutions Ltd, Gurgaon Consulting Engineering Services (I) Ltd, New Delhi Contech Software Ltd., Gujarat

Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: panchamukhih@contechsoftwa


Convergent Software Limited Bangalore Convergys India Services Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon Cordiant Interweb Technologies Pvt Ltd, Kochi Core Solucomm Ltd, New Delhi Cosmic Infotech Solutions, New Delhi Cosystems Technologies Private Limited., Bangalore Covansys India (Private) Ltd., Chennai

Website: Email: Website: Email: jaswinder.ghumman@convergy Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email:

replatforming, E-commerce, Business Applications, Telecom, Technology Telecom Software , Internet Networking, E- Commerce Contact Centre Services, Billing & Customer Care Software & Services Java, IBM Websphere, Microsoft ASP Develop software & technology for Call centre, develop CRM packages for call centre On site Consulting, Off- Shore Development, Web-Enabled Technologies, E- commerce, MCommerce/ Telecommunications Telecom, Turnkey Product Development, Hardware design, Dedicated development facility Software development & maintenance in Mainframe, Client / Server, Internet / e-Commerce, Data Warehousing, CRM and ERP, Banking / Insurance, Retail / Distribution, Health Care, Auto / Manufacturing, Public Retirement Services, Utilities and Telecom Real Time operating Systems, Embedded System, Digital Signal recording, Mathematical modulation & stimulation Outsourcing services in Apparel & SLC products Internet Solutions, Multimedia Solutions, General Applications Compensation & benefits management, Insurance services, Retail management, Financial Institutional Specialization services Telecom operational support systems application, Customer care applications - call centre - CRM, Software Services, professional Services Embedded Networking, Network Management, Telecommunications, Web Development Inbound customer service & sales, Outbound Sales & collection, Tech

Cranes Software International Ltd., Bangalore Creatnet Services Ltd., New Delhi Cresco Technology (P) Ltd., Noida Crossdomain Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Company Crossword Software Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

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Cruise Controls Pvt Ltd, Pune CustomerAsset India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore


Cyber Initiatives (India) Ltd, Ahmedabad Cybertech Systems and Software Ltd., Mumbai

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Support, Back Office Processing Supply Chain application, decision support system application Oracle, Java application SAP - Implementation, Post Implementation & Onsite consultancy, CISCO - Network consultancy and Facility Management, GIS - Onsite consultancy based on ESRI products, E-commerce - Providing technical resources for developing E-solutions Consultancy Finance, IT Enabled, Software Finance & Banking, Internet, Ecommerce & Supply Chain Management, Information Asset Management & Datawarehousing, Multimedia Applications, Japanese Network Technologies - Corba, ActiveX (COM/DCOM), LDAP (NDS/ Active Directory) DEN, JINI, Component-based software - C++, Java, JavaBeans, Java RMI, Network Management - SNMP, JMAPI, WBEM, Network Drivers, Protocols, Utilities - Ethernet, ATM, TCP/IP, IP Investment Banking Applications, Internet Based Applications, Online Services, Electronic Commerce Outsourced email helhdesk services, eCRM consulting & Solutions, outsourced chat helhdesk services, knowledge management AS/400 Solutions - Development and Maintenance, Client Server Applications, E-commerce, Web Design & Internet Applications, Euro Conversions, Year 2000 Impact Analysis, Conversion & Testing, Training AS/400 and E-commerce. Embedded software development, Automation solution, software migration & implementation, software development Embedded Systems, Portal Development, E- Comm, Knowledge Management Onsite and Offshore Consultancy Services, Component Technology Development, Professional Education Services, Y2K and Euro Solutions Investment, Retail and Merchant Banking, Hire Purchase Leasing,

CybizCall (Inter national) Ltd, Gurgaon Cygnus Software Pvt Ltd, Pune

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Cygsoft Limited, Mumbai

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D E Shaw India Software Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Daksh eServices Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon Damco Advanced Technologies, New Delhi

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Daniel Measurement & Control (India) Pvt Ltd, Vadodara Danlaw Technologies India Ltd., Hyderabad Data Software Research Company International Ltd., Chennai Datacons Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore

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Data-Core (India) Ltd., Calcutta Datacraft India Ltd., Mumbai

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Trading and Services, Year 2000 solutions Software Development, Data Processing and conversion, Turnkey Projects, Engineering Consultancy Systems Integrations, End - to - end Internet And Intranet Solutions, Data Communications Specialization Bespoke - custom built solutions, Migrations & Re-Engineering, Electronic Publishing & Multimedia, Professional Services Content Management, Back Office Processing Computer Education, Software Products Distribution & Support, Software Products Development, Corporate Training and Education Raising venture capital, Mergers & Acquisitions VLSI Design, Communications Software, System Software, Web Applications ASIC Design and Verification, Wireless Technologies, Web Technologies, Embedded Software Dairy, Telecommunications, Networking / ISP, Internet based applications EDP Audit & Training, Y2K Hardware /Software Testing and Remediation, Software Development, Network installation and Audit Switching transmission & access, Convergence technologies, Wireless Communication Technologies, Embedded & Telecom Testing technologies Application Development, Network Associates Services, eBusiness Consulting, Sybase Services E.D.A., Chip Design / ASIC Design,Web Content Development, DVT Information technology management consulting, Web marketing, People management, Operations outsourcing Scanning Bureau, Image-Based Data Capture and Processing, Document Management, Intranets Reengineering, Software

Company Datamatics Ltd., Mumbai Datamatics Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Datapro Infoworld Ltd., Mumbai Dawn Consulting, Bangalore DCM Datasystems Ltd., New Delhi DCM Technologies Limited, Gurgaon DDE ORG Systems Ltd., Bangalore Deccan Infotech (P) Limited, Bangalore Deccanet Designs Limited, Bangalore

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Decision Technologies (India ) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Delsoft India Pvt. Ltd., Noida Delsys Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai DESS Technologies, Mumbai Dexterity Business


Analysts Private Limited., Chennai Dharma Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Differential Technologies Limited, New Delhi Digital GlobalSoft Ltd., Bangalore


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Digitec Engineers & Computech Pvt Ltd, Indore, MP Directorate of Technical Education, Punjab, Chandigarh Disha Online (P) Ltd, Raipur (MP) Divas Offshore Software Technologies (P) Ltd, New Delhi Company divine India Limited, Hyderabad DPS Technologies India Pvt Ltd, Calcutta DRS Infosystems Ltd, Tamil Nadu DSL Software Ltd., Bangalore

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Development, Web enabling of legacy systems, Maintenance, Support and Enhancement in mainframe and clientserver area Application integration technology for new e-business solutions Products: Dharma eUnify Web enabled Services, Dot Com incubation Services, Web based corporate solution Telecom software development : Network Management, Dec SS7, Fraud Management, Call Centre Solutions.,Engineering software development and support work in OS, Distributed Computing, Mail Messaging Products, Networking and Storage Products. , Applications Network integration, Wireless & Radio connectivity, Backoffice solutions Training Custom made software, Web Solutions, E-governance, Training & Education Financial Software Services, Embedded Systems, Telecom Solutions, Enterprise Solutions Specialization Specialisation: Software Design & Development, B2B e-commerce application development Software Development, E-commerce, Data Processing, Examination Processing, Content Conversion, CAD, CAE, GIS, 3D modelling/walk-through, multi-media, simulation Software development, IT training, Systems integration, Educational sales Client Server, Intranet/Internet, IBM Mainframe, Tandem, Core Banking Systems, Electronic Banking, Custodial Services, Private Banking, Investment Banking Onsite Services, Systems Integration, Packaged Software, Training, Offshore Maintenance, Turnkey Projects, Data Capture, Data Conversion, Data Processing

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DSQ Software Limited, Chennai

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DSS Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Pune Duncan Infotech, Hyderabad Dusk Valley Technologies Ltd, Gurgaon E B C Publishing Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow e Three R Info Systems Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Eastern Software Systems Ltd., New Delhi e-biz Concepts (India) ltd, Ahmedabad E-Brahma Technologies (P) Ltd., Coimbatore Eclipse Systems Pvt. Ltd., Noida

Website: Email: Website:www.duncaninfotech.c om Email: Website: Email:

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Manufacturing, Service Industry, Insurance ERP / MRP Solutions, E-commerce / EDI / Web Technologies/ Intranet / Internet, Euro Currency Solutions, Healthcare Software Solutions Software development & integration, onsite development for software, offshore development, application design, multimedia Legal Databases, Case-Law Research Tools, Legal Transcription Call/contact centre, back office operations, call centre training, manpower resourcing Application Software Products like ERP, Hospital Management, Distribution E-Commerce Training, Software Exports, Overseas Job Placement, Software Services E-Commerce, System Integration, Consultancy, Product Support Application and systems programming, RBDMS Application Development, Building Websites, Microsoft Windows Programming, Multimedia Application Development, Engineering Drawings Call centre solutions, M commerce, E Commece, Middleware, EAI & application development Encryption & Digital Signatures, Digital Web & WAP Cetification, PKI Products, PKI Service Comprehensive integrated solutions, Program and risk management, Onshore/Offshore project execution for mainframes and open systems, Maintenance and production support, Y2K and Euro currency solutions, Migration projects IT Training, Software Development & Consultancy Groupware Solutions (Lotus notes Domino, CRP Solutions, AS/400 (Training), Authorized Training on IBM & Lotus Products Specialization

Ecom Server India (P) Ltd, Hyderabad Ecomenable Pvt Ltd, Baroda EDS - Electronic Data Systems (India) Private Limited, Gurgaon

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Edutech Information India Ltd., New Delhi e-enable Technologies Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

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eFunds International Private Limited, Mumbai e-Infochips Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

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Banking, IT Enabled Services eBusiness / eCommerce : Web centric solutions, Internet / intranet / extranet applications, Web design services / portal side development, ASIC design services, GIS based decision support systems Business Intelligence, eBusiness Application development, Enterprise application Integration Facilitation and consultancy for IT projects, Data capture services like voter ID card, Family card etc., Turnkey projects, Training Textile ERP Package, Customised Software Projects, E-Commerce Projects, Onsite and Offshore, Turnkey Software Project Development and Implementation Financial B2B exchange solutions, generic B2B solutions, securities trading systems Web-based application development for project & product develoment, Java, EJB, JINI, J2ME, Mobile application, Database-Oracle, SQL,DB2, Application server, Weblogic, Web-sphere, O/S, MS-NT/2000, Unix Embedded Software, Microprocessor & DSP Programming, Software Testing Business Process Outsourcing, Software Development, Outsourced Call Centre, Systems Integration Microsoft n-tier, DNA solutions, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Net solutions, Java expertise in J2EE, EJB, Swing, RMI, Enterprise WAP solutions & WAP gateway implementation Customer interaction services, Business Process Outsourcing, GIS Services, Data Management, CAD/CAE Services, IT Solutions B2B Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions E-commerce solutions, Free backbone for B2B and B2C, Web Hosting, Network Security

EKnowVenture Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited, Chennai Elgi Software Ltd., Coimbatore

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Elind Computers Ltd, Bangalore Emcure Infotech Ltd, Pune

Emerson Network Power (India) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai eMR Technology Ventures Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon Encodex Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd., Pune Enlink Infotech Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Entcomm (Asia) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Eonour Software Ltd., Chennai

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Epicenter Technologies Pvt Ltd Mumbai Escosoft Technologies Ltd., New Delhi ESN Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad eSoft Consulting Ltd, Hyderabad Esols Worldwide Ltd., Mumbai

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Financial services, Telecom, Banking, IT Services

eSpace Technologies Pvt.Ltd., Chennai

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Company ESPL Systems Private Limited, New Delhi Essar Information Technology Ltd., Surat (DT) Essel Software & Services Ltd., Hyderabad Esskay Solutions Ltd, Hyderabad Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad Euclid India Limited, Hyderabad

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ERP Implementation, Enterprise Management Solutions, E-Commerce, IT Enabled Services Internet applications, Wireless/Emabedded Systems, Enterprise solutions, CAD/CAM/ Engineering Applications Telecommunication, eBusiness, Customer application development, facility management E- Business Solutions, Customised Applications Development, Multimedia Services, Onsite Contracting/Staffing, Systems Integartion,I.T Training, Software Development,Internet & ECommerce E-Commerce Architecture, eCommerce Development & Integration, e-Commerce Security & Network Consulting, E-Commerce Managed Web Hosting Specialization Expertise on Unix, R & D on Microprocessor based packaging machines, Engineering and Manufacturing ERP, Systems integration, Manpower outsourcing Vertical Application Development, ECommerce Applications, Customised Software Development, ERP Packages Development and Implementation Data Warehousing consultany & projects, Software development, Onsite services, offshore services Network Services - planning, design, implementation, operations and optimization, Setting up Turnkey Networks for Telco/ ISPs, VOIP, VPN, DSL and cable based technologies ERP / EBS, Oracle and D2K Healthcare IT, Internet portal development, building automation, component development

Euro Info Systems Pvt. Ltd., Noida Eutech Cybernetics (India) Pvt Ltd, Chennai

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Excel Infotech Ltd, Gurgaon Exel NetCommerce Ltd, Mumbai Eximsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore ExlService.Com (I) Pvt. Ltd., Noida EXplora InfoTech Limited, Ahmedabad EZCommerce (India) Limited, Secunderabad FCS Software Solutions Ltd, Noida

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Software Development, E-Commerce, Medical Transcription, ISP Financial Services, Consumer goods, Automation On Site / Off Shore Services, Training, Consultancy, Packaged software, Data Conversion Back office process, Web/email based process, Voice based process Systems Integartion, software development, , Smart card applications,Interactive Information Kiosk eBusiness products & Packages, Offshore services, eBusiness consultancy & BPR, ERP/CRM SCM implementation Web based application development / E-commerce, ERP (SAP, Oracle Applications), Porting Projects (Client Server Architecture), System Programming (DLL / Data transfer) IT Education, SMS Softwares, ICR Software , Web Solutions IPR-centric organization and a specialist in deploying mission-critical, Straight Through Processing technologies for the global financial services industry, that includes Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Forex, Treasury and Depository operations. Inbound customer care, eCommerce Customer Support, Email Processing, Telemarketing & Consultancy Internet Solutions, Intranet Consultancy, On-Site Services, Staffing, Training Accounting, Transaction processing, Audit/Internal Control, Call Center Develop & maintain software applications, Research & knowledge management, Develop software solutions Specialization Transportation, Distribution and Logistics, E-commerce, Y2K and Euro Currency Solutions, IBM AS/400 E- Commerce Solutions, Client/Server Computing & 3 tier architecture, Database Design & development, Geographic Information System (GIS)

Fil - Flan Systems, Mumbai Financial Technologies (India) Ltd., Mumbai

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First Ring I Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Firstware Software Solutions, Chennai Ford Business Service Center Private limited, Chennai Freemarkets Services (P) Ltd, Gurgaon Company Friendly Advanced Software Technology (P) Ltd., Bangalore Frontlinesoft Ltd., Hyderabad

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Future Focus Infotech Pvt. Ltd Chennai Future Software Limited, Chennai G M Infotech & Systems Pvt Ltd, Chennai Gamma Software Systems Pvt Ltd, Calcutta Gate2Biz Pvt Ltd, New Delhi GATI Intellect Systems Ltd, Secunderabad Gavs Information Service Pvt. Ltd., Chennai GE Capital Services India, Gurgaon Geine Technologies India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Genesis Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Genisys Integrating Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Geodesic Information Systems Ltd., Mumbai Geometric Software Solutions Company Ltd., Mumbai

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Internet, Intranet & Extranet Deployment, Web Content Development, Contract Staffing, Training (Individual and Corporate) Telecommunications, Data Communications, Embedded Systems Software, Product Engineering Consultancy & Projects, Internet & ECommerce, IT Training, Software Development Onsite Consulting, Data Bases, ECommerce, Networking B2B e-commerce, e-procurement, emarketplaces, catalogue management Software Development, Software Migration, Onsite Consulting, Execution of turnkey projects, Education and Training Application Reengineering, ECommerce Implementation, Corporate Treasury Information System Development, Mainframe Application Support Back Office Operations, Call Centre, Data Processing, Revenue Accounting, CBT/WBT Content Development eCRM, Portal development, Website designing & developing, e-commerce Client-server technology, E-commerce training and projects, Consultancy Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Internet IT Enabled services, e-com, Software Development CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software solutions and development services; Experise in Geometric Modeling Software (Solid and Surface modeling); Data Translation (IGES,STEP, VDA, ACIS, Parasolid, Properitory formats); Feature Recognition (Automatic & Interactive for I Wireless, Internet / Intranet, Development Tools Software development for insurance/reinsurance companies, Legacy conversion/Maintenance, Systems integration & Data

Global Automation India (P) Ltd, Bangalore Global Business Technology Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai

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Global Dialnet Limited, New Delhi Global Groupware Solutions Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Global Infosystems Ltd, New Delhi Global IT Services Ltd., Calcutta Company Global Software (I) Pvt Ltd, Chennai Global Tech India Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad Globalsoft Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Globsyn Technologies Ltd., New Delhi Godrej Infotech Ltd, Mumbai Goenka Infotech Limited, Hyderabad

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Warehousing, IT Enabled services Software development/solutions, Web solutions, ASP, Internet Technologies Customer Relation Management, Workflow Applications IT Consultancy, IT cources, Internet services, Customised projects Multi tier client-server systems design & development, Internet Technologies to Support E-business, Data Specialization Warehousing & Data Mining solutions CRM, application management, ecommerce, systems integration Customised Software Development, Multilingual Development, Internet / Intranet, Overseas Software Development Broadcasting Software, Advanced Transactions based web poratls, onsite consulting, Embedded Systems/software Data warehousing, Enterprise solutions (including IBM Mainframe & AS/400), Web Enablement; Multimedia, EDI / E-commerce, Y2K Solutions ERP consultancy, e-commerce solutions, commercial application software development, IT outsourcing Independent validation & verification, validation of web page, software maitenance & web enabling of legacy applications, IT application for Power sector Computing, Data Warehousing, Web Centric Applications Distributed Development and distribution of Active X components, Consulting Services on Microsoft technologies for Internet and Intranet solutions, Marketing, Support and Implementation of Vertical Market Solutions, Support and training on Microsoft Developer platform Client Server Architecture

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Goldstone Technologies Ltd, Secunderabad GrapeCity India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Growth Compusoft Exports Ltd., Ahmedabad GTL Limited,

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Web Technologies / Internet / Intranet,




Gujarat Informatics Limited, Gujarat Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Company, Ahmedabad Gujarat Venture Finance Ltd., Ahmedabad Gulf Computers Private Limited, Mumbai

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ERP Solutions / E-commerce / EDI, Telecom Solutions / Billing Solutions / Communication Software, Software Development e-Governance Projects, Customised Software for government, IT Architecturing, Investment Consultants Internet & E-commerce services, VSAT communication, LAN/WAN, IT infrastructure, Digital certification Venture Capital Assistance Oracle : Forms 4.5, Imaging Solutions, Y2K Solutions for various software (COBOL, PL1, Mantis, Easytrieve), C/S environment including Oracle tools(D2K, Des2K, Web apps), VB, Push Button, Sybase., AS 400 development, JAVA, Netscape, C++, Spatialware, Map Turnkey solution for industrial control and communication system, Embedded controller adapted to different applications IT Enabled Services/BPO, Data Acquisition, Image/Data Processing Web based ERP applications, Portal Design & Development, Datawarehousing & Mining, Specialization Customised software development, Design & Animation Call centre -Inbound & outbound, Accounting services, Transaction processing, HR Services Application development/maintenance, Technical help-desk services, SAP implementation/ABAP programming, Infrastructure services Investment Banking, Telecom, Energy, Migration, E-Services, Object Development Client Server, Imaging, Workflow & ERP, Mainframe, Legacy Systems and AS 400 based solutions, Telecom, Networking, Netcentric software & ECommerce, Embedded Systems, DSP, ASIC Cores & System Software

Hamilton Research & Technology Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta Hays Document Management Pvt. Ltd., Chennai HCC Infotech Ltd, Mumbai Company HCL E Serve Technologies Ltd, Noida HCL Infosystems Ltd, Noida

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HCL Perot Systems Pvt Ltd, Noida HCL Technologies Ltd, Noida


Healthscribe India Limited, Bangalore Hero Corporate Services Ltd, New Delhi Heuristix Systems Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

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Medical Trascription

ERP Implementation, IT Enabled Services, CRM, Back-Office Processing Software Engineering Services and Real-Time Software Development, Object Oriented Computing Technology and GUI, Software Quality Assurance - Test Suite Development Product Development, Complex Software solution development, Leading edge technology, middleware and framework development. ERP, E-Business, Euro services, ESM Enterprisewide Systems Management, Services - Consulting, Maintenance, Development Technology, Media & Telecommunications E Commerce-Netbased, WAP, SMS, Application Service Provider, B2B, MarketPlace, SCM, DCM, CRM, Payment gateway Maintenance and Support, Software Development, Consultancy, Training Banking Software Products & Services, Middleware & Switching Products E-business, Oracle support services, Egovernance, Consulting Real-time embedded systems, Desktop tools, Internet technologies, Mission critical software CAD, CAM / CAE, GIS, Web enabled electronic cataloging Internet and Intranet, Data Web Housing, Web Enablement Systems Integration, IT Enabled services, Internet 7 E-Commerce, Offshore Services Back office operations, IT Enabled Services Professional Services, Application Outsourcing, Project Management,

Hewlett-Packard (India) Software Operations Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Hexaware Technologies Limited, Chennai Hinduja TMT Ltd, Bangalore Hiperworld Cybertech Ltd, New Delhi Hi-Tech Compucare, Tripura HMA STARware Ltd, Chennai Holool E-Business Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad Honeywell India Software Operations Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore HOPE Technologies Ltd., New Delhi House of Code (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Houston Technologies Ltd New Delhi HSBC Electronic Data Processing India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad HTC Software Development

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Centre, Chennai Company Huawei Technologies India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Hughes Software Systems Ltd, Gurgaon Contact Address Website: Email: Website: Email:

Packaged Service Specialization Telecom, Network Management, Datacom, Wireless solutions Protocol stacks - telecom and data communication, Internet and Electronic Commerce offerings, Network Management and Mediation Device Systems, Intelligent Networks & Switching Solutions Business and Financial Applications, Process Control Applications, Supply Chain Management Systems, Expertise in Japanese Environment E-learning application Electronic business process optimization which includes Supply chain management, Product lifecycle management, Customer management Information Strategy planning, Enterprise Business Application, Web Transformation, Network Design & implementation, Knowledge & Data mining E-commerce Solutions, ERP Implementation services, Software development and maintenance, Business Intelligence Solutions Air transportation business, Ecommerce, Web enabling technologies, Finance & Banking, Healthcare Win 95, Win 98, Win NT, C, C++, Web technologies / Database management, Device Drivers / Colour Management / Biometrics, Card personalization including abase management, Device Drivers / Colour Management / Biometrics, Card personalization including Sma IT Enabled Services, Software Development (Emphasis on Financial Sector) Call Centre, IT Enabled Services, Transaction Processing, Business Process Outsourcing Back office operations, e-CRM, web centre Telecommunication, Telematics, Messaging, Internet

Human Base India Inc., Bangalore Hurix Systems Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai i2 Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai IBILT Technologies Ltd, New Delhi

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IBM Global Services IndiaPvt. Ltd., Bangalore IBS Software Services (P) Ltd, Trivandrum iCelerate Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore

ICICI Infotech Services Ltd., Mumbai ICICI OneSource Limited, Mumbai Icon Data Management Ltd, Noida iCope Technologies Private Limited,

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Bangalore IDBI Intech Ltd Navi Mumbai Ideaspace Solutions Ltd, Hyderabad IDS Infotech Limited, Chandigarh i-flex solutions ltd., Mumbai IICE Technologies Ltd, New Delhi

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eCommerce Services, Shared services, Software solutions/product development, systems integration Entreprise application integration, IT application in Finance, IT application in Utilities, Mobile & Wireless application Back Office Operations, Medical Transcription, Call Centres, Marine Software Mobile business solutions, E-business solutions, Genomics - bioinformatics Web & E-training, Internet solutions, Placements

IIS Scientific Computing Ltd, Noida I-Labs Ltd, Hyderabad Company ILI Technologies Ltd, Bangalore Impetus Infotech (I) Pvt. Ltd., Indore

Oil & gas exploration software, GIS, 2D/3D imaging, CAE software & services Software products & Services for the Banking & Finance Industry Specialization Biometrics solutions, RFID Solutions, Authentication Solutions, ASPs Business to Business Solution Provider, Object oriented technology development, Distributed component architechture & framework, Web/Internet Technology Internet & e-commerce, IT enabled services, Multimedia CD authoring End-to-end e-commerce solutions, web-enabling financial institutions, application development, hosting and support, State-of-the-art client-server technology IT Consulting and Software development solutions to global market to provide end-to-end solutions in B2B,Banking & Insurance, Manufacturing, Mobile communications & Healthcare Data Capture Services, Data Processing, Off Shore Services, Training, Turnkey Projects, Data conversion Enterprise Wide Solutions- ERP Implementation - SAP & Oracle and Productivity Improvement Tools Plexus & Lotus, Datawarehousing &

InApp Information Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd, Trivandrum iNautix Technologies India Pvt Ltd, Chennai Indchem Software Technologies Ltd, Chennai

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India Education Centre Softwares Limited, New Delhi India Software Group ISG, Chennai

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26, New Delhi Indian Direct Equity Advisors Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Indo-Japan Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi Indo-Pacific Software & Entertainment Ltd, Nagpur Indorama Software Solutions Limited, Mumbai Indus Asuka Software Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Indus Business Systems Ltd., Hyderabad Indus Software Pvt. Ltd., Pune Induswork Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Info Dimensions Business Enterprise Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad Info Tech Coropration of Goa Ltd, Goa

Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email:

Mining - SAS Tools, Custom Development of Off-Shore and On-site Services, Human Resource Management System Product Develop IT Enabled services, Hardware & systems integration, Offshore services, IT consultancy & projects Venture Capital for IT, Embedded Systems : Firmware & Software, Windows based softwareace=Arial size=2> Software Project Planning, Archtecture & Design, Coding & Testing, Integration & Systems testing E- Commerce, Client Server application, enterprise solutions, web centric solutions Software development for Japanese market, Web Based development & maintenance, Design & consultancy Web Technology / Intranet / Internet, Client Server Technology Non-Banking Finance Companies, Banking Operations, Insurance Operations, Internet Development Internet Applications, E-business, Software development, EDI Web and E-Commerce, Databases IT Enabled Services, Consultancy & Projects, Off Shore Services Electronics Corporation of Goa Limited has been set up by Government of India for development of computer software industry in the state. Itbeen set up by Government of India for development of Specialization computer software industry in the state. Its prime object Microsoft Visual Studio Suite (Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Visual C++), SQL Server, Oracle, Other ODBC compliant databases, ActiveX, COM/DCOM, ADO, ASP Technologies Front Office Solutions, ERP Solutions, Application / System Engineering Services, Internet Integration Services

Company Infoedge Solutions Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi

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Infogain India (P) Ltd., Noida


Infolog Solutions (P) Ltd, Bangalore Information Technologies (India) Limited, New Delhi Information Technology Park Ltd., Bangalore Infosys Technologies Ltd., Bangalore

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Developing & Maintenance of Software for Logistic services, Hardware Maintenance for Logistic Companies Client-Server / Database Applications, Networking / System Software, Group Ware, Windows CE products Establish and Maintain Information Technology Park Web Technologies / Internet / Intranet, Telecom Solutions / Communications Software, Business Process consultancy / Re-engineering, Software Maintenance and Migration IT Enabled Services - GIS/CAD Conversion, Software development Services - GIS,CAD,Business, Web, Consultancy Services - GIS, Engineering/CAD, Business, Web Software development in Finance Message processing - Swift, Fax, Telex, E-mail, EDI, HTML, XML, Straight through processing - reduction in manual processing of messages, Natural language processing understanding of English, German, French text, Knowledge based intelligent software development Supply chain management, Webbased ERP, Application service provider, Mobile commerce Medical Transcription, Back office Operation & Support, Contact Center, Software Development Infotel - outbound & inbound phone sales & support, Infochat - Web chat & collaboration, InfoBPM - Business Process Management, InfoAnalysis Data Mining & Analysis Telecom Billing, Customers Care & Telecom Audit Services, Internet, Human Resources Software, Semi Conduct Software Products & Customised development for Banking Industry, Development of Web-enabled solutions, E-commerce content development, System integration, Internetworking, Interface Development Call centre, Back office operations, Web enablement Formulate, design, develop, market,

Infotech Enterprises Ltd., Hyderabad

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Infotech Financials Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Infotek Software & Systems Pvt Ltd, Pune Infovision Software Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta Infowavz International Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Infozech Software (P) Ltd., New Delhi InfraSoft Technologies Limited, Mumbai

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Inox Global Services Ltd, Gurgaon Pvt Ltd,

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Chennai Inspira Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Company Institute of Chartered, Hyderabad Intec Interface GM Pvt Ltd, Pune Integra Micro Systems (P) Ltd Bangalore Integra Software Services Private Limited, Pondicherry Integrated Computing Environments Ltd., Trivandrum Intel Asia Electronics Inc., Mumbai Intellicon Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad Intelligent Information Systems Pvt Ltd, Noida Intelligroup Asia Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

Email: Website: Email: Contact Address Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: bosco.malapatti@intelligroup.c Website: Email: Website: Email:

franchise, export, sell & licence software eGovernance, Onsite services, eSolutions Specialization Education, Research, Consultancy, Publication Oracle Platform, Internet Technologies - Java, Java Script Telecom Billing, Customer Care, CRM, MIS, Embedded Software, Testing & Verification, Life Cycle Maintenance, Device Drivers Web and e- Publishing, Typesetting, Internet, E- Commerce and Software development, Client- Server Software Development Windows device driver development

Intelsys Software & Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta InteQ Software Limited, Hyderabad

Interglobe Technologies Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon

Website: m Email: ramesh.arora@interglobetechn

Chip Design, Microprocessor, ASIC, Telecom Solutions, Communication Software, E- commerce, EDI, Web Technologies, Internet , Intranet Internet/Intranet Application, E-enable services, Automation Application, Telecommunication software Offshore Software Development, Reengineering, Application development ERP (SAP, Baan, Peoplesoft, Oracle) Implementation, Development and Optimization Services, E-commerce (Sun / Microsoft Technologies), Outsourcing Object Oriented Technology based 3 Tier Client Application, Software Development in distributed Computing Enviroment, B2C Portalsin E Commerce, IT Training E-commerce Design and delivery, Commercial Web App Design and Delivery, Intranet, Business Function, Workflow Enabling, Development Methodologies, Database Architecture and Support, Infrastructure, Network support, Client Server Systems Project Management Software Development, IT Enabled Services, Website development & Maintenance


Intergraph Consulting Private Limited, Hyderabad Intermedia Interactive Solutions Ltd, Pune Internet Trends (India) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Interra Software (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Intertech Resources Ltd, New Delhi Inter-Tech Systems Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Intiqua India Limited,New Delhi Email: Website: Email: m Email: Website: Email: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email:

CAD / CAM, GIS, Plant Design System, Shipbuilding, Architecture, Document Management Pharmaceutical Industry, E-business, E-tail Operating systems, Networking Technology, Internet/ Web, GUI Development Enterprise Business Applications, Internet / E-Commerce, IBM mianframe, Maintenance / Migration Consultancy for Call centre operation, Human resource development & onshore projects Internet & E-Commerce

Company Intrasoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta Investment Research & Information Services Ltd, Mumbai IOL Technologies Pvt Ltd, New Delhi IonIdea Enterprise Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore IonIdea Interactive Private Limited, Bangalore iS3C Consultancy Services Ltd., Mumbai

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eBusiness solutions, Intranets for improving business efficiencies, Extranets for enhancing business relationships and eCommerce for increasing business competitiveness, eBusiness Strategy, eBusiness Design, eBusiness Development, Specialization eBusiness Promoti Internet related services, IT-enabled Services, Web Content / Information Technology Software Development, Back-end programming and Transmission of data Enterprise Application Integartion, enterprise Knowledge Management, Web Enabled Applications, Consulting Services Internet application, Microsoft Technologies, Windows Programming Interactive Media Domain, Enterprise Applications & Products, Telecom & Communications S/W, Financial Service Industry Internet Middleware and Intranet Migration, Web Content Development, Datawarehousing & Data Mining, Transaction Automation & Ecommerce Baan ERP Consultancy, Banking Solutions, Oracle Applications, ECommerce, Application Development and Maintinance, Data Warehouseing


iSeva Systems Pvt Ltd, Bangalore IT Microsystems (India) Ltd, Mumbai IT Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

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and Migration. CRM Consulting, Outsourcing of customer service Software development, Internet & Ecommerce, Consultancy & projects, IT Training Development of Application in Client Server, Web, Internet, E-commerce, Porting, Migration & Maintenance of application in Unix/NT, Platform, Specialisation in Data Warehousing, ECommerce, Implementation, Support for ERP Application IT infrastructure management, network Integration, Systems Integration, E-enabling of applications Customised Software Solutions, Software Products, Turnkey Projects E-Business, Entreprise Solutions, Wireless application, Outsourcing ERP Services, Business Intelligence, Help Desk Operations, Web-enabled applications IBM AS/400 and RS 6000, Development and re-engineering, client-server technologies, Internet technologies, E-Biz technologies, Product development, IT consultancy, Professional services SAP R/3 based development, ECommerce, Internet application development and Consulting CRM, Microsoft Technologies, Web development, Application & Development Software Development, Internet related Services Consultancy - Development - Training on PROGRESS, Development and deployment of internet transaction processing applications , MFG. PRO implementation Real Time Distributed System, Networking, Data communication, Telecommunication Software, Process Control & data acquisition software Specialization Development of Wireless Mobile Server space Technologies, Wireless

IT&T Limited, Noida ITC Infotech India Ltd, Calcutta iTouchPoint Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore ITTI Limited, Bangalore Ivega Corporation, Bangalore

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IVL India Pvt. Ltd., Trivandrum IVUS Software Development Centre Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Jay Instruments & Systems Pvt Ltd, Mumbai JK Technosoft Ltd, New Delhi

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Jopasana Software & Systems Pvt Ltd, Pune

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Company JP Mobile (India) Limited, Hyderabad

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JP Morgan Services India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Juno Online Services Development Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Kale Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Pune

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Applications for wide variety of Handheld devices, smartphones etc., supporting multiple Networks Financial Services Support Dial-up Internet email Banking & Finance, Airlines, Health Care, Year 2000 & Euro conversion, Web Technology, Client Server Development, Migrations, Contracting Consulting & Implementation of Insurance, Consulting design & development of workflow, Groupware & development management Solutions, Design & Development of Web enabled application software & ecommerce system, redesign & web enablinglegacy application IT development, maintenance & support outsourcing, E-Business & Enterprise Systems Implementation, Systems Compliance & Renovation Projects, Specialised Consultancy in Payment systems & Insurance Software consultancy, Web applications, Data processing / conversion, HR placement / training Data Processing, Web Based Financial Portal, Medical Transcription Small Business Systems, Consultancy, ERP / MRP Solutions, Object Oriented Analysis / Design Software Development, Internet & ECommerce, I T Trainning, On-stie services Turnkey Offshore development projects & maintenance of large legacy systems, R&D for Client-server enviroments Financial Service and Stock Broking, Production and Sales Management, Purchase and Inventory Management, IT enabled off-shore Data Processing eCommerce & Internet Technologies, Object oriented design/programming, RealTime & Embedded System, System Software & Network Technologies Distribution, Manufacturing, Internet & Intranet, Engineering

Kals Information Systems Ltd, Bangalore

Kanbay Software (India) Pvt. Ltd., Pune

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Kaneriya Technologies Limited, Valsad Karvy Consultants Ltd, Hyderabad Kaytek Computer Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai KCC Software Ltd, New Delhi Keane India Ltd, Noida Kejriwal Computers Limited, Calcutta Kernex Micro Systems (India) Ltd., Hyderabad Kirloskar Computer Services Ltd.,

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Bangalore KLG Systel Ltd., Gurgaon

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KMG Infotech Pvt Ltd, Bangalore KPIT Infosystems Limited., Pune

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Company Krupp Industries India Ltd., Pune Kurade I - Net Pvt.Ltd, New Delhi Labh Software Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

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Computer Aided Design & Engineering (CAD/CAE), Project Management, Supply Chain Solutions and Manufacturing Execution Systems, Business to Business Internet Solutions, Manufacturing and Automation System, Consulting Development and Education IT consultancy & software development, Insurance solution, SCM solution, Web enabling of legacy & Ecommerce Implementation of Oracle ERP/Data Marts / OLAP Solutions, Banking & Financial Services Solutions, Ecommerce, Internet & Web Application, Control Specialization Automation & Engineering Solutions, Platform Migration Project Management And Consultancy Internet, Software Development, ECommerce, Web Development B2B, B2C Portal & E-commerce Solutions, Web enabled & CIL, server based application, Lagacy system migration, customised software development E-commerce & internet services, Mobile Computing, Client Server computing, Application development Networking Solutions, ERP, Internet, Web Development & E-commerce Applied IT Training, Biometric Software solutions, Retail/Suply chain solutions, Logistics End-to-end service provider. Domain solutions, Technology solutions, Business solutions, Re-engineering, SLA based maintenance & enhancement, porting/migration SEICMM Level-4 Banking, Trade Finance, Healthcare, Ecommerce Education Training on Linux, Open Sources & Linux, software Development, e-business Enabled Call Centre, Training, Software development, Consultancy

Lambent Technologies Pvt Ltd, Nagpur Lanco Global Systems Limited, Hyderabad Landmark Infotech Systems & Solutions Pvt Ltd, Chennai Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited, Mumbai

Laser Soft Infosystems Ltd, Chennai Lateral Software Technology Pvt Ltd, Chennai Lawkim Ltd (ITES Division),Mumbai

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Lee & Nee Softwares (Exports) Ltd., Calcutta Leo Infotech (P) Ltd., Bangalore LG Soft India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Linc Software Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Lipi Infosoft Limited, Mumbai Live Tech Solutions (P) Ltd, Hyderabad Logica Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Logicsoft International Pvt Ltd., New Delhi Login Infotech Private Limited, Bangalore Lucent Technologies India (P) Ltd., Bangalore Lucid Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore Company

anwer_bagdadi@lawkimindia.c om Website: Email:

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Internet Service Provider, Internet & Intranet solutions, value added services as E-commerce, Multimedia Applications, ERP solutions Implementations e-com Solutions , Software Solutions Websites & Web hosting, GIS - Remote sensig (linked with ISRO) Emerging Technologies, E-Commerce, Enterprise systems, Embedded Systems, Systems Integration / Systems management AS/400 - based software development and services, ERP Solution Providers, Restructuring Services (Year2000 and Euro), Product Marketing Web enabled services, Training, Ebusiness, ERP for SMEs Wireless solutions, Embedded Technologies, eCommerce & Internet Technologies, Client/Server Technologies : Financial products and solutions, Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities, Systems, integration & Consultancy Database Management Solutions, Enterprise Computing Solutions, Internet and Intranet, Multimedia and Realtime Presentation Systems. Consulting, Training, Systems Integration, Internet and E- Commerce Software R & D for Wireless Networks ERP products targeted at SMEs; Intranet and Grouware consultancy development; Custom Specialization software development based on Microsoft Technologies using an n-tier model; B2B e-commerce IT consultancy, On-site software development, Off-shore software development Finance, Banking, Healthcare, Human Resources Software services in capital markets, E-commerce, Internet Technology, IT enbaled services Implementation of State IT policy,

MA Softech International Ltd, Bhopal Macil Infosystems (Pvt) Ltd, Mumbai Madhu Intra Ltd, Calcutta Madhya Pradesh

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Agency for Promotion of Information Technology, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd., Bhopal Magic Software Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation, Mumbai Maharashtra Institute of Advance Electronics & Comp Tech (P) Ltd., Mumbai Mahindra British Telecom Ltd., Pune Mahindra Consulting Ltd., Mumbai

Promotion & use of IT in Governance, Co-ordinate HRD needs, Development of support infrastructure Email: Infrastrure Development and Management, Escort / Support Services to prospective units, IT consultancy in procurement, networking and SAD CD-Rom Titles, Web Publishing, Multimedia Content Production, Software Solutions Setting up Industrial Areas & IT Parks, Develops Information Technology Entrepreneurship incubation facilities Educational Software Development, Web Designing, Computer Training

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Majoris Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Manjushree Infotech (IT - Divi. Of Manjushree Plantation), Calcutta Marble Infotech Ltd., New Delhi MASCON Global Limited, Chennai Mascot Systems Ltd., Bangalore

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Telecom Operational Systems, Database Re-engineering, Network Management, Verification & Validation, Year 2000 Solutions, ERP Solutions SAP Implementation Services (Project Management, ABAP, Functional, Basis), Desktop, Helpdesk, LAN, WAN Management Services, Internet, Intranet, E-commerce Solutions, Client-Server Solutions (Oracle, SQLServer, Access, VB) Turnkey software development services, IT Enabled Services, Internet, E-Commerce, Quality consulting On Site / Off Shore Services, Consultancy & Projects, Internet and E- Commerce ERP Solutions, Visual Software development, CRM, e-commerce Manufacturing, ERP, E-Commerce, Banking Entreprise-wide development, reengineering & maintenance of application software in areas of Ebusiness intelligence, ERP & mobile commerce across mainframe, midrange, client server & Internet platforms Data Acquisition / Automation software, Instrumentation software for interface, device drivers etc., Embedded software, System

Masibus Process Instruments (P). Ltd., Gandhinagar

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MASTEK Ltd., Mumbai Max Ateev Limited, New Delhi Company

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McKinsey & Company Inc., Mumbai MECON Limited, Ranchi

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Integration Banking, Manufacturing & Distribution, Financial Services, Customer Care, Insurance, Asset Management Enterprise Software Solutions (SAP, Oracle Applications ), Knowledge Management, and Offshore Product Development Services. Its Specialization customized solutions, implemented with speed and effectiveness, enable companies to maximize business value. Management Consulting, Strategy Operations & Organization Process control & automation, Inspection Management Systems for Process Industries, Specialised software for Continuous Casters, Sinter Plant, Raw Material Handling systems., Custom made software for Business application Healthcare Unit, Medical coding, Medical Transcription, Medical Billing

Medical e-Commerce Solutions Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Medicom Solutions (P) Ltd, Bangalore Megasoft Limited, Chennai

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Hospital Information Systems, Clinical Workstation, Clinical Information Development and maintenance of software applications, including products and web-based tools; design, implementation, and administration of systems, including databases and networks; and end-to-end consulting for e-business solutions. Offshore project development, Client server project development, Ebusiness projects & internet projects, Onsite consultancy Application development, Consulting, Custom Content developemnent E-commerce, Wireless applications, ERP/Legacy Systems, Storage management & disaster recovery system Banking, Web Designing, Internet Applications Software development, internet & intranet solutions, networking & online transactions, training

Melstar Information Technologies Ltd, Mumbai Mentorix Learning Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Meru Convergent Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai Micro Informations Pvt Ltd, Gujarat Micro Technologies (India) Ltd, Mumbai

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Microsoft Corporation (I) Ltd., New Delhi Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Milcom Software, Chennai Millenium Information Systems Limited, Calcutta Mindmill Software Ltd, New Delhi Website: Email: Website: dev Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: suchin.gupta@mindmillsoftwar Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: m Website: Email: Contact Address Website: Email:

Business software, Internet technologies, Operating systems and servers, Consulting and education services R&D Centre for Microsoft

Software Solutions & Consultancy, ERP Systems integration, E-commerce & web related solutions, Distributed Networks Data Warehousing, Object Technology , Sofware Rengineering/Migration, ERP (Implementing Oracle Financials) Web enabled client-server application, communication software , signature entry in CE & Palmtop application Internet applications, Embedded solutions Electronic Commerce, Internet Appliances, Telecom Technology Remote Data Processing

Mindteck (India) Ltd, Bangalore MindTree Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Minerva Telelink Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi

Mizoram Information Technology Society, Aizawl, Company Mizoram ML Infomap Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Operating Systems, IT Training, Network Projects, Consultancy Specialization Development of GIS and Remote Sensing applications, Digital Map Products for India, Satellite Image Analysis and map data conversion, Internet technologies for mapping Setting up Offshore Technology Centers for Global companies providing Software Services spanning over complete life cycle including Software Design & Development, Sustenance Re-engineering, Customization & Integration, Technical Support and Testing Emerging Technologies, Banking & Insurance, Telecom, Retail and Distribution, IT Consulting

Momentum India Private Limited, Noida

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Motech Software Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

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Motorola India Electronics Private Ltd., Bangalore Mphasis BFL Ltd., Mumbai MTC (India) Pvt. Ltd., Noida Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email:

Mukesh & Associates, Tamil Nadu N Y Dox Services Ltd, New Delhi National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi NatureSoft Private Limited, Chennai

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Network Management, Communication Protocols, Digital Signal Processing, Systems Engineering E-commerce, Customer Relationship Management, Systems Integration, Remote Services Custom Software Development (offshore/ onsite), E-business Solutions, Internet Technologies, Onsite Consulting, Environmental Software Products, IT Enabled Services Computer aided design, Computer aided drafting, CAD Consercsion services, digitalisation of documents IT Enabled services, Medical transcription Training; Consultancy; Product Development Object Oriented Solutions., Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, Object Oriented Databases, Internet / Intranet and Web Solutions, Linux based Services & Solutions. ERP Implementation - SAP R3, CAD/CAM Engineering Software, Client Server Software Development, Multimedia, E-Commerce, E-Security ERP, MRP, E-com, CRM, Web Technologies, WAP, M-Commerce, Portals B2B, B2C, systems integration, application services providers Manufacturing, Finance, E-learning, Health Care E-commerce / EDI / Web Technologies/ Internet / Intranet, CAD/CAM/CAE, Systems integration / Networking, Software product development VSAT and Networking, Drive and Automation, SCADA System, Real Time Software Retail Banking Software Solutions, Network Management System, Facility Management, Y2K, Euro Conversion, Packaged Software Client Server based business applications on Oracle, Groupware Solutions on Notes Domino, Architecture independent environment on uniface, E-commerce applications

Navayuga Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Navision Software India Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon Neco Infotech, Nagpur NeilSoft Limited, Pune Nelco Limited, Mumbai Nelito Systems Limited, Mumbai Neptune Information Solutions Limited, Gurgaon

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Net Brahma Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Company Net Edge Computing Solutions Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

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Net Solutions, Chandigarh Net4India Ltd, New Delhi Netaquila Solutions Pvt Ltd, New Delhi NetBusiness Solutions (India) Ltd., Mumbai Netdecisions Pvt Ltd, Visakhapatnam Netkraft Private Limited, Bangalore NetraScribe Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Network Associates Software Pte Ltd, Mumbai Network Programs (India) Ltd., Noida (UP) Network Systems & Technologies (P) Ltd., Trivandrum

on Java and Domino IP Internetworking, Telecom / convergence, Network management, ASIC Design & verification Specialization Onsite/ Off Shore Services, Consultancy, Systems Integration, Training, Turnkey Projects, Data Conversion, Packaged Software, Off Shore Maintenance, Network Design, Planning and Management Web application development, Multimedia presentation, Web site design, Software programming Networking & service integration,Enterprise Access service Microsoft ASP, Visual InterDevelopment, Macromedia Design Studio, Java,JSP, Adobe Range of Desigh Products End-to-end Solutions in SCM, CRM, KM, E-solutions for Pharma e-commerce enablements, end to end solutions, strategy consultants E-Commerce, Portal Development, Web Re-engineering, E-consulting Medical Transcription, Transcription Training, Software Development, Medical Insurance Billing Anti Virus - McAfee, Network visibility, Security, Service desk solutions Telecom Switching & Network Management, Billing Mediation & System Integration, IP & 3G Solutions, Call Centre Software & CTI Application Process Automation, Manufacturing Automation, Device Drivers, Broad Band Communications, Consumer Electronics, Distributed Computing, Embedded Systems and WAP, Ecommerce & Business Applications SGML, XML Services, Educational & Project Management, Typesetting, Data Entry Software Development Projects Offshore or Onsite, Software Product Development in the arrea of Document Management, Imaging,

Newgen Imaging Systems (P) Ltd., Chennai Newgen Software Technologies Ltd., New Delhi

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NexGenix (India) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai NextBrick Solutions Limited, New Delhi NextStep Infotech Pvt Ltd, Pune Nihilent Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune NIIT Ltd., New Delhi

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Nokia Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Company Novell Software Development (I) Ltd., Bangalore Novellus Systems (India) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore NSE.IT Ltd., Mumbai

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COLD, Workflow and Web-based business automation solutions in Telecom, Banking and Finance Sectors, Manpower & Outsourcing Service N-tier distributed Client / Server, Webenabled Applications, E-commerce, Data Warehousing Consultancy and Projects, Systems Integration, Internet Professional Services, IT enabled services Onsite & Offshore Services, Products & application packages, Software development & support services, Systems Integration SRM, CRM, IT Enabled Services, BC support & implementation, Network Management Software Service - Engineering, Reengineering, Consulting and Offshore Development Centers, Systems Integration, IT Training, Educational Multimedia GSM Equipment, Cellular Handsets, Telecom Equipment, Services

Specialization Directory services and security, Networking and Netware products, Network Management, Groupwise related products and gateways Embedded Software Development Onsite/offshore eCommerce projects, Entreprise Management/setting up/managing data entry & telecom infrastructure, Securities/financial products, Web enabled application development, eLearing Solutions & Services for the Banking & Financial Services Segment, Software Development & Maintenance based on the offshore model, Web based workflow & transaction processing applications, End-to-end solution for lending businesses Managed Health Care Industry of USA, ERP Solutions, Financial Accounting Telecom, Security, E-business, Products

Nucleus Software Exports Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

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NuMark Software Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Numen Technologies Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad

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Nunet Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Vishakapatnam OCL Infomatics Ltd., Cochin Omega Interactive Technologies Ltd., Mumbai Omega Net India (P) Ltd, New Delhi

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Omnesys Technologies Pvt Ltd Specialisation: Location: Bangalore one two three, Mumbai ONICRA Credit Rating Agency of India Ltd, New Delhi Onward Novell Software (I) Ltd., Mumbai Onward Technologies Limited, Mumbai

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Software Development Services, Digital Content Services, Database, Client-Server Solutions Development and Implementation of computer software, Packages Catalogue inquiry system, ERP Implementation Web & E- Commerce, Database, Multimedia, IT- Enabled Services AS/4000 Software services, Java & Ecommerce Solutions, Partners in ERP retail implementation Capital Markets, E-commerce, Financial Service Internet, E-Commerce, Portals Individual Credit Rating Software Distribution, Networking and Technical Support, NetWork Consultancy Education, Education, Developer Services Client Server Applications Projects, Engineering Application - CAD, CAM, CAE, Middleware, Legacy Systems to Client Server Solutions, Novell Product Centric Software Development, Software Product Development Enterprise solutions, Internet Technologies & networking, Software solutions, Health care solutions RDBMS, Enterprise Resource Planning Software/ Enterprise Application Development Tools, Datawarehousing, E-commerce, E-Governance Technology Solutions, Consultancy ERP, CRM, Oracle Applications, Consultancy - Technical Services Specialization Database Management, Education, Enterprise Business solutions, Consultancy Information Technology Solutions for Citicorp Worldwide, Software Products, Consultancy, Turnkey Projects Offshore Software Development, ERP Products; Implementations & Training

Opusasia Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad Oracle India Private Limited., New Delhi Oracle Solution Services (India) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Company Oramasters Software India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad OrbiTech Solutions Limited, Mumbai Orient Information Technology Ltd.,

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Mumbai Oyster Software Solutions, New Delhi Paharpur Business Centre, New Delhi Website: Email: Website: Email:

Paladion Networks Pvt Ltd, Navi Mumbai Pan Business Lists Pvt Ltd, New Delhi PAR Computer Sciences (Intl.) Ltd., Mumbai

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Services, Fixed Priced Applications, On-site Consulting Services IT Consultancy & Application Development, Consultancy in Banking & Financial Services, in Insurance Sector & in E-governance Solutions Instant Hi-Tech Office Facilities, Stateof-the-art telecommunication facilities, Allied Services - Tours & Travel / Workface / F & B / Recruitment & Training Network security

Parabola Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai Paragon Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

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Parametric Technology Research & Development (India) Limited, Pune Paramount Informatics (India) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Parsec Technologies (India) Ltd., Gurgaon Patni Computer Systems Ltd., Mumbai Pentamedia Graphics Limited, Chennai Pentasoft

Data collection, Data Management Services IT Enabled (Web Content Development, Back Office Operations, Data Processing/Conversion, Medical & Legal Transcription), Web Technologies/Internet/Intranet, E-mail Solutions, E-commerce/EDI, RDBMS, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, ERP/MRP Solutions Web enabled applications, E-business solutions, Embedded systems, Systems software device /drive Internet Computing (COM/DCOM, Java, VBS, MS Transaction Server), Speech Processing (MS SAPI, IAPI, VC++, MS Com, LSAP), Software Engineering & Process, Languages : VC++, C++, VB, Java, GUI Development Packaged Software, Offshore Maintenance Turnkey Projects

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IT Enabled Services, On-Site Services, Software Development, Internet Programming end to end solutions for call centers S/w consultancy & Development, Reengineering & Maintenance of Client Applications and Products, ERP , CRM SCM Solutions, Embedded Systems, ECommerce, IT Enabled & NSM, GIS Education Training, Systems Integration, Process Control, CAD/ CAM/ CAE/ GIS Internet & e-services, ASP/ISP,

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Technologies Limited, Chennai Email:

Perisol Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd., Pune Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd., Pune Company PG Softech Limited, New Delhi Philips Software Centre Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Phoenix Global Solutioins (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

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Solutions to Banking, Financial, Insurance, Business Application, Logistic & Port Management, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality segments, Solutions to telecommuncation/Networking Technology, CAD/CAM/CAE, GIS/EDM/ESA Development, Porting and Test Projects Database Internals and Query Processing, System Software / Component Technology, Internet Specialization Applications, Directory Technology (LDAP) High-end career training, On-site services, IBM E-business Authorised training, E-business solutions Use Interface design, DGC Systems, Picture processing, Digital Video Broadcasting / Reception, Set Top Box, Industrial Automation, Embedded Software Professional Services - Business Practice Consulting, IT Consulting, Network Services, Competence Centers, Industry Solutions, Multimedia Services, Educational Services IT enabled services, Software integration, MIS / DSS for Power & Telecom sectors, Software for Financial services Software Development Services, Internet / Web enablement; Reengineering / Porting Services ; Resource Provisioning Services Customised Software Development, Maintenance and Modifications to existing programs, Conversion of applications involving changes of OS, Language, RDBMS, Data Entry and OCR Web services, eJuvenate, COntent Management, Enterprise Information Portals, Outsourced Product Development, eCRM, eProcurement, Enterprise Application Integration Financial Software Services, Product Migration, ERP, WEB Bridge Internet & e-commerce, Data mining & Dataware housing, Client -server

Phoenix IT Solutions Ltd., Vizag (A.P.) Pipal Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi Planet PCI Infotech Ltd, New Delhi

Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Limited, Bangalore

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Polaris Software Lab Ltd, Chennai Power-com Technologies (P) Ltd,


Hyderabad Powersolv India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon Pradot Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Pramati Technologies (P) Limited, Hyderabad Premier Technology Group Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur PricewaterhouseCoo pers Software Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta Primark India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Princeton Software Exports Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Progressivexperts Infolabs India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad Prologic First India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Email: powercomindia@powercomtec Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: www.premiertechnologygroup. com Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: Website: Email: praveen.sreepuram@progressi Website: Email:

solutions Web enabling solutions, CRM, RDBMS, Re- Engineering, Middleware application Medical Transcription, Turnkey Consultancy on Medical Transcription Java, Middleware, Internet/ Application Server eCRM Solutions for Insurance & Financial sector, Client Server & web based Solutions, Data Warehousing, Data Mining & Data Migration, Mobile Computing ERP implementation, E-business, Datawarehousing and Data Mining, Client-server development, Information systems planning Financial services Offshore and Onsite software project execution; Training and product distribution; IS Audit GIS, Application Development, CAD, IT Enabled Services

Client-server development, Packaged software for hotels, clubs and restaurants, Intranet and Internet based transaction processing, Internet, E-commerce Specialization Speech Processing, Computer Telephony Integration, Value added solutions for Telecom services providers ERP development with all features for middle and small industries, Super market with all features. Java, Microsoft, Lotus notes, Oracle

Company Prologix Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow Pronet Systems Ltd., Chennai Proton Solutions Limited, Bangalore PSI Data Systems Ltd., Bangalore

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Internet, Java and client-server application development, both offshore and onsite development, Network management solutions, Risk servers, Automatic teller machines,


Pyxis Technology Solutions Ltd, Vishakhapatnam QAI (India) Limited, New Delhi Quadrant Infotech India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon Quantum Information Systems Ltd, New Delhi Quantum Softech Limited, Hyderabad Quest Syscon International Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

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banking and financial services, retail banking and custodial services, Smart Cards Client-server application, Wireless communication, Networking solutions, E-commerce solutions Software Process Improvement, SEI CMM / ISO 9000 Implementation, Testing, Quality Assurance Data entry of text and numeric data (accuracy>99.995%), Data entry from images and handwritten forms, Rapid turn around keying projects (12-24 hours), Offshore email processing High end Internet based education Very large distributed database management, Tele communication Software Development, Web technologies application Applications for Healthcare Industry, Applications for Business Management, Financial Accounting, Applications for Automotive Business Management and operations support, On-site and Offshore software development and maintenance. Internet / Intranet application, Iplanet, Weblogic, Websphere, Partner to Sun Microsystems for Java and solaris Geographic Information Systems, Map / Drawing data conversion, GIS software applications, Natural hazard risk engineering IBM Mainframe, Client-server computing, Datawarehousing, Work Flow automation, Web based application development Onsite Services, Consultancy, Packaged Software, Off shore services, Systems Integration, Turnkey Projects M&A, Strategic advisory, Private, Strategic equity, Joint venture advisory with Dutch, Benelux Technology Cos., Other financing solutions Client Server Solutions, Web Technologies, E-Commerce, Geographical Information System based Solutions, Multimedia, Education & Training , (PGDCA/Awareness & High end courses) Offshore software development,

R C S Technologies, Bangalore R M Software India Pvt. Ltd., Noida R S Software (India) Ltd., Calcutta R Systems International Limited, Noida Rabo India Finance Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Rajasthan State Agency For Computer Services, Jaipur

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Ram Informatics



Ltd., Hyderabad


Ramco Systems Ltd, Chennai Company Ramtech Corporation Limited, New Delhi Rapid Effect Pvt Ltd, Pune Rational Software India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Rave Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

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Client-server computing, ERP - MRP solutions, Euro conversion, Internet/Intranet computing, IT education and training Ramco Specialization Software Development, Consultancy and sale of packaged software Oracle/Peoplesoft ERP, Embedded systems, Web applications, Device to device integration Software development tools, Technical consultancy, Training Client-server applications with GUI front-ends and RDBMS back-ends configurable systems, Windows, Object oriented and internet technologies., Databases and tools : VisualBasic, Visual C++, Java, Delphi, Oracle, SQL Server, Btrieve, Sybase, Middleware : M Consulting, Software, System Integration, Training Insurance Sector Software, Electronic Business, Knowledge Management, Human Resources E-commerce, News And Information Site B2B Application and Product Development, Wireless Application and Product Development, Customised E-Commerce application and product development Internet & web, Real Time Embedded Software, Banking & Finance, Aerospace & Mission Critical Applications Fulfillment services for the IT industry - fields of education, software & publishing; from product design to manufacturing to inventory management to pick pack and ship to distribution to database management, Corporate Communication i.e. Annual Report, On-line data processing, Offshore and onsite software development, OOPS, Web technologies, Client-server computing

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Realtime Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Rebus Software Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon India Limited, Mumbai Reliable Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad RelQ Software Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Repro India Ltd., Mumbai

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Reservation Data Maintenance (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

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Resonance Technologies (P) Ltd., Hyderabad RICO Softech Ltd, Gurgaon RIICO Ltd, Jaipur Rishabh Software Pvt Ltd, Vadodara River Run Software Group, Noida

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Robert BOSCH India Limited, Bangalore Rolta India Ltd., Mumbai Company

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Ruksun Software Technologies Ltd., Pune S G Martin Infoway Ltd., New Delhi S P Software Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd., Pune Saba Software India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Saiinfo Ltd, Noida

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Client-server solutions, Object oriented technology applications, Web-based services and products, Process automation, Consulting services and training CAD/CAM/CAE, Projects, services & training, software development, product development, consultancy services Infrastructure provider to IT, Term loan assistant to IT, VC, policy support Software development, Turn key Projects, Execution of Migration Projects, On site consultancy and training Mobile Computing (Remote wireless connectivity to enterprise on Handheld PCs and Laptops), Telecommunications (Embedded systems for telecom testing, Customer care systems, Wireless Local Loop and Computer telephony integration), Network management, Commu Embedded systems, Telecommunication, Client-server and web-based applications and ERP implementation, Industrial automation GIS & mapping, plant design systems, Generic CAD / CAM / CAE, Networking, digital media, publishing & Specialization prepress, document management, Workstations, servers and notebooks, Internet services, AM/FM GIS data conversion services, Plant design and modeling solution Packaged Software, Offshore Maintenance Custom Application Development, Web based Solutions, Business Process Outsourcing, System Integration & elearning System development, internet Technologies, Client-server Application, Medical Transcription eLearning, eCompetencies, Learning management systems Business Software Development, Web developing & hosting, Project management &implementation, Network & Hardwork Support Euro Currency Conversion, Banking/ Financial Software Solutions, E -

Sak Infotech Limited, Chennai

47 Limited, New Delhi Sampoorna Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Samsung Electronics India Software Operations (SISO), Bangalore Samsung SDS Co. Ltd., Bangalore Samsung SDS Infotech Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon

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Commerce Solutions, Enterprise Systems Management Property & Real Estate Global B2B exchange recruitment Networking , Telecom, Communication Software Internet based products/solutions, Package solutions for small & medium operations Software Development & Systems Integration, Consulting for Embedded Systems, DataComm Protocols, Telecom Applications, B2B/B2C Exchanges, Groupware & Workflow, Enterprise Relationship Management, Enterprise Application Integration & ERP E-commerce, Data centre services, Network services, Systems Integration IT Enabled , E-commerce , Software Maintenance / Migration , Software development services Banking & financial services, Implementation services, IT Consulting, product integration Aviation, Logistics, Hospitality, Web based training

Samtech Infonet Ltd, New Delhi Samyak Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad Sanchez Capital Services Private Limited, Mumbai Sankhya Infotech Ltd, Secunderabad

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Sanyo LSI Technology India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore SAP India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Sapient Corporation Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Sapphire Callnet Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Sar Softech Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

VLSI design, Embedded software development ERP Integrated strategies, Creatives, technology, Experience Modelling IT trainning, Call centre consulting, trainning & manpower provider, IT enabled services provider Software development, IT Enabled Services (GIS/CAD), E-commerce, Internet, Datawarehousing, Data Processing Specialization


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Sara Infotech Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Sarla Technologies, Navi Mumbai SAS Global Services Pvt. Ltd., Pune Sasken Communication Technologies Limited, Bangalore Satya Infosoft Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Satyam Computer Services Ltd., Secunderabad Saven Technologies Limited, Hyderabad

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Packaged software development, Onsite / Offshore services, Enterprise resource planning, Consultancy and training, Turnkey projects LIMS, CMMS, Industrial Research Software, MPU Business Intelligence Solutions, Data Mining, Data Warehousing Telecommunications, Signal Processing, Design Automation E-business solutions, Web solutions, M-commerce business solutions, IT Consulting & Training Application development and support, Legacy maintenance, Year 2000 and Euro Conversion, E-commerce and Internet technologies, Engineering services (CAD/CAMCAE) Object Oriented Technology, Advance IT Training (Authorised Training Centre for Java - Partner with Sun Microsystems), Client Server Technology, GIS / CAD / CAM Client Server solution, Web-enabling of information, IT Enabled services, ECommerce consulting Parallel Port, USB, 1394, ASIC design, Windows device drivers, System Software Applications IT Education & Training, Software development, Web development, Resouconsultancy CAD / CAM / CAE, PDM - Product Data Management, Reverse engineering, Quality Testing and Inspection, Consultancy & Services IT Enabled Services, Web contant development, Internet & E-commerce, Intranet Telecom & wireless services, eBusiness, Banking, Utilities & Power Legacy Cobol Re-engineering Medical transcription, Data Processing

Savex Softech Pvt.Ltd.,: Mumbai SCM Microsystems (India) Pvt Ltd, Chennai Score Information Technologies Ltd., Calcutta SDRC India Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon Searchlight India Ltd, Mumbai SeE Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore SEEC Technologies Asia Private. Limited., Hyderabad Selectronic Equipment & Services Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon Semaphore Soft Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

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Coding industrial and scientific instrumentation; conversion of


Servion Global Solutions Ltd, Chennai Shapre Global Info Services Limited, Chennai Shoghi Communications Pvt ltd, New Delhi Shyama Software Solutions (I) Pvt Ltd Specialisation: Location: New Delhi Siemens Information Systems Ltd., Mumbai Company

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communication protocols; processor modeling in `C'; Web enabled e Appliances Contact centre, Web enabled call centre, CRM system integration E - Commerce Solutions, CAD / CAE/ GIS Solutions, Communication Software, Multimedia Encryption Solutions, E-services & solutions, Customised Software Solutions, training & Education, Java /Corba/Con/ Dcom Web centric & extranet solutions, Ecommerce application, GIS database & application development, Multimedia based content development Core Software Engineering in Medical, Telecom & Transportation domains, SAP R/3 Product Reseller and largest Implementer, High end consulting in the Specialization area of Supply Chain Management / Customer relationship Management, Hospital Information Systems Telecom Software

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Siemens Public Communications Network Ltd., Bangalore Siemens Shared Services India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Sierra Optima Ltd., Hyderabad

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IT Enabled services Custom Development & Integration; Product Implementation & Upgrade; Maintenance & Support; Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), B2B, Process Integration, eCRM, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Business Intelligence & Data warehousing, ERP Services E-commerce solutions, Interactive wensite/portal development, Client/Server software development, M-commerce Premier eBusiness consulting and IT services company. Delivers development and integration services to automotive/discrete manufacturing, financial services, healthcare/insurance, technology and telecommunications industry Product Selling-accounting solutions, E-learning, Software development, ASP

Silver Valley Communications Ltd, Kolkata Silverline Technologies Ltd., Mumbai

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Simplysoft Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

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SIP Technologies & Exports Ltd, Chennai Siri Technologies Private Limited, Bangalore Sitel India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Skyline e-tech, Cochin Skytech Solutions Pvt Ltd, Calcutta

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Internet / Java Technologies, CAD / CAM and Engineering Services, Enterprise Applications Offshore Maintenance, Off Shore services, Turnkey Projects Customer Acquisition, Technical support, Customer Care Software solutions for builders, contractors, Estimation software, Airline and Transpotation Software Solutions

SLK Software Services Pvt Ltd, Bangalore SLM Soft India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai SM Telesys Ltd, New Delhi SmartData Enterprises (India) Ltd, Chandigarh

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SNS Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune Sobha Renaissance Information Technology, Bangalore Soft Systems Pvt. Ltd., Cochin

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Distribution & demand Chain Management, B2B & B2C E-commerce Solutions, Online Training, Workflow based office automation solution, Flood Insurance Internat and E - Commerce- Both Consulting related Products, High performance web- based products Computerising cable network, GIS, Computerised paging, Project feasibility Offshore / Onshore Software Consulting, Data Management, Data Analysis, Mining and Processing, ECommerce, Web enabled applications, IT Enabled Services, Application development / Maintenance, Application Reengineering Quality Assurance & Testing, Web application Development, Contect Aggregation Healthcare: EHS, Enterprise consulting, Re-engineering Agri - ERP Solution, Software Consultancy

Company SoftDEL Systems Ltd., Mumbai Softek Limited

Specialization Open Systems, embedded system, Real time system, software solution& services for intelligent devices Application Re-engineering using client


Specialisation: Location: New Delhi Email:

SoftProjex (India) Limited, Hyderabad Software Technology Park Patna, Patna Software Technology Parks Of India, New Delhi Solitar Systems (India) Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon SolutionNET India (Pvt ) Ltd, Chennai Solutions Infosystems Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Solutions Integrated Marketing Services Pvt Ltd., New Delhi Sonata Software Limited, Bangalore

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server technology, Product development and support, Custom Application Development, Maintenance support and porting, OnSite Services CRM, Wireless, Voice, SCM Training and Research, Consultancy, Software Production, Internet and web development High Speed Data Communication, Infrastructure for Software Development e-CRM, e-learning, e-commerce, ebusiness applications Software consulting, software products & services, E-commerce based solutions, project management & systems integration, internet banking eBusiness,eMarkets, Technology Audits & course corrections Call Centers, Channel & Distribution support, DirectMarketing, Web & Internet support, Customer Acquisition support Product / Application Development : Re-engineering of Products / Applications Localization of Software, Conversion, Migration & Maintenance of Software Applications / Products, Consulting Services : Groupware, RDBMS / Datawarehousing, Web Technologies / Software Products, IT Consulting Product Development, Internet, Intranet Solutions, JAVA Development, Client Server. Software for Construction Management Topographical Mapping, Cadastral Mapping, Infrastructure Mapping, AM/FM/GIS I.T. Enabled Services, Internetbased/Web enabled Services, Remote Office Processing Services, Transaction Processing and fulfilment Web enabled - MS-IIS, Visual Interdev,

Southstar Data Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Sovika Infotek Ltd., Mumbai SPA Software Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Speck Systems Limited, Hyderabad Spectramind eServices Private Limited Specialisation: Location: New Delhi SQL Star

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International Limited, Hyderabad SRA Systems Ltd., Chennai SRF Infotel (A Division of SRF Ltd ), Chennai Srishti Software Private Limited, Bangalore Company SRM Technologies Limited, Chennai SSG Software Systems (P) Ltd., Bangalore SSI Technologies, Chennai Sterling Infotech Limited, Chennai Stream Tracmail Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Subex Systems Limited, Bangalore

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Java ASP, Oracle - Designer, Developer and Applications, IBM based - AS/400, Mainframes using PC Simulation, Data & Object Modeling, VB, VC++ Document Management / Knowledge Management / Imaging, E-commerce & Web Development, Software Projects, Consulting & Contracting Business process outsourcing, data management/accounting back office, ERP implementation, Intranet/workflow application development E - Commerce / E-Banking, COM / DCOM, CORBA / JAVA - RMI, WebBased Application Specialization Software development, Consultancy Services, Rubui Domain Training C/S Business Application, Web-enabled Business Application , Migration of Software Applications, RDBMS based Application Banking, Telecom, Securities, Health care Internet, Multimedia, Software Application Development, Network Solutions, Portal Development and Internet related solutions Call Centre providing Technical support Off-shore software development and On-site consultancy for telecom application software, Operations Support Software Solutions such as Telecom Network Inventory and Asset Management, Trouble Ticketing, Services Order Provisioning and Mediation System, In Newspaper & Publishing Industry, Indian Languages, Font Digitization, eCommerce Solutions Custom application development, Entreprise application integration, Enterprise system support, E-business solutions Education & training, Internet & Ecommerce, Software Consultance & projects, Networking solutions Marketing and Support of RISC based workstations, servers, internet products, Java, Training

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Summit Information Technologies Ltd, Gurgaon SummitWorks Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Sun Informatics, Bhopal Sun Microsystems India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

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Sundaram Infotech Solutions, Chennai

Sunquest Information Systems (India) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Suntec Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Trivandrum Supertech Software & Hardware Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

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Software products for Financial services, Oracle based application, Network Consultancy & implementation, Data Centre set-up & management Hospital Information Systems, Clinical Data Management Tranction billing solutions, Customer care, Convergent billing, Relationship Management, Infrastructure solutions Commercial Software Development, Web-site designing & hosting (Also available in Hindi), Multimedia CDROM development (Educational & Commercial) Offshore Software Development, Y2K Solutions, Euro Currency Conversion, Development of HTML based Software Banking Solutions, E- learning, Ecommerce solutions XML & mobile computing, web-based solutions, workflow management & software development, ERP solutions Internet security system for Entreprise & individuals Customer -built solutions, ERP Solutions, Integrated Software, Hardware & Software Solutions High-end Training, Software development, IT Enabled Service, Software Products Marketing Specialization Applications Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation, Development of application systems in client server and internet environments, ECommerce and Data Warehousing, Object and Component Development Software Turnkey Assignment, ERP Product & solution Provider, Software Project Management, Quality Process Consulting, Back office support Datawarehousing, Business Intelligence, E-customers relationship management, Enterprise resource Planning, web Technologies & ebusiness System Design, Software Development and On-going Software Maintenance

Supertech Solutions Limited, Pune Suvi Information Systems Pvt Ltd, Indore Symantec Ltd, Mumbai Symco Software Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Synosoft Infotech (P) Ltd, Hyderabad Company Syntel (India) Ltd., Mumbai

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Sysnet Associates (India) Ltd., Bangalore Systech Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Chennai

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Systems & Software, Mumbai


Systems America (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Systems Plus (Pvt ) Ltd Specialisation: Location: Mumbai Systime Computer Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Talisma Corporation Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Tanning Technology (India) Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad Tarang Software Technologies, Bangalore Tasaa Netcom Private Limited, Mumbai

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Services on IBM AS/400 (iSeries 400) platforms; using RPG, Synon/2E, COOL:2E, JAVA and COBOL languages and DB2 relational data base. Offshore and On-site services Implementation, Staff Augmentation, Outsourcing, Consultancy MRP, ERP, Customising Tailormade information systems Software development on AS/400, Open systems, JDEdwards, GUI business applications, HRMS solution, Smart Card / Touch Screen E-CRM product, e CRM consultancy, e CRM outsource service Business management software, technology R&D, products creation E-commerce, E-CRM, Core operations solutions Wireless pratice, Web application, eCRM, Financial services, ASPs, Portals, B2B exchange Web Technologies / Internet / Intranet, ERP Solutions, Data Capture Services, Web Servers, System integration, Training, Turnkey Projects, Data conversion, Consultancy, Packaged Software, Data Processing Computer aided design, Computer aided engineering, Styling Financial services - banking, insurance, securities, Manufacturing industries and retail, Telecommunications, Transport and government Visual Computing - Modeling, Medical Imaging, Simulation, Networking, Communications, Internet, Intranet, Groupware, Systems Development (DSP, VLSI, VHDL, Audio / Video Codecs, Storage Management), Design & Engineering Services - CAD / CAM / CAE Offshore software development, Systems Integration, Education and Training (TULEC), Hardware Manufacture, Development and Marketing of products - hardware and

Tata Autocomp Systems Ltd, Pune Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai

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Tata Elxsi (India) Ltd., Bangalore

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Tata Infotech Ltd., Mumbai

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Tata Interactive Systems, Mumbai Company Tata Internet Services Ltd, Mumbai Tata Technologies Limit ed, Pune TCG Software Services Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta

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software Education and Training - Web content development, CD-ROM publishing, Multimedia, Web technologies, Specialization Internet, Intranet, E-commerce Internet services provider, Ecommerce, application service provider Manufacturing and Distribution - ERP and CAD/CAM Web, mainframe and client-server technology, Customized software development, Migrating legacy applications and Information system planning, Project Management : Onsite and offshore Telecom Operation Support Systems, Network planning for Telecom Network, Customised Software products and Implementation Services Multimedia, Self Paced Training, Internet, Lan, Wan and Telecommunication Technical support, implementation of multi-channel communication, CRM, management of operational performance Technopark is specialised in providing Quality Infrastructure & Support Services for IT companies IT Enabled Services, Data Processing, telesales, Infrastructure Monitoring, Content & Software Development Distributors of Visual Information Manager based products ASP Enablers, Contract Management Web Enabled Enterprise Applications (WEEA), Telecom Network Management Systems (TNMS), Solutions (Customer Relationship Management) Micro Processor Support for Logic analysers, Internet Printing, System Software, Film Editors GIS (Digital Mapping), Navigation, Software Development Telecom Administration Software,

TCIL BellSouth Ltd., New Delhi TCT Technical Training (India) Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata Services Pvt Ltd, Mumbai TECHNOPARK, Trivandrum Technovate Data And Services Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Techquest India Ltd., Hyderabad Techsar Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore TechSpan India Ltd., Noida

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Tektronix Engineering Development (I) Ltd., Bangalore Tele Atlas India Pvt Ltd, Noida Telecommunications


Consultants India Ltd., New Delhi Telelogic India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Temenos India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Texas Instruments India Ltd., Bangalore Texport Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mumbai TGK (India) Ltd., New Delhi The World Bank (IBRD), Chennai Thermax Systems & Software, Pune

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Hospital Administration, Networking, Y2K Solution, Internet Service Provider Providing tools, services and components for Software development Integrated banking software, Implementation, Consultancy to banks, ERP for banks Integrated Circuit and Software Design Network security products, network availability products, network health checkup, audit & consulting Software Development (In Oracle), ERP Consultancy, E-commerce Solutions, Education (Oracle) Offshore Services Client / Server application development on contemporary platforms, Web-based applications development including e-commerce, Euro-related services including transition plan, analysis and conversion, Oracle Database Administration and Specialization Management Software testing & vadidation services, Consultancy, Documentation services ERP Implementation (MFG/PRO), Product Localisation, EDI, BPR Consulting Full lifecycle development, Agile Methods, EAI, Multi-site development Engineering Services (R&D), Implementation of CPC, Remote legacy Data Migration, Offshore Transaction Processing Internet communication Management, Internet Based Customer Support, Internet communication Consultancy, Development of internet software solutions and products. Customer Interaction Services, Backoffice Processing Software Development, Application services provider, IT Training, Ecommerce E - commerce Travel

Company Thinksoft Global Services (P) Ltd, Chennai Thirdware Solution Ltd., Mumbai Thoughtworks Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Three S Solutions Ltd, New Delhi Tracmail India Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai

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TransWorks Information Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Transworld Infotech Ltd, Pune Pvt

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Ltd, Mumbai Tri Online Ltd., Orissa Trident Infotech Corporation Ltd., Chandigarh

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Trigent Software Ltd., Bangalore

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Trigyn Technologies Limited, Mumbai Trisoft System Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi TVS eTechnology Limited, Chennai U2Can Infosearch Pvt Ltd, Pune Uberall Solutions (I) Ltd, Pune UBICS India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore UEC SAIL Information Technology Ltd., New Delhi Website: Email: Website: Email: Email: Website: Email: sales@myuberall.coom Website: Email: Website: Email:

Live answering combination services, Outbound/Inbound campaigne, Email & IVR self help, e-Commerce support ERP solutions under Windows NT for Manufacturing & Processing Industry, GUI based Total Branch Automation for Banking Industry, Retail solution for Garment (Govt. / Departmental) stores, Computer Education Web enablement and Internet solutions, E-business integration, Application, development on Windows, Unix, Linux and Windows-CE platofrms. Application, development on Mainframe and Client Server systems. Microsoft Certified, Solution Provider and IBM Solution Client-server based commercial application development, IBM mainframe projects, Web enabled solutions E- Commerce, WAP, CRM, Multimedia Telecom Software, Embedded & device drivers Information Technology, Back Office Operations, Engineering Services, Verification & Validation Enterprise application integration, Wireless application, Supply chain, Ebusiness solutions Software Development, ERP Implementataion, Project Management ERP solutions for Sted, Metals and other process industries, Customization and implementation of ORACLE and BAAN ERP, Off-shore development, E-commerce, Inter net, Intranet and Others Web based applications Software development, Training & development, Resource fulfilment, applucation service provider Specialization Web content development, Digitising, Portal Building, Web application services Enterprise Systems Management, Ebusiness solutions, IT Enabled Education, IT Enabled Services ( Content Mangement)

Unitech Software Solutions Ltd, New Delhi Company Universal Print Systems Ltd, Bangalore Universal Software Technology Park (P) Ltd, Kerela

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UPTEC Computer Consultancy Ltd., Lucknow Usha Martin Infotech Ltd, Gurgaon UshaComm India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Ushus Technologies Pvt Ltd, Trivandrum UTL Technologies Ltd., Hyderabad V2 Infotech (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

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Software Consultancy, Development and services, Computer Training and Education, Management Consultancy and Financial Services Software solutions provider, Ebusiness, Telecom OSS products, Software products Telecom Software

Value Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

vCustomer Services India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Vedika Software Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta Velocient Technologies Limited, New Delhi Venire IT Ltd., Gurgaon Vetri Software (India) Ltd., Chennai VGL Softech Limited, Jaipur Vibgyor Graphics & Research Centre Ltd., Chennai

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Client Server & Internet Technologies, Device Drives, Realtime Embedded Systems, Engineering Applications Embedded Systems Development, eGovernance applications, Telecom, Network maintenance, SCADA Training, Protocol Stacks Customer Software Solution, eBusiness solution, Web Design & Development, Offshore Projects, Consulting, implementation & customisation Year 2000 solutions, software maintenance and migration, RDBMS, datawarehousing, datamining and system integrations and networking, Business process consultancy, reengineering and euro currency solutions, Software product development, distribution, support Customer service, Technical service Packaged software, Internet web hosting n Technology - Microsoft, Oracle & IBM, In Business - ERP, E-commerce, Telecom, Insurance, Professional Services, Conversion & Migration Services Application Development & maintenance, E-business Application Software & Solutions Electronic Media Service(EMS), Systems & Software Services (SSW), Forms Processing Services (FORMS), Professional Services (PS) Product Development, Development of Software , Costomisal Software Development Web technologies, ERP solutions, Multimedia development, Software product development

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Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited, Mumbai Vijay Mukhi's Computer Institute, Mumbai Virmati Software & Telecommunications Ltd., Ahmedabad Visesh Infosystems Limited, Bangalore

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Providing and maintaining international telecom services in India. Training

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Bank Automation, Web Design

Company Vision Comptech Integrators Ltd, Calcutta Vision Healthsource (I) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Vispark Solutions (I) Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore Visual Web Solutions Ltd, Bangalore VisualSoft Technologies Ltd., Hyderabad VJIL Consulting Limited, Secunderabad vMoksha Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore vSplash TechWorks Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad Vt Plex (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Vulcan Infotech, Mumbai VXL eTech Ltd, Bangalore

ERP solutions (own products Businessoft / Businesspro), Ecommerce services, Educational services (E-commerce, ERP, Medical data Specialization transcription), Offshore / onshore projects., IT consultancy services Onsite/offshore consultancy & projects, systems programming, systems integration, training Heathcare ITES Domain Expertise, Account Receivables & Collections, Insurance Clains Processing, Payor Services Web Technology, Database Solutions, Data Communication & Networking, Training Electronic Banking, Security Solutions, E-commerce, Financial Services E-commerce, Intranet / Extranet, Enterprise solutions (N Tier), Euro solutions Client-server application development and maintenance, Information engineering, Internet / Intranet / Groupware E-business, E-Infrastructure Consultancy, Packaged Software e-CRM (Convergent), Back-office processing, Automated transaction processing Web technologies, E-commerce, ERP, Data processing, Software product development, Web content development, CAD / CAM / CAE E- Commerce, Networking & Communication, Embedded Software, Data Warehousing & ERP


Vyapin Software Systems Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Walchand Limited, Mumbai Walchand Infotech, Pune Weal Infotech Ltd., Hyderabad Web Development Company Pvt Ltd, Calcutta Web Spiders (I) Pvt Ltd, Calcutta Webresource Pvt Ltd, Mumbai West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation Ltd., Calcutta Wilco International Systems Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Wind River Systems, Inc, Bangalore

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Internet Technologies, Windows NT Systems Management, Client / Server Development, I.T.Enabled Data Management Services Cricket News, Cricket Related ECommerce, Cricket Training & Promotion e-Commerce using Java & Microsoft Technologies, Web-enabled Banking application, Turnkey Projects Web-enabled solutions, VOIP call Centres, Wireless Networking solutions, Portals Web Designing & Development, IT Training, End to End E-Commerce Solutions, Portal Development E-application development, web software development, E-commerce solutions, strategic consultancy E-Commerce, Web Designing, Business to Business Commerce, Web bosting Data Base Management Applications, Real Time Software for Embedded Systems Software Development for Wilco Products, Software Development for Wilco Clients, I.T.Enabled Services, Business Consultancy Real Time Operating System (RTOS), Control design software, Networking software products related to RTOS, Consulting and engineering services related to RTOS Specialization E-Commerce & Euro, Telecom & Datacom, ERP & Data Warehousing, Managed IT Support Services Turnkey, Fixed price Software Solutions, OnSite Consulting, Offshore Software development, Euro, Year 2000 Solutions and Services, Software Product marketing and Support, IT Education and Training, BPO & Management of IT Enabled Services End-to-End Service Provider, Offer Domain Solutions, Offshore Software

Company Wipro Technologies, Bangalore Xansa (India) Ltd, Noida

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Xcelvision Technologies

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Limited, Mumbai m

Xerox Modicorp Limited, Gurgaon


XL Softech Systems Limited, Hyderabad XLN'ce Software (Div. Of BLA Industries Ltd.), Mumbai Xoriant Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai Yojana Systems Pvt. Ltd., Pune

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Services, Broadband Technology Solutions,Client-Server Technology Solutions, E-commerce Solutions, Software Verification and Validation Services Business Process Re-engineering, SAP Implementation, Year 2000 Solutions, Workflow Management, Web based applications, Printing Systems Software Product Development, Software Maintenance Application Software Development, Web Application Development, ECommerce E-Business Framework & application development, Enterprise application integration, Knowledge management Image enabled cash management systems, Check image archieve systems, Internet based Image delivery systems, Funds Transfer Systems Simulation software, System software development, Communication software, Micro processor based software Finance & Banking Banking Software Solutions, Internet Middleware, Application Integration Solutions, Full Service Providers (Web Applications) E-business, Maintenance, Reengineering & development Holistic software solutions, Ecommerce/ Internet, ERP, Offshore Development Centres e-Classified content management, Enterprise Knowledge Management, eCatalog content management

Zen Technologies Ltd, Secunderabad Zenith Computers Ltd., Mumbai Zenith Infotech Ltd., Mumbai Zenith Software Limited, Bangalore Zensar Technologies Limited, Pune Zycus Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

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