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Ryanair The low fares airline PESTEL framework analysis for Ryanair is as follow : 1) Political y Politic stability in European

n countries (low impact) y Terrorism and security control (such as not allow to brig liquids and gels for more than 100ml per each package) y Pilot Trade Union pressure 2) Economic y Stable economy in European countries (except few country recently) y Unstable Fuel price y EU regulation (compensation to flight delays and cancellation) 3) Social y Low-fare airline increase the passenger travelling lifestyle y Business traveler y migrant worker within EU as one of customer of low fare airlines 4)Technology y Technology improvement to reduce cost (efficient engine and special winglet) y Online booking and online check in reduce airline cost y Video conferencing as communication tool reducing number of business trip. 5) Environmental y Reducing carbon emissions with new aircraft with better and efficient engine. y Using secondary airport to reduce the congestion also will impact to fuel usage and carbon emissions. 6) Legal y EU has new rule to provide a compensation, meal, accommodation for passenger if the flight was delay or cancelled. y Employee from many countries in EU, complicated legal issue.