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Revelation Vault

How is it then, brethren? Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification. (1 Corinthians 14:26) Then the Lord replied: "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will cert ainly come and will not delay. (Habakkuk 2:2-3)

It Is Time
The Bride needs to come into alignment with the calling and gifts the Lord has placed within her and discover them in others. The two things that enhance our giftings are personal, difficult experiences and community relationships. It s time to get connected to those of like mind in the community. We must converge, everyone coming willing to give the treasures, gifts, talents, abilities, music, art, revelation, and wisdom the Lord has given them to affect our land in a revolutionary way. We need go to the people. To listen to their story, their message. We must discover what the Holy Spirit has already been doing in their life and heart. We must help bring them to the revelation that it is God who has been working in their lives through their dreams and desires and show them what God has to say about their story. We must help them find their identity and hold up a mirror that says, This is who you are. We must allow them see themselves through His eyes. We must love them, so they can be healed and set free from the chains that bind their hearts. They will come out of the dark places where they have been waiting and shine as a light in Gods kingdom... and when this happens, our land will change, it will be restored, it will be healed. When these ungodly roots, which are the lies and schemes of the enemy are dug up and torn out of people's hearts, the equivalent will occur in our land. This is preparing the way of the Lord. This is declaring war on the enemy. This is bringing His kingdom to the earth. The gates must be torn down. It is time to move. The rescuing of the captives who sit in darkness and deepest gloom and shadow of death, who are suffering in iron chains from their dungeons (Psalm 107:10-16 & Isaiah 42:6-9). He promised He would give them to us. These treasures are going to be the plunder that is acquired from the battles we win. I believe that the way is being prepared, we must now march forward and take the land, but before the land can be healed, the people have to be healed, and before the people can be healed, they must realize who they are, and before they can realize this, the evil roots and foundations must be dug up and torn down and replaced by the coming into alignment with the Godly heritage, roots, and foundations He has planted here. I believe this is done in the spiritual realm as well as the natural. I believe He is beginning to give us clues and signs of this as well as insight into the evil roots, lies, mind sets, and schemes that are trying to choke out what He wants to do in this land. The earth can only take so much of this choking before God is forced to remove His hand, which brings the natural disasters and wars. It forces Him to judge... and his judgment has already begun. We must act now. Its time to move with a new focus. This is what we are called to do. The Lord wants to use us in great and incredible ways... and he wants to use us together. When God starts beings something, it never dies. The march has begun. We must stay in alignment with Him and never get off track. If we abide in Him and follow His every move we will not stay the same, but mature and become bigger and better and our love will spread and affect the world. The Lord has been awakening us and bringing life out of death, new wisdom out of chaos, a new strength and resolve out of oppression and depression, a new motivation out of discouragement, a new focus out of distraction, a new revelation out of disillusionment, and a new determination out of disappointment. He takes us through this process for a reason... reason means purpose, His purpose. It is time. Then you shall delight yourself in the LORD; And I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth, And feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father. The mouth of the LORD has spoken." (Isaiah 58:14) He wants to feed us with Godly heritage from family and community. This spiritual food which is passed down through the generations is His blessing. This is the force, the sap that courses through the family trees and communities which brings life. The opposing force which runs through family lines is a curse. Reversing curses in the lives of people and in this land and then blessing is a major thing God wants to do here. Those from among you shall build the old waste places; You shall raise up the foundations of many generations; And you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In. (Isaiah 58:12)

In this scripture we see that the Lord wants to: 1. Raise up the Godly foundations He laid in generations passed. 2. Bridge the gap between people, communities, churches, ministries, and cultures into one like mind and purpose, every person or group doing what they are good at, but all moving toward the same goal. 3. Restore true community life... like a new neighborhood to live in. This is simply the Kingdom of God on earth. This happens when the people in the community are set free and the land can be healed. Corey Johnson

Rouse The Eagles Vision

In a prophetic vision, Rick Joyner saw the Church as a huge city with tall buildings and bright neon signs beckoning people to come inside the various places. This city was not the true city of God, it was a city built by man with different organizations and groups. It is called "Christian City." This is what the Church has become. It has become segregated into different "clubs" of which you must be a member, therefore separating yourself from the rest of the body of Christ. The Lord made this very clear to me through Rick's vision, and I applied It personally to my own life and the life of my family. It seems that all our lives, we have been learning the wrong way to do things in Christian City. We walk into a building and become members of that particular organization only to be kicked back out on the street again because the leaders feel threatened by us. This same scenario repeats itself time and time again. I is happening to many people and folks are waking up and saying, "Something is wrong with this picture." Why is this happening? Because the Lord says we are called to be eagles. He is rousing the eagles. The Lord wants us to rise above the city. The Lord wants us to free ourselves from the business of man and fly above it so we can see the big picture. We must see through His eyes. When we begin to see the situation of the Church from this higher perspective, we can see what it has become... a programmed event, a show, a place of entertainment, a self-righteous pig and will become an empty tomb. As I was meditating on this, I saw the church buildings as literal cages. They are cages full of people who have been wounded and held back from fulfilling their own calling and destiny. Most of the people just keep quiet and simply go with the program doing nothing about it at all. They believe they are walking out God's call on their lives by sitting in a chair every Sunday to watch the show... and they fall asleep from the sheer boredom of it. There have been ones who know they are called to great things in God and want to show others that they are called by God individually as well. But the leaders of the clubs threatened by these kind of people. They are threatened by anyone who does not stay in their place and do exactly what they tell them. If they do, they say they are not "under authority." This comes from insecurity and pride. Every time one of them tries to step out to pursue the call of the Lord, they are hurt and put down or called rebellious. They are kept from seeing God's calling on their own lives. This has produced a lot of scared, caged animals who have been wounded by rejection. God is calling to us to rise up, to soar above this city and to see the people and to recognize their dreams. He wants us to set them free. He wants us to teach them how to fly. We are called to be eagles, but we have to learn how. When a bird has been in a cage all it's life, what does it try to do when you open the door to set it free? It stays in the cage because it is scared of the unfamiliar, and it will fight if you try to help it. Because of the wounds of rejection, some people are the same way. They won't believe that it is possible, but they must see the truth. They must realize they are in a cage built by man. We must tear down the walls built by man so others may be set free. We must cry out from above the city so all who listen will know the hour we live in. Above the city a devastating storm is visible in the distance. This storm is headed straight for this city. The storm is God's judgment. The people in the city cannot see it because of all the tall buildings built around them and because of the walls of man, but we can see the storm and we must warn others. The storm Is coming! Get out of the city! Flee to the mountain of God! Flee to the wilderness. Flee to safety! Come away, come away to the mountain of the Lord! If you do not heed the warning, you will be trapped Inside the city when It falls! God will destroy this city! He is rousing His eagles! Rise up to be the messengers of love the people and to the nations of this world. Take His love to the ends of the earth. Prophesy to the city to give up it's prisoners from their death vaults of darkness. Rise up and shine forth the love of the Father. Rouse the Eagles! Corey Johnson

Time To March
March, march, time to march. It is now time to march into battle. Forget the past. Forget what lies behind. Look ahead, move forward, march. The captain of the Hosts is already marching. He is not even looking back to see who is following, he is simply marching ahead. Whoever follows will follow. Will we follow Him into battle? It's our choice. We are in the war. The war of all ages is here. Every being of the past, present, and future will be apart of this war. We fight for the Lamb. We fight to win because we have already won. We must wake up. We must be alert. We must seek the Lord, seek His face, and His glory will be revealed to us. We must march with His glory abiding in us as we abide in the glory. We must march with His presence. He will march with us, He will lead us, but we must march. He is marching already. We must follow His every move. We must know His voice and obey His orders. There is power in Love. Love is the greatest weapon. We must have the Love of God abiding In us to win. He loves us with a violent love. Love is violent. Love is power. All that God is can be summed up in love. Love is God. Therefore all our power and strength must come through His love. Love is the source of unity, and there has to be unity before we can have victory. Love is the source true humility, and we must walk humbly in order to stand. To have His love, we must have His heart. We must have His heart. Then we will see as He sees, know as He knows, and we will have His love, which is His power. We must have His love in order to intercede, and we must have His love in order to win this battle. I believe music is key in this march. It is the "sound" that is coming. The new sound is beginning to be heard in the land. It is a sound of warfare, the sound of a mighty army marching into battle, it is a rumbling, a noise just beneath the surface of the audible range of sound. But it is there, and it is getting louder. Listen! Those who have spiritual ears to hear the sound will hear it, but those who are to distracted by the things of this world will not. It will go undetected by them. We must pay attention, we must be still and quiet before the Lord In order to hear It. We must hear the sound and let it awaken us from our slumber. It is time to fight. It is time to march. Corey Johnson

Live Unsettled Prophecy

The Lord would say to everyone in this place: Live unsettled! Don't sink too deep into the soil of this earth! Keep your head up and your feet moving! Stay alert! be sober! I'm coming! The day of my return is at hand! Loose yourself of any ties that bind! If you don't loose yourself, I'll help loose you. Prepare the way in your own heart and then help prepare the way in others. I want no obstacles! I will have no obstructions! I will return for a pilgrim people! God said to me, Let the people know that the Day is approaching! Warn them! Don't wine and dine them! Tell them clearly! Don't mix words! My word and My water is pure, don't taint it. Make it clear! Let My people know it's about to happen, What is about to happen will change world history! Nothing will remain the same! Let the unbelievers, the skeptics, and the religious ones know that what they fear the most is about to happen. Every fear known to man will be swallowed by the terror of the Day ahead! Fear will overcome fear! Dread will overcome dread! The violent will be overcome by the more violent! My final work is at hand! My Spirit's wooing is about to cease! No one will grieve Me anymore! No one will quench My Spirit anymore! No one will resist Me anymore! Their days are over! Let them know that My warm season of grace and mercy will soon turn to a chilling winter of judgment and wrath! The warm days of My wooing will be exchanged for the fiery days of My vengeance! My pleading for the souls of men, the passionate cry of the faithful harvesters, the unselfish service of My holy servants, all their labor, all the charity, all the pain, and all the suffering will be over! I have heard the groans of nature! I've heard the midnight cries! My Church has been begging My return. My Bride has been longing to be with Me. The plan of the ages has almost reached fruition! The tree has born forth it's fruit, the fertile soil has yielded the harvest, the planting will stop, the laborers will leave, the sickle will rust! It is almost over! I'm coming back! I will not delay My coming to you, so not delay your coming to Me! Steve Hill

Fault Lines Prophecy

For surely it is time to en/ out even as the Psalmist, "Acquit me, 0 Lord of hidden faults." These are the 'secret areas of your life that have caused you to have undivided heart. They are "fault lines" in your hearts and lives both individual and corporate. For even as in the natural when pressure Increases on those subterranean faults hidden deep within the earth, great destructive earthquakes are the result, so it shall be in your lives, in My Church, and in this land. "For everything that can be shaken will be shaken." For did I not say that "at the end of the age there would

be wars and rumors of wars, nation would rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there would be famines and earthquakes?" Did you think this was only in the natural? No, but also in the supernatural realm! These birth pains are increasing and intensifying, for surely the great shaking has begun! It is time to set your house in order and make your foundation sure and firm. Allow Me to acquit you of those hidden faults and expose them. For surely America's cup is full! America's cup of iniquity and abominations is full and overflowing. It is time for Me to arise and take vengeance on My enemies. This year in 1998>, I will begin to remove My hand from off this land, I will do it one finger at a time because of My mercy and because of the intercessions of My people who have stood in the gap on behalf of this land. Be sober and be on the alert! Align every area of your life to My Word (This is what will remove the fault lines). Immerse yourself in My Word and My holy presence. Leave off every distraction the enemy would bring into your life. Prepare for war, for surely the Day is at hand! Turtledove

Time's Up
When the time is up, what will we look like? What will we be doing? Will we be weeping over the sins of this nation, or will we be participating In the same sins we should be grieving over? When the time Is up, will we have our sword in hand and the shield at our side? Will we be marching into battle, engaging the enemy, or will we look more like the enemy than Christ? When the time is up, will we still be divided, quarreling amongst ourselves like children, or will we be united, together waiting expectantly for Christ's return? When the time Is up, will we still be in the very act of committing adultery with the world, or will we shine as pure gold, set apart for You? When the time is up, will we be standing on the Rock of Christ, or wallowing in the sand of our own filthy sin? When the time is up, will we still be listening to the soothing lies of the enemy and agreeing with them, or will we be listening to the voice of the Spirit? When the time is up, will our vision be filled with ourselves, each other and mindless distractions, or will our eyes be focused on Jesus, looking straight at Him? When the time is up, will our minds still be infiltrated by evil thoughts from the enemy, will our souls still be punctured with the hooks of the devil, bound by the lies of the evil one or will we be purified, holy, saturated with the glory of God, totally consumed by His love? Will we be sold out, passionate for Him, dwelling in His glory, and abiding In Him? What will we be doing? What will we look like? For the Lord says: TIME'S UP! Corey Johnson

Sugar-Water Prophecy
This land is a place of birth, the "womb" of the nation. There have been much Godly seed planted here, but there have been many "abortions" and "stillbirths." Now the pains of child birth are once again upon this land! You do well to repent of the sins of this land and of your forefathers, but first you must repent of your own sins before I can heal this land and restore what has been lost! You say you want to see my glory and My power, you cry out for revival fire, and you do well in this, but it is the pure in heart who shall see Me in My glory. Holiness precedes power. The fire you need is the purifying fire of My holy presence to burn up all the flesh. You do well to say, "We need revival," for who needs to be revived more than he who is almost dead? For surely My Church, my Body has been severely wounded and weakened. It's not been so much the wounds from the battle as it has been the back-stabbing and self-mutilation that has been going on. There has been great loss of life, for the life is in the blood. There are impurities in your blood because you have allowed and even Injected that which defiles the body into your blood stream. Your heart has become cold, hard, and diseased. I have come to you in times past and haw? desired to heal you, but you would not have it. You were afraid of My altar and My knife. You were afraid of My "operating table." You said, "Oh no, we're fine!" You then hooked yourself up to your own IV, an IV full of sugar-water. You have need of healing and that which will give you strength for the battle and the harvest that Is upon you, but you love the "high's" you get from your sugar-water! My people have their "harvest festivals" and their parties, but they have neglected to first bring In the harvest While they party, the harvest lies rotting and decaying in the fields. They even leave their parties In drunken stupors totally ignoring and tripping over the harvest of souls they are supposedly rejoicing over! Souls that are every day falling without their notice into the gapping jaws of hell Oh, how the Devil loves your gaiety!

There is a time to laugh and a time to dance, but there is also a time to mourn and weep! I am calling my people to a time of mourning, weeping, and travailing. Weep over your sins and those of your fathers. Mourn for the lost and dying. Travail until Zion brings forth sons and daughters to the glory of God! Then you will rejoice! Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him. (Psalms 126:5-6, NIV). The Lord, the LORD Almighty, called you on that day to weep and to wall, to tear out your hair and put on sackcloth, but see, there Is joy and revelry, slaughtering of cattle and killing of sheep, eating of meat and drinking of wine! "Let us eat and drink"you say, "for tomorrow we die!" The LORD Almighty has revealed this in my hearing: "Till your dying day this sin will not be atoned for," says the Lord, the LORD Almighty. (Isaiah 22:12-14, NIV). Turtledove

The Embers
When the wood on a fire has burned away, all that is left is hot coals and embers. The embers of a fire actually produce better heat for cooking and in some cases produces out more heat than the fire does when it is first started. Embers also start other fires very quickly. When we are new born believers, the fire within our hearts burns bright and strong, We are on fire for Jesus and we would follow Him anywhere, at least we say we would. Though we are innocent just like a baby when we are first born again, we are also very Ignorant. We lack the wisdom and spiritual maturity that comes only when we allow God to burn away the layers of hurt and pain from our past that we still carry around. Those that submit to the sword of the Lord die easier, but It Is more painful for those who try to avoid It. After we let God burn away the lies from our past and after we have gone through the fires of purification, He is then able to give us the coals of wisdom and revelation so we may be more effective in this life. He will be able to use us to start other fires in the lives of other people around us. As soon as people touch us, the fire in their heart will ignite. We need wisdom as well as Innocence. After we have gone through His testing, He will add wisdom to our zeal. The angel touched Isaiah's lips with a burning coal. Isaiah realized from being in the Oracle of the Lord that he was a man of unclean lips. God knew that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Isaiah's heart was sinful, he needed to be purified. When Isaiah saw the light of the Lord, he saw how dark his own heart was. It was a revelation. He knew the fear of the Lord. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. If we truly fear the Lord, we will let Him pierce our hearts with his light and truth, this Is the beginning of wisdom. The more we allow God to burn us, the more our wisdom and understanding of Him will Increase. We need the embers of wisdom to produce the most heat, to be the most efficient in the work of the Lord, and to understand God better. These embers of wisdom come through our laying on His altar, allowing His fire to purify our hearts until there Is nothing left of us. We must die. Corey Johnson

The Stream
As I was walking in the woods one day, the Lord revealed to me how my life in Him is like a stream. The banks of land beside the stream stands for man's ways without God and works of the flesh. When we are standing on the bank, we are near God's stream, but not in it. We are not moving forward, we are stationary. We must get in His stream. When we enter His stream, we are totally resting In Him, letting His current take us where it will. We may encounter several rocky and rough places in the stream where the ride will not be easy and smooth, but we must trust God through these rough times because He formed the stream. There will also be turns we will take in the stream and we will be going in new directions. These turns are also just a part of God's stream. He formed the stream of our life before time began. God formed all the rough areas and He planned all the turns and curves before we were born. This Is why we must trust Him because He formed the stream, not us. The only way we can be out of His will is if we get out of His stream. We must stay in Him. We should ne^er think things aren't going right or we are doing something wrong if we stay in His steam. Just because things may look bad to our physical eyes doesn't mean they look bad to God. The stream stands for God's ultimate plan for our entire life and everything that happens to us has a purpose as long as we stay In Him. We learn from going through rough times. We gain experience whenever we take a turn in the stream. His stream is also our very life. The steam is God Himself and we must go deeper In Him in order to live. We do not

come up for air to stay alive, we must go deeper underwater to stay alive. Borne people are afraid to go underwater because they haven't learned how to breath the Spirit. They only know how to breath air. The God's stream Is true living water, It Is His Spirit. We must learn to breath His Spirit and go deeper in Him to have true life. We don't e^en have to think to breath, it just comes natural. It must be the same way with the Spirit. We must diVe down into the depths of God, we must experience His love and explore His realm. We must stay in the stream. Corey Johnson

The Wind
God's wind is blowing in a new direction. Will we go in that direction? Will we learn to ride His wind current and go in the direction His wind is blowing or will be resist, standing stationary as a hindrance to His wind? His voice is in the wind. We must always ride His wind in order to hear His voice. His wind will carry us in the right direction. We must let Him blow us anywhere He wishes like a leaf is blown by the wind. His wind is His breath of new life and we must live blown by His wind. We must also be like the wind. 'The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where It comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit (John 3:8>, NIV)." People do not see the wind, but only the effects of it. In the same way, others will not see us, they will only see our fruit. We must not do things to be seen by men. We must stay humble. We must not try to be noticed. If we are truly like the wind, we will only be seen by God because only God can see the wind. We must learn how to ride the wind currents of the Holy Spirit in order to avoid the storms the enemy puts in our way. There are storms from God that the Holy Spirit must take us through, but not all of the storms are from God. Sometimes God allows us to be taken through the violent winds of the enemy to teach us something important. In Job's case, the great wind that killed his sons and daughters was from Satan (Job 1:19), but God allowed it to happen to teach Job to trust Him and prove Job's loyalty to Him in the end. God wants to teach us to fly higher than the circumstances around us. We must learn to fly on the wind of God's Spirit. Corey Johnson

The Tsunami
The water had been stagnant for some time now. As the man took off his shoes and socks he examined the murky bottom carefully. His immediate desire was to jump in head first, but he proceeded with restraint. One foot in... then both feet, ankle deep. This was not nearly deep enough. So he waded forward, all the while feeling the soft earth moving beneath him. The silty layers of rock, dirt, and mud had not been moved in unknown amounts of time. The thrill of stirring the bottom became as exciting to the water man as was the urge to go deeper. As he walked, not only could he feel the soil shifting beneath him, but he could see small clouds of sand puffing before his feet. Each step pounded the ground with unfamiliar force, lifting everything from its place of long time comfort. The man was enjoying the water so much, little did he notice what was happening behind him as he moved forward. The water before him split as he parted it with his body and then whipped and swirled around behind him. The more he moved and the faster he walked, the greater the force until a spiraling vortex shadowed him. Suddenly the water split apart, and then there were two, even greater than the first. Then again, they each split, every time becoming stronger and stronger. Instead of the divisions causing the cyclones to weaken, it was the source of their strength. The water had to be moved. And the man knew deep inside him that he must be one who would move it. As he continued, his walk was becoming a dance. He stretched out his arms and let his hands gently brush the surface of the water, which was growing wilder with every movement. The waves were moving with such fever now that it was as though they were dancing with the man as he was rocked back and forth in the power of it. Suddenly the man threw his head back and split the silence around him with a sound that, until that very moment, had never been heard before. It sprang out of him from places so deep in his heart he didn't know they existed. The force of this new sound, birthed from a fire in the core of who he was, sent a shock through the water that moved in all directions. The rising song called out to the water spirals and sent them surging forward, building into a wave that swelled so far above the man that he could not see the top. In awe of the mighty wall of water, that was now stretched to the heavens, his song grew stronger and more beautiful. He was not in control of the water and he was not in control of the song. It was all moving in the power of Life itself and it would not be contained.

The wave moved, and rose, and swelled, and tossed the man to the top, to the very crest of it. This was the place he'd longed to be from the beginning. This was why he'd gone into the water, through the stillness of the mud, in the first place. The water had to be moved. And now the wave was carrying him stronger and more powerfully with each pull of the current. It could no longer be restrained by the borders of the shore. The growing tsunami leapt over the banks and poured out onto the surrounding dry land, bringing life to every thirsty place the water fell. The wave left a path of strength and life in it's wake, never losing momentum and constantly stirring in its power. And no matter where this tsunami went or how it moved, the man stayed on the crest of it. He lived there and he loved it. His song changed at times, but it never stopped. And the sound was always new, always fresh, and always beautiful. While he knew he created neither the wave nor the song, they did come through him. He was a part of them, and they were a part of him. And from that moment on the wave carried him and the song came through him for the rest of his days. And nothing has been the same since. Aubrey Riggs

Love's Celebration
On this, the day of Love's celebration, I listen to the music of my heart's affection. I hear it sing, and listen as it soars at the very thought of the One that captivates me. He is. He is my whole love. He is all my affection. He is my husband. He is everything I long for, and the end of everything I ache for. He is mine and I am His. All things my eyes gaze upon are seen through the glasses of my heart's pursuit. And as it is my love for Him, who is Love itself, that encourages me to even breathe. All things are beautifully tainted by this obsession. There is no room for my love to be jealous. So instead of wanting Him all to myself, my pounding desire is that all would share Him. It is not in me to put Him in my box, because that is not His heart. And as His heart and my own have become so interwoven in this dance, I don't claim to be the source of anything right that I feel. I look at the lady on the street, and the man getting coffee, and I long to be with them, in this family. I feel my Love yearn for their hearts, and just because He wants them, I will stop at nothing to tell them this and take them home to Him. His heart has got to come together. His people need to hear Him. And my whole self needs more of Him today than I ever have. Oh, that His people would come together in an explosion of creative passion for the One that loves everything about them. Multiple intimacy without promiscuity. Aubrey Riggs